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Founded in 2014, UNDONE is the world’s leading custom wristwatch label. Its team of industry veterans believe that watches go far beyond functional fashion  watches also tell stories. With customizable, made-to-order timepieces, wearers become the narrators. Every watch is unique, brought to life using traditional techniques alongside cutting-edge technology. All components are carefully curated, and designs are developed in-house — and most important of all, each product is tailor-made, which is the best argument for UNDONE’s core philosophy: Individuality matters.

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Now that the holiday shopping season is upon us, UNDONE is offering an early Black Friday promotion of up to 80% off sitewide. But if you’re looking for something specific, like a watch from UNDONE’s popular INLINE or Collab collections, then you’re also in luck. These modern classics are all 25% off for your Black Friday shopping needs.

The INLINE Vintage Killy (with free customization) is a retro dress watch without the vintage-chrono price tag. Evocative of some of the most iconic watches of the 20th-century, these 40mm mecha-quartz timepieces are a timeless testament to the “golden age” of watchmaking. At 40mm-wide and 12.7mm-this, the UNDONE Killy is the affordable everyday watch you’ve always wanted to wear. The regular retail price is $289 USD, but you can snag one on Black Friday for $217 USD. Click here for more info.

Also at 25% off is the INLINE Urushi, painted gold to represent the traditional art of Japanese lacquerware, powdea, and the craft of Maki-e, a decoration technique that utilizes precious metals such as gold and silver. The Cali dial has four delicate grains of Kanji 「無」,「常」,「苦」,「空」and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Inside this 37mm-wide, 12.8mm-thick timepiece is the Japanese-made TMI NH35A automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. Regularly priced at $446 USD, you can get it here for $334 USD.

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No two bronze pieces patina the in the same way, and the INLINE Basecamp Bronze is a unique horological experiment that features bronze not only as a case material but also as an instrument of mediation on life, death, and rebirth. The watch’s interaction with the environment in which it is immersed allow the passage of time to take a visual form. Retail price is $380 USD, but you can get it on Black Friday for $285 USD. Learn more here.

UNDONE is widely known for its collaborations, and some of its moved beloved are with DC Comics. For
Batman’s 80th Anniversary, UNDONE has designed a premium collection to introduce its first titanium watch, which has been sandblasted for a modern finish. Green and blue luminous elements harmonize with the printed caseback that displays the commemorative Batman 80th Anniversary badge. The UNDONE Batman Dark Night, which retails for $359 USD, is now available for $269 USD. Check it out here.

Another DC collab discounted for Black Friday is the UNDONE Caped Crusader, with the same specs as the Dark Knight, above, and a bold, black-on-black wrist profile. Both watches are 40mm-wide and 13.3mm-thick and are powered by the Japanese-made TMI VK64 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph movement. This watch is also priced at $359 USD, now on sale for $269 USD.

The UNDONE Popeye Black Sand Collab is a playful take on a perennially favorite character. The Black Sand edition has a left-hand crown setup — a rare feature that caters to “lefties” who wear their watches on the right hand, but also for those who wear watches on their left hand yet prefer the crown not intruding on
the wrist. Popeye’s muscular arms are the hour and minutes hands. Surrounding the black dial is a bi-directional rotating bezel with beige diver function numerals to measure any time-related events. Complementing the watch is a 316L flat 3-link “Oyster” style stainless steel bracelet strap. Usually $480 USD but on sale for $360 USD.

And if you just can’t decide which watch to buy, give the gift of choice with the UNDONE gift card, also on sale for $225 for a value of $300 USD and $375 USD for a value of $400. Good beginning December 5th, with no expiration date. Learn more here.

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