WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic Giveaways

Dedicated to both diving and boat regatta racing, the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic comes equipped with a rotating navigational bezel as well as special dial indicators designed to allow regatta racers to time yacht positions properly in order to get to the starting position at the right moment. Delma makes a few versions of the Oceanmaster, including a quartz chronograph, quartz three-hand, and this automatic three-hand model which is the subject of this month's aBlogtoWatch giveaway.

The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is available with a black or blue rotating bezel, paired to a matching rubber strap or steel metal bracelet. With 500 meters of water-resistance, the case is 44mm wide (13.8mm thick), but designed to wear comfortably thanks to the short lugs and cushion-style case. Inside the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a Swiss automatic movement, and the dial has been designed with symmetry in mind - as the date window is evenly placed at 6 o'clock. As a tool-style dive watch with some added personality thanks to the regatta indicators on the dial, the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic has a retail price of 1,050 Swiss francs on the strap and 1,090 Swiss francs on the bracelet. The winner gets their choice of the Delma Oceamaster Automatic watch on the strap/bezel combo they prefer.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention a sport, profession, or activity you would like to see more watches specifically designed for and what characteristics or functions such a watch would need.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on April 30, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Delma, the sponsor of the Hammerhead 1000m Diver watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Frederik Leon Anlauf

    Would really like to see watches for running. Maybe in carbon to be really lite on your wrist. Chronologie would be good to, but not any sort of smart watch, just good old mechanical without distraction from running.

    • Dan Day

      Nice piece! Following the diving theme; I would like to see an automatic watch that delves a little deeper into a desk-diver’s needs. I think that working folk in many professions might benefit from a fully automatic “alarm” setting function, which could be set to chime or vibrate (or both) to signify an important upcoming meeting or event. I know there are ubiquitous electronic watch/cellular device options for this but I also think that it could be a new/old cornerstone function that could benefit from innovation in the automatic movement space. (

  • Elliot

    A watch for surfers would be interesting. One that has a tide-tracking function, chronograph, and good water resistance would be really useful.

  • Matt Walters

    I would be happy to see more watches designed for race driving; a chronograph that could deal with split times would be magical.

  • SH

    A dedicated hunting watch would be perfect. Would need compass, barometer and a time to dawn or dusk function. Would be ideal if shock proof and waterproof too. Could double as a fishing watch.

  • Ovis

    I would like to see more antimagnetic tool watches; the one from Omega with 1.5 T capabilities is very good, but it’s not really in the tool watches price range… Milgauss and IWC’s Ingenieur are from “antimagnetic” point of view, behind the times.

  • IG

    I’d like to see watches designed for chess players.

    BTW don’t bother to send me this watch, I’d not wear an automatic even at gunpoint.

  • Andrew Buckley

    I’d like a watch designed specifically for muff diving. Highly polished surfaces and rounded edges (to avoid painful accidents), extra strong spring bars (to protect against irretrievable loss) and an indicator designed to tell you when it’s time to come up for air.

  • Ale Brero

    I have always longed for a watch for lawyers, combining a rotating bezel and a sector dial of 7-minute fractions that would allow you to accurately monitor the 7-minute periods of work that you will bill your clients. The watch should look elegant, but due to the bezel it may also have a sporty spirit, and therefore be confused with a diving watch. Such a tool watch in disguise will also ease your transition into yatching weekends friday afterwork, as you slip into an informal shirt without the need to change watch.

  • Mikko

    I’d like to see more affordable mechanical watches for people working with possibility of magnetizing their watches by accident.

  • Albert

    A watch for doctors, with alarms, like Memovox perhaps

  • Ej Valera

    A watch for pole vaulters which measures/shows wind speed/direction

  • Brian Mazanec

    I’d like to see a watch for rowers (i.e. crew). It is hard to read an analog dial quickly while hands are in motion and of course also need to be waterproof. I’ve been getting away with a great diver but think more customization for this niche market is possible. Thanks for the great contest; I hope I win!

  • Josef Schmid

    There aren´t enough Pilot watches yet. I would love to see more of them.

  • Volker Rose

    I’d like to see some watches designed for riders of motorbikes. Easy to read and operate with clumsy gloves.

  • Nir

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic looks astounding. To the point, I think that both field running and mountain climbing sport activities are still in a place where there’s a lot of room for creativity and innovation. We need a lot more features around this space, besides the GPS and altimeter functions. Climbing accuracy, speed calculations per meter, surface angle, barometric sensor rig, atmospheric pressure and so much more.

  • benjameshodges

    The Farve-Leuba Raider Bivouac 9000 is one of the few altimeter watches that can take you to the top of Mount Everest and keep you informed of progress the whole way. I’d like to see more watches of that ilk.

  • Josh Chessman

    Really like to see more watches designed for swimming. Count laps/lengths/time/etc. Must be highly water resistant for obvious reasons!

  • Shane Symons

    I’d like to more on watches got motorcycles. I’ve always wondered if the constant vibrations would cause damage long term. Also functionality, like a dive bezel in a diver we to wear gloves making using any function in a watch difficult

  • Jim B

    Its a beautiful watch and i would love to show it off during softball season! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would love to see a watch specifically designed for cricket.

  • Oscar Hocking

    I think there’s a real lack of mid-range watches with regatta timers for sailing. Your only real alternatives are cheap multifunction lcds or insanely expensive offering from heuer, rolex, and omega. Citizen had a couple of decent ones tying in with the Americas Cup around the 2000s, but now they’re getting older you can’t trust the waterproofing as much as you’d hope.

  • Pete

    I’d like to see more watches for multi-sport athletes. Functions like pace/distance (running), lap count (swimming), heart rate or GPS enabled speed (biking). The only watches out there with these combinations of functions are big black hunks of rubber.

  • George Hook

    This is a very nice looking watch. Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but watches like this will stand the test of time while smartwatches are going to be buried in the history books as “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

  • Lucian Virciu

    It is a nice looking watch, but in my opinion the blue don’t fit that good on it. A black or a dark orange colour will be better. It is just my opinion as I said before.

  • SuperStrapper

    Shark jumping.

  • Igor Acosta Mondragón

    Nice diver watch…! The Regatta indices on dial is not conventional but good…..!

  • Scott Wolfe

    I’d like a watch with an easy countdown function – as a Crossfitter, having multiple minute countdown functions would be ideal.

  • David Stewart

    I love the watch, maybe there should be more watches designed for tennis players? Just a thought, not sure what they would do, maybe keep track of errors vs winners?

  • Paul Goddard

    Hi love my Horological smart watch from Frederique Constant, if I’m walking mountains or sitting behind my desk it’s hidden smart features work great, and it also looks great, the only down side is when I’m on the open water or diving, lack of real water resistance, this is where I require a watch like the Delma Oceanmaster automatic, which will suit my open water needs at a very competitive price.
    In the future im after a watch that looks beautiful but will incorporate smart features for the modern man, but still be fit for the rugged outdoors wether your at the top of a mountain or the bottom of the ocean.

  • Rosh qpr

    A watch for hiking with ABC functions plus an anti bear alarm.

  • Zach Riggs

    More watches associated with tide tracking.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I am eager to see a watch made for hockey. I mean, the field hockey that been played by people from all part of the world, not the ice hockey. The watch might be interesting as there is much vibration from the hockey stick, the watch also must stand the impact if the stick accidentally hit the watch. But I don’t think there is a watch suitable for hockey. Not even a G-Shock.

  • Luke

    I’d like to see more car racing/rally inspired watches with a lap/stage counter and timer options.

  • William Warshauer

    This looks like a great watch! I wish there were good watches for swimmers with the ability to track (and then review) dozens and dozens of laps.

  • Doober

    I would like to see a watch made that pays tribute to physics, incorporating things like mass, energy, protons, neutrons, etc. Something way out there that no one else has done.

  • ???

    Nice blue drive watch , like the red second hand

  • Darh109

    A watch that displays phases of Earth as seen froom the Moon would be nice.

  • Dan Day

    Nice piece! Following the diving theme; I would like to see an automatic watch that delves a little deeper into a desk-diver’s needs. I think that working folk in many professions might benefit from a fully automatic “alarm” setting function, which could be set to chime or vibrate (or both) to signify an important upcoming meeting or event. I know there are ubiquitous electronic watch/cellular device options for this but I also think that it could be a new/old cornerstone function that could benefit from innovation in the automatic movement space. (

  • David Williams

    For fishermen, mariners, sailors, boaters and divers – tidal information please. Daily high and low water – and moon-phase to indicate springs and neaps.

  • Vlad

    I’d like to see more pilot watches with day, date and second time zone.

  • Chris Enstad

    I would love an auto chronograph that can do one minute repeat countdowns for high intensity interval training (hiit).

  • Tan Qing Wei Philemon

    More watches designed for running/jogging with a timer function showcasing the minutes and seconds in the subdials accompanied with a rubber strap.

  • KS

    I’d like to see more of a driving-diver type watches, with chronograph and 60 minute bezel.

  • AEY

    Nice looking watch. I like to see watches for motorcycle touring. Large display with GPS?

  • Frank

    It’s tough for mechanical tool watches these days when digital versions like a Suunto can be had for $250 and accounts for air or NITROX, calculates decompression stops, and connects to your computer so you can keep a dive log. Hard to compete with technology. But F technology! I love my mechanical watches and don’t need them to be especially innovative to compete. I’m fine with a timing bezel or chronograph complications.

  • Brendan Riordan

    Not a brand I have heard of. I am going to do a little searching.

  • Adrian Lessek

    I’d like a watch for winter sports (like skiing) that measure the altitude, speed, temperature…

  • jperala

    Watch category that is currently very limited is mid-range automatic diver (and sport) watches for women.

  • Jeff Story

    I really like this watch, it would have been very useful when I was sailing, instead of counting seconds in my head (or usually, out loud).

    I’d like to see watches made with more business-focused themes. Having an adjustable count-down timer would be great for trainings, meetings, etc. call it the “Desk-Dweller” or the “Deskmaster” 😉

  • Apostolos Agalos

    I would like to see more super compressor watches with vintage style for diving

  • Steve Levinson

    Just started to take dive lessons for my 69th bday and am looking for a tool style dive watch. Delma fits my needs perfectly.

  • ismiv

    This watch kind of remind me the Seiko turtle(which is good)but with a unique personality. I love the Symmetry on the dial and the water resistant. I would like a watch able to measure speed and in general brands adding back light(like indiglo from timex)to their watches because sometimes the lume isn’t enough in some situations.

  • 0059mike

    Great watch.

    I’d like.somethimg golf themed, maybe a score counter.

    • Cody Nelson

      Hey if you’re interested in golf themed watches check out Etiqus they have a number of different models you might like

      • 0059mike

        will do. i do have the citizen golf watch which i love. light weight titanium, simple design.

  • Miguel -MO

    Love the looks of this watches. Pilots and divers are my thing, so I am ok with the current offerings.

  • Mark K.

    Take a moon phase complication further to allow local setting of approximate tide times (high and low). This would be useful to boaters, surfers and fishermen.

  • George Gecko

    nice looking piece of timekeeping, clean and clear design and with 44mm matches perfect big wrists

  • dylan

    I would like to see some watches designed with sports shooting in mind.
    Sleek, slim, titanium would be sweet. Probably a chrono for your time trials.
    Need to look modern yet not space age.

  • Yan Fin

    I would like to see a watch honestly made for suburban backyard “sports”. I would imagine a highly readable pilot, waterproof enough for pool diving, highly shock- resistant, and made from scratch- resistant alloy complimented with scratch resistant crystal.

  • rcarp

    A watch for hiking with analog temperature, compass, and barometer.

  • Jesse Sherer

    All the really cool professions are already taken like deep sea diver, pilot, and army watches. We need a watch for the common man. With alarms that sound at eight and five he will never miss work again. The rotating bezel that also can crack open a beer after a long day.

  • eboldo

    I would like to see a watch designed for the pool game, that gave me the correct angle of each shot.

  • Alexander Gravelle

    I’d love to see a mechanical altimeter complication for hiking/climbing!

  • Jon Heinz

    In it to try to win it…. purpose/designed complications are pretty well represented, is there something automatic that has an adjustable, repeating timer with a chime? For say, when you’re at the gym and want to do five minute intervals of different stuff. Kind of like a modified yacht timer sort of thing.

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a very practical and clear timepiece. It appeals to both diver and sailing audiences, which, I have to confess make up a great deal of the total watchlovers out there. I would love to see a basketball watch, with a specific function for 24 seconds..

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Out and about , doing something rough and manly ?. This is the watch for you. Nice n sturdy, easy to read and date, ticks all the boxes.

  • Boryueh1

    I also think hikers are under appreciated. Need something rugged, somewhat waterproof, GPS, compass, altitude would be nice.

  • gw091

    Dive/sailing combo make this a bit unique. The “functions” are really static, other than the bezel and markers, but you could add complications to add more dive specific features such as a depth gauge (aka IWC, Oris), and a countdown timer for sailing (Rolex Yachtmaster).

  • Sarosto

    I would love more hiking tool watches

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    I’m in! This one us such a beauty! I would love to see a mechanical surf designed watch, it could, for example forecast tides via gmt.

  • michael mercurio

    I can’t come up with anything new that needs to be made other than a standard ceramic, scratch proof coating that should be on all watch clasps to stop desk diving scuffs.

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    I’m in! This watch is such a beauty! I would like to see a surf themed mechanical watch. It could, for example, forecast tides via gmt

  • amankh

    A eye-catching watch that can be used in the pool and so also double up as a smart dress watch…

  • eitan

    I’d like to see PILOT style and an auto chronograph but I am ok with the current offerings-_blue rubber strap would be nice

  • Carl Johnson

    I love my Tissot Expert Solar. I would like a watch that is geared towards hiking. GPS navigation (smart phone independent). Track back, etc.

  • amankh

    The Delma Oceanmaster is an eye-catching watch that can be used in the pool and so also double up as a smart dress watch. I’d like to see more of such watches that can be worn during water sports featuring special care instructions that one needs to keep in mind

  • Djsherif

    Lovely watch. I would love to see a watch that can measure wind speed for kite surfing.


    Hiking as far as sport is concerned, adding a GPS and compass, solar power and maybe even a gadget that would allow the watch to be used as a sun watch if it lost power or got broken.

  • Andre Braz

    I would like to see a watch designed for surfing. Must be rugged against sun, water and different design not like submariner…..

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    Definitely spearfishing! depth and timer functions 🙂

  • Alexander MP

    I would honestly love if more mechanical watches were made for shooting (probably our greatest fear when wearing these pieces) because they would be the ultimate in resilience and toughness!

    I absolutely love the colours on this watch and want to get it so that I can properly introduce my brother to mechanical watches (he’s been resisting and he’s a sucker for blue and red). This watch is not even on their website at the moment, so you’re my only hope! haha

  • Very nice with great use of color!

  • Steve M

    This is a great looking watch! The features capture the interests of a broad ramge of sports enthusiasts. It is a watch I would love to see in person. With the current interest in tool watches it would be interestng to see a 44 pilot style which would be dedicated to an historical event.

  • manivelle

    I’d like to see more baseball watches. But wait, we already have one: the Hermes temps suspendu.

  • stumpelriltzchen

    I’d like to see a watch dedicated to cooking. When you prepare a dish, you often need to time things, but what you need is not a chronograph, but a countdoun timer. I’d love to have that in my mechanical watch.

  • Jack D.

    I work in aviation and I like having a GMT chronograph. I’d like the local time hour hand to have a jump hour capability, and the second time zone to be a 24 hour indicator. It would be nice if it wasn’t huge as well. 40-42 mm would be perfect.

    • ross kaleolani

      Hi Jack, I think Citizen Blue Angel. I think mine has GMT. Aviation bezel, etc… Another watch with gadgets I never use… Lol… Powered by light. You probably know. It is Citizen Skyhawk I think. Sky-something… Lol. Anyway it is the Blue Angel series.

      • ross kaleolani

        Or check Breitling.

      • Jack D.

        Thanks Ross. I guess I’d want something with a mechanical movement. For example, I like the Breitling Chronoliner a lot. It’s just rather large. I like the Sinn 104 a lot. It just has a 12 hour hand for the second time zone. So, you know. Wishful thinking. Maybe someday someone will make just the right thing. But who knows if I will be able to afford it when they do, lol.

        • ross kaleolani

          Sure thing. Yes, I think many pilots wear Breitling. Not a pilot watch but I have had my eyes on a Chopard Mille Miglia line. As far as a compass on a mechanical watch I think still have to do it the old fashion way. I would like to know if there is a mechanical watch with a true compass. I don’t know how that complication would work on a mechanical because of magnetism. My aviation watches I have only used the bezel a few times as far as fuel pounds etc… Just used it to learn, I just basically buy those watches because I like them, lol. All these chronos etc what regular guy is really going to use them? Lol… Hey! For me, they look cool.

  • christopher jensen

    Maybe a watch for weight training. Something that more easily allows for tracking the number of sets and timing the rest periods in between.

  • Cody Nelson

    As someone currently without the budget for a nice dive watch (wedding on the way) I always like to think commenting here gives me a shot at winning a dream timepiece. I love the look of the bracelet combination above for both a work and play environment. While I love many of the current dive and field watches and think they satisfy my needs for hiking, camping, backpacking, etc it would be great to see something with a built in altimeter.

  • Ryan

    A watch dedicated to running would be good. A chronograph with a quick reset would be useful in timing sprints.

  • b0b0r4pt0r

    Very nice watch indeed! Apart from the usual diving/horse riding/golf and tennis related watches, I would like to see mechanical watches related to hiking/exploring with a compass somewhere on the dial and possibly an altimeter

    • ross kaleolani

      I have a Citizen with compass, Altimeter etc… I forgot which one it is. It isn’t mechanical it is powered by light and the face is analog. It has hands and the compass is also a hand and there is a little hand for Altimeter. Like I said, not mechanical but the charge will last I think six months. I think it is Citizen Promaster altichron bn5035-02f.

      • b0b0r4pt0r

        While Citizen certainly makes some nice watches, I would like to see a compass executed on a mechanical watch like the Omega Aqua Terra 15000. Such a watch for ‘explorers’ would certainly appeal to me. And I always liked these Ocean-themed watches like the Omega Seamaster (something like the 176.007 dial with a compass would be amazing) or the Magrette Regattare and also this watch here.

  • Demonix

    Competitive beer drinking watch with chrono function for capturing time taken to chug an ale and number window for beers consumed.

    • Trevor O’Donnell

      You just described the best watch ever, if you invent it you’ll make a fortune

      • Demonix

        The tilting motion of slamming a beer back would be good for winding an automatic movement ?
        If it ever makes it to market will save one of the initial batch for you Trevor ?

  • j4m3z

    More fitness watches to keep healthy lifestyle with functions like heart rate monitor, blood pressure, etc

  • Mike V

    I would like to see more watches with compass and altimeter functions. These functions would make a true “explorer” watch for those of us that enjoy hiking and exploring new remote areas.

    • ross kaleolani

      Hi Mike. Casio has a new Pro Trek that has all the bells and whistles, GPS, Altimeter etc… I think it also has a GPS screen that is a satellite picture like Google Earth. I think it can also be used offline so you don’t have to worry about any connection. Check out Casio Pro Trek…

  • Glenn Previtera

    I’d like to see more GMT functions on dive watches-pretty helpful when you travel to your dive.

  • Dylan P

    I’d like to see more affordable mechanical watches with alarm functions, maybe for timing workouts or just general reminders throughout a busy day, it seems like an interesting and less common complication and it would definitely be useful!

  • Trevor O’Donnell

    I love the style of this watch, and the colours, I would love to own this piece, great looking practical watch

  • Matt

    Very cool watch! I would like to see more watches designed with hiking and outdoor pursuits in mind. So, bidirectional timing bezel and perhaps an internal compass bezel. And definitely some hardened steel like in Damasko or Sinn.

  • SPITX206

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a beautiful “sports” watch on rubber with a bit more sophistication when on metal. Many of us who must wear suits and ties every day also love our sports watches. I would like to see a “sports” watch produced with all the ruggedness necessary to compete in the real world yet have the requisite sophistication not to look foolish at a meeting in a boardroom. A stealth sports watch, if you will!

  • Gregg Turcich

    I really like the matching blue bezel and strap. nice contrast with the black dial face.

  • joshuamaxkatz

    Looking for a go-anywhere Vegas bachelor party watch, this would look nice at a pool party. Pick me!

  • ross kaleolani

    Very nice! I would like one in black please! Off the subject, I would like to request a review of the pocket timepiece used in the Twilight Zone where the guy could stop time and everything around him. Back to this watch. It would mean starting a new watch case. I dig the look of it. With all the gadgets on all these watches I have that I never use.

