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From King David’s shield to rock columns to the wonder material graphene, hexagons have occurred throughout nature and time, always representing reliability and balance, stability and versatility. For its second model, Korean brand Varon Chiri has taken this time-tested form and incorporated it into its own design language to create The Hexagon. A natural successor to the brand’s first model, The Blazer, The Hexagon has a refined design with striking details that offers exceptional luxury at an accessible price point.

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Varon Chiri finds its inspiration in the Joseon period, the 500 years that marked the last dynastic kingdom of Korea. During this period, the Sainchamsageom (“Great Four Tiger Sword”) was crafted every 12 years in the years of the tiger to repel negative energy and bring positivity and peace to the country. The brand’s logo is taken from the shape of this sword’s pommel, and the brand name from the purpose of the sword, with “Varon Chiri” meaning “Repel evil with right will.” Fittingly, the brand was launched in 2022, the year of the tiger, with its debut model, The Blazer. Following up on The Blazer was no easy task, though. That model was the result of meticulous research and design, including a 750-person survey, to craft a beautiful timepiece with ideal proportions that would remain accessible to all who might want it. The Blazer presented classic styling with exacting proportions for a watch that was sophisticated yet ready for any situation. The Hexagon builds on that ethos but brings a sportier dial to the brand’s catalog.

The Hexagon’s matte blue dial has a richness that is complemented by accents of yellow and polished hands and indices. Delivering on the promise of its name, the dial features hexagonal elements in the bold hour hand, the lumed seconds hand, and the elongated indices. All of the elements exist in harmony, providing exceptional legibility in any conditions thanks to the thoughtful application of BGW9 Super-LumiNova. While the unique design of these elements would be enough to make this timepiece stand out, Varon Chiri has gone further, adding depth to this already engaging dial. A chapter ring encircled in beaming yellow marks the minutes and is elevated above the central dial, and just beyond that, a significantly raised ring is added to create a sensational dimensionality. Completing the dial and providing enhanced readability are the cardinal hours, precisely positioned and printed in Super-LumiNova.


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When a brand develops a second model, there’s often an urge to create something entirely new, which just as often results in a divergent design that leaves the brand’s catalog lacking cohesion. After all the work it put into the case and bracelet for The Blazer, though, Varon Chiri smartly realized that its existing platform was the perfect one to use for The Hexagon. The stainless steel case measures 38.5mm across and 45mm from lug-to-lug, with a thickness of just 9.7mm, ensuring the same unrivaled comfort offered by The Blazer. The polished case features brushed flanks and slim lugs, which curve down and transition seamlessly to the fitted bracelet. The 20mm tapered bracelet complements the case with a blend of polished and brushed surfaces, with V-shaped links recalling the rafters in Korean palaces. For optimal comfort and security, the bracelet is fitted with a double-locking clasp with a gliding micro-adjustment mechanism for on-the-fly sizing. To offer the most accurate timekeeping possible, Varon Chiri once again relies upon the automatic Miyota 9039, which ensures a power reserve of 42 hours and accuracy of -10/+30 seconds per day. Concealing the movement is a circular brushed caseback embossed with the Varon Chiri logo.

In contemporary Korean culture, the term “hexagon” has taken on a new usage among the younger generation, representing perfection and versatility. In this sense, Varon Chiri’s The Hexagon is truly hexagonal: a watch that is perfectly balanced and can be worn in any situation. The Hexagon will only be offered in this brilliant blue and yellow dial with a retail price of $540 USD with a two-year warranty. Early adopters can receive 20% off by ordering during the current pre-order period which concludes at the end of September. For more information and to order The Hexagon, please visit the brand’s website.

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