It’s been an exciting summer so far for the SUPERLATIVE Podcast, shining a spotlight on the voices, creative minds, and personalities behind the world of watch enthusiasm, with nearly 50 published episodes ready to stream right now. New episodes are available every Monday, and viewers can subscribe through the BLEAV Network, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you prefer to stream podcasts.

In recent episodes, aBlogtoWatch Founder and SUPERLATIVE Podcast host Ariel Adams welcomes Montblanc Watch Division Managing Director Laurent Lecamp to discuss the multicultural nature of the luxury watch industry as well as the ongoing pursuit of precision and mechanical perfection. Next, Breitling CEO Georges Kern drops in to emphasize the relationship between creative leaders and ongoing brand excellence, along with the power and drawbacks of enthusiast social media circles.

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Where has the modern watch industry come from, and how does this influence where it’s headed? What are the special challenges to designing watches as a military contractor? Marathon Watch Company Vice President Mitchell Wein joins the SUPERLATIVE Podcast to dive into these questions and more.

The hosts of the Scottish Watches Podcast guest-host a two part episode about the nuances of watch enthusiast podcasting, modern popular culture, and the importance of separating watch journalism from watch retail. Jeff Staple, Founder of the Reed Art Department and Staple Pigeon, joins the podcast for an episode about the intersection of watchmaking and streetwear, as well as the challenge of creating fashion that tells a story.

Lastly, New York Times and JCK Magazine jewelry journalist Victoria Gomelsky joins the podcast to talk about the struggles of watch and jewelry journalism during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the unique watch culture of Southern California, the lack of Americans overseeing North American watch brand operations, and more. Rob Corder, Co-Founder of WatchPro, also joins to discuss the differences between trade and consumer publications, as well as the past and future of in-person watch industry trade shows.

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