  • Paul Aislabie

    A classy looking large faced sports Analogue multi dial watch, which you can actually tell the time with in sunlight and darkness and is tough enough to use for water sports.

  • Tim Gill

    Love this watch. I would like to see more gmt watches. The third hand with rotating bezel is a really useful function.

  • Eugene Najera

    Nice watch and a GMT functions on dive watches if done without impacting the bezel would rock.

  • Brad Herndon

    Great looking watch! Would like to see more multi-function/tech watches for outdoors hiking/camping with great lume, that don’t lose legibility with all the clutter that functionality can sometimes bring. There are a ton of great watches, but many are hard to read!

  • Daniel D.

    Great watch! I would appreciate a watch designed more for the outdoor enthusiast. Durable, easy to read at day or night, alarm and possibly navigation support.

  • Mark1884

    I like this watch. It would have to be the blue bezel/strap for me. Very legible and good crown guard design. Did some research, Delma has more history than I thought.
    I would like to see some mechanical alarm function or GMT. Could be a great watch for traveling and water sports.

  • Mat P.

    A watch for firefighters would be interesting. It would need to be made of a material that would not get hot or retain heat. Have an indicator for the toxicity of the air and a sonar to find lost / trapped people in a burning building.

  • Steve Haley

    I love this watch. For me a sport watch is all about the water proof rating. The higher the rating the better.

  • Joe K

    A police watch that would allow them to access information they pull up from their vehicle computers would be useful.

  • Tom Berger

    A watch that would used for bicycling. Easy to read while moving and showing elapsed time.

  • Greg Dutton

    I’d like to see more watches designed for scientists. There are few currently, like the Milgauss, but a watch the was anti-magnetic and had a countdown bezel, and was extremely precise (maybe HEQ) would be cool.

  • Stan Lipnowski

    Have always loved that shade of blue. Would look great on my wrist

  • Steve Jacobs

    I really like the blue. I used to play polo. The Reverso was designed for polo by protecting the crystal but I’d suggest a watch that includes a 7.5 min timer to measure Chukkers (in polo speak, the periods of play).

  • Patrick K.

    A watch built for skiing or snowboarding would be nice. It would need a long velcro strap to fit over a bulky jacket. Large display with air temperature and altitude would be cool as well.

  • mike garver

    I was almost a master diver, so this watch would get me that much closer…
    It’s a close call, but I’ll have the steely strap. TIA!

  • Chris H.

    SEXY looking watch. I need this added to my collection.

  • Dan Ramirez

    Can’t really think of anything else one would need a watch for, as there is always one for anything. We already have all the tool watches we might possibly need. Otherwise we will have to strap computers onto our wrists. But a Delma Oceanmaster sure is a welcome addition to any collection!

  • Iko

    Nice looking diver. Would love to see some time airport zone watches as many people nowadays travel a lot.

  • The Architext

    I’d love to see more watches targeted at engineers, live what the Milgauss was, back in the days…

  • 112010

    This watch is for me! Yes!

  • Maciej Kasprzycki

    Super watch. I would like to win it

  • Preston

    This would be a hell of a summer watch!

  • Chris Bos

    Does it come with a yacht?

  • Shinytoys

    I would like to see a hybrid watch that can accurately display information to my motorcycle dashboard, for racing or touring applications…

  • Omegaboy

    I’d like to see one designed for audiologists, with a little cone megaphone to allow the wearer to hear the hum of the watch.

  • Nikita Sokolov

    I need more and more divers, they are the best, especially blue ones.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    This watch is for me, super watch

  • dennis

    As a diver of course these watches are my favorite, love
    the blue combo.

  • Christina Barany

    Fancy watch, my bf would love this!!!

  • Ekay Syrian

    Conny one the straps color might be lil over

  • Brian Kautz

    More divers watches, as the designs work for every occasion

  • Christopher Redhead

    I like the look of these watches.I would like to see more automatic watches with shock absorbing qualities in order to resist the vibrations due to cycling and mountain biking.

  • Milos Hadzi-Stevic

    I would like to see more photography inspired watches. Possibly a watch with a lightmeter and exposure calculation ???

  • A M Fiver

    Let’s go with an obscure sport, curling perhaps. With a rotating bezel to keep score and an inner dial that measures temperature. And make it an Olympic issue, although the IOC would surely sue over any perceived misappropriation of its trademark.

  • Patrick Cahill

    I think a watch with a baseball connection would be fun!!! There are many aspects of the game that require a stopwatch to gauge performance….a watch with this capability wouldn’t be great for any collection.

  • Mark

    I like the Delma Oceanmaster. The blue bezel and strap combo really pops. I would like to see some watches made for the aircraft maintenance profession. These watches would have to be tough and accurate. It would have to be able to withstand frequent drenchings in Skydraul and jet fuel without the case, crystal or strap turning to goo. It needs to be accurate so you can time drips in a leak or countdown a high power engine run. A GMT function or bezel would be nice for those frequent field trips to other places on the planet to fix broken birds. It would also need to be shock resistant. So much so you can use a rivet gun with an “old man” attachment and not watch the hands bounce all over the dial.

  • Shannon Baas

    for people who are outside most of the time.

  • Vincent Kruse

    I believe the introduction of smart watches has truly opened up the possibilities for watches to become tools in almost any profession / sport. Yes, they still need a lot of refinement and the fact that you need to charge them daily is a massive deterrent for most.
    However, with that said, it would be great to have a watch specifically designed for training/exercise/active lifestyle, providing you with the information you need (distance covered, number of repetitions completed, temp, altitude, exercise recognition based on your movement, your progress compared to the same exercise, ability to stream directly to your headphones, track your position, etc) and filtering out the information you don’t need while focusing on your training session (texts, friend requests, etc).
    In addition to this, the watch should look great, be rugged but at the same time be soft so as not to dig into your wrist during when performing exercises that require the full mobility of your wrist.

  • Mr. Snrub

    A watch designed for shooting sports. Automatic chronograph with big pushers and maximum shock protection.

  • Yorgos Diamandoulis

    I like this watch. Delma Oceanmaster is the perfect watch for a person who has a passion for the sea and choose to live for the sea.

  • Zoran Filipovic

    Nice giveaway !

  • Vincent Kruse

    I would like to see a watch designed specifically for business people. Not something that merely tells the time, but something that supports you in your day to day business activities, making you a better businessman/businesswoman.
    It should be able to identify the person you are speaking to, through voice recognition, and display their name on the screen, so that you never forget a persons name. It should be able to identify key markers in a persons voice during negotiations so as to tell you if the person is hard on their deal or if they are open to negotiate further and it should be able to alert you as to whether the person you are speaking to is telling the truth or lying.
    An additional feature would be a “hire or fire” function. When activated, it analyses the persons voice and body language (through a tiny camera) and tells you whether you should hire the person or fire them on the spot. All making your business life much easier.

  • Cary Lewison

    A practical yet homologically stylish automatic watch for weight lifting and heavy training. Needs to be shock and scratch resistant.

  • Ewerson Matia

    It would be interesting to create specific watchs for professionals working 12 x36 hours. The clock could have dial marking the rest time for example …

  • funNactive

    I want to combine a sport & profession. I am a diver & like dive watches (there are many to choose from) – most are very sporty. Profession, general business – office watches. I’d like to see an elegant diver triple date watch: think a hybrid between Rolex Yacht-Master & Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar Meteorite. Something capable of diving & dressy enough for business. Possibly an internal dive bezel to hide a little bit of the sport? A watch that if you had to choose only one, could fit all your needs.

  • Steve

    Wish to see a watch designs for golf with anti-shocking function and 300M water resistance.

  • Gal Sh

    well, I play badminton so I would like to see watches designed for this sport. I would say that the watch should be very light and durable.

  • Daieho

    The sport would be any winter sport and the one feature would be a reliable mechanical watch during those temperatures of extreme cold

  • Majid A. F.

    I think a watch with a boxing timer and bell will be really cool , the bezel to control the round time and rest period.

  • Rodel Mercurio

    Nice watch!
    Great giveaway!

  • Yojimbo

    If there was an affordable squash homage type watch that I fancied the look of, I would buy it, but I wouldn’t wear it while playing.

    I do think that I’d consider a cycling purpose built watch that served as a training log, heart rate monitor, speedometer, altimeter log etc. I have a computer for my road bike but not my mountain bike and I think I’d wear it for both types of riding because I definitely always have a watch when I ride so I know when to turn around and head for home.

    I actually really like this Delma with the exception of date window location, for the price it’s at also it’s in my happy zone. I’m going to consider buying one anyway date window be damned.

  • Yojimbo

    this must be a very new model there’s nothing on their website, they have some other great looking divers

  • coltrain5041

    I would like to see more watches related to gaming.

  • funkright

    A basketball watch, with a countdown timer (like a regatta countdown) that would be user adjustable depending on the level of play (high school, college or pro) 🙂 now that would be an interesting complication!

  • Dan Baxter

    While there are a lot of good versions, I don’t think there’s been a “best” watch for running.

  • Rui Franco

    Would love to have a smartwatch for surfing that would measure for how long you ride a wave.

  • Marco Gerard

    A bronze watch that doesn’t come loaded with all the naval stuff for darker working guys. Bronze looks really nice on darker guys like me and the patina effect is gorgeous, but the watches are mainly big pieces. A simple field-style watch in bronze with a relatively compact casing, nothing more than 10ATM water resistance and perhaps a hand-wound movement to slim down the casing would be nice.

  • Semido

    Lawyers – billiable hour timer.

  • Dan Klooz

    Would like to have an automatic Regatta Timer (adapted chronograph) not just with the regatta function but also with a date indication. Strangely such a watch doesn’t exist up to date.

    Btw, the Delma Oceanmaster looks great!

  • Jonathan Yang

    A watch for winter sport/snowboarding, cold and shock resistant

  • Y Til

    would love to see a mechanical watch designed for chefs that actually have a mechanical timer that goes backward to measure time for kitchen and cooking duties…

  • Mischa

    Astronomers. Moonphase, chronograph, and great lume on all those functions (maybe trillium tubes). Maybe a GMT hand as well. But for the love of God, no expensive tourbillons slapped in there just for the sake of it.

  • Raul Inzunza

    GMT, pilot watches, sport watches.

  • Cee

    I would like to see more watches suitable for engineering.

  • Leonardo

    Awesome watch. I need this in my life

  • David Gimenez

    I’d like to see more watches for trekking. Nice watch!

  • Nixa

    Beautiful watch, especially the blue on blue! I’d like to see a good looking sports watch that can track the 3 triathlon events: the swim, the bike ride and the run, with functions that are very easy to go from one sport to the other.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Beautiful watch. Astronomy. Moon phase, tritium lumens.

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    I need more desk divers that can handle an 8 feet deep swimming pool.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I would like to see more watches designed for Cricket. Of course they would need a perpetual calendar to properly track the games. ?


    It would go perfect with my Louise watch

  • David Ljungberg

    I’d like to see a watch that’s gotten inspiration from boxing or other martial arts. No specific functions really, but just a watch that exhibits a really manly, rugged, feeling.

  • Brandon SB

    Nice! A 500m!

  • Alejandro Cifuentes

    I would like more watches desing for engineers, with antimagnetic properties, like the original ingenieur, and also have to be very durable. Love to win!

  • Chris MoJo

    I’m an electrical engineer so I do go into environments with above average electromagnetic fields. I appreciate there are watches such as the Milgauss and Ingenieur that are designed for such environments and omega are rolling out movements with non-ferrous part but it would be good if there were more rugged alternatives at a competitive price point.

  • Y Krampfner

    As a body-surfer, my interest is in a watch that is durable, simple and easy to read during exercise. Naturally, it must be water resistant. And as a watch worn during physical activity, it must be comfortable to wear. Good, and long lasting lumes is important to me. My preference for a movement is either automatic or solar, but not one that is battery-powered (last time when I was still using a quartz watch, it ran down while on international travel. Fortunately, at a stop-over in the Zurich airport, a kind watch retailer allowed me to use their in-store workbench so that I could replace the dead battery with the one I purchased from them. The cost was $5 and the the memory is with me for as long as I live). From what I gleaned from the ABTW article, the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic may be the perfect choice for my taste and activity. It also doesn’t hurt that it is a very good-looking watch that can be worn not only in the water but at dress-up social occasions.

  • Johan Sajfrt

    I love and need diver watches, I started twith diving and every watch on rubber with at least 300m water resistant are for me! :).
    If it is with extras like this model I really need it:).

  • Mitch

    I like both Dive watches and Pilot watches. I think it would be nice to see both a GMT function and a power reserve indicator.

  • Sebby Borriello

    I’m not a diver but if i win this watch I may have to become one.

  • Thomas Gibson

    I would like to see ultra light weight watches that are sturdy and durable emerge for track and field and runners.

  • Lauri Mäkinen

    Tennis. It should be ultra light weight, take water and sweat well, and be exceptionally easy to read, without being too boring.

  • hawaiijack

    Very cool – I am a spelunker

  • louis martinez

    I would like to see a Old Man watch with oversized gas tubes for numbers, day and date in a diver style but possible bigger than most divers.

  • johnwithanh

    I’d like to see a watch with dive water resistance, but built for swimming i.e. a light weight and thin chronograph. Basically a Piaget Altiplano but for sports I guess…

  • Andrew Schneider

    I’d like to see a watch made for those guys who jump off cliffs and speed through the air like flying squirrels – not a sport I would ever get into but not everyone dives professionally or races cars at high speeds right? It would have to have a velocity or speed gauge of some sort – a reinvention of a chronograph.

  • bbfrid

    Golf. Shock proof and light.

  • David A Rainey

    A watch for Astronomers. It would need to have a very accurate moon phase display at the least.

  • mtnsicl

    I’ve had two expensive G-shocks for mountain bike riding. Neither of them, with tough movements, are able to keep the correct time on rough downhill rides. Ironically, I tried a very inexpensive homage by Skmei and its able to take the aduse. It’s big, easy to read, comfortable and it has all the features I need.

  • senfnas

    a gym watch

  • Bizzarrini

    I’d like a watch designed for sailing, classic style, preferably a diver, with tide indicator like the vintage abercrombie and fitch watches!

  • Vexed

    Honestly id like to see more regatta timer watches. The complications used by the people who do that are absolutely beautiful and add a bit of color to any watch. Plus, it can be accomplished with just a modified valjoux chronograph movement

  • Jaycee

    It would be cool to see an astronomers watch! It would have a classic moon phase but also would show the constellations currently viewable in your hemisphere for the time of year. It would also probably benefit from a lovely vibrant lume.

  • Stephen Wright

    Like to see more antimagnetic tool watches for engineers.

  • Martin Wathes

    I’d like to see a firemans watch fully fireproof and lots of luminosity for those dark smokey environments

  • Jason Tucker

    I would like to see a watch made for engineers. Imagine the possibilities. Special shock and static protection. Maybe something that would assist in basic measurement conversion. Maybe a slide rule.

  • Geoffrey Wright

    I would like to see a watch targeted towards musicians. Cellists normally remove watches when they play because it can damage the instrument or be uncomfortable but a specific design could change that. Also a metronome feature would be very useful.

  • DjKarras

    I’d like to see a watch for biking. It could connect to my HR monitor and display my HR % in a nice mechanical dial. Maybe even some speed/timing?

  • Pete L

    Would love to see a proper golf watch. Light weight and hard wearing for all weathers with 5 minute count down (similar to regatta timer I guess) for lost balls.

  • Larry Holmack

    Well….being disabled….sports are kind of out of the question anymore. I love racing, but there are gillions of racing inspired watches. So I guess I choose the sport I spent most of my years playing…that would be golf. Smart watches for golf are out there, but most are pretty darn ugly, I know, I had one that kept score. But, I think one that was light weight, and allowed you to enter all the things most serious golfers like to keep track of, like greens in regulation, fairways hit, and putts per hole would be nice. Of course a GPS function so you could download the course you were playing would be nice also.

  • Love3570

    A watch for swimmers. It should be water resistant at different levels & it should show you how far you are swimming.

  • mtbkr65

    Great watch! Mountain biking, would love to see a watch with an altimeter, distance traveled, and maybe speed.

  • Timb77

    nice looking watch. I’d like to see a mechanical watch designed for hiking and running – light weight, durable with chronograph and countdown timer

  • Benefon

    Disc golf, with a bezel with minute markers that can also be used to counting.

  • Tiri Pest

    I’d like to see a mechanical watch that somehow incorporated a mechanical-based G-force meter to be used in general thrill-seeking activities or car racing.

  • Aaron Pierce

    Multiple Audio Alarms (maybe somehow for each dial on a chronograph?) to announce several appointments and conference calls in a lawyers day.

  • Klimt

    Fabulous Watch. I’d like to see watch that could provide equation of time, sidereal time, barometer, altimeter and thermometer for mountain climbing and astronomical observation. A diffraction grating to help record spectra of stars would be handy too, contained in a secret compartment. That and a circular slide rule with magnifying glass .

  • Karl

    Nice layout; would be interested in seeing a video from Delma explaining the use of their tactical planner.

  • Jeff Addison

    As a chemist, I routinely use countdown timers. I would love a mechanical countdown on my wrist. I have seen regatta timers, but they usually only go 10 minutes

  • schnoodle

    I would like a watch geared not just towards scuba diving (which I do) but “on the water” as well. Where it would gauge the need to reapply sun screen and re-hydrate yourself.

  • Abjarv

    I’d like to see a watch made for golf. Very lightweight, shock resistant and with a bezel that can be used for counting.

    • SuperStrapper

      I love golf too, but I can’t combine the 2 hobbies. Can’t play golf with anything on my wrist. I have a Garmon s2 and love the accuracy, but I just have it on my bag, not my arm.

  • Daniel Stephens

    Great looking Delma, underappreciated brand. I’d love to see a watch marketed towards dads – fully scratchproof, and can easily be cleaned of pizza sauce and applesauce with no damage by soap. Shock resistant as well.

  • Tom Canedy

    I wish more companies made more GMT watches.

  • Thomas DeLucia

    A Titanium ultra thin automatic for the Golfer with a dimpled face and curved crystal to imitate a golf ball with a sub dial and pusher to count your strokes

  • Billde

    Cool looking watch. And a GMT – I need one of those…

  • Jorge Chacon

    Very nice looking watch!

    A watch for hikers. It would probably need to be electronic because of the functions, but if it could measure steps, total hiking time, have an altimeter (with recorded variations in altitude), and even a GPS function, it would be great.

  • Keith Ritchie

    Nice looking watch, being a dive enthusiast I would like to see a watch with all the dive computer characteristics.

  • Emperius

    Lazy to fabricate a story to want to this watch. Looks nice though.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    I like diving watches. I use mine for riding my motorbike. They should make a watch specially for riding motorbikes.

    • at1time

      I would like to see a high quality watch for timing soccer. Attractive watch.

  • J Huf

    Really nice watch. Would like to see a rugged mechanical watch with chronograph function that logs multiple time hacks that can be referenced later. This would be a tool watch for military and first responder professionals. Would have the ruggedness of a diver, but more functionality.

  • Jason Izzard

    A mechanical watch for mountain biking, robust with face protection for when things get a bit upside down.

  • Rune Olav Holm

    A watch for decathletes, with a point-scoring system integrated.

  • JesseSifuentes

    It’s not too shabby looking, actually. Usually i prefer a bracelet, but i’m digging the blue rubber strap this time.

  • Randy Bradford

    I’m an old very amateur rally/autocross driver. Being a watch junky, I would like to see more
    time peaces for elapse time and distance.

  • Benji J

    As a golfer, I think it would be cool for a dressy/sporty watch to count strokes at the press of a button.

  • Tim Nicholls

    A metallurgical technicians watch, made of titanium with easy readability of time and temperature, humidity. Built to withstand different environments for example hot, humid, dusty, very dirty and be very rugged.

  • Krishna

    I would like to see an automatic/mechanical GPS watch someday. Simple wish.

  • Brandun Hughes

    I need it for when I’m on I yacht!

  • Matthew Butler

    I would love to see a watch that is made for Bocce Ball.The watch has two bezels that would be numbered to 21 so you could keep track of your points and the team your playings points. The inner bezel would be red numerals and the outer bezel would be white numerals.

  • TickTockTyler

    Nice to see Delma on here, I have a couple vintage Delmas so this would be cool to win! I’m not much for smart watches but it’d be cool to see something designed for photographers, maybe a button on the watch could trigger the shutter remotely or something 🙂

  • Sam Anderson

    A chess watch, which has two timers: one starts when the other stops, and is cumulative.

