Last year, Undone watches made their debut and turned heads when they began offering affordable yet customizable timepieces via their watch customizer. Led by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans, craftsmen, designers, and programmers, Undone has grown into the world’s leading custom watch label. This time, Undone is launching not only their first non-customizable product but also a social movement supported by the worldwide watch enthusiast community.  It’s the Undone Mystique Chronograph watch collection, a new family of timepieces that showcases Undone’s true in-house production capabilities while also shedding light on the darker side of Swiss outsourcing for the sake of consumer awareness.

As shown in the video above, the brand is taking the 100% Undone approach. The new Undone Mystique Chronograph collection focuses on the concept of deep and vibrantly-colored gradient dials, which were popular in European markets during the 1960s. Each piece is made to order and everything from the dial construction to assembly, quality control, and fulfillment is completed in-house. Unlike some Swiss brands – who often deceptively outsource and leverage the “Swiss Made” label to promote unjustifiable profit margins – Undone is aiming to offer true value without sacrificing quality, while earning the trust of their customers. This is the movement Undone hopes to spark through the Mystique collection.

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Building on the successful foundation that is the Urban Chronograph collection, the new Mystique models retain the same familiar dimensions with some added visual flair. The 316L stainless steel case measures 40mm in diameter, 52mm lug-to-lug, and 13mm thick. Undone also made sure to improve upon the Urban watch case after considering critical user feedback. They’ve done so by reducing the angle of the straight lugs, which results in a more curved and comfortable fit on the wrist. Water resistance is 30m and a hardened domed K1 crystal rises beautifully above the brightly colored dial. The most impressive characteristic of the collection, however, is the variety of gradient dial options that are now available.

There are four dial colors in total and each variant showcases just how far Undone is able to take their in-house production capabilities. Eclipse, Neptune, Mercury, and Mars, each have their own distinct look and the choice between silver and rose gold-colored case options brings even more variety to the mix. Additionally, the Mystique will be offered with a box set consisting of two Undone quick release straps. The standard strap is a 20mm black caviar leather strap, while the other is a dedicated alligator strap that is designated for owners to match with more formal attire.

Like the Undone Urban Chronograph collection before it, the Mystique models are powered by the Seiko VK61 meca-quartz movement. This easily accessible movement offers the crisp and satisfying operation of a mechanical chronograph with the low-maintenance experience of a quartz movement. Each one is tested for quality by Undone and serves as the perfect match for the Undone Mystique chronograph watches.

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Currently, all of the Mystique chronograph models are available for the early-bird price of $260. That’s 20% off the $325 MSRP for the box set. The early-bird period runs until November 30, 2017 and you can learn more by visiting Undone’s official Mystique watch page here, Instagram, or Facebook page.

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