GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark Giveaways

Swiss Delma watches aren't known too well outside of Europe. They produce attractive, mid-range mechanical and quartz watches that include fun mechanical dive watches like the Santiago Blue Shark. A predominance of orange (versus blue) on the dial might have you take issue with the name, but it is nevertheless a diver to be reckoned with. At 47mm wide, the Santiago Blue Shark isn't a watch for lightweights. The all-steel case is water resistant to a depth of 3,000 meters.  The steel bezel comes in brushed steel or PVD black, and the crystal is sapphire. This deep diver contains a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement and retails for $2,196. You have a chance to win one this month on aBlogtoWatch by following the simple instructions and entering below.

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1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment mention if you think new watch brands or old watch brands are more innovative with their products these days.

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A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Delma, the sponsor of the Santiago Blue Shark watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • DaveyGT

    Older manufacturers still continue to amaze with mechanical innovations if you ask me, though some strong newer brands have been carrying the vanguard, particularly on case construction.

  • PhilMaurer

    I do not think that old or new are any more innovative.  I think it comes down to the watch maker.  Omega is somewhat innovative, while Rolex is not.  Some of the newer makers stay very safe and use off the shelf movements…  
    6 one way 1/2 dozen the other.

  • geeno

    I think new companies are more innovative as they have to differentiate themselves from the mainstream !

  • Dan A

    It depends on the manufacturer, though it seems a lot of the older manufacturers are producing incredibly complicated watches just to show that they can, while the smaller guys out there are focused more on design from an aesthetic standpoint.  I see an ad for Romain Jerome at the top of the page, they’re a good example of the latter.

  • FalconerInd

    Ok i ll say it, i miss a diver in my collection ….
    more to the point: i think both new and older brands can be innovative, but few choose to do so, it s more reassuring to give us a slight variation of something that work ( i m looking at you Rolex).

  • WatchOgler

    New watch brands, absolutely. No need to feel beholden to history to satisfy existing customers.

  • marinerwon

    New and old watch brands are both innovative. The old innovate to remain relevant and the new innovate to begin being relevant.

  • Hacker4748

    Most certainly the new watch brands are more innovative. They do not have the “heritage” baggage and can build their own image as they like and desire, including any innovations they want to. Just look at eg. Ressence. Can you imagine any old brand doing this? Patek? IWC?

  • EranR

    Well, there’s different kinds of innovation. Brands like Breguet or Ulysse Nardin (and many others, of course) have presented interesting innovations in their movements, throughout their existence and in recent years as well. Those are typically the kinds of innovation that relies on well funded research into materials and structures, probably beyond the capacity of most smaller brands. But it’s often the creative designs of newer brands than actually make one smile – new concepts like shown by Ressence, Valbray, and Marc Jenni, to name but a few – are typically not what an established brand would dare offer to their customers.

  • rajviswa

    New or old, innovators have been innovators always. And the watch is a perfect piece of engineering marvel where there’s lots of scope for innovation at many levels (movement, looks, comlications etc.)

  • Eyfz

    I think that new watch brands are most  welcome, some of the old watch manufactures are keeping the traditional designs while the newcomers offer new designs with cool features and great looks. I am all for it!

  • Mind_Game

    Both old and new are innovators. I think new brands perhaps innovate more in terms of design and old brand perhaps more in terms of movements / complications.

  • Both have a place.  Innovative (design or mechanics) can propel a new brand into the big league.  Doesn’t mean it must cost a fortune.
    Nice watch this one!

  • I don’t think that there is much innovation going on outside of the lower end digital market, with brands more focused on repackaging heritage items for today’s tastes.

  • ArthurZzz

    The old and new brands are innovators in their own way. For a new brand to stand out of the crowd they have to innovate something completely new and attractive. The rest was already created by the old brands.
    Ariel, have you done an article on Diver watches over the years?

  • RjJocs

    Both have a certain degree of innovation. But the legacy brands, I believe, have less opportunity for innovative designs since they have a signature look.

  • NolanKubbernus

    I think new watch brands are more innovative, but there are always exceptions.

  • stelakos

    in my opinion new watch brands are not trully innovative, unlike older brands who really try to delevop classy yet innovative timepieces

  • bennyboy1688

    I believe that new watch brands are always trying to push the boundaries of fine watch-making.

  • ricsif

    On movements the bigger bands are more innovative, but on design the indies make more effort.
    As said “but there are always exceptions.”.

  • concordus

    I love all the classical brands with little improvements on their design but more improvement on technical side.

    It is like e-type jag with new equipment.


  • Libert

    why you should fix or change something that is working perfectly?
    Think new brands are more experimental type. They should have classical designs there too.

  • Emperius

    Wow epic divers! In order for my comment to be valid.. 😛
    I believe we are in a stage where its on ‘hold’ in simple terms. Watches take time (no pun intended) to innovate drastically, in terms of functionality and technicality and not design or looks. Watches such as the HYT, Casio GPS are certainly innovations but not as previous generations had done. No, iWatch and Sony watches or the plethora of crap smart watches DON’T count 🙂

  • I think the newer brands are more experimental, as this is what it takes for them to get noticed. The older brands have time behind them and have already drummed up a large following, so they can afford to be slightly more conservative.

  • winterwold

    I don’t think that it has much to do about old or new brands. They have different kinds of opportunities. New brands a unchained in regards to what designs they want to do, but often lack the funds or knowledge to perform innovation on a more complex scale like in movements. Old brands have the funds and expertise to make new kinds of complications but often find themselves restricted in what they dare to do for fear of loosing or deviating to far from their image or design foundation.

  • Milamber

    I think the newer brands have to be more innovative just to get noticed over the tried and tested older brands.

  • AlphonseDelRudo

    Great looking watch  It has that “James Bond’s knuckle-duster” look about it.
    I think in general terms new companies are more adventurous and innovative with their styling, whereas older established companies devote more time to developing novel features for their movements.   Perhaps the real determinant of whether a company is “innovative” is not age, but rather the attitude of the people running it.

  • Ulysses31

    I’d go with newer brands.  They lack the historical prestige associated with older brands and so have to do something wild to draw attention.  Several of the more well-known older brands seem to be stuck in a rut, style-wise, and it is a huge turn off for me.

  • ragincajun

    I think that newer watch brands ar pushing the limits more to get people to notice their products.

  • Jevansent

    I think the newer watch brands, especially the higher end boutique brands are pushing the boundaries way faster than the older established houses. Granted that their complications are more “we did it because we can” rather than “we made it cause it’s useful” but technological advancement can’t be bad.

  • LordotU

    Only old school, only hardcore!

  • jparks24

    I think that new watch brands are more innovative because they have to break in to the market.

  • omrivm

    Old brands are better…

  • timslaughter

    I feel as though the older brands are considerably more innovative for one simple reason….money. They have the assets that the newer brands don’t have.

  • Lexicorn

    New watch brands are more innovative, old watch brands have a ‘heritage’ to guard

  • chruisto

    Old brands it is

  • aslogar

    Nice watch.  I think the innovation is brand dependent.  Some old school brands that want to build market share seem to be more innovative, and new brands that are trying to build exposure would build out unique models.

  • sephen

    I think its a trend that older watch brands are becoming more innovative then the newer ones, A few year back it was the opposite. This being said, i think older brand can be more innovative then they at the moment are, this is i think mainly because they “have” to “hold-on” to their pedigree/heritage.

  • Fraser Petrick

    I want a Santiago Blue Shark for its name alone. At 47mm wide, I’ll need two: one for each wrist; balance, you know, shen fui and all that.

  • GonzoSamaniego

    I think new brands try to make an impressive start with fancy innovations, but as far as I have seen it usually stops there, and they keep exploiting that initial innovation for years. Which isn’t really innovating. However, some old school brands keep researching and developing new features and concepts, because they have the means to do so. But in the end it depends on each brand.

  • NigelLewington

    Always liked dive watches, particularly when they have orange in them.

  • HarleyQuinn

    wow love this watch. i love dive watches 🙂
    IMO traditional watch brands are forced to become more innovative to keep up with the more agile new companies, however, the downside is “innovation” means more costs, which means price rises. I am a sucker for older brands tho…new brands just don’t have the pedigree and history that makes mechanical watches attractive to me.

  • damdam

    Wow! Beautiful watch and 3000 m! That’s awesome (eventhough I don’t dive that deep ;-))
    I think new and smaller watch brands are more innovative because they have to try harder to stay in the game. When I take a look at the  small independent watchcompanies I’m always impressed what they create and invent.

  • spsall

    I think new watch brands are innovative regarding design and in some cases materials.

  • chinginud

    I think new watch brands have less to lose so they take more risks with their designs making them more innovative.  It seems like old brands do subtle revisions to very established designs.

  • drhrva

    I think the newer watch brands are more innovative. They have to offer something that others, specially old brands, don’t have. The established brands have their best sellers and keep producing them for a long time. And if they do change them, they still stick to its essence and spirit. why fix it if it ain’t broke.

  • ZoretMan

    i think old brands have the class in there

  • IsmaelMartinez

    It s difficult to say who’s is being the most innovative. I see so many so called ugly innovations (invicta) and beautiful ones like RADO. So if anything, old brands have teach us that slow and steady is better and leads to longevity and value.

  • vferrava

    New watch brands seem to only be about the case and dial. Older brands have the expertise to make innovative changes.

  • Khuyngh

    Older brands establish what is popular today. As in their style is being replicated.. But newer models produce new innovations with movements and the way time pieces are made..

  • andrewmsalisbury

    The old brands are able to stick around because they are able to innovate and reinvent things over time. That’s not to say new brands don’t have good ideas too, but the old brands simply have more experience working to their advantage.

  • bremersm

    I think that the new brands can take a risk and at times to more innovative.

  • German L

    I think newer companies might be a bit more innovative simply because they are trying to compete with the big guns and they need to bring something to the table that stands out and gets the attention of customers.

  • MichaelVelardo

    The new brands are reaching new heights in the complications they are coming up with. I have seen some outstanding mechanisms in these new high-end watches. Fantastic.

  • Dan Baxter

    It seems as if new brands are “hungrier” and therefore tend to be more innovative.  They are looking to make a splash and so they need something to provide that differentiation.

  • cmwiggen

    I think that new brands are more innovative with their design whereas the older brands are more innovative with their movements. My 2 cents.

  • Mike M.

    I think the newer brands are the ones showing the most innovation lately.  The old brands have found their niche and are strong in that area.  Occasionally, they’ll produce something innovative and unique, but typically, it’s the newer brands struggling to break into the arena.

  • bleenhe1

    Newer brands are being more innovative with their design. Older brands already have established credibility so they do not need to take as many risks.

