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Continuing their mission of creating affordable, stylish, and customizable timepieces, UNDONE is proud to present a new collection of customizable vintage-inspired chronographs. The UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection introduces three patinated dial styles, a new layout, and a selection of high quality leather straps. After years spent studying, collecting, and understanding tropical dial watches, UNDONE has developed their own faux patina distribution process, which brings a whole new aesthetic to the growing Urban Chronograph collection. The result is a series of watches perfect for those who appreciate the imperfect charm and visual appeal of these vintage, sun-kissed dials. In addition to these three new chronographs, UNDONE is also proud to show off a very special edition exclusively on aBlogtoWatch.

From left to right: Tropical Amazon, Tropical Sahara, and Tropical Caribbean

Building on the success of the widely appealing Urban Chronograph, the Tropical collection will immediately feel familiar, with a few new design tweaks. For starters, UNDONE has added the option of a classic tachymeter scale, which adds utility and visual depth to the overall look. The markings are crisp, clear, and when paired with the aged dial treatment, it’s a combination that delivers an accessible vintage sports watch vibe. Customers can also choose to stick with UNDONE’s classic stepped, smooth bezel for a more understated look. Pump-style chronograph pushers round out the design and the angled lugs (recently revisited by UNDONE) ensure a comfortable fit.

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The stainless steel case itself is tastefully sized at 40mm with a 20mm lug width, case thickness of 13mm, and 30m of water resistance. Something that typically isn’t seen in watches at this price point is the intricacy of the case design, which features chamfering at multiple layers and varying levels of polished surfaces for increased visual depth. A hardened, domed K1 mineral crystal adds to the vintage “warmth” of the pieces and builds on the model’s carefree durability. There’s also a variety of brushed and polished surfaces found throughout the lugs and the aforementioned chamfering simply adds to the overall look while demonstrating UNDONE’s commitment to detail. In essence, the case served as the perfect backdrop for the collection’s most notable feature, the aged dials.

The UNDONE Urban Tropical Collection watches will come with one of three dials to choose from. The first dial variant, “Tropical Amazon,” is a non-aged option for a subtle vintage look. “Tropical Caribbean” and “Tropical Sahara” on the other hand, deliver more of a visibly patinated look with the latter serving as the more dramatically “aged” of the two. All options feature a basic, two register layout with sub-dials at 3 and 6 o’clock and a simple date aperture at 6 o’clock. The Seiko VK64 mechanical-quartz hybrid movement inside drives the basic time display with two well-proportioned hour and minute hands along with a smooth-running instant reset (flyback) central chronograph seconds hand. It’s also worth noting that the VK64 has no running seconds indicator – making it an ideal “undercover” quartz option. It’s an accurate, carefree movement that provides the perfect balance between modern quartz reliability and vintage mechanical allure.

UNDONE Urban Tropical aBlogtoWatch Special Edition

Finally, UNDONE is proud to debut a special aBlogtoWatch edition of the Urban Tropical Collection featuring two versions of a previously unavailable ‘bike’ strap. The strap is available in all-red or black with red accents. In a way, the strap modernizes the watch’s aesthetic and the black PVD case provides a nice contrast against the faux patina dial. The standard, customizable UNDONE Urban Tropical collection watches are now available for $345 with one leather strap. The aBlogtoWatch special edition will come with both versions of the bike strap at a price of $375. To learn more, visit UNDONE’s official websiteundone.com

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