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Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Last year, Undone watches made their debut and turned heads when they began offering affordable yet customizable timepieces via their watch customizer. Led by a team of dedicated watch industry veterans, craftsmen, designers, and programmers, Undone has grown into the world’s leading custom watch label. This time, Undone is launching not only their first non-customizable product but also a social movement supported by the worldwide watch enthusiast community.  It’s the Undone Mystique Chronograph watch collection, a new family of timepieces that showcases Undone’s true in-house production capabilities while also shedding light on the darker side of Swiss outsourcing for the sake of consumer awareness.

As shown in the video above, the brand is taking the 100% Undone approach. The new Undone Mystique Chronograph collection focuses on the concept of deep and vibrantly-colored gradient dials, which were popular in European markets during the 1960s. Each piece is made to order and everything from the dial construction to assembly, quality control, and fulfillment is completed in-house. Unlike some Swiss brands – who often deceptively outsource and leverage the “Swiss Made” label to promote unjustifiable profit margins – Undone is aiming to offer true value without sacrificing quality, while earning the trust of their customers. This is the movement Undone hopes to spark through the Mystique collection.

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Building on the successful foundation that is the Urban Chronograph collection, the new Mystique models retain the same familiar dimensions with some added visual flair. The 316L stainless steel case measures 40mm in diameter, 52mm lug-to-lug, and 13mm thick. Undone also made sure to improve upon the Urban watch case after considering critical user feedback. They’ve done so by reducing the angle of the straight lugs, which results in a more curved and comfortable fit on the wrist. Water resistance is 30m and a hardened domed K1 crystal rises beautifully above the brightly colored dial. The most impressive characteristic of the collection, however, is the variety of gradient dial options that are now available.

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

There are four dial colors in total and each variant showcases just how far Undone is able to take their in-house production capabilities. Eclipse, Neptune, Mercury, and Mars, each have their own distinct look and the choice between silver and rose gold-colored case options brings even more variety to the mix. Additionally, the Mystique will be offered with a box set consisting of two Undone quick release straps. The standard strap is a 20mm black caviar leather strap, while the other is a dedicated alligator strap that is designated for owners to match with more formal attire.

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Like the Undone Urban Chronograph collection before it, the Mystique models are powered by the Seiko VK61 meca-quartz movement. This easily accessible movement offers the crisp and satisfying operation of a mechanical chronograph with the low-maintenance experience of a quartz movement. Each one is tested for quality by Undone and serves as the perfect match for the Undone Mystique chronograph watches.


Undone Mystique Chronograph Watches Watch Releases

Currently, all of the Mystique chronograph models are available for the early-bird price of $260. That’s 20% off the $325 MSRP for the box set. The early-bird period runs until November 30, 2017 and you can learn more by visiting Undone’s official Mystique watch page here, Instagram, or Facebook page.

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  • Pete Pete

    to be honest, they’re not that ugly. obviously inspired by the seiko cocktail time – which is far better value for money, though.

  • TheChuphta

    The soundtrack to that video is hilariously intense. You’re assembling a quartz watch, not slaying a dragon.

  • Berndt Norten

    Hey honey, I’m thinking of starting a new company. I’m going to make watches. They’re going to be awesome. ‘Oh, great, dear. Do you have a name for your new company?’ Yes, it’s Undone.

    Undone. Undone. Undone.

    I’ve come undone. Blame it on Lenny Mr. Arty One. You know the KRAVITZ KRAVITZ KRAVITZ one. I’ve come undone!

    I’ve gone too far.

    I’ve lost the sun.

    I’ve come undone.

    • Pete Pete

      „Undone is an old French word once used by hardy sailors of the Mediterranean to describe good sailing conditions.
      For us, this word represents a promise of movement and journeys into the unknown. A respect for the forces of nature, the environment around us. And a hint of nostalgia for a bygone age. What better word to summarize our philosophy?”

      • Mikita

        “Undone comes from the Ancient Atlantis Empire. It was first used to describe the landing of the King pegasus on the waters of Meca-Quartzonia. The dial was inspired by the cheeks of lady Calypso, while the hands remind us of the teeth of Gorgona. Pure courage, sacrifice and a fine leather strap. Preorder now to get a kiss of the 316L stainless steel.”

    • egznyc

      Who(m) do you need?
      Who(m) do you love?
      When you’ve come undone.

    • I listen to The Guess Who all the time. One of my favorite background music albums is their greatest hits.

      • Berndt Norten

        It’s the new Mother Nature

        • And best to “Follow Your Daughter Home” or else you have to “Clap for the Wolfman”.

          • Berndt Norten

            I been talkin to grease monkeys. I been workin on cars

  • BJ314

    these guys are making money hand over fist. they don’t really need our approval.

    • Chaz

      Are they, now?

  • Mikita

    I was thinking some time ago: why didn’t any microbrand “become inspired” by Moser’s fume dials? And voila! Here you have it. Now you can build a collection:
    Undone Mystique -> Seiko Cocktail Time -> Vapaus Veli -> Moser Fume dial.