  • Kyle Hicks

    While older brands like Heuer, Omega, Breguet, and Longines are the original innovators, I believe that many newer brands have showcased remarkable innovation in recent years. In a marketplace where the almighty brand name is hard to trump, smaller and newer brands have been coming up with some unique solutions for old problems.

  • Fraher

    To make a splash I feel newer brand tend to be less reserved and flaunt innovation far more than older established names, actively trading on it, sometimes at the expense of looks and scale

  • RHF

    New brands have to be more innovative but they are typically more so aesthetically meanwhile the traditional powerhouses still lead the way in innovation with regard to movements.

  • From what I have seen The new watch brands are a lot more innovation because they need to be, every company knows that omega has the James bond watch, so watch brands whats to do better then that, ot improve on it.

  • watchman323

    I think newer brand are more innovative, but they lack classiness of an older watch.  I personally like older brand better.  I feel that they have the foundations to back them up.

  • doobygeek

    I think newer brands have to innovate more to set them apart from the pack. But often the more established brands have more resources to innovate.

  • JDCronin

    I think newer brands are more innovative, especially newer German brands with their crazy over-engineering.

  • JDurocher

    I think newer brands come up with more innovative (gimmicky) case designs, but the established brands have the know how to make interesting innovative movements.

  • lightningslim

    The  established brands, or “Old” ones, should I say, tend on the whole to be very much glued to their “Classic” models, often just offering minor modifications on “New” models. I love the vast variation to be had in design of watchmaking and I am always pleased by truly new designs, though sadly I am unlikely to ever be able to afford them! Meanwhile, I will keep my face stuck to the watchmaker’s window, looking in at the wonderful world of watches.

  • rkan

    new brands. they have less reputation to worry about and can be riskier in their designs

  • IamSpazzy

    More estabished brands are more innovative. Most of the newer brands are just cases around standard eta movements

  • stevej2001

    I think new bards are generally more innovative but some just copy what’s worked elsewhere.

  • Apdl

    New brands are more innovative. the older more established brands seem to play it safe and the new brands are willing to risk it

  • I think that “old” brands are more innovative.  These “old” brands have more in their reserves for R&D, testing, and promotions. Take a look at TAG. The new MikroPendulum is the first of its kind and looks beautiful as well; and, an newer company couldn’t necessarily do that.

  • RichCastrillon

    The older brands as many of the new seem to imitate rather than innovate.

  • jcollege

    I think that the older brands are more innovative, since they have the money for the R&D process.

  • desben

    The old brands innovate more. Innovation means research, which costs money. The old established brands have money. A lot of innovations came out from big and established companies such as Swatch, TAG, Rolex, Seiko, etc., whether it’s new materials for the hairspring, case materials, new exciting movements, spring drive, etc. Small boutique companies could not have afforded the development.

  • aloutside

    Newer brands tend to push the envelope on design, especially around bolder case designs and watch colors, but the “old” brands are more innovative around movements and functions.

  • teaspoon600

    I think the newer brands are more willing to take risks with new ideas simply to make a name for themselves.  Older brands on the other hand, have the ability and money to take a new idea and put it through a more rigorous development process to make sure it meets their QA.  I think this makes them look less innovative since they don’t rush to market and they don’t let some really crazy ideas mature since ultimately a failed idea would hurt their brand.

  • johnp33

    I think the the older brands have the ability to be innovative with their R&D dept and large amount of money or backing but tend to be a bit more cautious in their changes for fear of going away from what the established customers might expect. But some of the big names do make those changes so it isn’t necessarily that way for all of them. The smaller companies have less to risks and more to gain so they can takes make those radical changes.

  • GaryGrumble

    Older brands. Newer brands just try to make the outside “funky” looking while the innards are established movements.

  • mikesnow

    I believe older brands are more innovative when it comes to movement, and newer brands seem to be more novel in their case/face designs.    However then there are brands like HYT that are doing things that have never been conceived before.   I guess all companies contribute something to the progression of watchmaking.

  • JimBask

    Lately I think older brands have been more innovative while there seems to be a big push on some new brands to pay homage to some classic styles. Although their lower price points are often innovation of their own

  • WilliamNeva


  • Dharmik Mehta

    i always wonder when there is any new watch in market with a promotional tag line 3000ft water resistant now the question here arise in my mind is who’s gonna test and i also have seen many times Bunch of CEO prefer watch like Rolex submarine and god knews there are plenty of water resistant but the most important part is how often you gonna jump into ocean,when will be that moment when you gonna use this watch at maximum level or you just gonna wear it like normal people if yes then the bottom line is what’s the point

  • hab72

    If the old watch  brands were not innovative over the years , the company  didn’t survive the test of time. So I believe the old watch brands are more innovative then the new brands

  • TrevorMcElhaney

    I think older companies tend to be more innovative. They are usually larger and have the capital to put into R&D.

  • I think older brands are more innovative with movements. Newer brands seem to have a more innovative edge on presentation. This watch is awesome either way!

  • ralphs47

    I feel that the older watch brands continue to lead the industry in innovation and adaptation. These companies do an outstanding job of design…as well as marketing, using their existing customer base to expand via the best marketing action available: word-of-mouth!!!

  • DanielCabalRamirez

    Many of the old brands have become innovative with movements, cases and dials lately. Problem is, their prices have become so prohibitive that buyers have gradually turned to new watch companies that could offer similar innovations but sell more affordable products. Whether old or new, watch companies CANNOT afford NOT to innovate, else they become uncompetitive and go out of business. Of course, the old brands will always lead the way as they are the ones more established in reputation and capital.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    New watch brands tend to be more innovative than old watch brands. There are many new technologies around new brands which help innovation BUT, watch lovers will go to the old watch brands. It is just like a racer will prefer a manual sportscar rather than an automatic transmission. They were built with SOUL. Still, there are some new brands with soul such as the Delma Santiago Blue Shark that came with the reliable Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.

  • Tango45

    I think older brands are more innovative (when they decide to be) since they tend to have more experience in manufacturing techniques, working with materials, developing mechanical components, etc. Also, they tend to have the flexibility to invest in something that may or may not work (technically or with the customer) and can therefor afford to take more risks.

  • vicardo

    I personally find that both old and established brands as well as new brands are equally innovative. Established brands are more likely to be innovative on movements whilst new brands are more innovative on designs. Nevertheless there are exceptions for sure that excel in both!

  • TheNewMatthew

    I think new watch brands are more innovative with design and materials, but old watch brands are more innovative when it comes to the technology in the watches themselves. Look at Omega’s Co-Axial movement, for example.

  • jvin85

    Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a nice watch. I think if I owned this watch I would have no need for a Rolex Submariner, they have such similar looks to the untrained eye.
    Anyhow, as for old vs new watch brands being more innovative… I think it depending on the company’s management. Some companies are more in-tune with growth and innovation, while others just plug away at the same old just updating their looks. Each company plots their own path based on their particular situation. Zenith watches are a great example of this. Look at how their management over the years has changed things up.

  • carolyn h

    Seems to me the older brands tend to be more innovative with their movements whereas the newer brands take standard ETA movements and are more innovative with the watch’s design or look.

  • With modern watches it seems there’s more innovation in terms of design, now  we have a whole array of different designs for all different market niches. Some of the larger brands do tend focus more on classic designs, but then you have some of these boutique brands that are all about innovation and pushing the margins of design.
    In watches’ first couple hundred years of development, though, they were doing all the legwork for what we have today, so I’d daresay there had to be more attempts at making things work than you’d see now.

  • CalinManea

    I think that newer brands are usually more innovative with the designs while relying on the already available movements. Older brands seem to be sticking to what they know is already appreciated by the public in terms of design but they more often develop new movements.

  • db3

    It’s hard to say. I think some of the most important innovations took place over a century ago, when function was as important as function. These days, brands like HYT and MB&F seem to be pushing the envelope in terms of design and function — they don’t necessarily improve the function, but they innovative mechanics that achieve the same result.

  • Racerseven

    in terms of design, some established brands have to remain traditional and stick with what works for them, they do innovate technically but in little steps, preserving their heritage. newer brands have to come up with designs that they hope in time will become classics… love that watch and just the right size for me!

  • ehansen42

    Love this watch – finally one that I can take submarining! As for design, I think newer/younger brands are the ones trying to push the envelop with new designs.

  • estwest

    The  newcomers must innovate in order to attract attention of the fairly conservative clientele. The established brands tend to be more cautious.

  • danbouchard

    Hadn’t heard of Delma before. Nice offering!
    I’d say innovation comes in ebbs and flows. The groundwork has been laid so now we see small innovations in mechanics such as George Daniels’ Co-Axial escapement. More innovation seems to be coming in terms of design and function especially in regards to digital watches (ABC, bluetooth, etc.). In fact, I recently became a backer of the AGENT watch on Kickstarter after being intrigued by it’s technical innovations. An app store to download various looking dials to your watch? Awesome!

  • AndreBraz

    Newcomers are Always trying to inovate… but in general all are homages.

  • MichaelKHChan

    I think the new and old brands are the same innovative. What they are doing is to sell the new models to the customers.

  • RandyTorres

    Lovely watch, love the orange accents. Regarding innovation, well sometimes “innovation” is not all that its cracked up to be.  Sometimes the best watch is one that will do the job simply and efficiently. I don’t know much about this brand but based on what I’ve read Santiago Blue Shark falls into the latter category: reliable workhorse movement, all the right ingredients (sapphire crystal,  steel everything). In other words a nice solid dive watch.

  • svirecruiting

    Great looking watch…  I like the size and the movement , plus all stainless is great…

  • 2crazy2stop

    I would think that the “new guy on the block” would be focused on being more innovative as they have something to prove.

    Nice watch 🙂

  • joblow

    The Delma is a good looking watch.
    Reminds me of a Rolex w/o the date magnifier.
    “Depth of 3,000 meters” will get the job done.
    More expensive than I expected, but the price should reflect the quality.
    Overall, I’d say new watch brands are” more innovative with their products these days”.
    As new companies, they can afford the reputation.

  • AlexanderZharkov

    There is no such thing as ‘too-much-divers’, so thank you guys for the chance to increase in number of my diving watches collection. And yes, I think that the newbies in watchmaking are more innovative, and don’t overprice their watches as gurus.

  • Omegaguy

    Gorgeous watch! It definitely has most of the attributes I look for in a watch. Would this baby ever look good on my wrist!! Good luck all!

  • tresd

    Very nice looking watch.  I think that new watch brands are more innovative with design, just look at offerings like Ressence Type 3 and the HYT H1.  With that said, I think true innovation lies behind the facade.  The Ulysse Nardin Freak or the Rotonde de Cartier Mystery Watch are good examples of innovative design and movement.

