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The Hour Lounge is a serious enthusiast oriented forum dedicated almost wholly to Vacheron Constantin watches. If you ever have a questions about  Vacheron Constantin watches, The Hour Lounge is the place to go. I’ve enjoying talking with their members on occasion who I can easily say know far more about Vacheron Constantin watches that I do. The forum moderator Alex Ghotbi, has recently posted an extensive photo essay on the history of the Vacheron Constantin sport watch – basically the Overseas. What is now the range of Overseas watch models started as a unique angular cased watch in the 1930s.  You’ll noticed the finely milled case looks incredibly modern, and you’ll understand where the Overseas watch got its iconic looks. Over the 20th century the look of Vacheron Constantin watches slowly evolved, but retained mostly the same character.

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Alex dispels the myth that the famous ref. 222 Overseas model from the 1970s was designed by Gerald Genta. It was actually created by Jorg Hysek. The classic works of both talented watch designers is often confused. Note the interesting placement of the Vacheron Constantin logo. This 222 model looked particularly good as the two-tone model. Modern Overseas models have always provided a healthy sober sports watch alternative to some of the less classic but characterful luxury sport watches available. You can see that this is the case with today’s available models. Anyway, there is no need to reiterate what you can read and view on The Hour Lounge. Do check it out in the link below.

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See the full article at The Hour Lounge here.

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