While Omega has the Olympics, fellow Swatch Group brand Tissot has the Asian Games (aka the Asiad). The 17th Asian Games will take place this year in the South Korean city of Incheon September 19th – October 4th, 2104, and will be sponsored by Tissot as the official timekeeper of the Asian Games. Of course, the occasion calls for a host of limited edition watches.

As the official timekeeper of the 17th Asian Games Incheon 2014, Tissot of course will release a slew of limited edition timepieces. In fact, there will be nine different limited edition models for the Asian Games, and each will be limited to 2,014 pieces.

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The 2014 Asian Games are similar to the Olympics, but I am not an expert on the event. They have a range of sporting events and competitors from all over Asia come to win medals. Rather than the global appeal of the Olympics, the Asian Games appear to only include participants from countries on the Asian continent, and that includes India and the Middle East. Check out more information about the 2014 Asian Games on Wikipedia here.

There are actually an impressive number of different events ranging from traditional sports such as swimming, cycling, and gymnastics, to martial arts such as karate, judo, and taekwondo. There are also events related to skills such as archery, bowling, and even table tennis. I bet it would be really great to see as many events as possible for those who will attend in Incheon.

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The different limited edition Tissot 17th Asian Games Incheon watches (with price) include:

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  • Tissot T-TOUCH II ASIAN GAMES 2014 ref. T047.420.47.207.02 $1,100
  • Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC ASIAN GAMES 2014 GENT ref. T086.407.11.201.00, T086.407.11.201.01 $975
  • Tissot LUXURY AUTOMATIC ASIAN GAMES 2014 LADY ref. T086. $975
  • Tissot PR 100 ASIAN GAMES 2014 AUTOMATIC GENT ref. T049.407.11.067.00 $575
  • Tissot PR 100 ASIAN GAMES 2014 AUTOMATIC LADY ref. T049.307.11.037.01 $575
  • Tissot T-RACE TOUCH ASIAN GAMES 2014 ref. T081.420.17.057.03 $575
  • Tissot PRC 200 ASIAN GAMES 2014 QUARTZ GENT ref. T055.417.11.057.01 $575
  • Tissot PRC 200 ASIAN GAMES 2014 QUARTZ LADY ref. T055. $575

So, that includes some Tissot T-Touch models, several mechanical models, a few quartz models, and three models for women. Each of the limited edition Asian Games watches will feature red color themes to go with the colors of the Incheon games event. The watches will further have either engraved casebacks or applied plaques commemorating the games. If you are really into red then some of these Tissot 17th Asian Games Incheon watches might be a good choice, but ideally these are watches you will be interested in if you are going to visit the Asian Games yourself.


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