  • socabaptist

    Hello Ariel
    I think this is an interesting topic that I could go on
    about forever. I think that the new watch brands have not been as innovative as
    the old watch brands.
    Let’s look at some of the older players. For example, the
    work being done by Tag Heur on the MikroGirder . This could potentially
    revolutionize the accuracy and the manufacture of watches. Seiko is always
    known for their innovation in movements including their Solar and Spring Drive
    movements. Also in terms of design, Cartier has really come to the fore with
    projects such as the Cartier ID One and
    Cartier ID Two — results of Cartier’s ID Program (Innovation andDevelopment). Also the older players have been making
    interesting progress around materials for watch cases – such as anti-magnetic
    materials, ceramics, Titanium etc. The Rolex Milgauss, Liquidmetal by Omega
    etc. etc.
    Granted Newer brands such as the higher end players such as
    MB&F and Harry Winston with their Opus Series do a lot of innovative work
    around design, and Richard Mille with their work on materials and
    But if we look at the innovation around the watch movements –
    which I think is more important, the older more established players I think are
    ahead of the newer players. This may be a result of them having the ability to
    invest more money in the research needed.
    The watch is great! Never heard of the brand, but it ticks all the boxes, eta movement, 3000m WR and 47mm – like the size!!

  • TimelyOne

    This is a very robust timepiece that should soak up the knocks of daily wear. The 9000 foot+ rating really qualifies this to be a serious tool as well. I believe that the older manufacturers tend to be the true innovators. Older brands realize, that except in rare occasions, the failure to advance creates sales stagnation. It is ok to be the manufacturer of a ‘ classic’. But long production runs put you in direct competition with your own resale pieces…not so great for growth or profitability.

  • jotpeh

    Another graet giveaway, Ariel !!! I like the texture of the dial and the orange gives a nice touch to it … and I am pretty sure you would se all that lume at 1000m with no problem.
    As for the new vs. old discussion, I thing that th newer boutique style manufactures have the lead in new progressive design ideas, however the old established have the lead when it comes to new coplictions or functions.
    I think the new manufactures often lack the background (money, manpower or experience) to create new exciting functions. And I prefer function over form – form follows function …. 😉

  • roadhand

    This is a what I call a over the top divers watch. But it does everything I like and with a certain panache.
    For me it has the right mix of colors on the dial that makes it that much easier to,read. While the size is unusual there are a lot that are bigger and I have a big wrist that is not over whelmed with large cases.
    But, what I really wonder and always do when it comes with watches rated for extreme depths; if you are 3000 ft below the surface are you really worried about if your watch is still water resistant.

  • proto99

    I believe new watch companies are more innovative. They tend to make more risks to get noticed. That being said I see the Delma piece as the company giving the market what they want. I think it’s a great looking watch.

  • johnrooke

    I certainly believe that more innovation is used in watches today, and not the movements, but the materials that watchmakers are using today…

  • BlackMastedGhostShip

    Old watch brands are definite more innovative with their products these days!
    They have EVERYTHING to be innovative with, they hare the resources and they have the knowhow to play with 😉

  • felixneo

    I don’t think the new watch brands are more innovative where counts, i mean mechanical stuff. On the design side, yeah, they don’t have a tradition to support, so in general, that’s the brand’s primary objective. There are of course exceptions.

  • Dreadnought

    Dear Ariel, et al

    First, after following you and your community for a year-on, I admit to being a novice on watches. I have been an intentional lover of good design for going on three decades. However. I had not heard of this brand, but this model is striking, almost gorgeous, and well presented on the official Delma Website. I like the use of orange–almost a cache for this design.

    Offense or defense? The new breed or the old breed? This topic, who’s more innovative in watch design, is one of those that probably won’t have a definitive answer, but definitive opinions. I think there will be distinct trends. I don’t think there’s a clear answer regarding which type of watch brands (old or new) are more innovative. It is possible that new watch brands are more innovative regarding surface features or integrating some new whimsy technology, but I don’t think they have been as innovative as
    the old watch brands in the guts and art of the watch; the things that make for form, fit and function, and classic design, as well as materials. I think it comes from the continuity of the old brand and the ability to grow talent. I think there’s also a push-and-pull in the market, so there’s a healthy competitive landscape perhaps (no rigorous SWOT analysis here). And there’s that aspect of the human seeking for “better” in their craft.


  • turboscott

    Nice watch.  It was said before and I’ll repeat it looks like a Rolex without the Cyclops….handsome.
    I fell that the established watch companies are more technologically innovative because they have the funds for research and development.  That said, I feel that the new brands tend to be more innovative in the aesthetics of the watch.  They can take more chances as they find their niche and not have to worry about folks says “that doesn’t look like a brand X”.

  • br549pm

    New brands are more innovative in choice of materials, however for the most part they are “Homages” to what the old brands have already done.

  • ScotShepperd

    Old watch brands seem to have the edge on innovation.  New watch brands tend to be cashing in on modeling themselves after an existing watch that is popular or innovative, and dropping the price to a level which is affordable.  Not sure who has the advantage there though.

  • CG

    certainly in the last 20 years the new brands are the most innovative trying to capture a new generation of younger watch buyers looking for something non traditional. The old brands are playing catchup and some have done well at it; think Tag, Omega, Oris, Tissot… 20 years ago an orange themed Omega would have been an abomination, they would rather eat lemons than move out of the old constraints in those days. And with the new “retro” niche; what was old is new with a modern twist!

  • The Delma looks incredible, with own personality. With this watch I might be popular at 3000 mts or in a good party at the coast line. 
    New brands are innovative, they need to be seen offering something special and risk its way to accomplish it. For new brands doing the change in movements, complications or even the design had made the market every year more interesting. Old brands are doing its work, making demos or taking risk into some watch but never risking the brand or the quality.

  • DavidRainey

    That is one nice looking watch.  I couldn’t even imagine owning something that cost that much.  I would say the new brands are more innovative than the old ones.  They take risks with some really out there designs.  These are usually the most very expensive of the brands though.  They don’t usually have to worry wether a style is marketable to the masses, so they can be inventive.  The old brands, though, are not necessarily playing catch-up.  They are innovating in their own ways, using new materials, new complications, etc.  But overall, the new brands have the edge.

  • ariefemran

    Loved the orange color on the dial. Unpopular brand outside of Europe but for this watch to be able to used up to 3000 meters is amazing.

  • MarkJHeftler

    New watch brands are more innovative, but that doesn’t mean the old are slacking off.

  • RanAssa

    A very nice watch. I love new age brands

  • greenvillebigwheels

    Who can complain about orange on a diver? Old brands seem to be more innovative. I think its because they have the money for the ir&d. Perfect example is the Cartier id one.

  • molecule

    Old brands seem more innovative in my opinion. Examples would include GP’s recent constant escapement and Oris’ mechanical depth gauge!

  • DivideByGyro

    Not familiar with Delma but I’d like to be. I don’t know the next time I’ll be at a depth of 3000 meters, but this would be a worthy travel companion.

  • willin

    I think the the older brands are more innovative they have more money and experience (i think) But new brands most allso try to be innovative so they stand out and people see and talk about them.

  • tomvenable

    Hi, I think new watch brands and old watch brands are equal in their designs because to stay current in this market all watch brands have to be innovative and progressive. The Delma’s Satiago blue shark dive watch is a bold, strong and is a great looking watch that would fit great on my wrist.

  • bueiz75

    Yo creo que las companies de antes tenian mejores ideas que las que tenemos hoy en dia…!!!!!

  • Anjobe

    Love the Delma Santiago Blue Shark.  I think the new brands are generally more innovative, probably because they are not weighed down by their tradition and heritage.  That’s not always a good thing though, sometimes you just can’t beat the classics!

  • PaulElam

    The Delma looks great – nice orange accents!
    As far as old vs. new. I think the more establish watch companies have realized that they need to innovate to keep relevant. I like some of the newer watch companies and some are doing some interesting things (Helson, Halios, Ocean7). But as many new and innovative companies as there are out there, there are just as many using catalog watch cases and not innovating anything. Eventually, time will tell which companies can hang for the long haul.

  • IamDennisKim

    New watch brands I feel are more innovative.  Some of the older brands stick with heritage and familiarities while all these newer brands tend to try and differentiate themselves and push the limits of design.  
    Off the top of my head UrWerk is and example of extreme design and some would even say SevenFriday as well.


  • VyacheslavMirzoev

    A very nice
    watch. I love old age brands. New brands are innovative, but they use movements
    other brands.

  • Gassy

    New watch brands I think.  Although Tag-Heuer seems to be pretty innovative lately

  • WesPhelan

    I think the newer brands are more innovative, but that’s just me

  • sammyz1

    New brands seem to be more innovative.  I think that they know they will never compete on classics so they branch out into new territory

  • lojolondon

    One of the best looking divers out there, at any price, simple but striking.

  • userengel

    I think the new, smaller brands, are the ones who are being far more innovative these days.

  • donato21

    Newer watch brands have to have the ability to make a big splash to be noticed and are not tied to their Heritage as much as older watch brands.  This gives newer watch brands the opportunity to be more innovative so they can be noticed and make their mark.

  • NWHadleyRoma

    Some watch companies are pushing the envelope of inovation but classics still present elegant solutions when you look at how a watch should function.

  • Spaceguitar

    To find even a crack in the wall that are the absolute classics, I believe newer brands generally innovate more frequently to simply establish a name for themselves and bring something new to the table.

  • amb3rgris

    I think the newer brands appear to be more innovative in terms of design and sheer number of “new” thinking. But I think the older, more established brands have the real knowledge and resources to do the bigger, deeper, and more resounding innovation.

  • freddylam

    Old watch brands seems to be more innovative. Even if they keep their classic design, they are looking for break throughs to stay competitive among the already established watch brands. Newer watch brands tends to make homages or finding gimmicks, which shouldn’t be regarded as innovation.

  • MaxBurnspeed

    Really nice watch!
    I think older brands are more innovative as they are more likely to recoup the R&D costs involved from their loyal (and often affluent) customers.


    Hey Ariel 🙂 I’d love to win one of your watches already since I didn’t yet have done so. I like this watch in particular from those others that you have offered mainly because these are mechanical and I am deeply into dive watches (not just for fashion but I do actually dive professionally) and I’d love a tool such as one of these. Thanks


    Oh and yes mostly the new watch brands are inexperienced and aren’t as innovative as for example Blanc Pain/Vacheron Constantin/Breitling etc. However as you see I found watches such as the HYT pretty innovative and that isn’t a very old brand but has sick and innovative watches.

  • Jolly_Green_John

    First, this is an amazing watch. The review done on Watchuseek is fantastic too. I would really like to win this beauty.
    Second, new watch brands are sorely needed as they are more innovative out of necessity. The established brands can rest on their laurels while new brands really have to show off in order to be proven worthy of purchase. In that sense, they really pave the way to the future of watch design because larger brands take the hint and follow suit if a style deems itself very profitable.

