This type of stuff sells watches. How do I know? Well they just making these, and people are buying them. But that is good. As far as I am concerned, people buying watches is a good thing. I am so tired of seeing naked wrists. Do you love limited editions? Limited editions for limited editions. “This new piece is to celebrate our 100th limited edition watch.” I swear, Hublot is going to start making those, I just know it!

A couple of watch and gear heads made this cool limited edition of 55 pieces Tag Heuer Monaco watch happen. The Porsche Club of America, which is only over 100,000 members, but is also the largest club of its kind worked closely with Tag Heuer to make this limited edition Monaco based watch. Why they didn’t work with Porsche Design and Eterna, I don’t know. Seems as though it would have made just a tad bit more sense. Though this special color scheme on the Monaco is pretty cherry. More like black cherry, with its mostly black tones with a red racing stripe and white trim. Really no need to go over the Monaco, you should already know all about it. Has a modified Swiss ETA automatic chronograph movement in it and is a classing racing themed watch by mot all accords.

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The piece has gotten a lot of press, but only members of the Porsche Club of America are eligible to get one of the 55 pieces (for each year of the club’s existence). Interestingly enough, a main man instrumental in the watch project was Georg Bartkowiak, one of the people who is part of Grieb & Benzinger, that make those amazing hand-engraved watches in Germany. He worked directly with the Porsche Club of American (and presumably Tag Heuer) to make this happen.

While it would have been really cool to see a Benzinger engraved rotor on this watch, it instead has a Porsche Club of America logo on the sapphire caseback window of the watch. The colors alone make the watch sweet, buy the price is a bit steep at $5,500. Still, for the limited nature of the watch and the price that Porsche Club of America members have, I know these will sell like mad. If you are a member, look for them starting in September.

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