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MicroLux Los Angeles will take place online for 2020, with two days of new watches, interviews, and opportunities for watch lovers to engage with brands and each other. Virtual MicroLux is no basic Zoom meeting-enabled event but rather will be a professional broadcast-style program enhanced by the interaction opportunities today’s consumers expect. Virtual MicroLux will be the first U.S. event of its type, and in-person MicroLux events will indeed return after pandemic-related concerns abate. For now, the watch world can tune in online for Virtual MicroLux on October 17 – 18, 2020.

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Virtual MicroLux will be a hosted event where MicroLux and media partner aBlogtoWatch will present the participating brands and highlight their major new releases to audiences all over the world from a studio in Los Angeles. There will be several hours of programming per day for guests to engage with. Closer to the show, MicroLux will publish a schedule where guests can log on and view live interviews along with hands-on looks at their favorite brands. Anyone will be able to view the recorded MicroLux sessions post-event. The founder of Virtual MicroLux Rich Park states, “VML will offer a great opportunity for watch enthusiasts to connect with brand representatives and their watches while enjoying great conversations among like-minded friends.”


Over two dozen brands will participate in Virtual MicroLux 2020. They currently include:

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Virtual MicroLux will also offer guests an opportunity to learn about some of the latest watches carried by event sponsor and premier Southern California watch retailer Bindhi. Virtual MicroLux sponsor eBay will also be there to remind collectors that eBay.com is the world’s biggest watch marketplace and to teach them about recent updates making eBay a better-than-ever-platform to buy or sell pre-owned watches online.

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Watch brands and related companies interested in participating in MicroLux 2020 still have a limited time to see what Virtual MicroLux can do for them. Everyone can find more information about Virtual MicroLux at the LA MicroLux website here. More information about Virtual MicroLux 2020 will be available closer to the October 16-18, 2020 dates on aBlogtoWatch.com. Visit the LA MicroLux website for more information here.

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