  • JRGougeon

    I believe new brands are more innovative as they need to be to make themselves stand out against the older brands.

  • Moky

    thats a pretty good looking watch, but they do need to have more of a unique style without being too gaudy or flashy, but at the same time, not look like an homage or replica watch

  • KumarMt


  • daswickerman

    That’s a nice looking watch. I think the question is split in some ways. In horological terms the old brands seem to be making the most waves with innovative complications, while the newer brands tend to either echo classic styles or go way out on a limb stylistically while keeping to the tried and true complications and movements.

  • Lggsatx

    I like this diver, the colors are great and complement each other.  I really like the black PVD on the bezel, makes the orange numbers really stand out.

  • mattsh

    Nice diver, I like the splashes of color.
    I think the older, more established brands are more innovative, especially at the high end.  A new brand can take a flier on design, but not on anything really innovative, unless they are a super premium.  Even then the costs associated with production make it tought o put something out there that just might flop.

  • Draeger

    From what I have seen in recent times is the innovativeness of older brands is greater than that of new brands as they seek to move towards in house movements. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful extreme diver!

  • MarkStorch

    I think the newer brands are more innovative when it comes to design but the older brands are clearly the winner when it comes to making technical improvements.

  • Aspect

    I find that the new watch brands like Xetum tend to be very innovative but I see too many new dive watch brands even if it is the trend I don’t believe it’s innovating at all. Older brands seem to know what direction to go from to create new designs visually and mechanically. So I would side with the older brands.

  • JamesSemaj

    I think both new and old watch brands are both innovative in terms of aesthetic and technical aspects of modern timekeeping.

  • Bigbandito

    Thanks Delma and ABlogtoRead for the opportunity to win this handsome watch.
    I think older (larger) brands are more innovative with movements (probably because they have the capital required to do so), but newer brands are more innovative whenit comes to design.

  • heriprasetya

    I  think, new watch brands and old watch brands are equal  innovative with their products. new brand with something new styles in their design and old brand must keep their tradition. Santiago Blue Shark is beautiful watch, I love it.

  • Poseidon ninja

    Sweet watch again!
    I would say they are both equally innovative, they sure take advantage of new materials, technology while still being inspired by retro stylish vibes at some point. This one is very nice! Me likey a lot.
    Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  • JacobFeldman

    this is another awesome watch that i would be honored to win.

  • AJayHall62

    The newer watches are more innovative but the older ones were innovative with more class.

  • juliennnnnnn

    I think new watch brands are more innovative in terms of design, however only few will keep their value over time, in my opinion… As for old watch brands, I guess they do their job!

  • phongsan

    Due to the amount of money needed to put into R&D, in term of technological innovation, the more established watch brands certainly have the potential to push the boundary. More over, people tend to give credit to whatever innovation the top brands come up with, no matter how insignificant it is. On the other hands, if the newer brands come up with the same innovation, people will be skeptical or even ridicule that idea. It’s hard to find newer watch brands that are wiling to gamble on the technological innovation of their own.

  • watchfinders

    A nice looking watch and Diver style watches are my favorite. Yeah, not familiar with the brand as being here in the states, but there are many fine watches that we do not have direct access to. It would look great sitting on my wrist. I would cycle it with my Tag and my H3 Tactical.

  • falon

    I think new watch brands have the unique freedom to design for a niche, whereas established brands may want to stick with the mainstream market.

  • bockzilla

    3000 Meters Sign me up! I don’t know if ill ever come close to that depth but it would look nice on my wrist.

  • ChunChanners

    I think old watch brands are more innovative since they have the R&D budget to create.

  • Sir Douglas

    I never met a watch I didn’t like. I like the convenience of a non-quartz watch but would be very happy if I won one. The newer watches from Geneve have so many complications and are very incredible to look at.

  • mr_blonde25

    New brands since they are not afraid to deviate from established norms

  • mr_blonde25

    New brands since they are not afraid to experiment with new designs

  • iakovs

    What a wonderful looking watch. I would love to win it!

  • NFroman

    I have been looking at a nice mechanical dive watch for a long time and this one certainly fits the bill. A very nice looking watch, that seems to mirror some well know diving watches.
    I would love to own it.

  • Thierry

    I think new brands tends to be more creative and are not afraid to experiment. They have nothing to care of, except satisfy new potential customers.
    Old brands are following a creative issue, after a looong period of follow up, as they don’t want to propose first something too inovative and so loose their “followers”.
    Nice watch, by the way.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Neil C

    This Delma is bold and beautiful.  I think new watch Brands are more innovative in design and are willing to experiment more with wild colour combinatons. Looking for an Orange Diver, this certainly would be a top pick.

  • johnro6659

    Very nice watch, Classic style, great movement! As far as new vs old IMO newer brands are more technologically advanced with the newer materials like tungsten, titanium or better stainless steel, the computer milling or CNC, laser cutting and finishing they are made better and more consistently.

  • ilia

    New watch brands. They often take older ideas but think outside the box and enhance them.

  • watchguy

    Now this is a neat watch!  I’m kinda old school as far as design goes, not to mention liking blue and orange so you put a classic design with those colors and you have a winner.
    As far as inovation with old vs new brands, I think basically they are pretty much equal.

  • galka

    I think the new brand are innovative in terms of design, and old brands sustain traditional and subtle style but innovation in the field of mechanisms. Old or new has its advantages.

  • jeffbuzzell

    I think it is relative.  Old watches were innovative in their time and are workhorses.  I think today, makers struggle to keep up with innovation but in their own time box, they are innovative.

  • thor05101

    I think new brands are more innovative, they need to be in order to establish themselves

  • jaydub_

    I think new brands are more innovative!

  • MarkFD

    I generally prefer the classic design elements reflected in the Delma.  Sometimes the new brands are bold in bringing back some of the classic elements that the old brands have overlooked in trying to be “innovative”.

  • MarkOs

    Nice looking watch, bold designs and I especially like the black bezel. As far as new brands vs old, a new brand can experiment more while a more established will often feel the need to stay true to much loved designs. Probably why Rolex has Tudor, it can be more adventurous without diluting or harming the classic Rolex brand value.

  • beautiful watch ,,  nice design.

  • lovely

  • philray

    I have noticed in the past 5-10 years that watch makers have really made thinking out of the box the norm. It seems to me that in the past watch makers where mostly concerned with reliability and simply delivery. Nowadays the focus seems to have shifted to more elaborate designs pushing the state of technology to its limit. I personally prefer a watch that is simple , straight forward and easy to read. Call me old-school !

  • stonedatabase

    I think most of the Newer companies that become successful do so using unique designs for the most part, yet at the same time they have to have ‘classics’ or homages in order to draw in some of the more mainstream watch buying enthusiasts.  Established companies, the big ones, they don’t NEED to innovate as much, but at the same time they have the luxury to go really beyond just innovation to making something completely new, they can afford for it to fail.  So I’d say its a mix up, innovation happens all around, with some new and some old.  Of course, so many of the “new” companies are also just spin offs of existing ones, I think that doesn’t count.  Either way, this watch looks nice, and its really 3000M?  Why on earth?

  • OskeeWowWowIL

    Older companies are innovating more than startups, they just have way more of a budget to do so.

  • VasilisAnagnostopulos

    I think it depends on the brand, if you are a Classic Brand like Rolex or Omega, people that buy their watches do not want styles that constantly change, the want some consistence in the brand or models that they offer. Other Low or Low Mid brands change Models and styles like people change clothes. Overall newer brands are more innovative, since by nature they are new, they need gain attention.

  • bubba455

    The newer companies are more innovative. Older companies may have more money to work with but they have to make a product that sticks with their style and tradition

  • abeliski

    A simple watch is way more elegant than those with confusing dials.

  • Cmartin26

    I think the newer brands are bit more nimble and innovative, but I don’t think there’s a long enough lag in technology to warrant ditching the “old” watch brands.

  • Bucky Katt

    New brands, definitely.  Older brands have to retain some of the “heritage” associated with their company.  New companies aren’t tied to any kind of legacy, so they can do whatever they think is interesting.

  • Piero

    Older brands are more innovative, probably because they have the knowledge and the money to invest in research.

  • Nice diving classic watch. I will say that new brands are more innovative. I also won’t call them “old” brands, just classic or popular brands. Omega, Rolex and other of their caliber are more conservative, but others, like Citizen, Casio, Seiko even they are “old” are pretty innovative in their designs.

  • nils444

    Newer brands are usually more innovative so to set themselves apart. Of course, it is then up to the consumer whether they like it.

  • You would think that newer brands would be more innovative, but it often seems that the larger and older brands are the ones with economies of scale necessary to pursue innovations that are more than dial deep.

  • billjones270

    New brands are far more innovative, at least in design. However, I believe old watch brands are still more successful.

  • Mathaniel

    I think newer brands present themselves as more innovative but it’s the older brands which have the reliability and I would rather have a watch I can count on for years to come than a flashy one that will be obsolete.

  • dkbruin

    I think it is a split. New brands are offering innovation with case and dial designs and interpretations while older brands are delivering innovations in movements and watch functions. Like some of the other posters, I would attribute this to money. It is costly to develop and innovate the internal elements of a watch and much less expensive to offer new designs and styles. Both are good for those of us who love watches because it makes for an exciting time to enjoy the art and craft of watches.

    • aleximd2000

      dkbruin You took out the words from my mouth
      My oppinion is the same
      The golden era of buying engine and compeeting with the seller I think is coming to an end.So what the little companies can do. Be in a low profile and make interesting designs and colors and alloys in making novelties and the big ones are making developments in movements and covering the breaches in the whole product line. Let me explain :like the automobile industry.If you look for a big name you discover that they have all the range of cars from minies to luxury sedans and suv’s.The same is with watches. If you want to buy an interesting chrono you may discover inside for most of them the same caliber with or without improvments. If you want something original you have to dig deeply into your pocket to buy an expensive guy. And the big names are knowing that. On the other hand we must understand that the creation and builiding of a new caliber eats huge amounts of money which is mirrored after that in the retail price.The little guys have only one choice: to build something new in matter of design or alloys and to noy bother the big brothers.i hope I was pretty clear in exposing my oppinion. Cheers 4 everbody

  • JMcTavish

    It really depends on the brand. Some new boutique brands produce really interesting, innovative stuff (Helson), while others are rooted firmly in history, almost to a fault (Maratac).  Similarly, some older brands are constantly changing the landscape (Graham) while others are very traditional (Rolex).  I’d say the new guys deserve some real attention, though!

  • craqus

    depends on the brand, but I think new watch companies have the ability to radically innovate in some areas, where established brands can refine other elements and pioneer new materials.

