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Serious watchmaking is…well… so serious. With that in mind, the Trotha To-Do List watch hits the market with a sunny disposition, providing a daily reminder to make the most of every opportunity. In complete contrast to a raft of horological heavyweights, Zürich-based Trotha Contemporary Assets takes the pastimes frequently associated with major brands and makes light of them via a specially printed date wheel. The brand isn’t trying to be tough; it is trying to make you smile. And while it may go about it in a more tongue-in-cheek way than regular watches, the To-Do List watch is far from a joke.

The Cheeky Window

In an age in which almost every practical function can be performed by a smartwatch or a far-superior digital tool, Trotha’s founders sought a way to make their mechanical product stand out from the crowd. The question, “How can a mechanical timepiece add value to my life?” was asked. The answer? By not taking itself too seriously, and, in the process, encouraging the wearer to take back control of their time for themselves.

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You won’t see press releases bulging under the weight of aspirational images of divers, sailors, or motor car racers. Instead, turn your eyes to the date window at 3 o’clock for a lighthearted surprise. For every day of the month, a different fun or worthwhile activity is displayed in graphical form. Is it supposed to help you remember to turn up to that important shareholders’ meeting on the 18th? No. But it is supposed to help you decide what to do if you should miss it…


Familiar and Different

While the philosophy behind the Trotha To-Do List watch is a desperately relevant one for this overworked, undervalued generation, presenting it to a discerning audience of watch-lovers without ensuring a top-drawer design would have guaranteed failure. Trotha has focused on providing a watch that is both familiar and different at the same time. A knurled bezel is an unusual feature that gives the 38mm stainless steel case far more presence on the wrist than one might expect. That is partly down to the slimness of the watch, which measures just 11.5mm-tall.


The high-contrast display employs a glossy black base with red and white detailing to great effect. Depth is added to the dial via applied silver hour markers, while the star of the show — the cheeky window at 3 o’clock — is enlarged by a cyclops magnifier that sits atop an anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

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A brushed Jubilee bracelet gives the overall package a sleek and professional appearance, while the day window, which stretches from 11 o’clock all the way over to 1, gives off an air of technical sophistication. Talking of technical sophistication, the movement powering the Trotha To-Do List is the Swiss-made Sellita 240-1 Elaboré, visible through a display caseback.

And for a final flourish, the push-button butterfly clasp is engraved with the brand’s logo — the “Ballon de Plage,” or “beach ball,” which replaces the “o” in “Trotha.” A vegan leather (microfiber) strap with alligator print is also an option.


First Draw

Trotha Contemporary Assets is a brand based on limited products, infusing classic styles with a contemporary outlook, in an effort to establish harmony between the old and new. The brand’s message is simple: Make the best of the time while not taking yourself too seriously. As a gesture in keeping with this ethos, Trotha will donate a considerable share of its profits to causes that support people that make our time worthwhile but are not paid enough, e.g. young musicians and emerging artists. These projects will be announced in due course. In the meantime, interested customers can place a pre-order for the “First Draw” edition, which will be limited to 500 pieces and priced at CHF 1,570. Check out the official website at Trotha.ch.

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