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Online watch forums are brimming with comments about what might have or what could have been in the world of watches. If only the manufacturer had tweaked a favorite model in a certain way, it could have been someone’s perfect watch. Undone, a custom watch manufacturer with headquarters based in Hong Kong, is making that dream come true by leveraging the internet to customize the premium watchmaking process.

Undone founder Michael Young was 15 years old when his dad gave him his first watch, a vintage Rolex Daytona, and he was immediately hooked on vintage watches. Over the next few years, he collected so many that he opened Classic Watch Repair to service and restore them. He quickly built a reputation for excellence – one of his nicknames on online forums is “the bracelet magician,” and he also became a supplier for premium Swiss labels, including Omega, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Swatch Group, Franck Muller, and more. In 2014, Young decided to embark on a new venture to create high-quality customizable watches that would have a starting price of $250$500. The idea was to offer the best customer experience possible at the best price, along with a short delivery period. This is done by owning and controlling the whole supply chain and customer journey while remaining digitally native.

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“People are no longer satisfied with off-the-shelf watches,” says Young. “They want to put their own story into them.” The venture has been a success, beginning with the first Aqua Diver’s watch, which received worldwide press coverage, followed by the Urban Chronograph collection, inspired by vintage pieces from the 1960s. Like all Undone watches, these watches were fully customizable. Cases, bezels, dials, hands, and straps are all chosen by the customer. You can also add personalized text or even an image to the dial or caseback, including custom logo printing, special artwork engraving, or a fully-customized 3D textured dial. All Undone watches have quick-release strap systems, ensuring easy change-out.

“This is a level of customization that is just not done in the traditional world of watchmaking,” says Young, “and that is where the name of our company comes from. The definition of undone is something that is not done.”

Young’s goal was to revolutionize the entire process of buying a watch. Undone does not just take an order and deliver it when it is ready. The customer takes part in a collaborative process, staying continually in communication with Undone. The company’s team of designers, engineers, leading edge programmers, and digital specialists makes every watch according to modern-day production technologies using quality materials. Young was determined, from the beginning, to maintain the quality of components and finish that are characteristics of prominent high-end brands, while remaining “comfortably priced.” His influence and leverage among top suppliers in the industry means he is able to engage the same factories that work for the elite brands to produce components for Undone, despite its smaller production.

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“We want to enable watch enthusiasts to create their own custom watch and tailor it to express themselves,” says Undone marketing director Barry Cheung. “Our product is not complete until the user has chosen their desired parts and personalized it by giving it a special meaning.” All Undone watches are made fully in-house, from research and development and component production to assembly, quality control, packaging, and fulfillment, not to mention after sales and customer service. “This truly is the next-generation model for manufacturing and e-commerce,” says Cheung.

Representatives from Undone will be attending Baselworld 2018 from March 20th to 26th. If you would like to request a meeting or interview, please email the team at [email protected]. undone.watch

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