  • melias

    I think new classics are created by the new companies on a daily basis. Those companies seem to be influenced, but not constrained by the past, and harness that energy for the future.

  • Mister_w

    There are some old brands who are sitting back and letting their name sell the same old watches (Rolex… are you listening?) but I think there’s innovation among both old and new companies. MB&F are a new name doing amazing things with watches while very old name Girard Perregaux are still innovating.

  • frips1000

    i think its a split deal!

  • NWP

    I think both are about equal in their innovation however the reasons do vary between the new brands and those who have been around for awhile. New brands want to establish their niche in the industry and use innovative designs, materials and production techniques to obtain and keep a customer base. The older established brands have to innovate in order to keep up with the new brands and not lose their hard-won customer base.

  • rogerdude

    I find the established brands tend to innovate more in terms of what I would call technological innovation such as movements and complications.  The newer brands mostly seem to innovate on design and bling trying to catch attention.

  • kq

    I love those crazy new brands 🙂

  • JohnCapelo

    I think that older brands are more innovative simply because they’ve established their niche in the market and have had time to settle down with their products. The newer brands are more focused on becoming well-known and creating their own image that they don’t have as much time or money to spend on innovating. Established brands have the time and resources necessary to innovate and create new things because their products have given them the lasting capital needed to undertake journeys into new technology.

  • beckmn1

    Nice looking watch. I’d love to give it a go!

  • Stokpot

    I think the newer brands tend to innovate on design, while the established brands tend to have the funds for technology innovations.

  • nstano

    I think that new brands certainly have more room to innovate stylistically, especially with cases and dials. I think that more well established brands have been looking back to the past of late, which often had a greater stylistic latitude. Mechanically speaking, you have to be a well established brand to innovate.

  • caynriver

    Talk about your Rolex/Tudor look alike this Delma has about everything except the mercedez hands.  Nice looking watch overall.
    You would be hard pressed to not give credit to watches that were created pre 1960 since the innovations they created included moving from a stand up clock to pocket watch and then to the wrist.  In addition, we know that the chronographs, automatics and water proof also occured during this time period just to name a few.  But looking at the modern watches post 1960 like Urwerk, HYT, Frederic Jodvanet , Devon and many others, give the meaning to Bold, beautiful and elaboarate.  If I was thinking that I wanted a watch that gave a statement about who I was as a person I would pick the more traditional style watches with their classic looks and function.  But it doesnt mean I dont have one or two wild exotic watches that makes people always comment on the particular watch that currently adorns my wrist.  All in all, I would have to give my nod to the older designs since they really lead the way to modern watch making, and their innovations and style is really what speaks to me as a buyer.

  • ripshop

    I would say the old school brands have the innovation edge technologically and some of the newer brands take more liberties on design. Love the name Santiago Blue Shark!

  • Shawnnny

    Really nice Dive watch. I can’t wait to win it! The newer ones are more innovative. A good example would be the newer Casio G-shock watches.

  • CBM

    I think many of the new brands are more innovative when it comes to trends and technology. But you can’t really improve on some of the classic designs.

  • GregHall

    Must admit, never heard of Delma before. Like the orange/blue colour and the wide case

  • Otter1972

    It’s difficult to judge. Newer watch brands have more freedom to be innovative as they have less of a history and therefore fewer constraints. Technically the older brands seem to have the edge, design wise the newer brands more room to experiment.

  • Armand9782

    The classic designs are where all of the new innovations have from, barring things like dynamic liquids. With only slight tweaking, classic designs have been made more reliable but still have kept the classic feel. I would take a classic any day.

  • Love the colours and the fact that it is a tried and tested mechanical movement. Newer watch brands are very innovative but as to reliability only time will tell. My 1922 buren still keeps good time I wonder about some of the more innovative extremely expensive watches out there.

  • dayili

    new ones are more innovative

  • sirob123

    Looks like Submariner, but I do like these colors more.

  • spazthecat

    I think some of the newer micro brands are more innovative. I like the classics, but it’s nice to have more unique options available.

  • chriswatchlover

    Great looking my opinion old watch brands were more innovative as they didn’t have 145 years of watches gone before them to gain inspiration from

  • JaimeSilvera

    Both old and new brands can be innovative with their products, but I think new ones, might have a bit more “freedom” to do bold stuff. (think of the H2 by HYT or any of the DNA series by RJ)

  • Luckie

    I see some of  the old brands doing some innovative stuff that looks cool but a lot of new brands don’t have a cult like following to appeal to so they can be freer to experiment with styles. Now I’ll take my watch please. LOL

  • Ovidiu Hretcanu

    Not sure if we are asking the right question here as maybe is not the brand itself that is innovative but our perception towards it. For instance known brands already made themselves a good image and usually stick to the same design lines with small variation. They cannot go wild with it as they need to preserve that. Even it they do something drastically,  the brand main themes will still be recognizable. Maybe is us that we are “bored” with it and try to look on something new and here’s where new brands (or old brands we do not know much about) came into place.

  • SteveECrane

    Am I alone in thinking that too many diving watch designers appear to subscribe to the Porsche school of design, namely ‘less is more’?  Otherwise, why do so many timepieces look like the ubiquitous – and conservative – Rolex Submariner?  Or am I simply cynical?  
    The  “Santiago Blue Shark” is a bit too ‘safe’ for me in many respects but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of genuine innovators out there.  The only point I would raise is that so much horological innovation these days tends to be available only to a rarefied few … and too many of these collectors are investing in museum pieces.  
    So, perhaps the guys at Delma have a point here after all …

  • loueichjr

    It seems to me that it is the older watch brands that are making most of the technological advances in mechanical watches while the newer brands are content to mostly focus on making “homage” watches.  The Delma is a beautiful watch but very derivative of the Submariner.  With that said…  I would still love to have one.

  • manuelz

    I think new watch brands are more innovative since they are trying to get their name to stand out in the crowd.

  • berniesiao

    I would say there are quite a few newer players that are pushing the envelopes in design and innovation, but I don’t think the old watch brands stand around to be left behind either.

  • mrpong

    I must admit, I had never heard of Delma before this article. I am a Dive Watch nut, always comparing the use of different lume ie; T-25/T-100 Tritium, Luminova, Superluminova, and now C3. All the different compounds and application techniques. Using the lume on just the hands and numbers vs a full face lume.
    As far as innovations go, among new watch companies and older, established companies? That’s a very debatable question. I guess a lot of it would have to depend on what you consider an innovation, vs an improvement or update on something already in use. Take, for example, the new “Smart” watch emergence. The watch in itself is an innovation, but the technology and applications are already in use on computers, tablets and Smartphones. If you had to pin me down for an answer, I would have to say the nod goes to older, established companies. For one, just being in the watch making business for a century, gives them an experience and knowledge edge. Most of the old companies always seem to be focused ON innovations, that allow them to bring something to the table the other guys don’t have. The good ones always strive to push the envelope of talent and technology of watchmaking. My overall favorite is Ball, but there are a lot of other watch companies I like.

  • Humanloop

    Older watch brands seem to have been the leaders in innovation. There are some newer ones out there, don’t get me wrong. Most of the newer ones seem to be taking older designs and refreshing them. Not much technological envelope pushing.
    I would imagine that the older brands have a lot more liquidity in the funds department. They can afford to think and play outside the box

  • Arvinj

    The Delma Blue has great constrast with newish colors.  But this has a real workhorse movement and should be  a great addition to a collection.  I always am curious about all the bells and whistles on the newer watches..  Like a Chevy that becomes a Pontiac.  I pay close attention to the specs about the watches performance.  This tends to level the playing field.

  • TimeToTell

    The newer watch brands do not have the weight of legacy behind them. This makes them nimble and adventurous when it comes to the design elements of the watch, compared to the established older names. The older watch brands have a legacy and experience of watch making to match, so with this comes innovation in terms of the mechanics & technology of the watch. Though the established older names may be conservative and cautious when it comes to the design elements. In short, both new and older established names bring innovation of different dimensions, the older watch brands are time tested (no pun intended) and the newer ones test the times with their design elements, so both have a place in developing the landscape of the watch world.
    PS: Delma Santiago Blue Shark…impressive water resistance at 3000 meters

  • LapYoda

    The Delma Blue Shark is a good looking watch, if a little bit conservative in its design.
    With regard to innovation among the newer or older brands, I would have to say it depends.  When you’re talking about the newer, very high-end brands that make watches in the 5 to 6-figure range, they tend to be very innovative in the design, but it comes at a steep price. And even then, while the brands may be new, the watchmakers behind them often have come of age within a very old, prestigious make.
    When it comes to more meaningful innovation, however, I have to give the edge to the older brands.  Rado has long innovated in case materials like ceramics, Omega has created non-ferrous movements, Rolex has worked on materials and automation, and other famous and old marques have trotted out stuff that eventually trickles down to other brands.  In contrast, the newer makes that keep their prices in the affordable range tend to be the most conservative of all with very little innovation, mostly just new twists on old, proven designs.

  • jrhetherington

    Hi there,
    Great looking watch!
    I think both new and old watch brands can be innovative – it’s a company strategy and choice. Older, bigger brands have more resources available to invest in innovation, while newer, smaller brands can be more agile and respond to trends quickly.

  • BrianSchiele

    Great looking watch!

  • MarkCarson

    The established brands are innovating with materials for sure. But they
    are often bound by their own historical looks for ‘iconic’ models. So
    the innovation in smaller brands is in new looks since the materials
    revolutions are trickle down technologies that are too expensive and
    require too much R&D expense for smaller/newer entrants.

  • nilsalb

    Looks great! Thanks!

  • ilovesandwiches

    Great watch.  New brands can be more innovative because they dont have anything to live up to.

  • SeanOng

    Innovation comes in many forms. In the watch industry, they’re usually materials, efficiency and technological innovation. More often than not, advances in one precipitates advances in another. The more established watch companies have bigger budgets and resources to innovate, newer companies may be hampered in that respect. That being said, the size nor history of the company often does not dictate the pace of innovation.

  • lionstan

    Hard question to answer in a general way.  To me, it depends on the brand.  Some of the old brands innovate and some some are stagnant. Some of the new brands innovate, but most seem to basically copy the established brands.


    Innovation comes at the expense of creativity and its R&D budget. Older watch companies do have deeper pockets to be more innovative. However, newer companies can take bigger risks without offending an entrenched market. So if you are a young watch companion you can afford to take bigger innovation risks. Older companies, who also can be innovative, sometimes take slower more conservative approaches towards innovation.

  • jasontstong

    Old watch brands have more history to fall back on and are allowed to try out more innovative improvements. Newer watch brands still need to prove themselves and don’t have the luxury of having the resources to innovate.

