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Since 2017, Switzerland-based watch brand The Electricianz has brought us distinctive watches incorporating electrical elements not only to allow the accurate display of the time, but also as distinct design elements. Its watches often feature colorful visible wires, electrical specs on the dials, and bright LED lighting. In 2021, the brand combined this aesthetic with an automatic movement to create a horological hybrid. Now, it is releasing the latest version of its dual-core technology with the new Mecaline collection. The brand describes it as “When Mechanical movements are enhanced by an electrical module.”

The Electricianz’s patented in-house electric module illuminates four LED backlights with the push of a button. This eliminates the need for any lume on the hands or dial, and double lithium batteries ensure a long life. Rather than a third battery, the three hands that display the time are powered by a Miyota 82S0 mechanical movement. It spins on 21 jewels and provides 42 hours of power reserve on a full wind. Thanks to a translucent section of the multi-layer dial, the balance wheel can be seen oscillating at 21,600 vph.

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The Mecaline Collection will initially be available in two colorways: the Red Alert and Cooper X Editions. As the name implies, the Redline features a number of bright red accents to correspond to its red illumination. The fiberglass shroud over the steel case is red, as well as the transparent dial and accents. The hands are skeletonized with a large circle surrounding the hour hand. Black centers with red tips plus a contrasting seconds hand ensure legibility despite the complexity of the dial. Numerical hours and minute markers are present on the chapter ring, which appears to be secured by two screws. To the left of the time display, there is a set of faux buttons resembling those for volume adjustment. The inner case is black PVD, as well as the pusher and crown. A black natural rubber strap offers supreme comfort. This version also allows you to unlock the “secret” lab’s Swiss GPS location with the K1 Glass’s decoding print.

The Copper X name comes appropriately from the color of the dial accents as well as the crown and the tinted glass over the movement. In this case, the case shroud is dark gray stone-colored with a copper-colored PVD inner steel case. Orange LEDs illuminate the dial if you press the copper-colored pusher. The same hands are used as on the Red Alert but in solid gray this time. The dial of this version takes on a more industrial look (which is appropriate, as it calls this out as the “Industrial Edition”). Copper-colored mesh “protects” the movement and the two power cells. As with other Electricianz watches, visible wires appear to be present to transmit power. A brown Nagnao-aged vegetable-tanned leather strap keeps it secure on your wrist and is finished off with a copper PVD buckle.

Both models feature the same specs and dimensions. The cases measure 46-47mm wide (although the brand says they wear as 43-44mm watches due to the extra shroud width). They should also feel compact on the wrist due to the lugless design. K1-hardened mineral glass with anti-reflective coating ensures a clear view of the complexity under the crystal and also features a chamfered edge. The casebacks feature intricate details with the brand’s logo at the center. The Mecaline also offers 5ATM (50 meters) of water resistance.

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These watches achieve exactly what the brand promises, which is to offer something exceptional in a world that favors conformity. With their distinctive designs and a hybrid combination of old-school analog and modern circuitry, the Mecaline will certainly be the exception to the traditional mechanical watch — or smartwatch, for that matter.

Both of The Electricianz Mecaline watches will be priced at an MSRP of $545 USD. Until October 15th, they will be available at a pre-order price of 30% off, and then 20% off for the two weeks after that. To learn more or pre-order The Electricianz Copper X and Red Alert editions, visit the brand’s website.

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