For those of us interested in purchasing a part of this relationship, there is also a regatta timer made for the race, ETA base with Dubois-Depraz module. Red, white and blue. This is a new limited edition TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 72 Coundown Chronograph limited edition regatta timer 2013 America’s Cup.

Nice dial symmetry on that one, and the regatta timer makes for a nice  conversation starter. The 43mm wide steel watch (watch resistant to 500 meters) very much embodies modern Aquaracer and has a ceramic bezel. Inside the watch is the calibre 72 automatic movement  The model name is 2013 Oracle Team USA Aquaracer 500M (Limited Edition). This model will be available soon in honor of Team Oracle USA as a limited edition, but we aren’t sure of how many pieces.

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Tag Heuer regatta watch

AQUARACER CALIBRE 72 COUNTDOWN CHRONOGRAPH LIMITED EDITION-caseback-tag-heuer Tag Heuer’s Calibre 72 regatta watch

TAG Heuer is really invested in the America’s Cup series. For example, here’s USA head Ulrich Wohn talking to skipper Jimmy Spithill after the second day of racing:

CEO and skipper

CEO and skipper

and Stephane Linder, CEO of Tag Heuer worldwide, was there watching the races, sitting for interviews and even photos.

CEO and me

Myself and TAG Heuer CEO Stephane Linder

I got a chance to have a brief chat with Mr. Linder and he shared some interesting tidbits about TAG Heuer and what to expect from them in the future:

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  • TAG is focused on chronographs and sport; that’s where they see their central identity in watches.
  • There’s an in-house, time-only movement in the works, a single-barrel automatic with a 70-80 hour power reserve, but it’ll be a couple years before it’s done.
  • They’re doing a big push right now to get the world’s first, mass-produced, 1/100th second chronograph for under $10,000 USD. That I can’t wait to see!
  • TAG Heuer sees their core identity as innovation and sport and are going after both. For example, they’re sponsoring the new electric-vehicle version of Formula 1, known as “Formula E.”

It was an amazing trip. Good food, a nice press boat to watch the races, amazing technology in watches, boats and glasses, outstanding logistics. I’ve done some small-boat sailing, and really hope that future America’s Cup races are as audience-oriented as these; it was a thrill to watch them go by. I’ve also been a TAG skeptic due to all of those quartz watches in the 1990s, but I’m now actually interested in seeing what they come up with in the future and I’ve kept the America’s Cup app on my phone to track the race, too. The best part is that TAG Heuer is really focusing on new technologies that are useful and innovative, in addition to focusing on their traditional mechanical watches. Bottom line is that TAG Heuer isn’t just relying on their past accomplishments, but forging tales and relationships which will be relevant in the decades to come.

My thanks to the kind people at TAG Heuer.

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