  • PaulAtkinson

    I love brands like Delma. Sure a Patek or Rolex will get you noticed. But so will a Delma. Watch people will see it and inquire if they aren’t familiar with something like the Blue Shark. It gives you a chance to tell them about it, the innovations and the particulars like it being water resistant to 3000m and equipped with a helium valve. Or that it was originally released in Florida in the 80’s.
    Put that bad boy on my wrist and a can assure you of at least a few sales next time I’m diving in the Florida Keys.

  • sean_r_wilson

    Great looking watch and I like the colour contrast provided by the orange! As for the innovation question; I personally think, as many others have already commented; the newer or more “boutique” manufacturers have a bit more freedom to experiment whereas the more established ones have a niche that they’ve each developed over the years and they tend to stick with it. Look at Rolex vs Bremont. Both excellent timepieces and works of art in their own rights but one stays close to its long time roots while the other occasionally stretches and experiments. One thing that I wish though is that the innovation be a true departure from what’s been done before and not just a minor tweak (I’m looking at you Casio).

  • evandowen

    I think new watch brands bring more innovation with regards to style whereas established brands bring more innovation to movements and unique complications. That isn’t to say an established brand won’t innovate or come out with something radical for a new line though.  Take “The Freak” by Ulysse Nardin.  Remove the brand from this watch (when it was introduced) and then ask 100 “watch nerds” whom made it and they probably wouldn’t have guessed correctly.  The “DNA” and innovation found in this watch was completely different than the typical watches Ulysse Nardin had on the market.  Innovation is risky and with risk comes reward so in order for a new brand to make it’s mark it must innovate to establish itself.  Very few “Me Too” brands will establish themselves unless they innovate.

  • lloydpark

    The Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a great looking diver. The name can say a lot about a watch, sometimes depending on the perspective. Santiago – Saint James or Saint of Spain, could be a reference to the historic maritime nation who spawned a epic period of exploration. While a blue shark, named for its coloration and splendidly sleek body, is known to prefer the habitation of deeper tropical oceans. A wonder, possible interpretation of the driver.

  • Suave Devil

    Definitely new brands push the envelope of both design and function.  That said, to be truly innovative, you also need to have the technical and manufacturing capacity that many times only established brands have.   I feel that new watch brands, because most are not “manufactures” concentrate their efforts on the design and the exterior of the watch. Established brands are able to push it in regards to the engineering.  
    All that said, the Blue Shark is a fine looking watch and I would love to add it to my collection. Thanks

  • Mcdayx

    New brands w/o question

  • Klvov

    Though new brands tend to attract with new features, I think established and mature brands have far more space and possibility for trial and error with new functions, design and even sizes!

  • azrml

    Great looking diver.  I think the newer / smaller brands are bringing a lot of great new designs.

  • SecuringTheLead

    What a great diver! I really like the bold, orange indices.

  • nickyabelardo

    3000m fantastic

  • karsonb

    The interesting thing with innovation is that it’s very biased and subjective. 
    I mean what we think of as basic features now (water resistant, shock resistant, dustproof, batterey powered) were once cutting edge and unheard of. However, nowadays rechargeable quartz watches, touchscreen watches, or watches that connect to bluetooth will probably be standard features in 5 or 10 years…or maybe not. 
    It’s just so easy to be blinded by today’s technology and think that we’re so innovative and not be able to truly appreciate what previous generations have come up with.
    Having said that, solar powered mechanical watches, ENTIRE watches made of wood, and watches LESS than 1MM thin!….I think those are winners.
    Also the Delma watch looks awesome and I want ittt.

  • Jamsie

    Orange YAY! Got to have this one, I’m a sucker for an orange dive watch, and orange little people, wish you were giving away one of those too! In my twisted opinion, the watch companies with all the gold coins they have looted from us, are pushing the threshold of innovation, though it’s the little guys with all the style, YOU GO DELMA!!!!

  • whythehack

    Im from asia, and your right. ive never heard of this brand before. thanks for the internet and thanks for ABTW. Hope i win this watch 🙂 !

  • anakindo

    new watch or old both usually will try to come out with a new fresh design something which resembles their identity. however sadly to say, there are also those who copies the living legends like from rolex, ap, for such. i think what makes it stands out from the rest is when a watch company makes something different. like, it is made from wood? something that people really heard of. those are the ones that will stand out. however, despite all these creative ideas, brands and quality still matters. that’s why big brands will always live and still produce a great quality despite the creative ones which might lack of funding to market their product or increase their quality. it’s a hard subject to answer honestly. well, delma done a great job on this one though, it’ll be lovely to win it. from which the person will be able to learn more about watches.

  • Juha

    Diver watch. Yes.

  • It’s my experience that the new watch brands (think wyse) are really innovating these days.  This Delma however is old school.  Love it.

  • MathieuRobert

    Hard to say. I think that newer watch brands need to be more innovative because they have to choose wisely their style versus old brand which have to stay true to their already established style. But they can choose to used an already existing style. And older brands have the important things : more money, a better knowledge of the industry and a network. Of course, older brands, or a few independents watchmakers, can create a new brand and invest money in it and people might not realize it.

  • jtfremont

    IMO, new watch bands.

  • fearlessleader

    It seems to me that new watch brands are innovative in colors and other cute design and non-functional areas, while older brands slowly innovate in functional ways (with non-functional design areas not a major concern).

    Now, this Delma would look VERY nice on my wrist… not anywhere near 3000 meters though.

  • DrGonzo47

    the classics will be around for a long time ie  rolex sub,patek calatrava ,but there are some new ones i like maurice lacroix new regulateur very nice

  • darkarmour

    New watch brands are definitely more innovative than the older ones.

  • PandaBeat

    I think most of the old (successful) brands are too comfortable just by sticking to the good old recipes, while the new companies are pushing harder and harder to gain recognition through innovation. 

    About Delma, I read about it once in a famous diver blog 😉 and have had it since them on my “Saved Searches” on a famous auction site… really like this diver.. it’s oldschool! because sometimes oldschool is good!


  • iharley

    Great looking watch. I think innovation varies in degree based the brand’s age. Older established brands innovate slower, I think.

  • briciur

    I really need a diving watch.

  • MikiMichael

    Design roots and inspiration are from the past, modern and innovative projects we have currently.


    I think new watch brands are more innovative with their products these days.  I find myself drawn to the new brand, innovative designs then the classics as my taste in watches change.

  • robinwatch

    Hi! I think the question about innovation should be seen as relative and as something in the eye of the beholder. Old watch brands will be perceived innovative when “daring” to take new steps forward, while new watch brands are expected to find new ways to differentiate themselves. 
    Innovation is also a question about customer needs. Take Apple for example, and the rumors about an iWatch. Of course it’s an innovation to the watch industry – but only for the customers who don’t put great value in classic craftsmanship. They probably want something practical and consider them selfs as early adopters. 
    For the more traditional customers a more valuable innovation would be a new kind of mechanical movement.
    This is, by the way, the reason why I don’t see the iWatch as the next big thing, even if I’m an Apple fan.
    Anyway, the Santiago Blue Shark looks great and would fit just perfect on my arm 🙂
    Best regards

  • kapurkk

    Delma is a great consolation when you are unable to part with the money for the iconic Rolex Submariner !

  • justint

    Old watch brands have been holding their own lately, spinning fresh ideas on proven movements – they’re doing a great job of fixing things that aren’t broken. In a good way. But don’t hold a candlestick to what some brands are up to such as, FP Journe, Urwerk, Mb&F, DeBethune, Habring, etc.

  • sixtysix

    I think new brands are more innovative when you talk about style, but older brands are more innovative with movements and technology.

  • Are new watch brands or old watch brands more innovative with their products?
    There are some old watch brands that have certainly showing that they are innovating in their watch technology and design, and new watch brands that are more willing to take chances in their innovation, being more upfront with their newness.  IWC has certainly shown that they can innovate through their amazing Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia.  A watch with a celestial chart, solar time, Siderale time, an innovative prepetual calander with leap year, and innovative daytime twilight and nigh-time display all in an amazingly well designed case.  Rolex innovates in a slow and purposeful way.  The changes are not as visual, but their watches are improved upon in time.  
    When we look at newer brands like Richard Mille, Bell & Ross, HD3, MB&F, Citizen all have some innovative technology, movement or simply the aesthetic design.  Richard Mille’s F1 inspired skeletal watches, Bell & Ross’ Radar watches, HD3’s Vulcania watch, MB&F’s Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt and Citizen’s ECO-DRIVE.  
    To see contemporary innovation in action, in your face, you look at the younger watch companies, but to see innovation in the refinement of classic simplicity, the old watch companies refine for longevity.

  • Straw15

    I think new watch brands are more innovative with designs these days as they are trying to find their place in a market where the older ones already have a name for themselves.

  • JoseCristian

    I think new watch brands are more innovative b/c they’re trying to find a creative way into an already overcrowded market.

  • DG Cayse

    The perfect size for my 7 5/8th inch wrists.
    As to new vs old innovation wise…well, I’m seeing a lot of “new” watches using what might be considered old technology in new and interesting ways.
    A blend?…Call it what you will…its a good thing for us consumers!

  • WatchMyWatch

    In my opinion new watch brands are more innovative because they have to provide something special in order to get popular.
    Old watch brands have their regular customers. I’m not saying that old watch brands don’t innovate it’s just that they have to put less effort to it.

  • StoicaMihailSorin

    I think that both old and new watch brands innovate in the field, but new brands develops innovations much faster than the old ones.

  • Fashionisten

    New watch brands are innovatie because they sometimes more often dare to think new and different.  With that said,  there has to be old for something to be new.

  • Joe A

    1- I think newer watch brands do have more license to get innovative with their designs and technology these days, but one of the great things about the horological era we live in is that some of the great brands with excellent history and tradition can still come up with terrific new innovations.
    2- On Delma – that Blue Shark is a darn big watch, but I have to say it looks great just like the rest of the Santiago line. With that and Klondike and Classic Aero Chronos, Delma is putting together a pretty good looking line of time pieces!

  • dave1971

    i think both old & new innovate but just in different ways. Some of the established brands still come out with some great concepts (e.g. JLC’s Dual Wing) but presentation is generally classical. Newer brands (such as MB&F, Cabestan, Urwerk) seem to innovate more on the presentation.

  • luciendc

    While I can certainly appreciate all the amazing complications developed in the past, the innovative ways of telling the time developed by companies like urwerk and mb&f is simply amazing! The only problem I have for those fantastic displays of micro machinery is that I will likely never be able to afford one.

  • AaronThompson2

    I think the bulk if watch innovation is currently coming from the newer brands. Change is definitely a good thing, though!

