This week on the Superlative Podcast, host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by Dan Spitz, a watchmaker and the former guitarist for legendary thrash metal band Anthrax. To start the show, Ariel has Dan dive into his career as the guitar player for Anthrax and explain how he transitioned into the watch industry. Dan talks about being a third-generation watchmaker and how his dad instilled in him a mechanical aptitude at a young age. Ariel and Dan draw a parallel between musicians and their equipment manufacturers working together to create exactly what the musicians in the industry need and how Rolex did the same in its earlier days with the customers who needed its products to be efficient tools of their trades. Dan gives us a peek at how watches were seen and worn in the upper echelons of the heavy metal and touring musician worlds, and who he currently builds his pieces for today. The two talk about the marketing struggles of being an independent watch brand and where Dan gets the heavy metal aesthetic inspiration for his designs without hitting the cliche marks that some brands do when trying to appeal to an “alternative” crowd. Listen below or on the player of your choice. 

The all-new Dan Spitz “Libre Excentrique” movement

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