Frederique Constant

Frédérique Constant is an affordable luxury Swiss watchmaker dedicated to bringing high-quality watches to a wider market through affordability and popular design. Founded in 1988 Frédérique Constant launched their first collection of six models in 1992. Frédérique Constant was acquired by Citizen Holdings in 2016 and is still headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Frédérique Constant was founded in 1988 with the goal of making luxury watches affordable and available for all to enjoy. The name comes from the two founders' great-grandfathers, one of which founded a company in 1904 that printed clock dials. In 1992 Frédérique Constant launched their first collection consisting of six different models assembled in Geneva, Switzerland, and contained Swiss movements. Frédérique Constant focuses on traditional designs while innovating and producing high-quality watches.

Frédérique Constant maintained its dedication to creating affordable watches as it grew. Within two years of its first collection, Frédérique Constant created the “Heart Beat” movement which moved the balance wheel closer to the dial and was made visible with an aperture to show the “beating heart” of the watch movement without looking through the caseback. While Frédérique Constant uses mostly Swiss ETA movements, it created its first in-house manufacture caliber in 2004.

Frédérique Constant grew to be one of the largest Swiss watch manufacturers by 2011 with availability in over 100 countries. Frédérique Constant operates in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland with sister brands Alpina Watches and Ateliers de Monaco. Frédérique Constant manufacture consists of a 3200 m2 facility where watches and 15 different movements are designed, assembled, and manufactured in-house.

Frédérique Constant remains an affordable luxury brand with most of their watches costing less than $5,000 USD, however, they do participate in innovative high watchmaking exercises producing watches that cost significantly more. Frédérique Constant also sponsors vintage rally car races across the world and creates limited editions to commemorate them. Most notable is the Healey collection.

In 2016 Frédérique Constant and its sister companies were acquired by Citizen Holdings out of Tokyo, Japan. The Swiss watchmaker still operates out of its manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland. Popular Frédérique Constant models include the Slim Line, Runabout, Worldtime, and Manufacture.

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