  • iondubai

    I think there is a mixure of both. we see companies like Seiko and Citizen with investments on new movements and GPS technology for watches. we see luminox and ball adopting luminous tubes for their watches omega invested in liquid steel but we saw so little from that investment.  I like to see something new in a watch weather its a movement or a cool feature that does not effect the overall look of the watch but companies with the most money are usually the ones that invest more. Tag for example have pushed the mechanical chronograph to its limites so is this what we are looking for? i would rather like to see them store energy for more than a week and is not as big as the big pilot.

  • RainMAN777

    I really like the orange diving watches like Doxa. Very nice looking watch.

  • frankwhite

    I think that there is a good mix of both. I gotta say I love this watch and would love to win it. A member on watchuseek recently purchased one of these and it looks amazing in the live photos. I don’t have a Facebook account, I hope I still have a chance.

  • Lesthepom

    The newer brands seam to be a bit more open minded as they don’t have a diehard following that will runn screaming if they put a blue dial in a watch rather than the traditional black
    Nice work with the 3000 meter water resistance my pool will surely test this out will be fun trying it

  • tjuuu

    I think that both new and old watches are innovative but in different ways. This Delma watch seems to be very innovative! 🙂

  • Patmore83

    Newer brands aren’t bound by “tradition” and therefore can go out on a whim with new designs. But I believe the majority of new brands play with homages too much. Established swiss brands are so focused on reliving the past so i will give it to the newer brands for generally being more innovative.

  • ferecillo

    Most definitely new brands

  • sweetsdream

    There are small innovations I see in brands like Nomos, Bremont and others but most are just sticking a ETA movement in something that looks nice. I love competition and wearing something that is truly different so I hope to see much more experimentation and design risks.

  • dragosbora

    I think that the old, well established ones are more innovative (when speaking of … timekeeping and not of design and other gimmicks).
    They do have experience and money.

  • Stitches

    The Delma Blue Shark looks great and I love the lume on the bezel.
    I’d say both are innovating, just slightly different aspects of watchmaking.

  • Bob Sebastian

    It depends on what innovations you are looking for. The old, established companies have the deep pockets to innovate on the technical end of the spectrum. However the new companies can take more risks on the aesthetic end so I feel you will find more fashion innovation from the new companies.

  • GBD

    I’d say it depends – you’ve got well-established brands like Casio and Seiko pushing innovation, and there are Swiss mechanical firms also doing the same (you just have to pay a lot more for it). I think established brands have an easier time of it, as their pockets are deeper and they’ve learned something about how to do R&D. For a brand just starting out it’s tougher – you can’t afford to take a risk on new tech when you’re just getting on your feet, although there are some that use new tech as their “in,” such as Pebble.

  • MarkBrodzinski

    I like the classic dive watch design and I bet that lume looks great underwater.

  • Panagiotis

    New brands, because they HAVE to 😉

  • jamespmacneil

    Obviously with the new brands and a larger customer base and more choices, the complication choices and designs have to appeal to a wider array of potential customers so the modern watches are forced to be more innovative.

  • Kris C

    I will ultimately say the new brands are pushing the envelope a little harder, simply because they don;t have a chouice if they want to make a name for themselves. But the names everyone knows are still quite active in innovation for the most part. They are just lucky enough to have a few calibers in thier back pockets that they can pull down and please everyone with without breaking a sweat. El Primero anyone?

  • NotSoGosu

    I love some classics Omega is one of my favorites, but mostly enjoy small shop watches.

  • SGStoned

    New watch brands definitely have the impetus to push harder to create something people will take notice of. 
    It’s commonplace to just emulate a popular  submariner or panerai-esque design, but to create something totally novel, that’s something not required by one with a name, but by one trying to make a name.

  • texharp

    Old watch brands have created the standard in which new brands try to reinvent. With that in mind, although I’m a huge fan of the old brands I’d give the edge to new brands who are trying to make a place for themselves in the market.

  • btgxcell

    Both are trying to be more and more innovative; however, old brands have to try and respect their history while new brands have more freedom.

  • lenostrowlaw

    New watch brands are more innovative in their product types.

  • superho777x

    Dibs… seriously. I’m calling dibs on this watch. I need something orange to mat ch everything else in my life.

  • ConorMcCorry

    I think that brands that produce cheaper, non-mechanical watches are the most innovative for the most part. Brands like Casio are always implementing new and interesting features into their timepieces.

  • jroot

    New brands are more innovative – the have to innovate or die.  Old brands can survive on their name recognition and past success.

  • patgilmartin

    its a brand-by-brand thing. rolex lacks innovation but Tag offers a lot. In general, though newer brands like Linde Weredelin and Hublot are making more innovative watches because they have no ‘vintage’ designs to harken back to.

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    The party line answer is that ‘new’ are innovative and old are not, but truly neither new or old manufacturers are particularly innovative at the moment. I do personally usually just look to see what “old” Seiko or Swatch (its new automatic is a must have as soon as its on sale) are doing that’s new and I’m always looking to see what new vanity sellers have on offer with the same movements stuck in them are doing………… watches are depressing when you think about it.

  • Oelholm

    It’s my opinion that the older, established brands are the foremen at the evolution these days simply because the horological technology  is so advanced that the necessary R&D cost too much for the newer brands to participate!

  • NunoTerra

    The watch market is really upside down, you have both new and old manufacturers being innovative and then you have brands sticking to an old format…and winning! Nevertheless, I think manufacturers should take a closer look at what watch lovers are saying all over the internet…they could be surprised!

  • rmassony

    It’s hard to say, but outside the haute horology world it seems like there’s not much innovation in terms of technology or design. I imagine that there was more innovation when there was no such thing as quartz, as coming up with new and better and more acccurate movements was something that the entire watch industry was striving for. Quartz and now cell phones mean that watches are more fashion accessories, so that is where the innovation is directed: how the watch looks.

  • I don’t think there are any significant trends to say old or young companies are more or less innovative. I think the new interest in the mechanical timepiece market is the main driving force for all companies to raise their game. Some without the deep pockets of a Swatch group maybe use more fashion forward designs to lure in the more price conscious and the old vanguard are doubling their efforts with upping their complication emphasis.
    Would love to get my hands on a new diver.

  • MOTexan

    As a relative newcomer to the world of nicer watches I believe that older watch manufacturers are more innovative.  Newer manufacturers enter with a particular point of view, focus or offering but that doesn’t seem to be comparable, at least not yet, to the broader work of the older manufacturers.

  • SergioBecerra

    If you are talking about design!! I think old watch brands are wanting to be more young and new watch brands are looking to be vintage!. So I believe there are not big innovations…. About mechanism… I think Tag Heuer is winning (far) that race! (and there are big and fun innovations)
    Que lindo diver by the way!! … (Hi from Colombia)

  • stereoblue

    Thing of beauty!

  • RondeJong

    Old watch brands were more innovative than the new brands these days I think.
    New watch brands come more and more with re-issues and hommages to the old ones.
    New vintage I call them, and I love it!

  • CHawk

    Hmmm, this is a good question to post on, “Are new watch brands or old watch brands more innovative with their products these days.”  I think it might depend on the area of interest.  For example, when it comes to the fashion statement a watch makes, maybe the new brands are in front.  But if you consider the vast resources an older brand has, perhaps they can do more R&D with high tech materials and engineering feats.  But I would not venture to say old or new brands are more innovative than the other.

  • CHawk

    Hmmm, this is a good question to post on, “Are new watch brands or old watch brands more innovative with their products these days.”  I think it might depend on the area of interest.  For example, when it comes to the fashion statement a watch makes, maybe the new brands are in front.  But if you consider the vast resources an older brand has, perhaps they can do more R&D with high tech materials and engineering feats.  But I would not venture to say old or new brands are more innovative than the other.

  • MatthewHofbauer

    I’d say newer ones are more innovative in general, but old companies are more practically innovative. Seiko’s spring drive comes to mind.

  • gojiB

    i think newer ones are innovating a lot more – compare Urwerk/MB&F/Christophe Claret to the older ones.

  • WhichWatch

    Older brands can suffer from innovators dilemma. They have so much invested in their heritage and reputation that it makes significant innovation risky. Therefore older brands tend to innovate by small, steady steps. Newer brands on the other hand aren’t anchored in the past and are free to experiment and push boundaries without the same concerns. And I think this shows up in the designs from more contemporary brands like Delma. While the build of the Santiago Blue Shark is similar to many dive watches, the face is unusual, attractive and arresting. Its’s hard to imagine older brands coming out with a watch like this.

  • taylor883

    I agree with others that the newer brands Hublot Urwerk etc have a greater penchant to innovate perform and breach limits

  • joeprez

    Newer ones are innovating more, but sometimes I think they do it just for the sake of having something new or different in the market. Old brands move more cautiously (e.g. Rolex and Patek), and often times the results are better. Not that I don’t love MB&F for example, but I like some models, not all of them. (well all of them as pieces of art, but as watches to be worn… two or three only).

  • rockwild

    I think new watch brands are more innovative about look, for example Devon Tread 1, Hublot Big Bang, MB&F watches, and Armin Storm watches. But, old watches companies focus more innovation on developing better more precious movements like Zenith. the new pilot watches are really amazing.

  • OmarB

    It depends if we are talking about function or form.  In function, old established watch brands with deep pockets are more innovative.  Consider stuff like Jaeger’s gyro-tourbillon.  Not that we care so much about a tourbillon as it does nothing for accuracy or experience, but it took real investment in IP to make that kind of thing.  In form, new watch brands tend to innovate and are less beholden to maintaining a certain tradition.

  • ericez

    To me it seems like many older, expensive, brands tend  to be innovative in mechanical watches, but building on older designs. The really crazy, out there stuff seems to be from newer boutique builders that have left mainstream companies. Than there is the whole “smart watch” movement that may one day be awesome…

  • ChiaChristopher

    Both old and new companies are equally innovative. Which CEO would admit their companies are not innovative?

  • Claudiucash

    I think new companies have to be more innovative because older ones have already proved their innovation and now have iconic models as well as brand loyalists. A new company has to show the world its innovation and gain the attention, which is a hard task in the modern environment!

  • terrypsi

    New ones are more innovative in their designs, but I think older watch brands have the financial and customer base to branch out into new technology and movements

  • deejayiwan

    Well, the real “new” innovative brand is URWERK… but they arent wallet-friendly… jokes aside, i think we do see realy interesting new watches from Breitling, Omega and AP… as for Rolex, they are innovation-free….. and still extremely good watches!

  • dogdoc89

    New brands are more innovative, but the old brands are more stylish

  • DavidStewart

    I think the new brands are much more innovative, love all of them though, especially mechanical’s

  • CampNou

    Remember, new watch companies NEED to bring something new to the table.  Innovative designs and movements may be more seductive, but an industry as steeped in tradition as horology will always default back to the basics.  No doubt the newer companies are taking the most chances, but the more innovative a new movement the more I appreciate the simplicity and genius of the industry standards.

