The $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch

The $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch

The $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch Watch Releases

While watches don't seem to generally be affected by seasonal trends, I do, for whatever reason, associate summertime with military-style watches. I guess it's just the color schemes you often see, as well as a sort of rugged utilitarianism that lends itself to traipsing about in the outdoors.

While you have all of the usual suspects for affordables in this category, there's a new one that came across our radar that we thought was worthwhile bringing to your attention. That model is the Bulova Hack, by Bulova. At first glance, it's easy to see that this fits into the military theme for a watch - and it's just not some styling exercise. This actually has ties into their archive - a much earlier iteration of the Hack was issued to the U.S. Army during World War II. So, not quite a trench watch, but definitely in that lineage.

The $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch Watch Releases

Why even mention trench watches? For me, those have a particular look to their dials and handsets - and the Hack definitely follows in that tradition. The font used here for the numerals is a softer, rounder style, and the handset definitely feels like something from an earlier era, with the combination of ball (hour) and sword (minute). To cement in the military ties, you have a 24-hour timescale printed in the outer chapter ring, and the sub-seconds dial has the seconds clearly marked out. These markings are a nod to the fact that the Hack was one of the first watches that allowed for synchronizing watches down to the second.

Of course, being a Bulova, the Bulova Hack not all just style. I would expect some impeccable construction in the 40mm stainless steel case (only 10.5 mm thick), protecting the Miyota quartz movement with a water resistance rating of 30m (so, not quite military-grade in that regard). The case is topped with an acrylic crystal (part vintage nod, part cost-cutting I'm guessing), and comes mounted on a green canvas strap (which appears to have a leather backing) tucked into the 20mm lugs. Coming in at a price of $150, this is an affordable military-style watch that has some actual roots in the Army.

The $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch Watch Releases

Oh, and if you're interested in this sort of thing, you may notice this watch showing up on the big screen this summer - it's what Channing Tatum's character is wearing in White House Down (and the image above). Price for the Bulova Hack watch is $

Buy Bulova watches at their authorized dealer Amazon.comThe $150 Bulova Hack Military-Style Watch Watch Releases

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  • Kris C

    I like it, the styling is authentic, but the quartz movement is a mistake I think. I understand wanting to stay in the truly affordable segment, but theoretically they could have based this on an 6498, etc, and offered the same watch with a more authentic movement for about double this cost and still been affordable, while offering a better value proposition.

  • trandy

    I like the style and simplicity of this watch….but at 40mm (which includes the crown) it’s a bit too small for me.
    If it was 40mm not including the crown I would buy one today.

  • Lesthepom

    For $150 or less you just cannot go wrong especially if your eyes are starting to go as the legibility is really good
    At this size it may make a good start to some teenagers collection

  • Ryan B

    two or three millimeters larger and it’d be alright

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  • Jus_ad_bellum

    I’m with Kris, quartz was a cop out

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    srsly my on point comment that agreed with the first poster got deleted?

    • Jus_ad_bellum Not at all. I see your comment where you want it to be mechanical not quartz. Can you not see it?

      • Jus_ad_bellum

        aBlogtoWatch Jus_ad_bellum I see it now, I’d gone back to see if there was any further comment and it was gone, which of course had my sphincter clench and pound my desk in muted neutered rage at being censored 

        my bad :s

        • Jus_ad_bellum aBlogtoWatch No one likes to be censored. That is such BS when it comes to fair comments that aren’t SPAM. Our comment system LifeFyre sometimes takes a little bit to display comments but we would never just do that to anyone. That would really destroy the reason people come here. We actively admonish sites that censor.

  • Fraser Petrick

    I just bought a Bulova Hack. Love it! Love it more because it’s quartz! Easy to read a quick glance, especially when I’m storming the Beaches of Normandy.

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  • DG Cayse

    Good review Mr. Kansa. I just found a link over to this one from a Spanish forum.
    That Bulova Hack might be a nice everyday wear.

  • steward1507

    I found a replica mechanical hackable Benrus WW2 watch at the Smithsonian website for this same price about 10 years ago. At 33 mm diameter and 12.7 mm thick (lug width 20mm) it is a smaller watch for men who were of much smaller stature than today. It is a replica of the issue watch for D day and is marked on the back with the standard markings of the day. In this case WATCH WRIST   GENERAL PURPOSE   MIL W46374  MFR BENRUS  SERIAL #19114. Separately it says STAINLESS STEEL. As long as I could afford to take it to a watchmaker for annual cleaning and lubrication it kept very accurate time. The band was olive drab cloth over a leather back that lasted about 2 years, I replaced it with a black fabric band from Wally World for about $8 that has lasted far longer than the original band. This is a watch I wear proudly as I’m sure my father grandfather and stepdad did during their service years. An original is FAR above what I can afford. I only wish they still used Radium for the hands as the lume does not last long and needs a bright light source to activate.