  • Kathy H.

    I would love a watch that would make timing soccer and lacrosse halves quickly and easily!

  • Tennis watch, with some kind of setup that could track how many swings you take during a match. Great looking watch

  • I’d like a watch for skiing. Something that can monitor the weather and assess my styel

  • Josh

    I think Sam Anderson’s idea for a chess watch is brilliant.

  • Kevin Schlaht

    would love to have that watch

  • Chhon Mc

    Tennis watch

  • Joe

    I’d like to see a watch that pays tribute to musical instruments. For example, a watch that took design ques from vintage Gibson les Paul’s including color schemes and vintage wear on the case

  • Jeff

    Nice looking watch, would be proud to own it. Perhaps a watch for skydivers – with an altimeter and countdown timer to give you intervals at which you must deploy the chute or risk impacting the ground.

  • Michael Harvey

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a great looking watch, sturdy and durable. I’d like to see a watch designed to calculate pulse rate.

  • Ah Shumaker

    I would like a thin diver that doesn’t need a screw down crown.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    a watch for Bankers. it would have times of major cities.

  • A G

    Well, watches for programmers would be good. You press red button, it starts countdown for 25 minutes, and work without interruption.

  • Tim Johnson

    I would love to see a watch designed for professional chefs! Timers, alarms, bezel timers, 200m water resistance, etc.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    Interesting question. I would like to see a watch for archery that doesn’t interfere with the draw. Or perhaps a target shooting watch that calculates drop.

  • Christopher Allsop

    I would like to see a watch for emergency response personnel with dual time zones, pulse/heart beat timer, and a count up timer.

  • Bijan Makarechi

    Would love to see a watch for hiking that features a built-in compass, or maybe a compass on the back.

  • Costas Karras

    I would like to see a watch with 45 minute countdown similar to the ym2 for bong hit notifications

  • Jason Yee

    I would like to see a resurrection of the soccer referee timers that seemed to be popular in the 50’s/60’s.

  • vasilis mavroidis

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a great looking watch
    I would like in travellers mode

  • Conservatarian TX

    I work in the oil and gas industry and there are many things out in the field that can ruin a watch – from machinery everywhere to environmental factors like dust, rain and mud. If like to see more watches (outside of g-shocks) with shock, water and dust resistance. Something rugged and clean like a dive watch or tool watch would be.nice.

    • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

      Listening to The Josh Abbott Band as I type this.

  • calin andi

    beautiful watch. i would like it in blue

  • warscourge

    I love to jog and at times I find bringing my phone or music player seems clunky. I would love to see a watch with built-in music player with bluetooth. I can use bluetooth earphones or headphones and go jogging without the clunkiness of phones and music players. Of course the phone should also come with heart rate monitor and walking/jogging monitor.

  • George Tsatalios

    A compass complication would be interesting

  • Bill Clarke

    Nice looking watch, particularly in the Blue. A version for the legal profession that had a counter ticking over $50 each minute so they could rip you off more accurately! 😉

  • Martin

    A watch designed for fishermen. With the watches now combining triple (or quad) sensor like alti-baro-temp would be nice to have a depth meter module (sonar or gps?). That would be interesting

  • Martin Chiu

    I play soccer so a watch that could help referees time off the ball events to calculate injury time would be handy.

  • JF Schnell

    Thsi Delma just another great timepiece that would look great on my collection. As for newer feature on mechanical watches…. a possibility to have alarms for reminder something like on digital watches.

  • Bart Thans

    I would like a watch with which you could count your points, for example when you play pool or snooker.

  • Fendy Un

    I would like a watch for professional diver that have chronograph and depth meter.

  • Rob D

    Looks smart to me, I’d like one for kite surfing, lightweight titanium, able to take the impact if it hits the water a bit quickly, not too oversized so doesn’t interfere with lines, able to set a time indicator for when the tide’s due to change.

  • Tony G

    More watches for medical professionals.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Lovely watch. Appears to be well-made.
    As far as sports go; I’ll mention Tournament Bass Fishing!
    A nice moon phase and perhaps a temperature gauge for water temp monitoring.

    Best of Luck to All!

  • iBradcon

    I would like one for swimming. Obviously needs to be waterproof, maybe some way to time laps

  • framax

    I have a ShellStar and I love it: it is a wonderful, affordable sport watch.
    I am “seven” in a coxed eight and I usually wear my beautiful Shell Star Automatic when I row.
    Never had a problem with it.

    I like the elegance, the polish and the nuance of the blue Delma has hosen for their Oceanmaster.
    I would prefer the rubber strap version, more comfortable for water sport.

  • sensemille

    I would love to see purpose built watches for extreme sports. Would be nice if they would have features such as gyroscope, gps tracking, heart rate monitor etc.. ideally via an app you would be able to track your route, speed, elevation, weather conditions, tricks done (via the gyroscope).

  • Alexander V

    It might be cool to have a watch made for skiing/snowboarding, where you could upload the data of the slopes and could sync it to a bluetooth headset for directions whilst on the piste. Just put in the slopes you want to take and it tells you “keep left/right” or “take lift number x”. Combine that with stat-keeping like top speed, average speed, distance, elevation differences etc. and it would be a fun gadget to take on the slopes with you.

  • David

    I would like to see more cycling watches with power meters.

  • Claudiu

    A tennis watch. I’ve only seen one produced by Zeno. It has dials for counting sets and games, and a bezel for indicating which player currently has to serve.

  • Joel Schumann

    My main sports and activities are cycling and bike touring. Plenty to offer racing cyclists, and to be honest the watches exists. In a manual watch a cool feature would be a stop watch to time intervals. As a side note: cyclists, at least where I live, usually have money, we care a lot about appearance and like to spend on nice things 😉

    As for bike touring, the one feature I would like is a compass. Many bike tourers are broke!

  • Josh Graves

    Something that would be handy for an outdoor or office watch would be a mirror finished caseback. For outdoors it would be good for signaling and scouting. For indoors it would be nice for grooming. If a manufacturer wanted to get fancy they could etch in the movement side a brand logo or something interesting for a magic mirror effect. See this article:

  • Nikola Simic

    Great watch, would take it for a dive this summer. Also, I would like to see more watches specially designed for medical professionals, like Sinn EZM 12 with PulseRotor.

  • Gary Aerne

    I think a watch be used in mountain climbing would be useful in that sports category.

  • james

    I like this watch, blue is my favorite color. I can see this as a great holiday watch for snorkeling and swimming in the pool. Has enough character to wear out for dinner as well. The design would look awesome with a GMT function. Overall thumps up.

  • Terry

    Gorgeous watch!

  • asep

    this is true beauty…

  • Tyrone Wright

    Nice, I’d like to see more analog explorer type watches with the compass markers, like the sarb017. Must have great water resistance and solid in build.

  • TresGut

    Beautiful piece. Watches always look great in sports that require lots of close up shots of hands. I therefore nominate Tiddlywinks.

  • KrzysiekJ

    Watches for skydiving with such functions:
    – height
    – compass
    – barometer
    – terminal velocity
    – etc…

  • Duncan Gray

    A watch for rowing with a built-in stroke meter to give strokes per minute.

  • Martin Vrlik

    I could live with this one…

  • Bruce Beamer

    Very nice. How about one specific to a fisherman?

  • cg

    Pricey given the vast market out there of better depth rating and functionality for the same or lower cost. It is a pretty face in a ocean of dive watch mediocrity… A base Ford Focus with a bolt on kit.

  • bikeohio

    Something that I haven’t seen… How about a watch with the capability of measuring split times, but separately. One start, but two stop “buttons”… With results shown side by side.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    Very nice diver, colors are great

  • drThrillman

    Id like one for photographers that tells you, based on your location and time of year, the timing of blue and golden hours. Not sure how that would be done in a mechanical watch – would most likely be an offering by Casio or Seiko.

  • Frits van der Veer

    nice nice.
    price and esthetics

  • Brian Hemphill

    How about a surfing inspired watch that indicates high and low tide times.

  • Alvaro Hart

    How about an specific watch for cycling, with dedicated tachymeter functions.

  • Dionisis Koumouras

    a water resistant chronograph for triathlon athletes

  • Jack Sexton

    One for hiking that that can use downloaded topo maps to provide a directional indicator and distance.

  • Eric

    A solar powered “g-shock grade” smartwatch would be nice! Seems like many year away though…

  • Tom Wisdom

    A watch for free diving that tracks how deep you went and marks it until you surpass that depth.

  • Alex Van Slyke

    I would love to see some more watches for exploring and hiking. I think that the addition of a mechanical altimeter (as done by Oris) or compass would be very cool. Trying to keep the dimensions reasonable would be a huge plus as well!

  • asc256

    One for rowing would be fantastic! It would have to include the ability to track the number of strokes per 100m. As well as, GPS and the capability of current weather conditions, being able to update whilst on the water.

  • VandyChiver

    I’d like to see a watch for cycling. GPS, Cadence, and Tachometer. For non-sport I am in a constant state of search for a good automatic watch with GMT/dual time and chronograph functions. Working across multiple time zones and tracking durations of activities is key for me.

  • Joe in WI

    Is traveling a sport? I’d really like an affordable analog watch that can track a couple of time zones and has an alarm function. Reasonable water resistance with a “dressy tool” sort of vibe.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    I would love to see a watch designed for Chess! Time keeping is essential on Chess.

  • Paul L. McCray

    I would like more yachting specific watches. There are plenty of diver and pilot watches, as well as GMT. It would be nice to see more yachting watches.

  • Doctor Ben

    A swimming watch which automatically counted lengths – I’m always losing track.

  • Spearfisherman

    I’d like to see more elaborate

  • Wayde Gibson

    love to have it

  • par167

    I’m an avid basketball player and would love to see something court themed. That being said the blue color in that watch is great

  • Aalok

    I’d like to see more watch manufacturers explore the sport of cycling, and develop superior shock-proof automatic movements.

  • Douglas Johnson

    A watch for chess players and spectators — with the ability to track the time of both players

  • grandma 1

    would love to win this for my son’s birthday. he loves all watches. a watch for the golfer

  • rpatrick1

    Hockey would be great, something durable enough for the ice and cold temperatures!

  • Andrew Metri

    I would like to see more watches designed for spelunking

  • bryan arent

    Don’t laugh but a Chrono with markings for cook times when grilling steaks, chicken and fish outta help so I don’t characteristically overcook everything.

  • Mike Nagorsky-Knoll

    I really enjoy the design of this watch. As someone who also enjoys weekend afternoon coffee and acoustic artists, at some point I would love to see something designed around my lifestyle. Something classy, not cheesy, geared toward the coffee crowd.

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    I’d love to see a mechanical watch able to show the countdown for a game period where the time is constantly paused/resumed when the action paused (like it happens for basketball for example)

  • Jan Hert

    I’d like to see more watches for doctors, which would mean a watch which would have a BPM on the bezel to healp measure the BPM, has high resistance to magnetic fields and is made out of materials that are washable even with disinfectants.

  • les

    Nice looking watch. pick me.

  • George Keiper

    It’s a very attractive watch,but the blue bezel should have a blue dial. I would still like one though.

  • Bogdan B

    I’d like to see more watches for cycling, that would get my interest.

  • Nick Tonna

    love the blue version

  • Michael KS

    Great watch! Would love to see watches geared towards swimming (as opposed to diving). I guess similar to dive watches but it’d be nice if they were more slim/light but could take some beating.

  • Carlos Marin Aguas

    Great watch!

  • thomas rusinak

    My present watch is as ancient as the hills..a sporty watch like this would keep me hoppin’ and be on time!

  • Liutauras Balsys

    This is nice watch but for once I’d like to see a watch designed not for regular diver but for sky-diver. if someone could make a watch capable of displaying speed of skydiver falling from the sky (perhaps using altimeter even if it wouldn’t be that accurate) I’m sure there would be a lot of happy skydivers.

  • lionstan

    There are many great aviation and diving watches out there. I would like to see one of these combine the advances in technology to combine with iOS/Android. Tag is trying this but would like to see more.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    I would like a automatic and water resistant (in the forest, you don’t want your to be out of power) trekking watch with a an integrated magnetic compass within the dial (on more clock hand).

  • I’d love to see a watch made for alpine skiing, designed to withstand snow and ice damage, and excel at functioning in colder temperatures and higher altitudes.

  • Char

    I would love a water resistant one for my adventures. Thank you so much for the great offer!

  • Jorge Robles

    I bought a Delma Automatic watch for daily use in 1990 or 1991 from a store in Florida. It had a sale sticker on it stating as been the last one. It was a stainless steel model that I found curious and interesting because it happen to be the only sample that was not a quartz-powered watch. I was able to listen to the movement and it was a high beat one so I thought it may be an ETA 2836, it had day and date, and the low price. I paid 295.00 dollars for it with a stainless steel bracelet, took it home and once I got the time, I took my watch case opening tool and opened it, and sure it was a 2836 in a yellow/gold colored with no other finish on it, and with the Delma written in the rotor. The watch serve me good for daily purposes until about 1997 when I took it off my wrist at a YMCA pool, put it aside and went to swim. When I came back it was no longer there. Well, that watch was very well built. It had water resistance to 100 ft, with a plastic glass that I had replaced two or three times due to be heavily scratched. The dial was white with baton hour markers with some lume on them. The hands also had lume on them but no big deal. In general, was very legible. The crown was not screwed obviously. I never serviced it during my ownership and was working fine until I lost it. The round shaped case finish was good, but the original bracelet use to pull my hairs very frequently so I changed it for another metal one that was more comfortable. I would say that this brand, if I use that watch as a reference, is/was a good value, very reliable. And I think this diver’s watch is in the same league or above to the watch I had, and would not hesitate to get another watch from Delma.

  • AJ

    This is really cool!

  • Steven Servantez

    I would like to see a watch designed for veterinarians. Obviously it must be a chronograph watch. It should also be a pulsometer and water resistant.

  • Steve

    More Soccer specific watches would be nice.

  • HondoThief

    As a musician, an idea I thought might be interesting would be a metronome watch–I would think syncing BPM would be relatively easy, with the hardest part making a loud enough click or one which is subdivided into beat measures (2, 3, 4, even 5) in a mechanical action watch (quartz would be easy to do, but who wants easy).

  • Stan Oster

    There are many watches designed for various activities, but I would like to see a watch designed for a couch potato with an alarm made out of a potato ?

    • I would not even make it a wristwatch, too bothersome to wear and too depressing to look at. However a useful feature would be chips and beer dispensing at automatic (small) intervals.

      • Stan Oster

        Sounds good ?

  • D.C.

    More dive watches with depth meters. Or a watch with an emergency beacon besides a Breitling.

  • Humphrey Mar

    golf watch, with distance calculating ability.

  • Marilyn Saez

    I like Baseball but I don’t see what features a watch for that sport will have. I also like traveling so, a watch with gps specifically for cities and a compass.

  • César Héctor

    Beautiful watch. I’d like to see a watch focused on designers, it would be great to have a mechanical/automatic watch with some features like an alarm system for deadline and task reminders.

    • Should also come with the hammer you’ll hit it with after a week of wearing it 🙂

  • markathy

    My kids need a “Time out” watch now

  • Yoni

    I would love to see a watch inspired by the world of auto mechanic. A specially classic cars and motors restoration and customize. A simple, strong and muscular looking watch.

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    The only sport I participate in is auto racing, but watches have largely been replaced by other technology. What I DO need is a watch that I can wear during a racing weekend that won’t be dinged up by the time I’ve changed tires, brake pads, etc. So something with a super strong case would be nice. P.S. this is a nice looking watch.

  • roland monkman

    nice watch it would be nice to win!!

  • I’d like a watch for underwater bowling, water resistance optional.

    • awildermode

      End competition now. This guy should win!

  • I would like a watch for surgeons, with antiseptic properties. And inexpensive. The kind of watch a surgeon won’t mind losing inside a patient.

  • The Revanchist

    I would like a watch i can use to slam into the faces of muslim terrorists.

  • akshay

    A Watch for Adventurous Sports like Skydiving, Paragliding or scuba diving, which can measure the height or the depth, which can charge on the energy created by us doing some Activities or the energy of water/sun/wind and it should be all weather resistant and Stylish looking watch.

  • RMcGaw

    A watch for sports with a countdown timer.

  • disqus_Zsh8ApV8EV

    The photography profession could benefit from its own watch – one that connects to the camera’s shutter system to precisely control the timing of long exposures. The watch’s specific characteristics for photographers would include large, easy to read controls that illuminate (but not too much) and an illuminated face. Lighting levels should be controllable. Posted by

  • tammy

    I watch designed for yoga. Timer, music, heart rate, etc…

  • John Soltis

    Love the looks and practicality of the DELMA watch! GOOD LUCK!

  • NC

    A watch for mountain biking that can record air-time, or the number of crashes you’ve had that day would be cool.

  • David Humphrey

    Great looking watch! A feature that would give public speakers a silent thump when there are ten minutes left, then five, then time’s up.

  • Paul Elam

    A lot of people use the bezel to time activities and events, e.g. Parking meters, time until they have to meet someone, and cooking time, are amongst many activities – not only diving air left. It would be great to have the option for a countdown bezel for folks that don’t dive. This way, you be able to mark 5/10/30/45 minutes until the minute had hits the ‘pip’. A very useful outing IMHO. And a conversation starter, too.

    This watch is just about perfect as it is,I think!

  • Marcelo Teson

    I would love to see a watch for filmmakers. It would need to be a tank of a watch, but it wouldn’t necessarily need any sort of serious water resistance. It would be cool if it had a little analog light meter built into it to measure light, or some sort of slide-rule F-stop calculation ability for camerapeople. I guess that means digital, but analog light meters are awesome and used to be fairly compact, so I wonder if the dial could be made light sensitive with a small indicator when you press a button that shoots a hand out to point at the f-stop level or something?

  • BrandonS

    Futbol timers. Used to be a big thing, but now that much more “soccer” has invaded the US the trend needs to be revisited

  • Dave Patey

    I’d like to see more watches designed specifically for skiing, which in my case would mainly require a massive amount of shock resistance! And maybe a maximum speed indicator…? Probably most important, it would need to be finished in multiple bright colours that don’t match, just like the clothing that most people wear on the slopes these days.

  • Angelus Prashanth Regis

    A watch specifically for Musicians. Something that could measure the pitch and tell the note that is being played or emit the sound of a particular note which in turn could be used to tune instruments. Either of these or both. A metronome would be an added plus.

  • David Lasky

    I would like to see watches that are specific to emergency services volunteers and professionals. They would need to be rugged, but stylish. An important function to be included with the watch is a Carbon Monoxide detector.

  • Caleb Lee

    Great watch from Delma! I would like to see a watch that I could use playing volleyball. I always take mine off as the strap gets in the way. But for a function of a strap that would be almost seamless and non existent on my wrist is what I would like to see in a future watch. Function wise, it just needs to tell the time for me 🙂

  • Mike Andrews

    A sport, profession, or activity I would like to see more watches specifically designed for is a video game developer/tester. The watch would need characteristics or functions that tell the wearer when to go use the toilet, walk around for exercise, go to sleep, and when to eat.

  • Justin

    That’s a nice looking watch by Delma. I would love to see a watch designed for HIIT (High intensity interval training) that you could either program to vibrate/beep to let you know to move on to the next exercise/activity. Something that can take the abuse of the gym, yet still look classy and not like a Timex would be nice.

  • damien crawley

    I would like a watch where I can use it while playing basketball.

  • Mya Murphy

    Watches are huge in my world!! As someone just applying for college and seeing activities going on, having to get to meetings, I’m always juggling and jogging somewhere… I would love to find a watch that doesn’t die with sweat!!

  • tim blanz

    I’d like to see more adventure watches that have altitude and depth. I’m a hiker and a deep sea diver. Most watches that try this, do just one efficiently, not both. I’m looking at you G Shock.

  • Adam Ritzman

    I used to work in public accounting and jumped ship to corporate accounting a few years ago. You might think the accounting/finance world would have a lot of business professionals running around with a time piece…but that’s not the case. Most people just rely on their phone or fitness tracker bracelet (insert brand name here).

  • Daniel Park

    For basketball, you would need something sleek and with a low profile – nothing jutting out.

  • JB

    I agree with a watch that could be used for basketball or other sports where contact with others can/will happen. Something like a silicon band with a small, ultra-thin display. Some kind of a breakaway built in might not be bad either to prevent injuries from snagging.

  • David W.