    Can’t wait for the Undone Fly, their aviation themed flyback.

    • Tea Hound

      Or their tribute to Status Quo, the Undone Dunun Dunun Dunun Dunun Dunun Dunun…

    • Chaz

      “INSPIRED”…it’s “inspired”, not “themed” if you want to be a player in the watch world…

    • Gokart Mozart

      Marius will want the undone Thai.

      • WINKS

        Marius will wish he could undo the bareback Thai.

  • otaking241

    The past tense of “lead” is “led.” I know it’s a sponsored post but can’t we at least try?

    • Michael Peñate

      Fixed. Thank you. Sometimes the smallest errors can cause the biggest hit.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Pretty good looking watches one thinks.

    • Jack

      pretty boring taste…

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Sure, quite boring to look as as far as dials go, but i think some interesting colours. ………………………………….(IMO)

  • Good looking dials, good looking price, stopped dead at the brand name.

    Sorry, no amount of exhaustive backstory is going to change the fact that it means “incomplete” or “defeated”. It’s an objectively poor choice for the name of a company that produces a mechanical product.

    • Pete Pete

      “The word undone originates from a swedish dialect. It means whirlwind and that is something life of today can be likened to. Constantly here and there, trying to make the utmost of the now. Although whirlwind as a physical phenomena is a dangerous thing. A whirlwinds force could lift your feet and throw you head first to the ground. Some times that might be exactly what you need to get you to realize what really matters to you. Where you should really invest your time. And where not.”

      • carl

        i dont see any swedish in it!

  • Anna Nuehm

    Surprisingly sharp looking in the photos (not just) considering the price. The 3D hands alone set it apart from notoriously flat handed lower end watches. Not a big fan of the empty dial space / the marginalized name at the bottom, but overall, not bad at all.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      This reduced style works for a two, maybe a three hander but the lack of indices makes the chrono useless.

      • Anna Nuehm

        There are indices in the subdials, just no numerals. This makes the chrono somewhat harder to read than necessary, but not useless, IMO.

  • Richard Baptist

    I have nothing bad to say about these watches. I love the dials, the movement is a good movement for the price. I think they are great looking watches.

  • Yan Fin

    Looks clean and cool. Can you put mechanical movement please.

  • Mark1884

    “Undone is launching not only their first non-customizable product but also a social movement supported by the worldwide watch enthusiast community. It’s the Undone Mystique Chronograph watch collection, a new family of timepieces that showcases Undone’s true in-house production capabilities while also shedding light on the darker side of Swiss outsourcing for the sake of consumer awareness”

    “True in house production”…….. is the most important part of the watch (movement) not outsourced??

    “Social movement”……. I just had a movement that was much more satisfying than this.

    “Darker side of Swiss outsourcing”…… what is this, some cloak and dagger story?


  • Larry Holmack

    Come out with a 46 mm version and I would buy one…..just because I think they look cool.

    • Spangles


      • Larry Holmack

        You can wear the woman’s size if you like… I prefer a more manly sized watch.

        • Spangles

          39-42mm is a man’s watch. 46mm is a compensation.

  • John Stevens

    Undone certainly know how to design a good looking watch, all they need to do now is put a decent mechanical movement in one.

  • Ex-Ex-Pat

    Really like the design, especially the blue dial. Would jump on it with a decent mechanical movement (something better than a Miyota).

  • wallyboy23 .

    very attractive pieces. not bad at all.

  • Zhege

    Really like what these guys are doing. Yeah, there’s a lot of hyperbole in the marketing story (reaching Bremont-type levels at times) but there is also some real passion in what they are doing. The watches look cool and are very reasonably priced. Sure, the design language is very Moser-esque – not just the fume type dial, but the leaf hands, etc. In fact, to my eye this looks like what a Moser chronograph might look like…

    I ordered one yesterday and eagerly await its arrival. I’m not expecting haute horology here, but a fun and bold watch. I suspect it will get more comments from non-watch people than my other watches. While a mechanical movement might have been nice, that would blow out the price point (and still produce a bunch of snarky, less-than-clever comments here).

    Sometimes you just have to have fun with this game. Undone looks like they know what they are doing and I wish them continued success.

    • Scott

      Moser has made a chrono!

  • SuperStrapper

    Actually dig that teal dial. It’s not a colour you see much. That said, I don’t know what I would wear it with. I have a bit of a shoe fetish, maybe I’d have to get some real shoes?


  • I really like the look of the new dials – Moser on a budget.

    As an owner of their Urban Chronograph, I have a few comments. First off, I think their watches are great values plus you can order a customized watch. A nice and flexible business model to deliver what the customer wants.

    The production time was rapid and the extra cost for having a custom watch (rather than their standard references) is modest. I even opted for a graphic I supplied to be printed on the underside of the exhibition back crystal. Just keep in mind that you image will be “round cropped”, so what is in the corners will be cut out. Just pad your image a bit and you will be set.

