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Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

With the start of the 2019 Rugby World Cup just days away, Tudor is reaffirming its association with the New Zealand All Blacks. Fresh off a relentless battering of Tonga in their final World Cup warm-up game (92-7), New Zealand arrives in Japan as one of the tournament favorites. And what better way to celebrate the back-to-back defending champions than with a special-edition watch? The Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited Edition is a moody, all-black version of the standard Black Bay chronograph. The model will be limited to the same number of players to don the famous All Black jersey of New Zealand’s finest since the national team’s foundation in 1903.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

The standard Tudor Black Bay chronograph, on which this model is based, is already an excellent model, fitted with a manufacture caliber boasting a column wheel and vertical clutch. Perhaps the most pleasing thing about these top-drawer workhorses being produced by Tudor these days is the bloated power-reserve — 70 hours was once the preserve of serious high-rollers, but nowadays it is a bar many more brands in this price point should be attempting to clear with the easy regularity managed by Tudor.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

The COSC-certified MT5813 offers almost three days of run-time, while still beating away at 28,800vph. The MT5813, which is derived from Breitling 01 caliber, also boasts a silicon hairspring, resulting in excellent chronometric performance.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

A highly legible and informative dial greets the eye upon inspection. Two sub-dials display the going seconds (9 o’clock), and the chronograph minutes (3 o’clock), while a clean and clear date window at 6 o’clock balances the dial expertly. A fixed bezel tachymeter provides extra functionality, while the dial text is brought to life by the depth rating being printed in bright red. Sturdy pushers reinforce the idea that this is a rugged watch for everyday activity.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

A 41mm case is perfectly on-trend, straddling the desire for wrist presence without threatening to take your eye out whenever you check the time. The PVD-coated case makes this model stand out. In black, the Tudor Black Bay chronograph appears every inch the sports watch and has a very distinct character from its stainless steel counterpart. As visually different as it may be, it boasts the same robustness and, like the standard model, is water-resistant to 200 meters.


Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

The limitation of this model currently stands at 1,181 pieces, but that number will be adjusted according to the composition of the All Blacks team as it grows over time. I’m actually a fan of this odd, but slowly expanding, limitation system. I’m not so much a fan of “numbered” pieces (like the Tudor Pelagos LHD, which I would have much rather seen limited to a set number), but this model is something different. Theoretically, it is possible to assign certain models to specific players.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks Watch Releases

I’m not sure what kind of database you’d need access to in order to figure this out, but imagine how much more valuable the Jonah Lomu or Richie McCaw models would be when properly identified? For true fans of Rugby Union, and especially fans of one of the most iconic sports teams to walk the planet, this is a strong offering that I could see selling well.

The watch comes on a matching black PVD bracelet with a folding clasp and safety catch. The price for the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited Edition (reference 79360DK) will be $5,925. Learn more at



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  • Swiss_Cheese

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the date window is awful. I realise it must cost a fortune to paint the date wheel black (whole dollars I’m guessing), but if Tudor are that strapped for cash, couldn’t they leave the date window off and subsequently improve the look of the watch tenfold? Just a thought…

  • FS1900

    “Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark Limited-Edition Honors All Blacks”
    Awkward headline, I probably would have put a ‘the’ after ‘honors’.

    • SuperStrapper

      I absolutley admit to doing my own double-take on that one this morning.

    • DanW94

      ABTW strives to be inclusive.

  • What fresh hell is this?

    I kind of expected to see a fern on it somewhere

    This is just black.

    • spice

      Yes, and with an ugly hour hand?

      • What fresh hell is this?

        I feel like there are already more than enough words written about Tudor’s hour hands!

  • Are you kidding me Tudor? Are you calling that ‘thing’ your pride official New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team timepiece ???

    To qualify as an official outstanding extraordinary timepiece for the 0ne of the Greatest Sports Team ever assembled, Tudor needs to up their game, stop being lazy, start being creative in designing.Don’t cut corners or costs. The market is already there because people all over the world LOVE the All Blacks!!! Have you seen how the Bvlgari Octo All Blacks timepiece looks like?
    (1) The dial needs to have a Maori War Mask motif tattooed onto the surface
    (2) What does the watch box look like? It better look like a rugby ball otherwise that a crying shame, a wasted opportunity
    (3) Very disappointing boring Tudor caseback.Is that the best Rolex little brother can come up with? It desperately needs the Kiwi’s Silver fern logo and a sentence in Haka engraved on the caseback, Kapish?
    Please dont insult the All Blacks by regurgitating an ordinary black PVD coated watch and call it Born to Dare or Born to Haka or whatever.I bet my bottom dollar not a single member of Tudor’s designing team ever watched the mighty All Blacks in action in any World Cup otherwise they wouldn’t have released such a ##????### timepiece
    I would choose a Bvlgari Octo All Blacks or an equivalent Bvlgari anytime over the Tudor

  • Geoff

    Beauden Barret, 1115, pin up guy for the ABs. Nice watch. Those pushers gotta hurt as he face plants the opposition on the way to the try line.

  • Guy Horesh

    Honors All Blacks Yet the date is white… if you’re looking to look like speedy dark side of the moon at least do your homework right

  • Luciano

    I don’t follow rugby but it’s a nice looking Tudor

  • SuperStrapper

    Love the rugger cup. Big respect to the ABs but they won’t be getting my support!
    Went to a few qualifiers, should be a great cup this year.

  • SuperStrapper

    Why are we saying the Tudor makes a B1 derived MT5813 when they are made by Breitling and rebranded. It’s not an insult, i think that is one of the coolest partnerships in the business right now. And the B20 in return is made by Tudor and rebranded for the flying B.

  • PR

    Boring version, somehow it seems to be completely lacking pop and contrast for a black n white watch. Tudor has been sleeping behind the wheel off late

  • Independent_George

    Nice version. You can do much worse with blacked out watches. Indices and hands are lumed white, so the window is fine. A blacked out date heel would have been better, this as is, this is fine.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Well, the watch is somehow nice, but the best thing about it is the price.

  • RazorSky

    I’m sorry, I love tudor, but I think an all black watch looks like a cheap citizen. Now that black bezel, dial, handset etc on Steel and you have a nice looking watch.

  • Jon Heinz

    I don’t know much about the game, but there is really nothing I see wrong with this watch here. I’m not even into chronographs per se, but this is very subtle and clean. Were I in the market *rightnow*, this would be one of the short list. This is the first Tudor since the black…blackshield…black…rider? uhh, whatever that one was a few years ago, that I’m really impressed by.


    PVD Coating,,, hmmmm…

    • Fred Chu

      easy wears off

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