Temption also decided to go with a much more controversial bracelet design in the CGK205. The single link style design for the steel bracelet is cool, but it isn’t for everyone. If you like German stuff and 1980s futurism you’ll like it. If you are more a classicist, then it might not appeal to you visually, but then again what are you doing looking at a Temption watch?

temption-cgk205-ablogtowatch-31 temption-cgk205-ablogtowatch-04

Once properly sized the bracelet is comfortable and Temption even includes a half-link to size it more precisely. In addition to the bracelet, Temption also includes a black leather strap that comes on a folding deployant. I personally think the look of this watch is just too strong on a bracelet to wear it on a strap, but I can easily see how the bracelet will work better for a lot of people depending on how and where they intend to wear this timepiece. Again, the strap is included in the package, which is something totally nice and valued by watch collectors. It is a bit annoying when watch brands try to nickel and dime their customers by not including a strap option with a watch that comes on a bracelet. I get charging money for a replacement strap, but to charge for one in the first place just sets the wrong tone in my opinion.

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While I like that Temption watches aren’t intended to be for everyone, they aren’t patently weird either. Klaus isn’t the type of guy who likes to standout on purpose, but he doesn’t feel compelled to blend in either. Temption watches seem to faithfully represent his desire to make the watches he wants – which follow in a long tradition of German tools of being first functional, and then “designed” around the edges. This approach means that the designer’s goals are not to sacrifice function with form, but rather, like the adage says, form follows function.

temption-cgk205-ablogtowatch-23 temption-cgk205-ablogtowatch-10

For the price of the Temption CGK205 you can get a lot of crappy big-name watches or something amazing like this. Yes, you don’t have the trust of a “department store name” but you do have a cool product that people like myself give a seal approval to (and that doesn’t use a lot of Chinese parts). While I don’t have the capacity to wear a Temption on a daily basis given the work I do, I will be honest in saying that I do come back to wearing any of my Temption watches (I have a few) and always enjoy them with gusto. Price for the Temption CGK205 watch is $3,300. temption.info Temption USA orders: (888) 400-4293

Necessary Data
>Brand: Temption
>Model: CGK205
>Price: $3,300
>Size: 43mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Tool watch lover less impressed by branding and marketing and more about the toiling of a passionate builder who puts his all into each timepiece.
>Best characteristic of watch: Comfortable on the wrist despite large-ish proportions. Excellent fit and finishing for price. Functional theme with cosmetic elements only secondary. Overall an excellent value for a serious watch.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Previous general CGK model’s bracelet was a bit more comfortable, but not as distinctive. Not everyone will like a luxury watch brand they’ve never heard of. For a functional tool watch, use of a tachymeter scale on the bezel doesn’t seem all that functional.

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