Armin Strom

Armin Strom is an independent boutique luxury watchmaker. Well known for its intricate skeleton designs and unique, futuristic complications, the Armin Strom brand includes models such as the Orbit, Gravity Equal Force, Resonance, and Tribute 1. Although it remains largely focused on haute horlogerie, Armin Strom has built a sterling reputation among enthusiasts for its ultra-modern style and stellar movement work.

Armin Strom is an independent manufacturer of ultra-luxury Swiss timepieces. Its models include the Orbit, Gravity Equal Force, Resonance, and Tribute 1 lines. Armin Strom is known for using a number of unique and rare mechanical complications in its watches, including resonance escapements, stop-work declutching systems, minute repeaters, and pusher-activated pointer date mechanisms. Amin Strom has built a dedicated following amongst watch enthusiasts.

Armin Strom was founded in 2009 in the Biel/Bienne region of Switzerland by Serge Michel and Claude Greisler. Armin Strom produces the vast majority of its movements in-house, with a focus on unorthodox skeleton layouts, unique complications, and visual spectacle.

Armin Strom’s watches range from relatively simple three-hand semi-skeleton dress watches to ultra-complex skeleton minute repeater models with dual resonating escapements. Armin Strom timepieces have a strong fanbase among seasoned watch enthusiasts and collectors for their innovative complications, daring modernist aesthetics, and exemplary quality. Among enthusiasts, Armin Strom’s most popular timepieces tend to come from the Orbit, Gravity Equal Force, and Resonance series.

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