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As watch enthusiasts, we adore our watches, yet our cherished timepieces often remain tucked away, out of sight and out of mind. Underappreciated. And for those of us who like to switch things up, frequently swapping between watches, a watch winder simplifies the process, making every watch a grab-and-go. The new Viceroy Watch Winder Cabinet from WOLF keeps your watches wound and on full display in a 12- or 16-capacity watch winder cabinet. The Viceroy offers a storage solution as elegant and functional as our watches themselves, and one that is worthy of the thought and care we put into our watches.

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Despite putting inordinate amounts of time, thought, and money into our watch purchases, few of us put much, if any, thought into how we store and protect them. Luckily, WOLF has been thinking about little else for nearly two centuries. A family-run business now in its fifth generation of ownership, Philip Wolf I founded the company in Hanau, Germany in 1834, creating display boxes for silver, jewelry, and other treasures. In the ensuing decades, the business would move from Germany to Sweden and eventually settle in the United Kingdom, all while maintaining a single-minded focus on creating beautiful and functional ways to store and display life’s treasures.

A nearly 200-year-old company that focuses on traditional artisanship to create exquisite display cases could be forgiven for shying away from new technology, yet that has never been WOLF’s way. Whether you choose the 12- or the 16-watch winder, each of the patented winders can be set to the specific number of turns per day and rotation direction that your watch requires — all programmed through an easy-to-use Bluetooth app. Simplifying things even further, the app controls access to the cabinet door, allowing you to unlock and open the door with a simple click.

The Viceroy Watch Winder Cabinet is built with a timeless style that will fit seamlessly in either a home or office setting. The cabinet is constructed with a grey pattern silk interior and black vegan leather exterior. Winding is indicated by a discrete LED display that can be dimmed or turned off at night through the app.

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If your watch collection exceeds the number of winding slots, don’t worry, a drawer at the base of the cabinet provides storage for an additional four watches and a removable watch roll — perfect to take along for travel — that houses an additional three watches. In addition, the watch roll hides a secret capsule to keep your most precious items hidden and safe.

Whether your collection contains an array of perpetual calendars or your favorite automatic watches that you want to keep ready for wear, the Viceroy Watch Winder Cabinet from WOLF is an elegant solution for winding and display. From a brand with decades of experience safeguarding your treasures, the Viceroy Watch Winder Cabinet and WOLF app give you complete control over your most cherished watches. The Viceroy Watch Winder Cabinet is priced at $13,995 for the 12-watch cabinet and $16,995 for the 16-watch cabinet. To learn more about WOLF and the Viceroy Watch Winder, please visit the brand’s website.

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