    I think a lot of people would enjoy a watch designed for skiing. It would have to handle low temps and high altitudes, and it could do things like measure g forces and altitude in addition to GPS and timing.

  • Duffy Olson

    Nice look from Delma! I’d like to see a watch for snow sports. Non-metal band, cold weather resistant, water proof, major shock resistance, speed/altimeter function would be cool.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    A watch for fishing with tide times would get my vote.

  • LapYoda

    I would like to see more watches attuned to the medical profession. Pulsometer and asthmometer, smoothly designed and easy to clean, and of course water resistant. And not ridiculously expensive like so many of the solid gold pulsometer chronographs I see that are unattainable for most actual doctors.

  • Shane

    Would love to see an automatic watch for backcountry skiers and climbers. Would need good water and shock resistance, altimeter and barometer. Otherwise would need a good clean military aesthetic, a tough reliable band and some killer lum. A feature that shows accumulated vertical would be the icing on the cake.

  • FollowPhil

    Although I like the water sports and especially sailing, I would love to see more for winter sports such as skiing. The Delma Oceanmaster above would actually look nice but I think for winter a “warmer” type of band – maybe arough leather or softer calfskin. Maybe an altimeter with it.

  • Stephen C

    I’m always reluctant to golf with watches. Seems like that’s a very specific kind/direction of shock that could be extra-compensated for in a golf-specific watch (perhaps a 100 click bezel that keeps my score as well – beyond 100 I no longer want accuracy)

  • Dominick

    I’d like a very thin watch to play basketball with, no edges sticking out and lightweight also.

  • Stephanie

    I’d like to see a watch such as this one in red & black, in support of my favorite England soccer team: Liverpool. It should be rugged, such as the red & black Rolex submariner. A watch that has a diving look has a certain edge to it. Just right!

  • Dr. Happy Hour

    Hansom diver! I find the divers especially useful in the kitchen and over the grill, but I’d like some tweaks that would make them even better. The water resistance is an obvious need, and a stainless bracelet handles the grease splatters way better than leather or a NATO band. I often time things with the bezel, but bi-directional would be much easier to set especially for short times. For example: 5 minutes for the first side, then reset for 5 minutes for the second side. With the uni-directional bezel you have to go all the way around just to add 5 minutes. Maybe reverse the numbers to make it a count-down timer? I need good lume on the bezel for night grilling, and I’m hoping my watch can handle the hot water and detergent during clean up. So far so good…

  • KevinHiggins

    A very handsome piece that is easy to read and not cluttered with complications that no one uses. I’d be proud to wear this watch.

  • Valanin

    A watch for daily life in tropical climate: good visibility under direct sunlight and doesn’t make your arm sweaty.

  • JohnS1999

    A very nice watch, I hope to enjoy it someday soon!

  • David

    I’d like to see more watches dedicated to the medical profession. Features would include a pulsometer, sleek design, easy to read, sufficiently waterproof, and likely made of stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

  • Reed Marshall

    I’d like to see more watches designed & dedicated to the great sports people in this world, there are no special features id like to see, but are interested in the new designs that come up with.

  • German Lopez

    Beautiful watch. I feel like most professions and sports that require some sort of time keeping have been represented.

  • Jeff Geer

    would be awesome ..but i never win …

  • Sangsuri Chun

    I am an architect and I love tool watches. I love simple watches with simple functions. They should have a bezel so I could track time. Also a GMT function helps me to track my home country’s time.

  • DX3906

    Would like to see a simple dress automatic that is durable like a field or diver.

  • Eradsilky Sylcox

    Wow really love the regatta indicators, sends one the image of a dive off the coast of monaco by day and then raucus excursions on the town at night! I would love to see more watches designed for golfers with wind direction indicators incorporated, I believe they would leap off the displays!

  • John Bender

    I was a hockey player and watches and hockey dont mix. However,i tend to scratch the hell out of the faces of my watches, and I like nice watches, so I would just like to see ones that were sturdier

  • Phil leavell

    I would like to see a watch design in chronograph style that could do split times and is water resistant. The function can be used in swimming, auto racing, marathon, relay. With clean sleek lines it would look good with bracelet, leather or NATO strap.

  • chizou

    I’d like to see more watches that can help the outdoorsman, especially something like a compass.

  • doulikemyname

    Cricket; with scratch-proof and hard as diamonds quality!

  • Kristen benson

    Outdoorsy watches, colorful waterproof!!!

  • Andrey Lutsevich

    ha! very nice question and it gave me a freedom of imagination as well:
    i practice parkour and freerunning, this is the discipline to reach from point a to point b withing the shortest and most productive way, overcoming the obstacles.
    imagine you create a watch that can measure the impact on your body after a huge drop jump, from a building, speed of your run, the elevation you go up and down in metres.
    for instance within my run of 35 second the tallest i had to climb was 12 metres and the hardest drop I had to make was from 2.5 metres and speed was…. and then you can improve, speed up, challenge others.
    should be light and rugged at the same time. would be nice to have a large push button like an Edox rally watches to activate and stop the running session.

  • IVA the LT

    I’ll take mine in blue please 😀

    As a big NBA fan, it would be interesting for Tissot to release something similar to the soccer/boxing watches out there that time allow a way to time the different quarters.

    Practical? Probably not, but would be fun as the official timekeeper of the NBA.

  • Theodore Ntinias

    I’d like to see a watch with Ebb and Tide complication instead of the usual Moonphase.

  • Chris Pearson

    I’m a programmer so I don’t really need the sturdyness of a dive watch despite that being my prefered style. Something a bit less wighty and overengineered would be great.

  • Ionesi Victor

    A constructor watch would be nice and to have a “spirit level”.

  • Thibault Peere

    I’m thinkng about a watch for skydivers that shows heading, altitude and airspeed. A watch with those kind of features has to be digital though…

  • Philipp

    I would love for more high end watchmakers to enter the market in sports/running/triathlon watches. There could be some cool overlap between an analog dial and some digital functionality like gps, accelerometer etc.

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    I own a Alpina Sailing and i thought that sailing watches are not so widely produced. Most of these high water resistance watches are specialised in diving. Brands should start creating more regatta or sailing watches in general. I mean, i like the idea of these watches. These watches would need a 10 min chronograph, water resistance and compass bezel. These would make the perfect sailing watch. Much like my Alpina

  • Stan Litvin

    Always dream t have watch like this

  • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

    Like it, love it, want it. Can’t afford one though, so hope to win one! I think it’s a beautiful yet elegant watch. What sport? I would say sailing or so. Functions, day and date will do. And it should be readable day and night, without a lux of light available… Well, come on, send me the d..n thing. ?

  • Steven Gusky

    Perhaps a mechanical watch designed for golfers or other sports where you could use the bezel or other features to keep score.

    • Rodrigo Vera

      There was an Oris with mechanical counters. Hard to find nowadays.

  • larry

    Nice big fan of the blue!!

  • Gerard Lai

    Really like the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic. Another good looking dream watch I hope to get! Would love to get a watch designed for extreme sports like mountain boarding triple x style!

  • Ayreonaut

    I would like to see more automatic watches designed for running. Light weight, with a strap designed for heavy sweating. Timing bezel at the very least, if not a chronograph.

  • jdoerr01

    The detail on this watch is a lot, but it really works for me. On steel, it would be a strong daily contender. I think a mountaineering watch with altimeter could be strong for skiing to hiking, etc.

  • Eric Thompson

    As a math professional it would be nice to see the retro calculator watch overhauled with actual mechanical buttons. If Nokia can bring back the flip phone…..just saying 🙂

  • alex ioancio

    yes , I am pleased to see this topic because I have this problemfor years. The problem is this beeing a surgeon I am washing my hand daily i think for a minimum of 50 times. Every watch that has a non steel bracelet is very inconvenient to take it off and put it on again. Even water proff leather , silicon is not working because the dirt or moist get stucked under the strap and in between strap and skin and causes in the best case irritation. The only cure for this is steel bracelet and of good quality. I use my rolex iwc omega or hublot very well without any inconvenience. So , my profession altough is not diving , diving braclets of good quality made their job well.That is why my reccomendation for physiscists is to use steel bracelets first for confort and second for interrupting the vector purpose of leather straps , cheers

  • Oliver

    I would really love to see swiss automatic watches made for running, I know it would be better to buy a smart watch, but some of us just hate them, going back to the basics could be something great.

  • Harry Lakin

    As one who enjoys boxing (I don’t hit people only bags…I’m too old to get hit on the button) I’d like to see a watch that can be worn comfortably above the gloves and had the ability to track successive rounds in 3 minute increments.

  • Andrew

    Id love to see an automotive watch – one that could perhaps have buttons large enough to start/stop a stopwatch function while wearing gloves. Depending on the sport, a lap counter would be great too. Given how many watches have integrated smart functions with a small digital window in the face, it would be great to have a watch with the buttons above, and tie in warning features or lap +/- times in that window (I know this is more of an App developer function).

  • Christopher Pratt

    I would like to see more automatic watches designed for hiking. It would be great to have a lengthy chronograph to know how long you have been hiking along with altimeter to gauge your altitude. The watch would of course have to be durable and easy to read even in low light.

  • Carol Roberts clark

    id like to see watches for running sometimes the watch bands slides off its just a mess

  • Attractive. I’d wear it.

  • Nick

    I would like to see more watches with themes for physicians or scientists. It would have to look nice yet be able to be hosed off after getting dirty, and have something like a pulsometer function.

  • jerry

    Surfing. There are some cool tide functions, but most are digital. I would love to see a solid tide function on a mechanical watch.

  • Chris Martin

    I’m surprised there isn’t a Wall Street type watch with mechanical features but a scrolling stock ticker.

  • awildermode

    How about a watch with a timer for Speed Chess?

  • Andrew G

    Cool watch, would love to have it. I think there need to be more watches designed to be work on the inside of the wrist. That doesn’t correspond to a specific profession, but a small, thin, ergonomic watch would be nice with that feature in mind.

  • Jarrod Portwood

    Woodworking. A watch that could eliminate the effects of sawdust buildup easily would be amazing. I like wearing a watch to know, for example, how long my glue has set, but removing the sawdust with minimal hassle is next to impossible. With that said, I love the nautical bezel on the Delma Oceanmaster and would love to show this thing off.

  • Felix Romero

    My suggestion is not for a new type of watch for a specific industry or profession, but rather for all professions: we all get nicks and dings on our straps just from daily wear. How about a re-design of the strap itself so that the locking mechanism is not on the bottom of the wrist, but somewhere else – somewhere more comfortable and out of the way of danger. Perhaps the clasp can be placed further up, closer to the watch face itself? Not only would this be more comfortable, but it would also prolong the life of the strap itself.

  • Cameron Cam

    Amazing, am training for SF and wold love the opportunity to own one!

  • Klammeraffe

    Very interesting watch. I really would like to see more golf-watches, allowing to count and robust enough to cope with the accelation.

  • Pops

    Amazing watch and would love to own one but alas its beyond my pocket

  • Tristan

    How about a golf watch with clicker for counting shots? Press each time you hit the ball and at the end of the round you have your score on your wrist? It could be a simple variation on a quickset date function.

  • Matt Jaffe

    Would love to see more automotive watches – the chronographs are great and while often expensive, I love the look and functionality. I love the current motorsport-inspired watches out there and think that more influence from modern car design would be even more enticing.

    Or would love to see something for cooking – simple, straight forward timing options and countdown timers.

  • David Chen

    I just happen to be in the market for a blue diver or sport watch. This Delma is perfect. I would like to see an automatic watch designed for weight lifters and cross fitters. A chronograph with an interval timer would be awesome.

  • Felipe Garcia

    I think that the market for motorsport watches has not been innovative in the last years. They are just iterating what has worked. New watches that goes beyond what we believe is innovation.

  • Bryan M

    Delma looks great. I’d like to see a few cheaper alarm watches, which would be useful for various professions.

  • Upul Ratnayaka

    I’d like to see someone make a watch that can keep track of wearer’s inactivity like being seated, lying down and even slow walking which could be monitored and then used as a trigger to make wearer be more active.

    The truth is except for the lucky few, most of us live pretty lazy lifestyles and if a watch could be made to address this and prompt the user to be more active, that would help a lot of us. I know there are activity trackers out there but they are not geared to monitor inactivity (well perhaps one or two smartwatches might).

    I like the Delma Oceanmaster in blue. Thanks for holding this giveaway.

  • ?ukasz

    Great, unpretentious diver with additional usability. I really love it! And I want it!:)
    And it fits to one (actually two) of my outdoor activities – spending time on seaside and yachting on the Masuria lakes. But what I haven’t seen here too many times, are watches that are perfect for riding a bike. Robust but not too bulky. Water, mud and shock resistant, but not neccessarily G-Schocks. I know, there are Marathon watches that are good choice, but maybe there is also something, that will survive MTB ride and will also fit as a all-rounder for everyday use? Looking forward for more watches that fits these needs:)

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    I would love to see a watch made especially those who do freerunning and parkour, cause everyone wears a G-shock, because its robust, but i wont to see something elegant on my wrist, while i jump over a gap, or do an arabian flip, something that will fit with my flow.

  • Christoff Koekemoer


  • Alexandra Oller (iamthealexxx)

    I would like to see more watches made specifically for the nursing/medical profession. I’d like to see more waterproof watches that also show the date. I wash my hands so often and I hate when water gets into my watch and then it fogs up. I also always seem to forget the date when I’m charting so that would be a wonderful addition to styles that I prefer!

  • thecouchguy

    I would like to see a GPS solar triple sensor Pro Trek, with a small digital display for moon, altimeter ect and analogue hands. Oh and don’t forget standard lugs to add any strap. The ultimate mountain bike packing, mountaineering travel watch. Never have to change the time again. And all the cool protrek features.

    • AW

      Now I feel bad about my choice because your is pretty sweet!

      • thecouchguy

        I can share ?

  • dodge82.

    A mechanical watch designed specifically for runners. With an emphasis on legibility, split timing and shock absorption.

  • AW

    A chrono for football (soccer for the imperially inclined) with 60-minute chrono dial and 45-minutes in one color with the rest having 5-minute intervals marked differently. Bonus for central minute hand.

  • Vincent Paul

    I’d like to see an analog watch with an old fashioned countdown timer.. i have a desk job, it’ll be nice if my watch could remind me to get up and move once in a while.. i also cook so a quick timer would come in handy..

  • Mike B

    I would like to see a watch for the avid television watcher. Perhaps a smartwatch optimized for reading TV guide, with a customizable timer that lets you know how much time you have to get a snack between commercials.

  • OmniWrench

    A watch for photographers might be interesting. A rotating bezel or something that you set to your approximate geographic area to indicate the golden/blue hours. Perhaps some kind of funky light meter built into the face (although that would be getting into smartwatch territory I suppose).

  • Moty Goren

    very nice simple watch!

  • Kevin Dodge

    Nice dive watch, I’m a big fan of dive watches. Good question, I think a watch should be made for Golfers. It can have a compass on the bezel and a mini laser built into the band for measuring distances.

  • Benoit

    I’d like a watch that I can wear while swimming without risking to damage it. Mainly because I do not want to leave an expensive one in a locker. But that means no leather strap and an easy to read stop watch.

  • How about one for skydiving, combining an altimeter with the easy to read countdown of a yachttimer? I know, skydivers wear wrist altimeters, but divers wear dive computers now, too.
    Set your altitude before you leave the airplane, and countdown to minimum deployment (yes, “deployment” is correct here) altitude. The last ball turns red or whatever and you’d better be seeing some canopy.

  • David Smith

    A teachers’ chronograph. One complication would be a month calendar that counted toward a brightly coloured sector labelled “SUMMER.”

  • Andrew Lau

    An updated sports/biz-casual automatic watch for office, and tech workers:

    o Day and date complication;
    o Uni-directional rotating bezel (to mark your lunch hour, flex time, or end of work day time for those of us on flexible schedules);
    o Water resistance (for hand washing, and the occasional spill);
    o [Minor] shock resistance for occasional bangs, bumps, and thumps;
    o Crown placed at the 5 o’clock position, so the crown doesn’t dig into the hand when the hand is flexed;
    o Updated thin bracelet/strap design, with an emphasis on redesigning the buckle/clasp and strap keepers. A lot of my steel bracelets, leather straps, NATO straps; and their buckles & keepers rub against keyboards, desks, etc. throughout the day, which creates wear and tear on equipment as well as the watch itself. Perhaps woven carbon fiber, or coated buckles and keepers would reduce everyday wear and tear.

    In a nutshell, we’re looking at a modernized Seiko 5, with a rotating bezel; thin bracelet/strap; and office-environment-friendly buckle/clasp/keepers.

    • perry spice

      I am a deck officer on a bulk carrier, just a water-resistant watch with a nice big clear face, that would not look out of place at the palace,the deck of the ship or at the archery club where I spend a lot of time

  • A Drain

    I would like to see more watches cater to automobile drivers, hiking and other outdoor activities where one needs to understand location, such as a compass and altimeter, in a mechanical watch!

  • da ss

    I would like to see more watches with Superluminova for when working in low lught areas, it is a pain when I cannot read the time or use the bezel. I would also like interchangeable straps with a spring bar tool that has been thrown in by the manufacturer. This is handy as I wear nato for work time because it is confy and doesnt sweat? And change over to metal or leather for the weekend!

  • heather c

    I walk and swim often. I need something that tracks my distance and heart rate.

  • Shagen

    Skiing watch, with an altimeter and chronograph that is easily used with gloves on for timing runs. Should come with a long nato style strap for wearing over your ski jacket, and shock resistant for the inevitable crashes.

  • Basil Othman

    Cycling, track your performance as you go through your trip, maybe with regular audio notifications about your performance without having to add a second device on your bike

  • Hugh Jarce

    a digital watch for boxing trainers would be good. with alarms for the 3 minute rounds and the 1 minute intervals.

  • Bino Valencia

    Blue is the color of my skin!

  • Damian Antal

    honestly,i’m curious if there could be an automatic watch with a compass in it. for trekkers and could be a challenge.shock ressistant,antimagnetic,with date and with a bright lume. i know there are straps which have a compass on them but i would really want to see if they could manage putting one in the watch. good day to you all! (keep up the great work ablogtowatch team!)

  • Duarte Vieira

    A rotated face driver watch 😉

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    I would like a watch where I can use it while going to the gym. Well, other than my G-Shock.

  • SeanM

    A watch for drivers that measures g-forces in the turns

  • derrick

    I would like to see more triple date moonphases at a cheaper price point that are automatics.

    Also something else would be a thin divers watch. Imagine a 9mm diver with 200m WR

  • 500 meters of water resistance. Can’t wait to get hands on.

  • Robert

    I would love to see automatics with some sort of extra toughness built in. I’ve had a few accidents with some of my automatics that involved dropping them. Each time the watch needed major help to start running okay.

    Some sort of extra tough (especially to shock) auto would be great. Also something that isn’t bigger than 44mm. I can’t get on board with some of these watches that are 48mm+. Good sizes according to me are from 44-40mm. That way a variety of wrists can wear it and it isn’t a comical piece.

  • Dani Delca

    I would like more watches like victorinox victorinox, quartz, shock and bumps resist. Ideal for hard works

  • James D

    I’d like to see a large and simple pilot style watch for motorcycle riders. It would have to have a decent level of shock resistance and a high quality lume.

  • Dani Delca

    I would like more watches like victorinox inox, quartz, shock and bumps resist. Ideal for hard works

  • Jeff Durocher

    I’d love to see a watch with a hardened scratch resistant steel band to protect it from rigorous desk diving

  • Tim Calvert

    I’d be interested in a mechanical watch specifically designed for scientists. A multiple timer complication, resistant to chemical corrosion, looks great in a lab coat, faraday cage etc

  • Hao Liu

    As a passionate biker, it would be interesting to know if there is a watch that tracks the GPS data and shows it on a map. I know there are several smart watches out there with this function but I don’t like them.

  • Adam Schwartz

    Gonna go James Bond mode with a fun complication of having a built in lighter for cigar smokers. Could be a small butane tank, super simple, and only to be used when all other lighters fail. I suppose it would work for starting a fire for survival in the woods as well.

  • Brian Bezel

    I’d like to see a watch for Slalom skiing which would need to bee shock and water resistant for the inevitable crashes into the snow.

  • mhavilandwriter

    The navigational location feature is a great one.

  • Nate White

    Well, the things I enjoy already have watches with the necessary features, or don’t require a watch, however: a simple timing bezel is very useful day-to-day, and since I don’t dive, a single marker is sufficient, so, how about more minimalist timing bezels, like Ennebi/Bangla/Gruppo Gamma?

