Frederique Constant Trip & Watches Giveaway Winners

Frederique Constant Trip & Watches Giveaway Winners

Frederique Constant Trip & Watches Giveaway Winners Giveaways

Last month in December of 2012 we brought to you what we feel was the coolest giveaway ever - a trip to Geneva to build your own Frederique Constant or Alpina watch, and also a choice of Frederique Constant or Alpina watch for two second prize winners. I personally was amazed by the substance of the giveaway comments. They are charming, passionate, emotional, and full of watch love. You can read the many comments on the giveaways page here. Because you'd all like to know, here are the winners:

The first prize winner who will travel to Geneva and build a watch is Mr. Andrew E. of Indiana.

The second prize winners who will get new Frederique Constant watches are Mrs. Carolyn H. of Georgia and David B. of California.

Congrats to them, and don't forget to enter for this month's Xetum Tyndall watch giveaway.

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  • MarkCarson

    I can’t believe I didn;t win. Well actually with the number of entries, I not surprised. Congratulation, you lucky dogs, on winning such a great give-away. Looking forward to a great post after the watch building experience is over.

  • Kris C

    Certainly the coolest giveaway ever, probably the first one I’m actualy jealous about. I expect to see a thorough review upon return!

    • Oelholm

      Kris C Agree wholeheartedly – congratulations to the winners!

  • DougCarnahan

    would be nice to see what their posts were

  • Please post the winners posts.  There are way to many to sort through to try and find them.  I have tried and unfortunately cannot find them.  Thank you for posting them.  It really is fair to those of us who did not win, but wish the winners the very best, as we all put a great deal of time and thought into this.  Thank you!  Sincerely always, MooseHayden