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In addition to the highly anticipated Tissot Sea Touch, this year will see the release of a mildly redone Tissot T-Touch Expert, called the T-Touch Expert Pilot. Revisions include a different dial and bezel, as well as hands. The new look is themed after traditional pilot watches with the T-Touch Expert’s functions, and this branding makes sense.

I particularly like the aviator strap version that is also available (as opposed to the rubber that we tend to see as an alternative to the titanium bracelet). It is possible that the Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot will be available in steel, as the original T-Touch Expert was only available in titanium (in the US that is). The dial for the T-Touch Expert Pilot is available in carbon fiber or matte finished black (each with their own minor differences). I prefer the matte finish for this look, though the small weave carbon fiber isn’t bad. I say this because for the most part I am totally over carbon fiber being used in/on watches trend.

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Functionality for the Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot looks to be the same as on the original Tissot T-Touch Expert (what was a big improvement over the original T-Touch). For those new to the line, these watches feature innovative touch screen sapphire crystals. Of course Tissot is going to emphasize those features which connect to the pilot theme. This includes the navigation compass features as well as the altimeter, and to a lesser degree the barometer. The bezel of the T-Touch Expert Pilot is designed to work more closely with the compass and will assist one in keeping a bearing. Actually, the standard T-Touch Expert has a compass oriented bezel, but the one on the Pilot is a bit easier to read, as opposed to looking more rugged.


The revised dial design on the Pilot is a smooth blend between the traditional aviator watch look and the “T-Touch” theme, as I am going to suggest there is such a theme. As the Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot is not an extreme departure from the T-Touch Expert, it is a fresh revision showing that Tissot is serious about its T-Touch line and will compliment the new Sea-Touch watch. For a fuller insight of the functionality of the original T-Touch Expert (same movement as the T-Touch Expert Pilot, see my review here.

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot will be unveiled at Baselworld in a few weeks and will be commercially available soon thereafter probably for about $1000.

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