  • Sam Ward

    I would enjoy seeing more designs for skiing. A simple face yet durable automatic would be nice.

  • Roy Radin

    Cool looking diver, I like the one on the blue strap. How about a mechanical watch for a physical therapist that would include a pulse meter and a pedometer, (or GPS), for measuring distances.

  • @venky

    I don’t know much about this match but I liked it’s colour

  • ?????? ????????

    The blue bezel looks awesome.

  • Craig Daniels

    I would like to see a traditional pilot’s watch, reasonably priced, with an automatic movement and a GMT feature. They exist, but there aren’t a lot choices and they tend to be expensive. Thank you.

  • kibbyster


  • RDA2

    More watches designed for diving, with water resistance to very high depths and thick, chunky cases.

  • AirborneAl

    Nice watches! I never heard of this brand before. I would like to see more good watch options for “desk diving”. I am guilty myself of wearing diver watches and other sport watches in the office. I’d like to see better watches for casual dress, but that include a GMT or dual-time function. No diver watch, no pilot watch, no chronograph racing or pilot watch, just a great looking watch for the office that I can track time zones with.

  • Shawn Wells

    This certainly isn’t the classiest watch on the market but it sure looks nice. This is definitely going on my wishlist.

  • arik tmpaddress

    Good looking watch. Would like to see pilot watch with GMT.

  • Anne C

    I’d love to see watches for the minimalists. All the basic functions in a modern, classy, and sleek watch.

  • Kyle Weber

    I’d like to see a complication like a weather vane for golfers!

  • Anthony

    A musician’s watch, as in a bezel designed to count measures or a secondary timed bezel activated my pushing the watch face to count measures. Would be helpful on the inside wrist of a guitarist’s fret hand!

  • R.O. Ferrer

    It would be incredible to have a real mechanical farmer’s watch- and not just a tough watch used by farmers! Certainly, a G-Shock or a smart watch might perform the required functions better (ie. weather reports, etc.) but from a horological and engineering standpoint, it would be great to see a watch with an actual thermometer or even a barometer or hygrometer (for humidity) complication!

  • Simon

    I think the traditional automatic watch is good for what it was designed.. Telling time. But there could be a bit more creativity with the strap. You could have your daily strap which has an NFC chip in it for getting rid of mass transit tickets and office badges, then you could have the sports band option which could have GPS, a digital compass, altimiter and perhalps even a small digital screen for the information you would like.

  • Ricardo Reis

    A watch for pool or billiards that would some type of laser so you could see what the trajectory would be. Of course this wouldn’t be wearable in professional players but when you where starting out would be a cool tool!

  • Love to see a watch for ice hockey to track speed if skating and hands when shooting.

  • John Woodward

    As a cyclist I say cycling…..needs to be waterproof,easy to read and may have a spoke face….y not?

  • Andrew Reittinger

    A durable sports watch with solid water resistance and a true tide function for boating/fishing/surfing. Don’t see many watches with that. Pairing it with a moon phase would be neat too.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I would like to see more wathces in water sports like yaht, boat, among diver watches. On the other hand, sports car waches with speedometers looks amazing too.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Michael

    After looking through some responces i would LOVE to see a watch made for musicians particulaly for teachers /conductors in order to measure how many beats per minute is required for specific tempos. Although im not sure how thus would work!

  • Fred

    Tennis! Something mechanical that makes a hand jump to keep the score. The Sky Dweller has something close that could be used in that form. Turn the bezel to the right position and click.

  • Abdulrahman

    I would like to see more watches that are made to challenge the limits of science and engineering, something like HYT in fluid mechanics, Ulysse Nardin Innovision in all the fields it went through, VHT in its precision. I would be willing to spend good money on a watch that works on a unique concept in science and engineering

  • Abdulrahman

    I would like to see more watches that are made to challenge the limits of science and engineering, something like HYT in fluid mechanics, Ulysse Nardin Innovision in all the fields it went through, VHT in its precision. I would be willing to spend good money on a watch that works on a unique concept in science and engineering.

  • Carlos Alfonso Diaz

    I like hiking. I would like that sports watches oriented to hiking were more water resistant. Most of watches with GPS and sensors only admit 30 m or maximum 50 m, except G-Shock. Lately, I have used analogue watches instead digitals for hiking, but of course some times we need more information that just time. It would be nice to see more functions in steel cases than resin.

  • arrvoo

    How about a watch made for snooker. Super slim and works out al the angles for you 🙂

  • Tim

    Basketball. Something that can handle the shock, but is >$300 (aside from a G-shock).

  • Trond Bjørshol

    Motorcycle riding

  • Amit

    As a person who loves motorcycles and MotoGP, I would say a watch themed towards that. Clean and durable with not too many complications. I hardly ever seem to use the tachymeter on my watch, it feels like it is just there for show. Now I prefer watches that are comfortable, automatic, durable and water resistant. This would make it perfect for most sports unless you need additional features on a watch.

  • Bob

    G-shock watches are the best watches in the WORLD Period. There I said it. On that wrist(get what I did there), I really like this watch. It’s very nice.

  • gtbr

    I really like watches inspired by motor sports. I would go that direction.

  • Tim Orange Szeto

    I’d like to see more watches designed for bowling. Maybe something light and slim. It wouldn’t do much but would be cool as a limited edition watch.

  • Daryl Okayama

    I would like to see watches that could help you train in shooting. Instead of a handheld/clipped to belt type timer, you could put it all into a watch. It would have a microphone to listen for the shots, a speaker for the start buzzer and all the normal timing functions such as par, split and variable times, random or set start buzzer options plus review and reset. Seems like a perfect watch for Casio to produce in G-Shock form!

  • William

    Nice example of a traditional tool watch/diver. I have recently gotten into Orienteering and would see value in a watch that included a compass feature. Not with GPS or lat/long as that would be against the spirit of the sport. A simple compass feature that had relatively high reliability would be interesting. Probably very challenging if not impractical I imagine.

  • coldkohmew

    Rugby,long lasting

  • janim

    Curling 😀 Just joking… Motorsports!

  • Rostislav Horní?ek

    Poker. Poker odds, ranges etc…

  • Steven Smart

    Hi All. I’d like to see more watches with alarm feature or a count down timers. In this day and age this feature is most useful, particularly for competitive sports like swimming. Really, it is useful to time against. Thanks.

  • Jesse B. Jiang

    A watch for musicians that can be used to tune instruments or measure pacing would be awesome!

  • Geoff Strawbridge

    I’d like to see a watch for squash, tennis, paddle (racquet sports). Similar to Rolex Green Sub.

  • Toofpase Samich

    I’d like to see more watches geared towards photography. I think done interesting things could be done around tracking the weather, the sun’s position in the sky, and quality of light.

  • Seth Morgan

    I’d like to see watches for cooking: imagine a chef’s watch with multiple count-down timers, and or chimes for timing things in the kitchen.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    I love the design of this watch. The color scheme is brilliant and catchy. Thanks to Ablogtowatch, I’ve come to know this great watch brand. In term of function, I believe smartwatch has out competed the traditional watch for quite sometimes. Due to the integrated electrical unit including sensor, we can enjoy lot of functions from smartwatch which we are not able to find in mechanical watch nowadays. However, smartwatch is not piece of the art and new technology keep replacing the old one. Therefore, value of smartwatch can deflate overtime. There is a company called Kairos designed the watch to combine the best of both world “Function from technology” and “Art from mechanical”. Generally, I prefer this idea. I would like to have watch that is smart but still has the beauty of mechanical. The floating color display on the watch face is good. However, it should be design like a module that can be attach into watch face. That is, all the components of the smartwatch is integrated into the bezel. If the technology is getting old, we can replace this bezel by a new one and still retain the value of mechanical watch. Not sure, with current technology, human can make such a watch. Hopefully, we can have this watch in near future.

  • Nice watch, specially the blue combination. A nice addition to my watches!!

  • Kristian Svantorp

    Nice watch, like the blue layout. For fishing and other generic sea activities, a complication showing the water tide would be great (if even possible).

  • Marshall Smoak

    Wonderful looking watch. I’d like to see more Golf oriented watches. Maybe with a GPS range finder embedded. Would be interesting.

  • Phil Paynter

    Hmm..A little specialist maybe but as athletics(track and field) and specifically sprinting is my favourite, then it would be nice if a good-looking watch could keep accurate time to the 100th of a sec in timing one’s self with automatic start and stop.

  • Fabian Schwarz

    Football (soccer) – 45min dial

  • Curtis

    A mechanical activity tracking watch. It would have a wheel display step counter that would keep track of the oscillations of the winding rotor. A pusher would reset the counter to 0.

  • Andres Gutierrez

    Really nice watch, I would like to see more ciclyng, mechanical watches. Really durable with an altimeter and a time lapse.

  • David Stoddart

    Watches should all have Tritium, a rotating 120 click time lapse bezel and big date window. As for the sport, a button compass attached to the strap would be ideal for walking or orienteering.

  • Spyros Pandis

    Nice watch! I like both combinations! My favourite sport is basketball! I would like to see more smart watches!

  • Sr?an Badri?

    I would like to see more watches on my wrist personally…thats not going to happen in a very very long time, just bought a bloody house on credit that already took my speedy…and tudor
    …help me out guys. Lovely watch by the way

  • Hung Nguyen

    Hiking and jogging are my sport, a desert dweller. For me, a rubber band on sport watches with a ribbed inside for ventilation is a must for sport watches

  • Pacheaco

    Mostly a football and baseball fan, but would love to have a sunset timer for when I’m trying to see how much longer my kids can play catch at the park

  • PugHenry

    I’m an attorney who likes legible watches. I wish there were more watches to choose from with a white dial, black hands, and black minute markers or numerals. Why is this so hard?

  • Gerard Cardinal

    I would love to see a spy watch, something James Bond would wear. Something like a micro camera or a secret code breaking chapter on the bezel?
    There aren’t enough specialized watches that I wouldn’t want all of them!

  • Morten Jensen

    Im a teacher that loves watches and trying to get a great collection.
    this would just be a perfect addition, because im missing a automatic watch in blue and a watch to wear everyday.

  • Benjamin Denay

    Great looking watch! A golf themed watch with a push Button stroke counter would be cool to see.

  • Tan

    Would love to watches designed for swimming! I often go swimming but the watches I wear always reflect light so I never am able to glance once for the time. Maybe a specialised glass that works well underwater and ideally solar powered so as I’m swimming I’m powering up the watch too!

  • Sebby Borriello

    always tough to decide what watch to wear while coaching the sandlot baseball games. Some to dressy some not too sporty. Features a “shatter proof” face just in case I’m not paying attention or if 5 5year olds decide to throw the ball to me at the same time. Stop watch feature to time the older kids around the bases, and a way to keep the pitch count so we don’t ruin the young kids playing days at 15 years old.


    I’d love more affordable watches for under water activities, thanks ever so much!
    I am a happy email follower. I also follow you on Facebook and on Google + as Despina Veneti.

  • mojomarc

    I think the variety of watches has never been better, actually. When I think of watches for given activities I’m interested in, there are plenty already. I’m more concerned about how overpriced a lot of them are. Thankfully we have brands like Oris, Ball, Sinn, and Seiko at the lower end, JLC and Grand Seiko middle, that bring a ton of value for the level of effort they put into the watches. More of those, and less of Blancpain selling what is essentially a $14k Bathyscaphe, please.

  • Allen Ross

    Great looking watch. I’d like to see more watches used for running/jogging that are easy to glance at while exercising.

  • Razvan Cojocaru

    Great looking watch! I’d want a watch for jogging with lots of functions, easy to read.

  • GratisShark

    How about a watch for ballet dancing? I’ve tried my 47mm x 17mm diver but my petite partner is afraid of concussions! Go figure.

  • Bruno Marcic

    Great watch, thanks for the giveaway. Watch for divers with one small dial divided in green,yellow and red area, which will show how much time diver have left for diving.

  • Michael

    Dive watch fan here especially automatic ones. I’m an active person involved with many different activities so a great active wear watch would be not only water resistant but have an altimeter, too, for climbing

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    It looks much more as diver watch, although missing some of must have for diver watch. So I guess I would wear it while on see 🙂

  • P.Panagiotidis

    More divers with GMT

  • Epichartou

    A footbal chrono with 45+15 min bezel.

  • Iuri G.

    I would like to see a combination between diver and pilot watch, with top bezel and inner rotating bezel.

  • Peter Jones

    How about a watch hiking with built in compass gps and altimeter and barometer and so.e some sort of emergency beacon

  • Matt Dawson

    Great looking watch! I also love the idea of a hiking watch with compass, and ideally GPS/altimeter/barometer. It needs hands that are visible in the dark and a light for night time. Also needs to have more of a brushed metal case/band (or non-metal band) to hide blemishes as it gets scratched by passing branches, rocks, etc.

  • Bram H.

    Very much info divers and pilot watches. I’d like a watch for obstacle runs like tough mudder. It would need to be super rugged and water and mud proof. Not to big so it doesn’t snag. And be able to quickly time obstacles and the whole race.

  • Francis Fish

    Nice looking watch. I like the idea of a general outdoors watch that is used as a diver and also has features for hiking and running. It should be entirely mechanical as this would set it appart from the sports watches already on the market like those made by Garmin.

  • palettj

    How about a watch for just living life, that’s why I like my Explorer II. I don’t have to be a pilot, or diver to justify wearing the watch or feel like a poser.

  • Jonathan Gonzalez

    How about a watch that can be wore within the office with a suit while at the time being resilient enough to go on a hike. Would need to be thin enough to fit with a suit but robust enough to stand up against the outdoors.

  • Alan Haines

    a large easy to read vibration resistant water resistant biker watch in a style to fit the biker crowd style but look expensive and easily recognized as a delma

  • Scott Fitch

    A mid sized divers watch that isn’t too large that doesn’t fit under a cuff — something classy–somewhere between a Speedmaster and Seamaster – something for everyday wear.

  • Dan_the_man

    I want to see more outdoorsy watches that I can take on hikes and general running. I enjoy watches with rubber bands that are able to withstand sweat and lengthy sun exposure.

  • Khalil Saleh

    Would like to see more hiking watches that can also be worn in a professional setting. Would need to be water resistant and durable.

  • Dcf

    This is a great looking watch. The function I find most useful is a GMT with rotating bezel as I work and play in aviation and its great for everything from timezones to UTC to timing steaks (with the bezel.

  • Fritz Duppon

    A watch for baseball umpires to keep track of innings, outs, strikes, and balls. All mechanical, of course, and in a titanium case with shatterproof crystal. Yes!

  • Liz

    Basketball chronograph with the chronograph dials for quarters etc or possibly scores

  • Jonas Ritter

    A watch for mountainbiking with an lotus effect coating, light case and easy to read lap-timer.

  • ted

    Motorcycle riding, maybe a side screen to cjeck the time

  • Ramon Abreu

    golfing – I would like to see a nice, sleek, lightweight watch that can help you keep a stroke count

  • Dragos

    An outdoor watch. Basically an holiday watch with very good shock resistance, but at the same time, something not very big or bulky.

  • les

    How about a watch that tells you how far you have hit a golf ball.

  • William C Karcher

    I would love
    to own one of your watch’s !

  • AK

    It’d be cool to see a watch with a chronograph that has 5 or 6 minute increments that could be used by a lawyer or other professional to keep track of billing for clients.

  • Art Leyenberger

    would like to see a real watch have some functions (like distance) for cycling without looking like a sports watch

  • WhiskersInCalif

    Friends rock climb, kayak, dive, swim, bicycle, walk, run and sometimes pound a keyboard for 18 hours.
    All of us need a watch that is easy to wear and does not care about the elements. It should be visible with minimum light and even older eyes.

  • Sam Kay

    a automatic watch that has a pedometer built in

  • Michael Carlson

    It would be cool to see a watch dedicated to the new generation of exercise/footraces that have become popular such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Crossfit Challenges, etc. Such a watch would lend itself to an automatic movement which would not require a long power reserve since participation in the event would keep it wound. Durability would be the number one requirement, with breathable materials, light weight, and water proofing also being very important design aspects. Such a watch would need to be easily legible while on the go and should have chronograph functionality to measure time.

  • Ibrahim Mohammad

    I’d love to see a watch dedicated to the sport of swimming. It would have to have a four-branched seconds hand to help with timing lap starts, and be fairly waterproof obviously.

  • Tommy

    Sailing. Interested functions: regatta start time, compas, tides, GMT.

  • Ryan

    I think Soccer Timers (such as Omega’s Seamaster versions and even the Seiko quartz models) are very cool, and I’d love to see more of those. They’re a lot like regular chronographs, but have 45 minutes called out on the chronograph to make it easier to time soccer halves.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I do a lot of long distance motorcycle touring and a GMT function is good for knowing when to call home when you are at the far end of the continent. The chronograph pushers would be on the opposite side for reach-across use of the chrono.

  • erfan

    i would like more watch design specifically for soccer.
    its the biggest sport on earth. funny we still dont have a lot one of those.
    it should be light maybe made of carbon, durable, has alarm, and 45+15 minutes rotating bezel.

  • Anthony

    Rugby union/league with 40 minute timer and a tackle count clicker

  • noerror

    Rally with vintage racing style

  • Nova Setyo

    I want a watch with elegant and sporty style for military force.
    It can detect the enemy like human, wild animal, or dangerous things (bomb or a trap) by giving a code or signal or sound sign on it. So, it’s almost like radar. Then it can be a compas too with 200 m (minimum) water resistant.

  • Arik Gurevich

    I wish they would make a watch for cave exploration with super strong luminance or an external light on an automatic watch.

  • Mktcrasher

    How about more watches designed for the work week? What I mean by that is more reasonably priced watches with higher power reserves. Can put a phone down on Friday evening and pick up Monday morning and not have to set.

  • Bojan Matijevic

    Realy love watches made for divers!
    It would be great to compare the functions the watches made for divers have, how they measure dept etc.

  • Sidarth Sondhi

    I only collect automatic dive and sailing regatta watches and nothing else. While just about every leading brand makes dive watches, I really would like to see more choice for sailing regattas. My ideal watch of this type would be a chronograph with a countdown timer, date display and power reserve indicator, 300m water resistant, 42mm case diameter, sapphire glass front crystal and an exhibition case back with sapphire glass.

  • Tom

    Dive, regatta and pilot watch categories are pretty well covered. It is always fun to see vintage chronographs that were marketed as match timers for soccer (football if you like). Would like to see some modern takes on those. It would also be interesting to see a mechanical lap timer or two.

  • ryan

    It’d be interesting to see an automatic movement that is specifically powered by “desk job” activities, like typing or writing. I’ve never had a problem walking enough to power a watch though.

  • Sam

    i’m so interested finding a good simple watch that have gravity, altitude feature etc, designed for skydiving purposes. ?

  • Lord Dunsany

    Look, I need to win something at some point in my life.

    A watch for Architects, like a classic Heuer calculator. Would be useful for calculating interior volumes and square footage.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    • Lord Dunsany

      Great idea! Too bad the drawing is random!

      • Lord Dunsany

        You will never win!

        • Lord Dunsany


  • sitnstew

    A watch designed to accommodate mountain biking. Shock, vibration and water resistance.

  • Adam

    More watches for the medical profession–nursing, physicians, techs, etc. The pulsometers that exist usually require too much time looking at the watch, or too much time waiting for the hands to line up. (I like the medical watches Sinn makes, especially the four-rotor design that ensures pulses can be accurately estimated in 15 seconds.) A rotating bezel or chronograph function would be very useful to time surgical steps or medication doses in an emergency. Durability, water resistance, magnetic resistance (the MRI might be nearby), and ease of cleaning needed as well. Hopefully easy to read as well–sometimes you just need to know the time!

  • Fady337

    Being in a customer service industry, I wish to get a mechanical dive watch with a unidirectional rotating bazel and a mechanical stop watch in a subdial (not digital). This would be my everyday beater watch as well as a dive watch too.
    I usually use the bazel in timing things up and keeping a track of things in everyday chores above water.

    The stopwatch feature not only will add to its feature but also the esthetics.

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    Being a big sport fanatic, i suggest watch industry can exploit or utilize cricket elements on their designs and can capitalize this sport market to gain market shares or business. The main highlight is that cricket equipment’s can be incorporated in watch designs or parts seamlessly. Such as cricket bats as hands design, cricket stumps as as for three number in roman numerals, cricket ball material alike leather strap etc.. Hublot did wonderful job in creating a cricket themed limited edition watches, and i believe other companies/brands can also employ cricket fundamentals and elements on their designs and capture new market.

