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Mühle Glashütte has a well-earned reputation for making some of the finest function-focused tool watches on the market. From the S.A.R. Rescue Timer, built specifically to cater to the needs of Germany’s Maritime Search and Rescue Association (DGzRS), to the Seebatallion GMT designed for the German Navy, Mühle Glashütte has a long history of making watches to meet the exceptional demands of hard-use situations. With the ProMare Go!, Mühle Glashütte has taken a different approach to their function-first philosophy, combining the most practical elements for outdoor adventures, excising any superfluity, and adding a touch of fun and elegance. The result is a striking, yet eminently functional sports watch designed for the everyday adventurer.

Mühle Glashütte has operated as a family-run business since 1869 and over its long and storied history has produced measuring devices, maritime instruments, and timekeeping systems for a variety of German industries. Like the rest of the watch industry based out of the tiny Saxon town of Glashütte, the company was dismantled, factories destroyed, and equipment expropriated to the USSR at the close of WWII. Despite the long hiatus, Mühle Glashütte was resurrected in 1994 and remains as the only watch company in Glashütte still owned and operated by its founding family.

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The ProMare Go! was built for adventure and for those venturing off the beaten track – a design ethos can be seen throughout every element of the ProMare Go! From the case and bezel design to the robust automatic movement beating inside, each element was carefully considered in order to produce a highly functional sports watch ready for whatever life throws your way. The intent of this watch is revealed by the name itself – ProMare is derived from Latin, meaning “from the sea”. Go! speaks for itself – get out and Go! No matter if your next adventure takes you up in the mountains, under the sea, or out on the town, the watch is ready for you to get up and Go!

A cursory glance may suggest that the ProMare Go! was designed for diving, but rather than a uni-directional bezel, Mühle Glashütte opted to go bi-directional. For most daily users, a bidirectional bezel is a useful option that allows the wearer to quickly and easily set the timing bezel. To ensure instant readability, the dial on the ProMare Go! features a triangle with pips at the apex at 12 o’clock – a design feature synonymous with German flieger (pilot) watches. By combining elements from multiple design traditions, Mühle Glashütte was able to create a one-of-a-kind sports watch that prioritizes legibility and functionality.

The ProMare Go! is outfitted with a 42mm-diameter stainless-steel case (12.2mm height) with an oversized crown, crown guards, and a bi-directional rotating bezel. The ProMare Go! also packs a solid 300m of water resistance, ensuring that you won’t have to think twice when heading out on, or under, the water. Though the ProMare Go! was designed to function as a rough and tumble sports watch, the smooth lines of the case, sophisticated mix of brushed and polished surfaces, and crown guards that sweep elegantly out towards the lugs make it clear that Mühle Glashütte was equally concerned about creating a watch that would be a pleasure to view on the wrist every day.

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Throughout the watch, Mühle Glashütte samples from a gorgeous palette of blues – from the deep sea blue of the dial to the contrasting navy and royal blue of the bezel insert to the lively pops of sky blue on the tip of the seconds hand and matching date wheel. Mühle Glashütte allows the blues to dominate the design, with ample use of empty space that draws your eye into the inky depths of the dial. The pops of white on the hands and hour markers, replete with amply applied Super-LumiNova, result in extreme legibility regardless of the lighting conditions. The silver surrounds on both the indices and handset add a touch of elegance, increasing the versatility of the piece and making it just as home in the office as on the sea.

The ProMare Go! features a 2.5mm-thick domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, coupled with a sapphire caseback that shows off the heavily-modified Sellita SW 200-1 automatic movement. Mühle Glashütte modifies this trusted movement with a custom rotor and finishing, along with their shock-protected, patented woodpecker neck regulator. The system works by the woodpecker regulator arm pressing sideways against the fine adjustment screw and also down onto the balance cock in order to resist movement when there’s impact between the fine adjustment screw and the counterpressure spring. End result: a robust movement that can be regulated with high precision.

The ProMare Go! is finished off with a 22mm waterproof leather and rubber strap with stainless steel buckle. The textured and perforated strap that features blue contrast stitching to play off the blues of the dial is rugged, comfortable, and highly functional – a perfect complement to the watch itself. Wherever your adventures take you, the ProMare Go! will be ready for the journey. The Mühle Glashütte ProMare Go! retails for $2,099; more information on the ProMare Go! can be found at www.muehle-glashuette.de.

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