Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is one of the youngest established names in the luxury watch industry, founded in Paris in 1992. Known for its bold, aviation instrument-inspired square designs, Bell & Ross’s best-known models include the BR 01, BR 03, and BR05 series. Bell & Ross also holds partnerships with the French space program, the French air force, and the BWT Alpine F1 Team, making it one of the highest-profile French watch brands in the industry.

Bell & Ross is an independently owned French luxury watch brand. Bell & Ross’s most popular product lines include the BR 01, BR 03, and BR 05 series of watches. Despite being one of the younger established brands in the luxury watch marketplace, Bell & Ross has developed a variety of high-profile brand partnerships, including creating timepieces for the French space program, the French air force, and the BWT Alpine F1 Team. Bell & Ross is one of the best-known independent watch brands in the world.

Founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo, Bell & Ross is headquartered in Paris. Although many of its movements are sourced from other brands, an increasing number of Bell & Ross’s high-end offerings use the brand’s own in-house movements, including such complications as tourbillons and ornate skeleton layouts.
Bell & Ross’s offerings range from simple three-hand aviation-inspired timepieces to ornate sapphire-cased examples of haute horlogerie. Bell & Ross timepieces are revered by enthusiasts for their bold character, emphasis on design, and distinctive square silhouettes. Outside of the enthusiast space, Bell & Ross watches are instantly recognizable on the wrist and are popular with buyers looking to make a dynamic and modern visual statement.

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