  • Tim Sexton

    I would like to see more mechanical watches devoted to mountaineering. Has anyone developed an altimeter similar to the depth gauge on some Oris divers?

  • Jean-Paul Moore

    Cool watch, but I truly wonder how many divers actually use watches like this for diving. Myself as a diver see in the community watches that provide more useful information like some of Suunto’s offerings. In addition at those advertised depths, this watch can’t even be seen unless it has a light built-in.

    Anyone have insight on these products?

  • Uriar

    Awesome giveaway – thanks for the chance!

    I would like to see a ‘Chess Watch’ that has a chess clock – two countdowns that you can switch between with an easy to press button on the face of the watch, so you can lay down the watch between two players after setting the game time and then each player presses it after his turn. The countdowns can be with two sub-dials or use the same dial (sub or main).

    Thanks for reading!

  • Danijel Tojagic

    I ride a bicycle. I’d like to have a watch designed for that activity. Analog, with function of temperature. Do not why but that info is important to me. More than altitude. But do not know how to make analog watch with that complication.

  • preston

    I just received a few watches from my father and i am now getting more into watches and would love to add this lovely watch to the collection.

  • Christopher Uno

    I love a classic racing watch with stopwatch (preferrably a split timer).

  • N S

    I would like a watch for snowboarding. It would be nice if it had a built in GPS to track where you were on the mountain and a distress SOS.

  • George Flammer

    I would like to see a watch for golfing. Something that could help measure distance

  • Crystal Alvarez

    I would like to see a watch for chef’s. I guess it would have to be some sort of chronograph with multiple ways to time various dishes.

  • Noel Go Hiong

    I would like a watch designed for running. It should have built in GPS to track distance and blinkers for visibility at night.

  • Noel Go Hiong

    I would like a watch designed for running. It needs to have built in GPS to track distance and blinkers for visibility at night.

  • Matthew Carrier

    That’s a unique looking watch and thanks for the opportunity to win it. I always loved watching the giant sail boats race.

    A automatic watch that is for active people that work out and play sports like baseball and then be able to take it to work in the toughest days with out getting a chipped crystal or anything messed up and having a unique design with a reliable movement shock proof and durable and a protective watch case and strong braclet and clasp alittle water resistant keeping it simple but strong and durable. Just so you could do anything go anywhere with it kinda watch without worrying about it all the time and still be a standout piece in a collection.

  • Master Sajid

    For every sport including racing I think everyone will agree on the term to add a gps tracker to an watch and have it’s own identity and possibly a way to find it when it’s lost unfortunately.

  • Luke Wood

    as an avid explorer and mountain climber I believe a way of geo-locating someone through a gps unit in a watch without losing the aesthetic appeal of a classic timepiece such as the Delma ocean-master would be the perfect watch. This would aid recuse teams and give people such as myself that added security when embarking on adventures.

  • Michael Bell

    I do a lot of hill walking and I’d like to have a watch with a built in compass and also altimeter would be useful.

  • Joerg Pasch

    Again, a very nice watch! I would like to see an automatic watch with a countdown function for long time exposure photography or cooking to make the perfect eggs 🙂

  • John Lawrence

    I like it, too. Though I don’t yacht much.
    They already have watches for all my hobbies. Can you make automatic analog watch for video game players?

  • ???????? ????????

    I love chess. I’d like to have a watch inspired by chess (not a chess clock :p )

  • Andrew J Zeller

    I would like to see a self defense watch with retractable spikes.

  • Balkamos Neoklis

    A watch for running which should be light and have a built in GPS.

  • centraloregonian71

    Dog or horse racing inspired watch with timer.

  • Manzur Dan

    I would like to see more watches specially designed for firefighters, for medics and paramedics , I have no idea what function to include but I really want to see watches dedicated for people who risks their lives for other.

  • James McKinley Rake II

    That is a beautiful looking watch and I’m sure it has great functionality.

  • Jonathan

    A cigar smoker’s watch, with a built-in cigar punch. 🙂

  • Thomas

    I would like to see more watches dedicated to various countries, like the numbers in another language, dials specifically designed for a country and materials used to build the watch that are found in the specific country

  • Andres

    I would like to see more clocks in TENNIS, only Rafa Nadal plays with one put all the time, the rest only use it when posing for the camera. In a sport that is considered a showcase of luxury and is sponsored by so many high-end watch brands, it is hard to believe that they do not bother to create pieces that are resistant to as many impacts as playing tennis. And as for some specific function, I would like a mechanical clock that would score easily by just using the buttons, professional players have a blackboard, but club players must carry the account themselves. So we would not have to take off our watch every time we play.

  • Ela

    I would like to see more complications in ladies watches

  • Dru

    Love the crown guard. Slick, subtle but very functional. Do wish blue was more blue, including the dial.

  • Ekay Syrian

    Gym watch baby… something cool tough and handy…

  • Larry Howell

    I’m a diver, so this is good by me. Never heard of Delmas, so interested to learn more.

  • Chris Darke

    For diving, I like the idea of the depth gauge like on some of the Oris dive watches, but maybe also with a pulsometer scale, and a highlighted 5 mins on the dial for a safety stop.. and max 42mm case!

  • Jim B

    You’ve already covered the sport by offering this diver and the shortened lugs along with a gorgeous face make this one heck of a prize! Very nice, guys !

  • Neal Goodacre

    Can’t get enough of dive watches. But would also like to see more engineering style watches like the milgauss.

  • Sukru Erisgen

    I am not very familiar with this brand but sure it is good looking watch.

  • Juan Herrera

    On the giveaway matter I would love to see a watch dedicated to the brave sport of free diving I dont know of any such watch. Well that Delma watch is very nice and is alredy mine ha j/k. Cheers horological friends.

  • Chris H.

    Sexy watch.

  • Michael

    I hope I can win it.

  • Michael

    I’d like to see a watch designed for basketball because I love basketball. Every player should wear one. Make it simple, like a wrist strap. Most NBA players are already wearing rubber bands. Make it a rubber band wrist strap with an electric 24 seconds on it. That way players are always aware of the shot clock time. And also include Game Time and Timeouts, Team fouls, etc. So all players can be aware. It could be a simple watch like a smartwatch. Just a sports band with a smart watch face. It would flash and alternates Game Time, Shot Clock time. And a button could be used to quickly check Time Outs or Team Fouls remaining.

  • Dan Ramirez

    A watch for the shooting sports, though I can’t think of a feature that isn’t already present in digital chronograph watches currently in use.

  • papadakisk

    I would like to see more watches having altimeter complication for mountaineering

  • Alex

    Hi, lovely Delma indeed.
    I’d also like to see fitness watches with repeat timer feature for circuit training.


  • David Kotz

    One feature is I’d like a watch where you don’t have to rotate your wrist to see the time. I think this feature would benefit most activities.

  • erik tambla

    I would love to see a motoGP inspired watch that has a mechanical way of telling (and saving) the smallest lean angle you took the corners with 😀 😀

  • Cope Norcross

    A watch for healthcare providers would be nice – professional design, easy to clean in case of contact with blood or bodily fluids, rotating bezel for measuring vital signs, options for men and women and various types of providers (doctors, nurses, EMS) and possibly for individual specialty needs.

  • Apostolis

    A tricky one. Although not a doctor or healthcare professional, I really like those vintage watches that had indication for measuring patient’s pulse. So something along those lines would be nice to see in a modern watch.
    Quite a nice Delma. Thanks for the chance.

  • Phil Quinton

    I’d like to see this with an option for a standard diving bezel insert vs. the “compass’ one.

  • Lovely style of watch. I appreciate having the date on it. I usually prefer dress watches but I think this one would suit me.

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    More Divers watches, especially with Tritium Tubes )

  • Bahusvana Watch Story

    unique watch with unique use, ( for yacht race)…, hope it there are a ocean theme watch for navy…,

  • Akos XS

    Everyday, “office worker” watch would be interesting — if there is such — a watch which is easily readable(!), water resistant, not extravagant, more like classic (not boring though)…

  • grobbins09

    I’d love to see more watches for golf! Most watches are too heavy and are too stiff to wear during golf. I’d like a golf watch that was titanium, had a very durable but very flexible mesh band, sapphire crystal, and a movement that can withstand the forces of a golf swing and was shock resistant. All of that with highly customable options like color options on the titanium metal and face.

  • leroy

    I love the Delma, maybe more sports and casual watches too.

  • Scott H

    This is a great looking blue watch. I like the rubber strap as it make is light weight. I’d like to see more GMT-divers of this sort as anytime I’m in the ocean I’m in a different time zone and would like to have that capability. Either way, it needs to be lightweight and not too large – 44 is about the largest. Someone posted about being able to customize and if you look at something like the Martenero I think they’re on the right track – no divers though.

  • Julli

    I would like to see a mechanical sports watch that can resist hard vibrations and impacts well. Then tennis etc. would be more comfortable with watch.

  • Kevin Beard

    I’m an avid golfer, I’d like to see one with this theme. Maybe a titanium case for light weight, rubber band because of sweating. Some kind of timing function for pace of play.

  • D Leavitt

    I work overnights and often in very dark conditions. I am also a fan of a consistent use of technology in a product. For example:

    I don’t mind if quartz watches have an electronic lume like Indigo or an LED backlight. Battery powered is battery powered. The use of a glow in the dark lume just seems like an easy way to avoid an engineering challenge. I don’t see any Swiss quartz movements with backlighting which is a shame.

    That being said, I REALLY want a total mechanical solution. A low profile automatic with Tritium T100 tubes, easy to read registers and small enough (41mm or less) for my wrists. Luminox and Deep Blue are way too large for me, and I have heard about quality control problems with Nite watches, which is unfortunate because I really like their design.

  • Hat

    Mountain climbing

  • sam-b

    Not a special request, I just love it not to be concerned in keeping any damages away from my watch. So I want a shockproof, at least 10 atm water-resistant, not easy to magnetize timepiece. If it has a second time-zone and luminous hands & indices – even better. That should fit for all activities, I’ll take part!

  • Chris K

    Always a concern with mechanical watches is the impact of shock due to activities like tennis or other outdoor activities. Would love to see something that is somewhat affordable (<$5,000) but can take a beating.

  • 3M

    Office watch 😉 Bold

  • Lawrie

    As someone keen on yachting this looks just the job, tough and waterproof. And a reasonable price too. I’d like to see more mechanical watches designed for this sport, clear to read and built to last.

  • cassfan3

    Spelunking! Bring on the tritium tubes!

  • nm

    How about for the outdoorsman/hiking crowd? Simple but tough field watch with compass in the bezel.

  • Lukas

    I’d like to see more mechanical chronographs with minimal design of a diameter,reasonably priced, that aren’t very large. That would be a good watch for someone who works in creative enviroment, wants to express good taste and appreciation for nice design, but can’t yet afford high-end swiss brands. Basically a watch for young creatives at the begginig of their career.

  • Boris Kharchenko

    I love diver watches. So I`d like to see more divers with 24h hand and GMT, depth meter, altimeter and the countdown timer.

  • J.Edgar

    A watch for surfers – water resistant and tough wearing but with a fixed bezel (it’s only going to get knocked anyway) and spartan design. Somewhere halfway between field and dive watch.

  • Wr Ah Wr

    I’d like to see lighter watches for jobs that require precision with the hands like watchmaking.

  • Wr Ah Wr

    I’d like to see lighter watches for jobs that require precision with the hands like for example watchmaking

  • Hoang Minh Dao

    Skiing with gps, map and weather condition feature in the watch

  • Itemh

    I would like to see more minimalist style diving watches that are elegant to work in office, and at a price below 1000 €.

  • I like watches that have a shimmering effect. Not particularly a “bling bling” kind of thing but something like the Seiko Cocktail Time or the fluted bezel on a Rolex. It pops every once and awhile.

  • FilmEditorFL

    I would like to see a watch versatile enough for me to use in the following situations-

    All weather situations, some days working in the dark, needs a luminous or light component that can be triggered without the use of the other hand (or Tritium,) can take a bit of knocking around, and lastly it needs to look great.

  • Bob mckenzie

    As an avid Fly Fisherman and but with my “regular day job” as a General Medicine clinician, it would be great to have a watch that is both “collectable” (? ie. mechanical self winder) all the while being practical (for example, an easily programmable alarm) with the hardiness of a “diver”, all the while, “classy enough” to feel comfortable using while rounding in the hospital and seeing patients in the clinic

  • johnnyc40

    This is a very good looking watch, interesting crown guard. I like yachting / boating watches, a compass feature, perhaps battery powered for intermittent use, would be nice but I would still want a mechanical / automatic movement

  • Graham Congdon

    Surfing – must be hard wearing, very legible, maybe a tide indicator.

  • Erik Batson

    I would love more watches, other than digital, designed for the backpacker or camper. We need something rugged, easy to see, and amazing lume for when we wake up in the middle of the night and have to go outside the tent to do what bears do in the woods.


    I agree with Erik Batson, I would like to see more mechanical hiking watches. Increased visibility along with maybe an altimeter gauge and durable/breathable straps.

  • Keenan Komoto

    The watch would need to be resistant to extreme amounts of vibrations when operating tractors.
    Water resistant, not so much for submersion, but more for being resistant to streams of water hitting the watch with a lot of force.
    Minimal amounts of small openings/crevices that could trap dirt, mud, and oil (i.e. smooth watch that is easy to clean/wipe away mud).
    Scratch resistant, this watch needs to be able to take a beating.
    Unnecessary to have a chronograph because it will most likely be accidentally pressed while working.
    Like all watches, it should be easy to read. Clearly visible in the bright sun and dim light.
    And of course, an automatic/mechanical movement.

    Sounds like a G-Shock style watch but those have too many small features that get dirty, and usually have a lot of buttons that can be accidentally pressed. They are not simple enough for the average farmer.

    A highly vibration/shock resistant mechanical watch seems like a fun challenge.

  • Bryan

    I would like to see more swimming watches that were waterproof and had a stop watch.

  • Aaron

    I’ve always been surprised by the general lack of watches geared towards equestrian sports. Features are more aesthetic than technical–probably because people use chronos at the races. Still, I think someone has a good idea out there.

  • James La trota

    A simple, vintage looking watch to go to work every day

  • Lance Litwin

    I’d love to see mechanical/self-winding watches that are designed for hiking. I’d want to incredibly tough, durable, and scratch-proof. I’d imagine that some manner of compass included would be the way to go with it. What do you think?

  • Kevin Peterson

    i want to see a watch for tennis that can keep score while playing.

  • Lucian S

    I think that nowadays you can find watches for every (main stream) activity. And what is not covered by these it is covered by smart watches.
    What I’d really like to see is a solar smart watch. One with enough charging power so you can run whatever apps you want all day long. Then I will buy one without hesitation.

  • Shammy K

    An analog watch for racket sports which, when worn on the hand holding the racket, could measure and record the hardest hits and number of strokes for each rally.

  • William Pak

    I would love to see an automatic watch made specifically for bushwalking. This would need a fairly rugged metal case that’s been coated with that awesome Line-X paint that would make the watch pretty much indestructible. If the watch has a small LCD screen that can display steps, distance, calories burnt, altitude – like a Fitbit – that would be awesome too! Maybe even a small compass dial, as Lance mentioned below for a hiking watch, would be great.

  • Deb

    Not cluttered; easy to read. What’s not to like? Good color choices.

  • David Fisher

    Great colour on these watches. I would be interested to see watches designed for bushcraft and back country camping.

  • Greg Bouton

    How about a watch for crossfit with adjustable count down timers. The bezel could be quickly adjusted like a cheap kitchen timer to give you a custom count down alarm.

  • tombellamy

    I’d like to see more watches designed with an NFL logo and by team as well.

  • Braden Click

    i’d love to see more watches geared towards fitness, of all kinds, obviously G-Shock exists I know that, but maybe a much more sophisticated rubber strapped or silicone strapped 3 hand-simple faced yet extremely durable watch, one that I could wear cycling or weight lifting or swimming, pretty much an all encompassing sports watch, that yet if I had to wear it out that day i wouldn’t regret it like I would if I had a G-Shock on.

    Because I’m yet to find a sophisticated “nice” looking G-Shock replacement, or if there are any I just haven’t seen them haha.

  • Forever Great

    I wanna see a fully functional grandfather clock, pendulum and all for the wrist.

  • Brandon Clark

    I’m with a lot of commenters in wanting a solid fitness watch. G-shocks just don’t cut it for me with their chunky overhyped design. Sure, they’re the Nokia of the watch community, but I’m looking for something more refined that I could wear even when I’m not working out or being active. It’s gotta have good lume too – the stuff where you wake up at night and its still burning strong.

  • JohnnyBinDC

    I’d love to see a watch designed with low light professions in mind. High legibility for that transition from normal to dim lighting where your eyes are not fully dark adapted. Simple markers with strong lume ( + tritium tubes?), white stick or sword hands, legible but not overpowering second hand, no sub dials, AR crystal and rotating bezel. Auto movement would be preferred.

  • JohnnyBinDC

    I’d love to see a watch designed with low light professions in mind. High legibility for that transition from normal to dim lighting where your eyes are not fully dark adapted. Simple markers with strong lume ( + tritium tubes?), white stick or sword hands, legible but not overpowering second hand, no sub dials, AR crystal and rotating bezel. Auto movement would be preferred.

  • Douglas Weedman

    I think sports like croquet should have there own watch; slender, sophisticated about 38-40mm, something that will reflect sunlight in your opponents’ eyes.

  • Deb

    Too big for me but nephew would like it

  • Lady Vampire

    I would like to see a watch done for electricians. My father was always worried to wear a watch while he was working installing phones and I always thought that was a shame. Thanks for the chance to win. LadyVampire2u AT gmail DOT com

  • Brian Wells

    I’d like to see a watch designed for road cycling. Something that’s light, has a long chronograph function, and can really take some serious abuse & vibration.

  • Nova Setyo

    Actually I’ve been fallin in love with DOA (Delma Oceanmaster Automatic). It’s really really my dream watch. I wish I win this. It’s trully watch what i wanna see with my activities. Looks so elegant and sporty…very beautiful..again and again, i’m gonna say that this Delma is what I want. For next, maybe a history needs a elegant and sporty watch with high quality rubber strap (like Delma Oceanmaster Automatic) for traveller/backpacker, explorer and military force.
    It can detect the enemy like human or wild animal or dangerous things (bomb or a trap/something strange) by giving a code or signal or sound sign on it. So, it’s almost like radar. Then it can be a compas too with 200 m (minimum) water resistant, DTM mode, and alarm (if possible). It’ll be a great product by producing this one. I think that many people in the world will hit this amazing product.

  • Jake True

    I’d love to see more watches designed for watersports like surfing, rowing, wakeboarding, etc. A play on divers watches and other features of these water sports would be awesome!

  • dan negoita

    As a tennis fan, I would like to see more watches focused on that as there aren’t as many as it would should be….

  • Bambang Satrio

    I would like to see more watches for outdoors activity such as mountaineering, orienteering, or adventures that has ABC features on it. Or any tactical/military grade or look watches, would be love too.

  • Glen Sanderson

    At my age a watch with good contrast is a selling point, and this watch has that.

  • Tim

    I would like to see a watch designed for cycling. Nice features would be a GPS tracker, speedometer, a sensor to see if your still hydrated. Maybe the face should be designed so that you can still see the time without taking your hands of the handlebar.

  • Andrés López Castillo

    I’m starting in the world of watches and i love it!, I hope one day i can make one!! 😀

  • Jeremy Gabb

    Very slick looking. I run, I jump and i like good watches. Not familiar with Delma but I’d like to get familiar.

  • Jannet Kwan

    car racing and the watch must have stop watch.

  • Derek Schey

    Great looking watch! I think a watch that had a way to keep score, for soccer, hockey sports that go up by one point at a time.

  • Racerke

    A nice diver with own identity!
    Looks great.

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch, i would love to win this. A automatic watch with GPS would be great for tramping activities.

  • thecouchguy

    I’d like to see more watches designed for mountaineers. I’d like to see a similar setup to a triple sensor G-Shock with a GPS emergency beacon. If it is on your wrist and can save your life without having to rummage through your pack it could be invaluable.

  • Joe Villamaino

    Great looking watch would love to own. i running watch with lots of functions. I would love to see watch that monitored your heart rate along with steps and distance and GPS and so on. Also it should not be that heavy as it would be for runners.

  • Brian Tschiegg

    It would be great to get a watch that is easily ready while riding a motorcycle or driving a car. An angled face and a chronograph feature would be awesome.

  • funNactive

    I’d like to see a nice desk diver. An elegant triple date that is robust enough to take diving but at the same time looks elegant enough to wear a tie.

