A great way to get a good deal on a nice watch is to check out a “watch deal of the day” site. These sites have special prices on watches that last for 24 hours. Each day there is a new deal. If you are an avid follower of these sales, it can be a problem as there are so many to look at. Plus, there are some you don’t even know about. I recently learned about It aggregates many (maybe all) of the watch deal of the deal sites together in one easy place. I think it is a great idea. Frankly, I appreciate it, but don’t know what gets out of it. They must have some super special plan. Or alternatively, they are watch lovers themselves who wanted to share their little creation.

They have a sense of humor too, which is good. Their domain name takes the “DOD” acronym from “Deal Of the Day” and wants to be your “doddy” (daddy) of watch deal portals. All they need now is an RSS feed (maybe they have one, it wasn’t clear) and I am hooked. Still, you can follow them on Twitter if you don’t want to revisit the site each day. Oh, and the Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Joaillerie watch that is part of their banner. Yea, don’t expect that to be part of any watch deal of the day website’s daily offer. “We have one available for the excellent price of $400,000 – 21 hours and 4 minutes left!”

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watchdoddycom-screenshot has no less than 15 watch deal of the day websites listed right now. Plus, they are listed in order of “time ending soonest.” Meaning that the deals are listed with the one’s ending soonest on the top. You get the name of the site that offers the deal, the name of the watch, the price, and the time left in hours (no minutes, sorry – you aren’t scoping out auctions on eBay here). I like that if you hover your mouse over the image of the watch, it expands – showing you a bigger image of the watch. If you want to get the watch or look more into it, just click it to go to the originating page!

Overall, the people behind have built a nice little web application that is good for you, and good for me. Most of the deals are under $100, and some are for significantly more. Still waiting for that $10,000 watch deal of the day though. Anyhow, is a good find, and thanks to the person who filled me in about it.

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