The TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hardware

The TAG Heuer Connected watch runs on the Intel Atom Z34XX processor, features 1GB RAM, 4GB storage memory, and the promise of all-day battery life thanks to the “latest-generation lithium battery.” The battery is actually a 410 mAh unit that is rather impressive, as it is exactly twice the capacity of the battery inside the 38mm Apple Watch. The TAG Heuer Connected watch is controlled via a digital crown (very much similar to the Apple Watch) placed at the 3 o’clock position of the case, and it has also been equipped with a small microphone to use Google voice control.

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The Intel bowels support Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, audio streaming, and all the rest of the options and connections that the Android Wear platform possibly offers. As far as sensors are concerned, the TAG Heuer Connected is packed with those too: a gyroscope, tilt detection sensor, haptic engine, and a microphone are all crammed into the 46mm-wide and (a very reasonable) 12.8mm-thick case. Missing, though, is a heart rate sensor, so fitness apps will have to work with the movement sensors alone.

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More importantly, the TAG Heuer Connected watch remains functional even when your phone is not with you: the watch will continue to calculate, display, and exchange data (so the alarm, timer, chronograph, and step counter features remain functional even when there’s no synced device connected), and as long as there is WiFi connectivity, it will keep on syncing data to the cloud.

Turn Your TAG Heuer Connected Watch Into A Mechanical Watch (Sort Of)

TAG Heuer decided to respond to criticisms frequently aimed at the speed at which connected devices become obsolete by offering (exclusively to the owners of the TAG Heuer Connected watch) the option of exchanging the TAG Heuer Connected for a mechanical Swiss Made TAG Heuer Carrera watch – again, specifically designed for this promotion. To do so, owners will have to add another $1,500 to get the mechanical timepiece – but, in turn, they would basically have a brand new watch that sports the exact same design as the TAG Heuer Connected watch they have grown accustomed to wearing, only this time around, it would come with a mechanical movement inside. Certainly a very unique and rather innovative idea.

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TAG Heuer Connected Watch Prices And Availability

Price for the TAG Heuer Connected watch will be $1,500 – or €1,350, 1,400 CHF, or £1,100, depending on the market. Speaking of which, the TAG Heuer Connected watch goes on sale today, on November 9, 2015, from noon in the TAG Heuer boutique in New York City as well as online, while it will be made available all over the US starting one day later on November 10, sold in Japan from November 12, and then from November 27 in Europe. We will add more dates for other markets as soon as they become available. tagheuer.com

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