  • Jenna O

    I would love to give this watch as an anniverasy gift for my lovely boyfriend!

  • MB1191

    I’d actually love to see a ‘salaryman’ watch, designed for the 9-5: a simple automatic triple-date, perhaps with an hour-counting feature for recording overtime and such. Maybe the hours 9-5 could be picked out in a different colour to the rest of the watch face, along with Saturday and Sunday on the day dial.

  • paneristi000

    Pretty neat watch. Regatta and diving features combined. There’s no shortage of dive watches out there but this one stands out.

  • Vladimir Milenkovic

    My personal favorite blue diver.

  • Joel

    Beautiful watch! We need to see more watches in the sport of Curling.

  • Sameh ElTahawy

    Love the design ,we need more pilot watches and maybe different styles for tourbillion watches

  • Filippo Valli

    Would be cool to see a skiing watch. Rugged, confortable, resistant to low temperatures and and obviously water resistant. With a chrono function to determin speed or related calculations. And a strap that could be used on top of gloves or jacket maybe?
    I just cant find a confortable watch to wear while skiing and I’m so afraid of damaging it I end up not using it.
    Anyways grat looking watch.

  • Mat Buj

    Id like to see more diving watches with reversed bezel! I think this option is neat for divers like me!

  • mtbkr65

    Would like to see a specific watch for mountain biking, altimeter, speed over ground, similar to a bike computer but with analog hands.

  • George Gecko

    I said this and I say it again: exactly my kind of colours !

  • Aaron Ryder

    I’d like to see a watch made for shooting. Needs to have chronograph with easy to see hands. Sturdy movement to hold up to the shock and a sun phase would be an interesting and helpful feature. Don’t know if it’s possible or not, but wind speed/direction would also be amazing.

  • Konstantinos Adamopoulos

    great watch. Worth having more reviews about military watches on ETA mechanisms

  • arik tmpaddress

    Good looking watch. I would love to see more ‘world traveler’ watches with enhanced GMT functions.

  • Matthew

    I really like the new Mario watch and I was looking a Tintin swatch earlier last week and it really gained value. I would like to see more collectibles with this kind of themes I think many enthusiasts, geeks, and collectors would also appreciate. For example, I live in Prague and Czech republic this year changed its name to Czechia. I think any respectable brand making an edition of a watch mentioning that and producing in a limited amount could become a nice collectible. So more themed watches, Politics, sports events (eg Stanley cup, FIFA, etc.), Iconic characters (eg Mario)

  • Hans Peter

    outdoor watch with a compass

  • Andrei Mihaila

    I really like world traveler watches or gmt watches and I think there aren’t enough options in the affordables zone.

  • emilyomara

    love diving watches, my bf needs this for his scuba trip to the Maldives this year

  • Nick Hallas

    I love hiking and always thought it would be a lot of fun to have a watch with a compass built into it

  • Ang Wei Shi

    I’d like to see more watches for riding/driving; angled, easy to read face, generous lume, maybe chronograph too.

  • Hung Nguyen

    Would like to see that watch with bracelet, since I would make a nice dress watch for offices

  • Bobby Creel

    I would like to see more watches designed for the shooting sports

  • Ealaag

    There are already quite a few watches designed for motorsports, but in my opinion such a watch needs to take shock resistance seriously. Ideally the watch would have a low profile (so it doesn’t get snagged), be easy to read at a glance, but also be so tough that you could bang on things with a mallet and not have to worry about the mechanism. I guess this fits the G-shock sort of model, except I really would prefer an automatic movement. The closest I can find to this is a really tough diver’s watch.

  • Overengineer

    Even though it’s not a rare theme: I’d appreciate anything car- or racing-related – especially if the connection goes beyond just looks (e.g. materials).

  • cuica

    Some themed watches for drivers and engineers would be fun!

  • Alexey Petrov

    Great watch! its my dream….

  • Derek Waugh

    Really nice looking! Not a sport, but some sort of EDC watch with specific functionalities-a watch for people who don’t dive or race cars everyday 🙂

  • Dave Ryan

    A watch designed for professional curling. With a built in flask to get through the game.

  • Samuel John

    Rugby watch with 80 min counter

  • Bader Mohd

    I love this watch. I would to see a watch for drag racing with a 1 mile seconds counter to help calculate how much time it took the drag race car to achieve the 1 mile

  • Strip Spelunking. Full contact chess. Extreme sunbathing. That Aztec game where you kick a rubber ball through a hoop and then are sacrificed to the gods.

  • Paul Schwandt

    I’d like to see more divers with a gmt function. That would be great. 🙂

  • TomTSX

    I would like to see dressier watches that can handle vacation/beach/salt walter situations.

  • Asa Eells

    This would be a nice addition to my small collection.

  • Drew Wawrzyszuk

    I’d like to see more watches that are related to veterinary medicine, likely with the the symbol (snake around a post) or just various animals in general. It could be neat to see the creativity that people come up with. it could also be functional to include some conversions for medicines. Not entirely sure how it would work, but I think the idea is neat as not many watches are related to veterinary medicine or medicine in general.

  • Julian

    It would be nice to see more watches specially made for adventurous people in hostile and far environments. I’m not speaking about high-tech complications, but about some simple tools which can really be helpful when you’re on your own in the nature, e.g.: a small magnetic compass integrated into the dial, crown or somewhere else. Obviously other basic features and complications must be added to be fully reliable (I’m talking about good readability during the day/night, high water resistance, central second complication, accuracy, shock resistance, etc.)

  • Brandon Banchiere

    More affordable Automatic Traveler, GMT watches with alarm functions, and even an integral printing press so I could actually afford to do all the traveling I would like to do.

  • Htaylor

    Sporty mechanical GMT watches at an affordable price range would be great for starters, for the average joe.

  • mrmaxzaiss

    Since I got my first diver’s watch from dad I never really got away from time pieces that do not only have a wonderful architecture but are made for the seas – sailing, diving, thriving.
    The best of traveling.

    Yet for such trips, it would be interesting to see such a movement with tide function in addition to a rotating navigation bezel and a clear dial – despite maintaining the last one with an additional complication might let issues occure

    100% made for the seas

  • rhyino

    Travel watch with GMT function that is quick and easy to set for multi leg flights.

  • C W

    Nice Watch! I’ll take mine in blue. Non brand specific motorcycle themed or styled watches would be interesting. Large and easily read dial and hands would be mandatory. Very sturdy shock and weatherproofing, as well as good night time visibility (a’ la Tag Heuer Night Diver type dial). Medically oriented watches might be interesting too that are a bit more sophisticated than being able to measure heart rates. Perhaps some genius could figure out an easy renal function or cardiac output dial and bezel.

  • Ben m

    I would like to see a desk-diver/Chono, with a bezel to highlight “working hours” and to elegantly track billable time.

  • Mr W

    I would love to see a watch designed for the pub crawl. Maybe something with a raised ceramic bezel, shock impact case, and extremely bright lum.

  • John Kivlen

    This is a very nice watch

  • Nick

    A chef’s chronograph could be a nice idea – highly scratch and heat resistant and with the three sub-dials being independent (rather than hours, minutes and seconds) for timing up to three things at once. The ability to move a marker round the outer bezel for timing longer dishes (or a rotating bezel a la a diver’s watch) would be nice too – perfect for the Sunday roast when you’re not in to take advantage of the oven’s own timer (setting dinner then taking the dog for a walk, for example).

  • Giacomo Musso

    I’d like a watch being a mixture of vintage style, with automatic mechanism and basic colors such (brown leather and gold), and modern features, being it a chronograph with daydate feature. For evederyday use AND for occasions.

  • Kerry Hackney

    I’m pretty much in for any “Dive” style watch, especially mechanical. Pair this with a nice metal bracelet and I would wear it regularly.

  • William Warshauer

    Looks like a lovely watch! Personally, I would like to see more watches designed for cyclists. These would need to have chronographs, able to time over long periods, since some rides last for hours, as well as extreme shock resistance to withstand the bumps of bike riding.

  • Nate Magnusson

    After learning about Delma last year I invested in a Santiago. Since I have owed this rugged Watch, my other watch rarely join me for the day. The oceanmaster looks amazing and I know it will be as durable as my 1st Delma watch. Surfing watches are dominated by a few brands, but I feel they all lack quality line. The only feature I would like to see is stronger lume. This would be helpful when in the water or day to day use.



  • Dave

    A nice looking watch, a count down timer is always useful. As someone who works with lasers, I can’t wear a watch or anything reflective, but I would like to see more automatic watches with count down timers and an alarm.

  • Daniel Park

    I wish they had more “dress” sized watches that weren’t necessarily dress watches. I don’t wear a suit everyday to work, but I do need watches that fit under the sleeve of a collared shirt.

  • Matthew

    I would like to see more watches geared towards engineers, like the rolex milguass. Features include resistance to magnetic fields, chemical corrosion and strong shock.

  • eric chan

    I would like to see more watches designed for water sports, like canoeing, rafting, wakesurfing, etc.

  • Kelvin Chen

    A skydiving watch with altimeter will be interesting.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    A very nice looking watch. Being an ABTW give-a-way it must certainly be well-made also.
    I once knew a woman named ‘Delma’, she was also well-made…as it were.
    Best of lick to ALL !
    I would like to see watches designed for the rigorous activity of kayaking.

  • Beign a drummer I would DEFINITELY want to see a drummer watch with a metronome feature! I’d even forgive the tacky ana/digi model if there was such a feature for us, rythm keepers.

  • Elliott Cansfield

    Snazzy bit of kit!

  • William Wallace

    Tennis with anti-shock

  • Shawn Anderson

    Great looking and capable watch! But I never win anything, lol!

  • Minh Van

    Classy diving watch. Hope it’ll look a bit darker in real light. Not something common at an Aussie diving shop.

  • Dan Eraso

    In the modern world watches áre more of a luxury ítem and less of a tool. However true rallying Even with terratrip computers could benefit from watches. Specifically designed for rallying only the edox.

  • Russell Paul

    Watch looks really great and well made!!! love the blue they have used!!! would be great to see more watches made for sports such as tennis and golf where the watch can handle the sudden impacts without causing damage to the movement over a long period of time.

  • jimley815

    As far as a profession- how about a watch for healthcare professionals? You could integrate a heart rate monitor, possibly temperature sensor, voice memos, etc., and other smart functions to help assist medical professionals in the day to day care of people.

  • SB

    A running anti-shock watch.

  • ricsif

    Earlier some watches designed for referees (soccer), it would be nice to see again.

  • Mark Spencer

    A watch to help with weightlifters, something that helps you track custom made routines and manual rep counters. Great looking watch IMO

  • James Lewis Knegje

    As a seafarers I would like to see more watches designed for the trade. Important features like multiple timezones and tidal movements would be of a great benefit to those in our profession who have a taste for luxury watches.

  • BEN

    Ultra thin watches have always been dressy. I think that an ultra thin, yet tough chronograph should be made with a rubber strap and should be used in sports or athletic activities. I think that a great swiss watch that is thin, light, and stylish has yet to be made or are at least very hard to find.

  • Ryan Lewis

    I spend most of my time sitting at my desk, and I think it would be cool to see a (mechanical) watch that has something that you play/fidget with on the dial. Possibly a puzzle of some kind that provides a distraction when you are stressed.

  • C Kun

    I would really like to see a smaller-sized dive watch, 36 to 40 mm, without a date, but WITH a beautiful moonphase at 6 o’clock. I want this elegant, but rugged dressy diver, and I want to track the moon on my wrist because a. It’s cool and b. Secret club moon scheduled meetings. c. You could probably track the tides? Maybe?

    Wooo! Ariel, we want to hear you on more podcasts! You’re the best! Love your website and industry content. Cover some more of those brands I read about in annual reviews that never seem to get discussed by watch journalists for some reason.

  • John

    I like diving watches the most.

  • GJordan

    Love the diving watch

  • cyklopz

    I’d like to see a falconry glove watch

  • Diego Ledezma

    I think a dive watch should be the ultimate tool watch. A chronograph diver where you can actually use the pushers underwater, most of them are screw down. A simple timer and minute register like the good old seiko pogue. GMT hand is also a nice function to have at handy.

    Overall I think the design of this watch is really nice, with a vintage vibe. Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to all!

  • Glossome

    I’d love to see an ultra-thin (yet tough) chronograph in a smaller size. Style without losing functionality! I’m always on the hunt for this “holy grail” combination.

  • Matthew Phillips

    Love to see gmt time pieces. Simple clean classy, timeless. Love to see watches on the golf course.

  • Michael Buonomo

    Love the watch. Fits my style perfect and would look better on my wrist then yours. I run production for a print/sign company and with many machines running would love to see more timing features in a watch. Multiple timers would help as well. Thx for the opportunity to win this diver…

  • Andrey Romanyutin

    I’d like to see a special chronograph for yachting

  • David Thomas

    Nature Photographer’s watch…with sun and moon rise and set times, plus compass bearing for each! (Yes, I know that would require a GPS location, but why not?!)

  • KLiment Ivanov

    The Oceanmaster Automatic shows a clean and well-thought design. I especially like the use of more colours on the display – they make it look brighter and younger.
    Being a university tutor, I would love to have a watch, which could be set to mark the time of the lectures and the breaks between them according to the university timetable. I imagine this tool in the form of a special bezel or an extra hand. And preferably presented with extra colours.

  • D.Suzuki

    So, Im thinking of a watch that’s aimed towards tech enthusiasts and mechanical watch purists. There are many smart watches out in the market that tries to do everything, when in reality, it seems like majority of its features are barely touched. I would like to see watches that has less feature clutter and more focus on general use like weather, illumination and notifications (at least for now) all while using mechanical parts to generate its own electricity (ie. HYT H4, Seiko Kinetic Drive, Ulysse Nardin Innovision 2). Additionally, utilizing real estate that I’ve yet to see watch companies use, the glass (Panasonic Transparent Television).

  • Adam

    Traveling watches with multiple time zones, power reserve of at least 4 days, power reserve indicator and chronograph that can be used as a timer. I don’t think that there is something like it out there, but if it was looking good – I’d really like to buy it.

  • David Wallace

    I like the blue, and the overall design is good enough although l tend to prefer less complex dials.

  • smoothsweeper

    Looks like a solid piece, would love to wear it.

    As far as the question is concerned, I’d like to see more watches designed for swimming – not necessarily diving, but swimming laps in a pool. I think you’d have to start by putting the crown on the left side, and then make the watch profile as hydrodynamic as possible. It should probably have a chrono (timing laps!), be lightweight (titanium on rubber?), and would really need to “hug” the wrist, somehow.

  • Mike valletta

    Very nice looking watch. Face was well thought out

  • Sunny

    Surfing – I’d like to see more tide watches again – don’t see many of them (mechanical) and it’d be great for other sports too. When I was a kid I lost a bunch of watches surfing so fixed bars would be a practical option

  • piroska

    Beautiful watch! I’d like to see more watches for running.

  • Tom Canedy

    I would love to see a watch made for sport and casual wear.

  • Daryl

    Pro wrestling with a tourbillion that looks like a ring bell

  • Scot Aubrey

    Killer design and the blue band screams sporty. This Delma Oceanmaster would be a great one to start my dive collection with. As far as additional designs go, I love a good daily beater watch that looks good regardless of what I am involved in.

  • Anna Nuehm

    Would like to see more automatic, no-nonsense activity watches with at least 100 m water resistance (but without the typical diver’s looks), modest diameter and hight, like the Rolex Explorer I, the Archimede Outdoor or the Sinn 556.

  • Andrew Bistak

    I love the looks of this watch, and the somewhat quirky touches on the dial with the Regatta indicators, which is not often seen.
    If I had to say which sport I would love to see more watches out there for, it would be for lap swimmers, who would like to train on their own and not have to rely on someone else being there to time. The watch would likely have to be quartz, and have some sort of built in sensor that can sense change in pressure and direction so that each time a swimmer changes direction and pushes off of the wall, it knows to split the lap. Could be pretty interesting for someone to take under their belt…

  • Jordan Braun

    Great looking watch. I’d love to see watches designed for Chefs! Its an area I don’t think has ever been explored. It would need multiple timers (with loud alarms! Try hearing a g-shock alarm go off in a busy kitchen), a 5/10 min countdown feature for timing plates, and a 24 hour chrono to track your daily hours, you know, for bragging rights.

  • Forrest Haney

    Thanks for contest! As a professional diver now retired I collect dive watches of all makes and manufactures. When Diving very deep it was hard to see numbers on the dial. The largest dial with numbers that glow very bright for a long time was wanted. With size weight always increased. Some like the heavy watches but I prefer light and tough. At depth you can get tossed around banging around on tools pipes whatever you working on. Protection for the crystal is nice. Recessed or some kind of guard. The band should be. A material that won’t separate under stress. Metal watch bands are nice but nylon always the best with securing method backed up so if a portion failed secondary would hold. The movement is very important mine always being an automatic. Cheers….

  • WilliamRust

    I am constantly wondering what could make the perfect fishing watch. Traditional field watch aesthetics, with strong WR, and shock resistance for river spills. Complications and bezel design is beyond my imagination. Internal and external bezeling to quickly mark multiple events, depending on the fisher’s logging needs. Whether bezeling or not, the ability to mark several events would be desirable.

  • Josh Chessman

    Would love to see more swim watches. Has to be able to count lengths and laps of varying distances though.

  • Wes Blumberg

    I would love to see motorcycle racing watches. With the technology today it should be digital like a G-shock and be able to tell how fast you are going in mph and kilometers. It also needs to be rugged and able to take a crash or two without cracking.

  • Steve Haley

    Great looking diver. Really like the blue bezel.

  • Gregstir

    It would be cool to have a watch for golfing. Maybe 38-39mm, automatic, dive watch styling, but the bezel could display 12 different clubs, and the yardages could be displayed on the outside edge of the face. Wearers could “dial in” their club length by rotating the bezel, and they’d have a handy guide and a good-looking watch.

  • Fernando

    I would like a dive watch with a deep of field calculator in the bezel for nature photography.

  • Sarthak Sharma

    I’d like to see a watch made for football. Perhaps, a smartwatch would fit the bill. It would have to be immensely durable to survive continuous hard hits and falls, and quarterbacks could use them for calling plays or checking the play clock.

  • Duane Clocker

    Love the automatic dive watches.

  • Graham Duncan

    Professional Cooking could benefit from a watch designed specifically for chefs, an auto chrono that could time 4 separate events, including counting up. Would have take hard knocks, be tough as nails, heat and grease resistant, and waterproof for the occasional shift in the dish pit, which somehow they never show on “chopped”

  • Richard carroll

    The Oceanmaster looks great. I would love to win it.

  • Kyle Herret

    Great looking watch. Would love to add it to the collection.

  • Lordticktock

    Oceanmaster would look great in my watch box. They should make watches for photographers with a calculator function that determines shutter and aperture combinations for perfect photos.

  • Darren

    I’d like to see watches designed for….hmm…good question. Okay I’ve got it, we should see more watches made for architects. I’d envision more minimalist watches….and watches that make use of every space.

  • Jane McGregor

    Have pets designs on them that make animal sounds!

  • Dani

    i love tool watch especially for diving.. this watch looks good.. i would like to win it

  • Curt Tracy

    I love the blue accents and wish Tissot offered a blue strap for the t-touch. I would like a watch that works well with cycling that gathers power data, has a gps, and interfaces with training software.

  • Heiko Schmidt

    I like watches that accompany all sorts of motor sport, especially if the design includes part of the event they are made for of design elements of the vehicles used in these readers (either cars, ships or planes)

    The give away tool watch looks really nice and relaxed due to the applied colours.

    Thanks Adam!
    Keep it up!

  • Bart Czy?

    Nice watch. Black looks more classic. Combination of colors like Doxa did with submariner (orange).

  • Intred

    Hi, i would love to see some watches aimed for fitness/gym sports. Would be great to have a mechanical watch that lets you do interval trainings that chime at two tones to signal you when there is a rest period and when you need to begin with the activity. Sure a smartphone of smartwatch can already do this but it would be nice to have this on a mechanical watch.

  • Andreas

    Damaskus blued Steel diving watch compressor style with long lasting strong lume.

  • Ladnqy

    It would be nice to see more watches, made for chess players. I think, chess clock could be useful function for the players on the go! Also, there is lot of figures in game, that could be transformed into different face styles.

  • Chris Davis

    I’d like to see a watch for runners – a (mechanical) digital display with chronograph function for getting those accurate to the second lap times. Styled in titanium for for that light weight functional appeal.

