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Since its release in 2022, the Jack Mason Strat-o-timer GMT has been the brand’s halo piece. Ushering in a new era for the Dallas, Texas brand, the Strat-o-timer features iconic design language while still having enough novelty to set itself apart. Valuing authenticity and quality above all else, the Strat-o-timer line has always offered exceptional value for everything it brings to the table: an automatic GMT at under $1,000 with a unique look and an uncompromising build. To date, the Strat-o-timer has been offered in the classic colors of blue/red, black/brown, and black/blue. But the brand wanted to push the classic soda pop nicknames further, and with the Jack Mason Dr Pepper® Strat-O-Timer GMT, has done so in a way that not only stays true to the brand but also to its roots.

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Dr Pepper was first served in 1885, 130 years before the first Jack Mason watch was sold, in Waco, Texas, just 100 miles south of Jack Mason’s Dallas home.  When Charles Alderton devised his 23-flavor recipe for the perfect flavor, he was responding to his observation that customers were getting bored with the day’s popular flavors. The drink was a hit, and it soon became one of the most popular on the market. Fast forward to the 1920s, and you’d find marketing materials, boxes, and even the bottles themselves imploring you to “Drink a bite at 10, 2, and 4!” The prevailing science of the day said that people hit an energy slump at those times. Dr Pepper, of course, was the perfect drink to give you a boost. From the “10, 2, and 4” slogan to the storied past of soda pop GMTs to the shared home, a partnership with Dr. Pepper was too good for Jack Mason to pass up. Just as Alderton offered an exciting alternative to the soda flavors that ruled the day, so too is Jack Mason bringing a refreshing alternative to the traditional GMT colorways.

The Strat-o-timer form is defined by softer edges and curves, embracing an almost-vintage feel that gives it a classic look and allows it to be worn effortlessly on the wrist. If you’re already familiar with the successful Jack Mason Strat-o-timer, then the Dr Pepper edition won’t bring too many surprises. The expertly finished 40mm stainless steel case still features its tonneau silhouette, with sweeping polished sides that recall the iconic watch design. Measuring 47mm from lug to lug, the case features a gradual curve that hugs the wrist and makes the 13mm height (which includes the box sapphire crystal) almost disappear.

The biggest change for the Jack Mason Dr Pepper® Strat-O-Timer GMT is the bicolor sapphire bezel insert. Instead of those classic soda colors you’ve seen before, the 48-click bidirectional bezel coloring is based on historical Dr Pepper brand colors, with the classic deep red that has continued to be a trademark of the brand, complemented by a brighter true red and golden numbering which is fully lumed. At 3 o’clock, the screw-down crown features the Jack Mason star logo and helps to achieve the watch’s 200m water resistance, making for a watch that doesn’t just look good, but can handle almost anything — especially with the case’s 1200HV hardening coating.

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Some of the true standouts of the Strat-o-timer line are the bracelet, clasp, and included rubber strap. It’s easy to phone these elements in, but once again, Jack Mason has demonstrated its unwavering attention to detail and keen insight into what takes a watch from good to great. The quick-release 20mm bracelet fits the case snugly, with the brushed finishes matching perfectly and the 7-link design offering ideal articulation for optimal comfort. Tapering down to 16mm, the bracelet features a clasp that maintains the sleek profile while integrating an on-the-fly micro-adjustment mechanism with 9 positions. The clasp closes securely with two round pushers echoing the curves of the case. The complimentary FKM rubber tropic strap provides a sportier look and incredible comfort, with a Jack Mason logo on the tail that locks into the floating keeper to avoid a flapping strap tail.

While the case is notable for its bold curvature, the dial features contrasting straight lines and blocky indices that promote legibility. Against a striking sunburst black dial, the oversized applied rectangular indices with beveled ends that have both polished and brushed facets, with rounded Super-LumiNova fill. The baton handset shares the same finishing and lume, while the pronounced GMT hand receives a contrasting orange outline, allowing it to be seen and read at the most fleeting of glances. The date window is ideally incorporated at 3 o’clock, exactingly proportioned to fit the circle of the hour markers. For the keen eye, Jack Mason has colored the seconds counterbalance with the colors of Texas’ Lone Star Flag.

The real easter egg is revealed when the light gets low and the lume comes to life. Instead of some overt branding on the dial or wild colorway that might make such a watch unappealing, Jack Mason has used a gentle hand in integrating Dr Pepper’s branding and history. In a reference to the soda pop’s early slogan, the 10, 2, and 4 o’clock markers feature contrasting lume. It’s yet another example of how Jack Mason takes its time to create watches that are wearable and tell a story.

For the Strat-o-timer GMT collection, Jack Mason has taken advantage of one of the newest GMT calibers: the automatic Miyota 9075. This self-winding GMT caliber offers a 42-hour power reserve at 28,800 vph and Jack Mason regulates it beyond spec to -/+ 5 seconds per day. More importantly, the 9075 provides what many refer to as “true” GMT functionality: Whenever you’re crossing timezones, the hour hand is independently adjustable without changing any of the other hands. The caseback features a special engraving of the Dr Pepper “Drink a bite…” slogan, limited-edition numbering, and a reminder that each and every Jack Mason Strat-o-timer watch is assembled and regulated in the United States.

With this distinctive collaboration, Jack Mason has managed to create a watch that’s completely wearable, with a subtle reminder that there’s more to it the more you look at it. Taking cues from vintage Dr Pepper branding and integrating elements in a refined way has allowed Jack Mason to offer an entirely new standard into the soda pop GMT playbook while still creating an authentic timepiece that is undeniably true to both brands. The Jack Mason Dr Pepper® Strat-O-Timer GMT is priced at $1,089 USD. Tripling down on the legendary 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper, the watch will be limited to 230 pieces, releasing on October 23rd, 2023. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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