    A flip side of ordering a customized watch is that what looks great (you think) in their online customizer may look a little different in real life. For instance (and this is all my fault, not theirs), the rose gold hands I chose can disappear against the black dial I specified at some lighting angles. So I recommend you order light hands over dark dials or the other way around. Yes, the hand have a slight bevel (as do the new ones in this review). But they can still not catch any light at some angles, so use caution with specifying hands.

    Also another curious thing I did was to order hand without lume (I liked the shape of the leaf hands which are also used in the reviewed watches) yet I selected a dial which has lumed hour makers. So the watch can’t be read in the dark (which I expected given my choice of hands) yet the hour markers can be seen. And I wish I could have ordered with a black background date wheel to match the black dial I chose.

    I have old eyes, so without my reading glasses the chronograph sub-dial at 12 is hard to read. Plus the dial I selected has gray printing over the black dial (which is nice subtle/classy looking) but makes the elapsed minutes harder to index.

    The case on mine is rose gold color and as most of the case is high polished, some people might think the net effect looks like a cheap fashion watch (I wish they had done more of the case with the brushed finish). I really don’t mind much, but just remember that stainless looks like what it is, so with these new models, that could be the winning case finish.

    I don’t see these as “serious” chronographs for a couple of reasons (just 60 minutes elapsed time indication and a lack of minute marking on the register) but for “light duty” timing needs it sure is a great looking watch for an affordable price.

    And the case of my Urban fits my 7.25″ wrist just fine (the lugs are not an issue at all). The watches not look too small on my wrist at all. But it is modest enough that I’m thinking of getting one of these new fume dialed ones for my 23 year old daughter for Christmas.

    Communication from the brand as great – they advised when the watch was on its way from Hong Kong. So I can also recommend them as a reputable brand.

    • Zhege

      Excellent and thoughtful overview. I was really tempted by the Urban chrono (vintage type dial) but when I saw the Mystique it was get-out-the-credit-card time. I’m trying to refrain from ordering an Urban or another Mystique 🙂

      A previous poster compared the dials to the GO 60s chronos (and those being “real” watches). Well, maybe, but at a price point some 30 – 50X higher… not much opportunity for buyers remorse on a $300 watch.

  • IG

    We love vintage… actually contemporary Mosers.

  • Jon Heinz

    Not into this one, but I dig their diver and have an idea how I’d do one of those…might just happen, really.

  • Chris MoJo

    Personally, I really like it! I think it is a good looking watch at a very reasonable price and I like the fact that Undone continue to develop the range of products they offer with interesting new pieces.

  • Ian john horwood

    How many times do i have to keep repeating myself with like wise watch posts. THE VK SERIES OF QUARTZ MOVEMENTS ARE THE SHITIEST PILE OF POO EVER MADE, and should never be put in any decent watch case. The people behind their brands putting shit like this in their watches, dont deserve to succeed. Any decent horoligical person should be mortified with this piece of junk movement in a watch. These junk vk series movements need scrapping, and the sooner everyone bloody lets seiko know, the better, for the industry. Using these shit movements is the ultimate fuck up for the watch industry.

    • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

      So uh, you have info info on *why* VK movements are, as you say, “shittest pile of poo”?
      Or do you just like bloviating in the void?

      • Ian john horwood

        If you new what constitutes a decent watch movement you would not need to ask such a stupid impitant question. Knowledge is wisdom. Time for you to get some.

        • error406

          > Knowledge is wisdom.

          No, it isn’t. Assuming you have knowledge, you clearly don’t have the wisdom to use it in a constructive and civil manner. Or simply remain silent.

          • Ian john horwood

            I already explained the vk series movements were cheap crap not worth anyones salt and why, still people dont listen and are blinded. Any one who has at least half a brain and at least some knowledge about what movements are going to be inside their watches would not need to ask such stupid questions. More fool people that buy something that may look good on the outside but it turns out the inards are anything but cheap nasty plastic crap. I certainly will not waste money on a watch with a cheap nasty plastic turd movement lurking inside it. These watches can be priced up to silly amount of money. The swiss equivalent movements, even more money. It is false economy. I certainly will not ever pay a silly amount of money for any watch with a nasty cheap plastic turd movement lurking on the inside of it. Take the new casio going to be released for over $3000 dollars, and tell me if you know the inside movement was a cheap nasty plastic turd lurking inside it, would you still buy it. We are not talking about an lcd casio but an analog casio.

  • Jonathan Smith

    Blatant copy of moser, but I have no big issue with that (most watch designs nowadays are heavily inspired by others anyway) as long as there is value. I guess you get what you pay for

  • William Jones

    I like the color and design. I wish they made a regular watch non chronograph. That would look sleeker.

  • Ulysses31

    Beautiful eye-catching colours remind me a little of the GO watches with Sixties dial colours.

    • alejandro

      Love the GO sixties. i have not seen the Undone in metal, but i think they will look a little bit faded when compared, only talking about the deepness of color. cheers.

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