  • Zangdar

    I would like to see more watches with astronomy in mind. For example some would indicate the starmap and they would come as twins : One for the northern hemisphere and one for the southern. Another example would be watches specifically made for stargazing and it would be equipped with a compass, redlight illumination, planet/star position, GPS, etc… Or even one with space as its main creative theme such as the gorgeous Midnight Planétarium from Van Cleef & Arpels. A simpler example for the latter would be to create a watch indicating in real time the ISS’s position (is that even possible ?) Or just nine different models with one planet as their main tracking focus => The Mars model, having just one jewel orbiting in real time a model earth, would prove to be a very popular model in my opinion !

  • Rhobot

    Diving, Titanium case with ceramic bezel

  • Steve M

    Being Canadian and an avid Hockey fan (Go Leafs Go!) a 42mm with a chrono feature to assist in training offf and on ice would be really cool. The face could be a silver white with red and blue accents to signify the lines in the ice…Cool

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    Watches for musicians would not necessarily need complicated functions, though we love those. A musician’s watch would be light weight–not tight on the wrist, but with only slight movement.

  • Scott Macmillan

    A watch representing hockey would be a watch I would like to own.

  • Dan Willingham

    I’m a psychologist, so I’d like to see a psychologist’s watch…should have vibrating alarm that goes off 50 min on the hour, so a therapist knows the session is over!

  • Vlad

    I’d like to see more watches specifically designed for cowboys with rotating bezel cow countet.

  • Maxim Pyankov

    Would like to see more to be developed around Motorsports…I know there are plenty already, but there are more areas to explore, like MotoGP, Indy, etc.

  • Unruly ElA

    I would like to see another rendition of a dual dial, a “reverso” if you will. Having a watch that offers a mechanical and a digital dial with simply flipping the case would appease both camps.

  • Gary Granger

    Motorcycling, Seiko has a motorcycle watch….would like to see how other manufactures would approach this. Seikos is tilted, must be thin but not fragile. Easy to see while riding.

  • Vincent Vanstreels

    I would love to see more watches with sailing in mind, like this one! A regatta countdown timer is very useful, and even though there are watches out there like this one, I feel like there aren’t enough. A complication to keep track of tides would also be super cool but probably too difficult since it depends on your location. I’m really glad I came across this watch since it is exactly what I’m thinking of.

  • Robert Moran

    I like to see the dive watches an this on e is very nice

  • eitan

    I’d like to see a watch with digital display with chronograph function for getting those accurate to the second lap times. Styled in titanium for for that light weight functional appeal.

  • I’d like to see watches for track swimming activity

  • Vikram

    Would love to see a watch for Motorsport enthusiasts… maybe timers that start using accelerometers so they can wear them watches and tune their own laps and or 0-60times

  • Easy Quindo

    More cycling watches not made by Garmin or the like. Ie… Cyclists need better style.

  • René VooDoo Wendtland

    Sailing. Simple as that!

  • Javiersteva

    The blue band would go well with my 2009 Haro flightline 1.

  • Benjamin Sermersheim

    Rock climbing needs to get some style too. While most climbers aren’t exactly the watch ‘type’, those who are are hard pressed to find a watch with both style and extreme durability. A watch for a climber would need to be incredibly durable, have a semi-flexible band so the climbers forearms can move and flex however necessary without hindrance, and preferably a timer complication, so those who speed climb can get an accurate time.

  • A D

    Cricket is the sport. How long is this game, er match, wait… test?

  • ?ukasz ?wierczek

    Would love to see mechanical tool watch for climbing/hiking.

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    I’d be interested in a watch for cooking. Perhaps a built in temperature probe could be a complication?

  • Kyle Hoopingarner

    I know ‘desk diver’ is a favorite term, but I find ‘desk divers’ to be practical. Being in traveling sales, I visit customer facilities with many different types of manufacturing processes. I always need to look sharp and professional, but still need to have something that can take an accidental whack on a piece of machinery, or be exposed to liquids in a filling plant, or vibrations from a factory floor. Durability and looks are key features.

  • Middle

    I’d like to see more watches for diving.

  • Brad Herndon

    Great looking watch! General outdoors type watch; camping, fishing, hiking, with great lum and very visible numbering on the dial would be great.

  • Rav

    Golf … with a shot-counting bezel?

  • rcarp

    A smart watch for astronomy with connectivity to telescope.

  • Thomas Sachy

    Best darned watch south of Norway…

  • John S.

    I agree with the golf watch ideas.

  • David A Rainey

    A fishing watch would be cool. It would need high and low tides, the ability to enter geographic locations to find that great fishing spot you were at the last time, record catch limits, and start/end dates for different seasons.

  • Wgc001

    Road bike riding watch (cadence)

  • Elmer

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is an awesome watch. I would like to see a watch for tennis so that it could measure the speed when I serve the ball. And could also give a reading of my angles of my elbow when throwing a volley. Cheers!

  • Larry Seiden

    You know what I love about this watch – color, vintage case design and a reasonable price! I’m going to check out more of the Delma line

  • Marty Fine

    The Delma Oceanmaster Automatic is a beautiful watch. A watch for photographers that gave you the right shutter speed or aperture depending on the current light level would be a cool watch! You could also combine astronomy and photography to come up with the time required to photograph a night sky so that you don’t end up with light streaks due to the earth’s rotation.

  • B Cruger

    Seems like an odd assortment of complications to me. Bezel dedicated to compass is too granular in markings, providing an unrealistic implied accuracy. Could have had simple NSEW imbedded in a diver timer for more complete cross funtiinal use. Nice vibrant color however.

  • Jonathan Tate

    I like the vintage look of this watch. The use of colour really gives it a modern touch. I would love to see a watch geared to water but not necessarily a dive watch. Something that is geared to the beach or recreational swimming. A manual/automatic watch that appeals to a different niche other than diving.

  • Bob Jordahl

    It’s a really nice looking timepiece. I would have preferred a metal band rather than the colored rubberized one. Seems to be too much blue. Other than that it seems a handsome watch.

  • Stephanie

    Would luv to see more sports watches in tennis. Nadal got some attention for wearing a pretty expensive watch during tennis matches. Would luv to see a diver type inspired watch for this sport!

  • Tudor Ghigheanu

    Water sports watches are always great. They would need to have very good water resistance, a clear and easy to read dial, with large and fluorescent digits.

  • M. Halay Tunceriki

    Water sports. Water resistance is important.

  • F Woodson

    Basketball. Chronograph for the shot clock countdown.

  • Lev Belava

    Nice watch. I’d also like to see watch with alarm and chime. It might help me being on time with meetings.

  • Marc C

    As a father of two young children, I’m thinking a baby monitor watch would help the cause. There are a ton of smartphone apps for this kind of thing, but having something on the wrist would free up an ever-so-vital hand. I’m envisioning a digital / analog hybrid — time telling and chronograph would be analog, but then there would be digital features like Bluetooth connection to a baby monitor or app, feeding timer, fitness tracking (for the parent), and entry of baby data like how much formula they drank (perhaps data entry can be done via a rotating bezel, so we can stay away from making this a smartwatch). Of course, needs to be resistant to water, milk, and other fluids not to be named. Ariel, can you talk to your friends at Casio about this one?

  • Mark Marville

    Sports watches that make sounds for their sport!

  • penemio

    I have never seen a watch for bowling, but if there were, a sound alert mechanism that you could program to guide your hand toward the ideal spot you want to connect with the the pins would very cool.

  • ivel1977

    A watch for billiards that signals you when you’ve lined up that perfect shot in the corner pocket/

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Generic countdown function which could be adjusted with desired time.

  • Mike F

    Nice looking watch and the rubber strap would be best for Stand Up Paddle boarding.

  • Viraj Gadhvi

    Great looking watch. Would be keen to try it out and see how it performs in the ocean. I would like to see an alarm with this watch.

  • Pete Shelbourn

    A great looking watch, I’d love to see more like this designed for water sports

  • Sleuth

    its a beauty and perfect for timing my eggs!

  • oddjobblack

    Love the race timer, very neat. How about a mountain biking watch with a breakaway strap-tether combo in the event of getting snagged.

  • JonnyB

    The Delma is a very nice looking watch. I would like to see some style watches around the theme of skiing. It seems surprising this avenue hasn’t been explored more already, given Switzerlands close association with both watchmaking and winter sports. I could envisage them needing to be legible in both foggy as well as very bright/white conditions, but also stylish enough to turn heads during Apres Ski.

  • Wajih

    Something for runners that could be worn formally at a party as well. High end finishing but also rugged enough to deal with sweat and dust.

  • Mohammad Ardyanto

    Ice rock climbing in sub-zero temperature such as Himalaya/Everest with auto-mechanical movement when electric quartz battery may drain like crazy, when timing is very critical (which 15 minutes miss can bring you to catastrophic storm), we also wonder of new developed lubricant for autos which also works well in tropical climate without any changes.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    Thanks to Delma for a nice giveaway.

    I struggled adding to the conversation about features for sport or profession, but then i sawa commercial for one of tre dance competitions. Ive never seen a watch which captures the passion that dances display, so how about a watch face and hands that commemorate and honor the art?

  • Anders Malm

    I like to see a affordable watch for hiking and outdoor activities with compass and chronograph.

  • Gabriel

    An analog watch for running that shows the distance ran, calories burn and heartbeat would be an interesting ideea.

  • Carl R White

    Mention a sport, profession, or activity you would like to see more watches specifically designed for and what characteristics or functions such a watch would need.

    Ticket Scalping needs a watch with reminder alarms as ticket scalpers lose track of time before an event and need to know when to drop prices or to quit buying tickets.

    m o o v e m k r @ g m a i l . c o m as I am not sure you have my email.

  • Andy

    Would complement a range of attire

  • Christian Henriksen

    I’d like to see some watches dedicated to frisbee golf. The time could be difficult to read, as it doesn’t really matter, but should have lots of eye catching shiny patterns to look at while your mates hunt for their discs in the scrub.

  • Jeff Randall

    A watch geared for skiing would be interesting to see. Easily legible in the brightness caused by snow and sun, but still stylish enough for cocktails in front of the fire at the lodge afterwards.

  • stupidity1

    A light weight watch for swimmers. Divers watches are usually a bit bulky

  • mining_budder_lion

    A watch made for motorcross could be an interesting idea. It could tell the air time, distance lept, and the heighest elevation reached.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I think something specifically for skydivers- it would have the opposite of a depth gauge like in the Oris. You could tell the altitude, and it could be calibrated for hundreds of feet or thousands. There would also be a timing component, similar to a chronograph, but it would be an alarm that you can preset to vibrate or ring at certain altitudes so you can figure out when to deploy your main chute. The watch would have to be about 45mm or larger to accommodate those features and still be able to fit over the skydiving suit.

  • kathypease

    I would love one for walking on the treadmill

  • honeypie411

    I would like to see a watch designed for hikers. Something with gps and 911 capability too.

  • MSM

    A watch for a desk job with a bracelet designed to repel scuffs and small scratches?

  • Benoît Marmotte

    Hi, I would love to see more chronos dedicated to soccer with a 45′ subdial 🙂 instead of 30′.
    Easy too use the subdial to “hide” a soccer ball.

  • kramdrallim

    I want a watch to be impervious to hard labor in rough industrial environments. The bezel should be raised well proud of the crystal to provide adequate protection, and the pushers and crown need protection blocks so they can’t get caught or snagged on anything. It would be water resistant to a minimum of 300 M and be made of an extremely hard and polished material that concrete would find it hard to get purchase on and wash of easily.Maximum legibility night and day is a must,so hands and indices need to be well contrasted with the dial. I’m not asking much…..

  • Evan59

    I love diving watches that are not so clunky as to seem too large to wear under a dress sleeve.

  • Kenny Lee

    Cool blue bezel. Classy yey sporty. Love to wear one

  • mmurayam

    I think a round timer would be pretty cool for boxing. If there was a chronograph function that would track four minutes, three minutes for the round and one minute for the round in between. In addition, at the end of the four minutes the round counter would count up. That would be really cool for some sort of commemorative watch.

  • Sebastian Hain

    I would like to create a watch for sport fans of Boxing or mma specific with speciell sign and the strenght of a fighter.

  • BDwide

    As a soccer coach, a specialized (analog, mechanical) chrono with a 45 minute countdown timer (perhaps selectable for youth teams). Ideally when the countdown time ended it would start counting up to know how far into added time you are. That said, I think I can find a way to make the Oceanmaster work should I win – lovely piece.

  • Trey Hawkins

    An all around real “sports” watch – rugged enough for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, swimming, etc. but still an automatic with a chronograph.

  • DV

    Waterproof watches for swimming are great

  • Whoisi

    The external or internal rotating besel with function slide rule for engineering profession would be classic.

  • Jeff Addison

    An adjustable count down timer with an alarm would be useful for a chemist running experiments. I will watch the time on my watch, but need to use a separate timer with an alarm as well.

  • Maria Simon

    A watch for my husband to fish with would be that does all kinds of fancy things 😉

  • joy venters

    I would like a watch with a timer so when I do different exercises It can alert me to go to the next one.

  • Allyson Becker

    I would love a watch made for figure skaters. It would need to be durable.

  • geo xavier

    I would love to see more choices in divers watches for ladies. Currently it is a bit limited I feel.

  • Tauseef Anwar

    Haven’t seen many cricket themed watches out there…its a sport with considerable pedigree and history yet I only know of AP that has a limited edition. Imagining a green pitch on the face.

  • bdeshaies

    Shooting sports are gaining in popularity. I’m not sure there are specific features required, but the style could reuse elements such as the IPSC target shape or a bullseye. The hour markers could have the shape of bullets, lol

  • Jerry Marquardt

    I like to have my watch when I am walking to count steps. The Oceanmaster Automatic is very powerful.

  • Skootertrash

    A beekeeping themed watch would be quite pleasant. A subdued honeycomb dial with a bee for the lollipop of the second hand. Perhaps with a traditional straw beehive as an applied logo. all in a lightly brushed case.

  • morphal

    I would like to see more more hiking watches with classic dress watch dial. Great functionality would be a thermometer displaying temperature on a separate sub-dial and barometer/altimeter.

  • MichaelT

    What about a watch for moms. With some features to help them juggle all the kids commitments meals and running the house. So functional but fasional so they want to wear it.

  • Danny Rubio

    I’m in need of a watch, and that Blue Delma would look good around my wrist.

  • Keith Matheny

    For us left-handers who wear our watches on the traditional left wrist, a watch that can stand up to throwing — a baseball, football, anything — would be nice. I know this first-hand, having skipped a rock into a lake from the shore, and watched the whipping of my arm send my affordable watch flying out into the lake after it. (And believe it or not, I recovered the watch!) Such a watch would need strong springbars and a rotor system designed to withstand sudden, strong arm motions. The endorsement deals with Major League pitching aces would be just waiting to happen with such a watch.

  • Laurence Daly

    A watch for motorbike endurance riding. Rugged enough to take constant vibration, large easy to read hands and face and simple stop watch function with large buttons that operate it.

  • KentH

    Great looking watch for divers. But, golfers need a watch too. They have to know how much time on the putting green before teeing off. Also, counting strokes is a must.

  • Reynolds C. Reyes

    A watch for playing tennis that has a durable construction along with bold legible easy to read dial when it’s bright and sunny.

  • DocSanti

    A watch for travelers with luminous gas numbers and hands , dual time zones and an alarm feature perhaps can synchronize with a smartphone that a message has been received .

  • Peter A

    Simple time-only watches for hiking: 36-38 mm diameter, thin case, highly legible dial with good lume, improved shock and water resistance, no pushers or rotating bezel dirt can get under.

  • bshank

    It would be great to see a mechanical watch for hiking with an altimeter, barometer and a compass.

  • Himanshu Arora

    I would like watch for travelers with dual-time zones, light gastubes, rotating bezel with direction and two alarm system.

  • John Voirol

    Love the rotating navigation bezel on the watch. A good GMT for world travelers is always a good idea imo.

  • Telmo Magalhaes

    Good luck everyone!

    Sorry no ideas about new watches 🙁

  • gertzedek

    This’s probably getting into pretty speculative territory, but a smartwatch for desk workers that could monitor the tension in your wrist and alert you if you’re typing unergonomically would probably go a long way towards preventing carpal tunnel.

  • Jakob Ott

    I’d like to see a mechanical watch with an alarm feature which can be set to a specific day and time of the current month (as alternative to the ordinary daily alarm time)

  • Paul Goebel

    Great looking Delmas. I would like to see more watches designed for hiking. Specifically, the watch would have a compass and barometer either built directly into the watch or working autonomously on the strap. I actually think the strap version would allow for some unique design variations.

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    1. Not just in hiking, mountaineering but any serious activities that take place outdoors or even in the wilderness, where you can really can get lost, a COMPASS on a watch is a feature, that is not always only welcomed, but in more cases than not a MUST.

    Yes, compass is something, we are used to in G-Shocks (with a higher price tag) or for example Casio Pro-Trek watch line.

    But I meant something, that resembles more a feature found on this Seiko Solar powered watch (SSC081). In my opinion at least, if the compass is featured in watch in such or in a similar way, it is also more attractive to the casual wearer or maybe does not even stand out (much), if sometimes used as a dress watch.

    2. Something more “exotic”, but without a doubt a very useful (and necessary) tool for PILOTS (not to even mention) ASTRONAUTS, but better than listing different activities or professions, where this would come very in handy, I’d say EVERYWHERE, where positional awareness is REQUIRED and can be easily lost, would be some sort of an artificial horizon (A.H.).

    And since the “heart” of a (traditional) A.H. is gyroscope, that can be vacuum powered, I see no contraindications, why this could not be integrated even into a mechanical watch (I’m sure, that such a watch would require quite big dimensions, otherwise it would not “perform” its function as intended, but for a talented watch designer I see nothing, that is impossible to achieve).

    Of course, such an A.H. had to be ‘stripped’ down considerably (example: speed and height indicator would probably make this feature VERY complicated and expensive), but retaining the BASIC features is something I can imagine to be produced. Because of this add-on, look at the picture below just as an “elaborate” version of what I had in mind in the first place. And the other (SEIKO picture) also only as an example or “blueprint” if you will.

  • Andrew Hochberg

    I propose a spelunking watch for underground exploration. Possessing great dial lume would be a necessity. A rotating countdown bezel for monitoring trips below ground would be a de rigueur feature too. As well as a high impact case and ceramic materials to enhance durability from inevitable bashes on unforgiving rock-hard surfaces. Deluxe models might offer a chrono, and perhaps a subterranean depth indicator of meters below the surface.

  • trisha mckee

    We love to go hiking so i’d love a watch that has a way to plan hikes, the routes, the miles, and the time it should take as well as a compass with it.

  • Leela

    Watches for surfing.

  • Michelle H.

    A watch for hiking with directional features would be great.

  • Galen

    I’d like to see a cyclist-themed watch. I’d prefer it to be legible at a glance so as not to remove my eyes from the road for too long.

  • Larry Janeshek

    I would like to see a watch for skydivers with an altimeter and audible timer.

  • Semih

    I’d like to see a watch for chefs: a Kitchenmaster.

  • Crissy Brown

    a watch for hiking and biking would be cool.

  • Don

    Dive watch style chronometer (500m+), GMT 2nd time zone on the face, 60-min rotating bezel ring with a small additional mark on 15/30/45 for cardinal direction, a free floating compass so you can get a quick rough bearing at a glance. Oh, and big screw-in lugs, just because.

  • Yaroslav Vishnyak

    great giveaway! sorry, i have no ideas about new watches. i even have no watches at all. )) because i don’t like cheap watches (below 100 usd) and can’t let myself to buy any expensive.

  • Damien Scott

    I love dive watches. I’m working class and work in a warehouse and it took nearly 2 years to save up and buy a squale. This watch looks stunning. I would really love to have this watch.

    A divers and everyday watch to wear all the time that can take a beating

  • Esteban

    On the contrary, I want a watch for ALL the sports. Well, not all, but with functions that would work in several disciplines, as opposed to a single-sport watch. Stopwatch with loads of functions (laps, dual sw, dual split, altimeter sw…), large digital display, solar battery. Basically a G-Shock with all the functions of all the G-Shocks!

  • GratisShark

    This is a unique looking watch and that’s a rare thing these days. My hat is off to the designer and to this company for putting into production. A sport that may benefit from a watch designed specifically for it is parachuting (skydiving). I have seen watches meant for many extreme activities, but not for this one. Of course, there may be some out there but I’m not aware of them. I think it would also allow for some interesting design cues and a special look.

  • mark

    Nice sports watch I would have loved one when I used to SCUBA dive. Saying that I think it still looks good as an everyday wear watch.