In accordance with the long standing tradition of moniker elongation for high value, high exclusivity watches, the newest limited edition Ulysse Nardin does not disappoint. Nothing less than eleven words make up this new watch aimed strictly at the wealthy Russian crowd. The Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg Maxi Marine Chronometer Enamel Limited Edition watch takes advantage of the watch lust in Russia’s uber-rich newly minted quasi-aristocratic class. Without discussing today’s Russia, it goes without saying that there is a growing class of watch loving rich Russians.

Ulysse Nardin Imperial st petersburg enamel egg case

If you want to know where the wealth of the world is, look no further than watch company marketing efforts. They are keen on finding new and old money to peddle their goods to. And what wonderful peddlers they can be, with fine wares and artistic creations. Taking advantage of high purchasing power, watch companies make beautiful and amazing watches and timepiece novelties for purchase by a select few. For the richest still, custom watches and items are manufactured. This item is as much a centerpiece as it is a timepiece.

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Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg Watch In Enamel Egg caseThe Ulysse Nardin Imperial St. Petersburg goes straight to the historical love of Faberge eggs by the Russian royalty. Although there is a Faberge watchmaker (no relation to Ulysse Nardin), no one holds the rights to egg decoration and gilding! The Imperial St. Petersburg  white enamel dial watch comes in a fancifully decorated gold and diamond decorated enamel egg case. The stand sits on gold anchor shaped feet and features legendary sites from St. Petersburg. The egg case opens with an inner compartment case for the watch. It is a serious reminder of the style of decorated eggs that the Czars loved.

The watch itself is based on the Maxi Marine model. Like the egg, it has an enamel dial, with painted numerals and the St. Petersburg eagle shield. The limited edition watch is limited to 30 watches, and each is made in platinum with a gold rotor visible through the caseback window. Inside is a Ulysse Nardin Caliber UN-26. The automatic movement is certified as a Chronometer. Further, the watch has 200m water resistance; diving for caviar anyone?

All in all it is a rather regal looking timepiece. The Maxi Marine collection has always had a turn of the century  (not this last one) nautical look, and the 43mm wide platinum case and black alligator strap are sure to result in a wealthy look. The target audience is bound to love the watch, as it celebrates a time in Russia of which it’s people are proud. As much as they don’t like to admit I think most countries are proud of their Imperialistic eras.

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