We unfortunately don’t cover Kari Voutilainen’s timepieces as often as we’d like, though admittedly his creations are rare. In fact the brand’s own website doesn’t even mention this new GMT Six O’Clock watch yet. Each of his watches are completely handmade and his small production studio churns out a scant 50 or so timepieces each year. That truly isn’t much. Kari has been quickly rising to semi-superstar status over the last few years as one of the insider watch community’s preferred independent watch makers.

Voutilainen has recently worked with MB&F on the Legacy Machine LM1 and LM2 models. Together with Jean-Francois Mojon, Voutilainen produced and finished the Legacy Machine movements while Mojon was responsible for their design. Originally from Finland, Voutilainen brings a special aesthetic to watchmaking that is just as carefully conceived as anything Swiss, but with a unique flair. Also known for his meticulous movement finishing, his timepieces are among the best an enthusiast can hope for.

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Voutilainen-GMT-Six-oclock-5 Voutilainen-GMT-Six-oclock-3

This new piece is a simple GMT. The Caliber 28 (28-089) movement contains the time with subsidiary seconds and a 24 hour disc in the sub dial that further contains a day/night indicator. The GMT function is almost hidden because the 24 hour disc is so neatly integrated it barely looks like a moving part. Of course you’ll notice that meticulous amount of hand engraving all over the dial. This extends into the GMT function as the day and night regions are engraved to look like a sun (in gold) or moon.

The GMT Six O’Clock doesn’t just offer a slightly innovative approach to applying a GMT complication, but also a very pretty one. Voutilainen is to be highly commended for his effort on a piece such as this. What he really succeeded at (which is remarkably hard to do), is create something new, complex, and yet so simple it barely registers in your mind.

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