  • sathee46

    The New ones

  • fm1985

    I am old school, so I think nothing can replace the personal touch like the old brands do. The new brands have seem to copy the style of the old brands only with new technology.

  • kjo43

    I think the newer brands bring the most innovation to the market.  Some ideas succeed and are picked up by many other more established brands and some fail miserably to the detriment of the brand/company and we (the market) helps to decide.

  • mojomarc

    Newer brands.  Even with constant escapement at G-P, you still have Hyt, Urwerk, MB&F, etc., pushing the envelop.  But the old guard isn’t resting–lots of cool innovations there as well.  But less radical ones maybe?

  • cjmaiocca

    Can I do better than quote Mr. Boston? “Most wristwatches made today are hardly state-of-the-art, but rather continue a tradition of watch making set in motion long ago. One reason many collectors are interested in vintage watches is because many of them represent important achievements in technology and functionality that we take for granted today.” Matt sums it up perfectly – modern brands are standing on the shoulders of giants 🙂

  • DonaldEvans

    I think its a cross between both when it comes to innovative. Some older brands are still sticking by what brought them to the dance, but others are trying new ideas and coming out with new models using new materials, etc. Many of the newer brands are trying to make a name for themselves by being innovative, two that come to mind immediately would be H2O brand and Unity. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • f15soloist

    Depends on what definition of innovation we’re using.  Ceramic case?  Sure the process is a challenge and yes, I love it.  But is it any more innovative than modernizing an 80 year old design (Zenith n. 20 pilot) ?Love it too.  Established brands most likely have a larger amount of monetary freedom to experiment with innovation.  Newer brands have a lack of mass giving them the ability  to dip their toes in waters without sinking to the bottom.

  • jshen1191

    Definitely new brands. Old respectable brands have less to prove so there is less reason for them to innovate. New brands needs to get their names out and the only way to do it is to innovate.

  • armidoro

    I think the newer brands have lots to prove and they are doing great things in the market, the old brands better watch out!!!

  • mrkauffman

    Definitely the new brands….

  • MarkPaves

    Definitely the new brands!

  • Cooldad11

    The new brands.

  • saam14

    I think new watch brands are better like Hublot, using innovative materials and designs

  • lynxdream

    Generally, the new brands try harder, so as to distinguish themselves.  The old brands already have it made and tend to be more cautious and conservative, making incremental changes only.

  • scarred

    As much as the estabilished, ‘old’ brands do bring some innovations, I’d say that new brands make the most significant innovations. For example – HYT, Suissemecanica (just the ones coming to myhead right away). Also, holding my fingers crossed 🙂

  • theowtt

    I think new brands push the envelope further in terms of innovative design ideas. The older, more established brands do innovate; however, they have to consider their heritage more when bringing new ideas out to their core market.

  • Moe_Szyslak


  • 818

    I’m a fan of divewatches. Looks like a really nice watch, limited edition of 500 pcs according to their website. New or old brands, they are all innovative in their on way and according to their possibilities.

  • mkss55442

    I think the new brands have to be more innovative to get recognized and established in the market.

  • Esox Lucius

    I think the new brands have to be more innovative because they are fighting with a lot of other small brands for a place on the map. The old brands often follow a certain line that already had succes, though the new brands have to start with nothing so there is no line to follow.

  • ericlikeseatin

    I’m going to go with new brands; with so many companies currently marketing and the web disseminating information, brands have to stand out by being different.

  • stevenkelby

    The older established brands are more truly innovative in my  opinion. They have the resources and experience to create and use new materials and processes. A lot of the newer brands and thought to be innovative but that’s really only in the deisgn sense, not in materials and anufacturing technology. The few new brands that are truly innovative are tiny and might sell a handful of watches a year. Does that really count, or affect either us or the market at large?

  • mao50

    I thing this is a beautiful watch with great functionality for the price. I should definitely be introduced to the U.S. market. In general think the older watches are a lot more innovative. That’s why you;re seeing so many re-issue and homages to older models. Rolex, for example, is cheapening it’s brand by making changes that don;t make to venerable models. The smartest thing the company is doing is introducing Tudors to the U.S. market. A far more interesting and appealing watch brand for the money, it is one of the few brands that continues to innovate. The Tudor Back Bay is one of the most attractive dive watches on the market.

  • scry323

    I prefer the older brands due to the way they have established themselves in the market and made a name for themselves.

  • koningfelix

    New watches often have one innovative model, while older companies have a whole R&D departement to research into new techniques  which can be used in several watches.

  • SparkyEOT

    there is nothing new under the sun… 🙂 
    The originals were the innovators. They had to make it work with materials that were not cutting edge. They had true creativity. Today there is innovation, but they stand on the shoulders of giants, so to speak.

  • stickymud

    The watch industry is trying to make more techy looking watches, why ? Because people actually like that ! Having nearly a computer on your wirst is trendy nowadays ! I don’t like it that much, I’d get a radiopiloted and sun powered casio for the functionnality and toughness, not the style.
    I’d get something like this Delma, because I’beginning to dive and these cases are making me so mad, a matter of taste certainly…
    But I don’t like sublikes because of the mercedes second, because of the side of the bezel, because you’re trying to show you’ve got a Rolex you can’t afford. Putting a Ferrari horse on your Fiat won’t make it a Ferrari.
    That’s why I really enjoy the new Tudor Pelagos Rolex quality, sober, tough and not as showy as Rolex.
    I’m simple and this Delma is as simple as me, I already love it.
    The little problem in this love story is me, I’m still a student, so I have to wait to make my watch dreams come true !

  • Krobilad

    nice hommage.

  • nuschk

    I don’t think there’s a distinction in innovation speed between old and new brands. In my opinion, there are innovative folks among both type of brands as well as slow dogs. For example, just compare Rolex to JLC. While Rolex is reiterating the same old concepts over and over again, I clearly see JLC moving along quite fast.
    As a side note: for me, the discussion of innovation in the watch industry is a strange one. Whereas in other industries, innovation almost always means better (or faster or cheaper), for watches it does not. Feature wise, cheap electronic watches are more potent than all mechanical watches I can afford. And still, 40 years old mechanical watches are equally beautiful and interesting as today’s models.

  • grahamd3

    I have to echo the comments I have read, there is innovation within the watch industry from new comers and “classic brands” which is why I read a new post or two on ABTW every day or two.

  • Marcrovner

    I think the older brands were more innovative because a lot of the newer brands just seem to be tweaking older designs and movements.

  • xxzero215xx

    i think the older brands of watches are more innovative their movements have been proven to accurate and dependable thats why they are what they are today

  • StuartWolper

    I guess it depends on what you call innovative.  If you mean innovative movements, it’s definitely the old brands, Omega with the co-axial escapement, even Japanese brands like Seiko making quartz regulated mechanical watches.  Newer watch brands might bring out trendier designs, but most of the time they are just using a standard off the shelf quartz or mechanical movement, Swiss or Japanese, that’s been built by one of the “old brands”.

  • lomarti

    Newer brands are making the best innovative strides.

  • I would have to say that the newer brands are innovating more,with more interesting products.

  • Jkkspeer

    I believe older, more established brands are more innovative. The learning curve is less steep which allows for more creative thinking…thinking outside the box!!!

  • olliesanderson

    I think, on balance, older brands are more innovative. However, I think this is largely due to newer brands entering the market with innovative design ideas, forcing the older brands to start diversifying their own designs, rather than updating their old ones.

  • I think the established watch makers are developing more practical technical advancements (constant force escapements, use of silicon, anti-magnetic)  as opposed to the newer watchmakers who tend to make impractical artistic movement configurations (Urwerk & MB&F)

  • Meffner13

    Truthfully, I think the scale is fairly even…you have alot of established, big name brands innovating, but also sticking very close to what they are known for. The newer watch brands are making interesting stuff, but sometimes its a bit too far out there, or too much like what the big names are doing.  My favorites are Lum-Tec and Benarus, whle still loving Rolex and Ball.

  • Jimym3

    The older watch brands are trying to innovate new contemporary designs. The newer companies are being very competitive with all aspects of design and value which is only good for the watch owners. It’s a great that watches are tried and true to value and style.

  • halfacat1

    Unless we’re talking about new independent watchmakers whose prices are through the roof, established brands are definitely guiding the industry in terms of innovations, without a doubt.

  • RnB

    New watch brands  are more innovative!

  • Ruscicap

    Good looking Diver

  • Snoprojman

    Have to think that new brands have the ability to be more innovative, though many miss the opportunity. Like to see it though!

  • mgluck

    New watch brands are bringing innovation to horology. (Not surprising,
    as that’s the only way they can compete with the “big boys”).

  • hoyaeldridge

    I think younger brands seem to develop bigger and splashier innovations…but the bigger brands are better at putting a greater number of complications on one watch, even if they aren’t as innovative.

  • Paul E Murcko

    Nice looking watch.

  • domasters

    while i think older brands are well known and often reliable, newer ones are more innovative and occasionaly better quality.

  • N_Y

    old, complications used to be about need, now they’re just invented to showcase what can be done

  • Joerivg

    I love the new “wind” that is blowing over old models  from established names…
    The new omega speedmasters are GORGEOUS … Same for the new PO …
    I prefer watches with a “heritage” and history.  New makers are innovative but still lacking in the area of movement design which still remains the “hearth” of your watch … 
    Although I love the Oris Depth Gauge 🙂  I want an Omega with a mechanical depth gauge :/

  • Chris88

    Newer brands always push an industry.  But it is the older brands that ultimately drive the main stream adoption of new features!.

  • ixio

    I didn’t knew Delma before this give away and I’ve to say that I really appreciate their watches!
    BTW I’m sure that some old brands are more innovative than others (that are well known to produce classic watches). New brands can risk more but sometimes they don’t, and prefer to produce hommages. For example I really like a brand like Steinhart and their hommages but some otger

  • LuisAmaroLopez

    pienso que las nuevas marcas tienen que aportar algo al mercado ya existente , ya sea diseno , inovacion tecnologica o nuevos materiales si no se cumple el criterioson una mas del monton

  • Crusadero777

    Nice looking watch, these small diver brands are really making their way to the top these days.

  • LuisAmaroLopez

    I think that new brands have to contribute something to the existing market, whether design, technological inovation and new materials if the criterion is not met ,are only  one more brand.

  • redboyhun

    I think older brands are in better position, but it is good to have new innovative brands, so older ones won’t get lazy:)

  • PrabhjotAnand

    i think, older brands are in better position..

  • rich1983

    innovate or die in my mind. New brands have to show innovation to differentiate from long standing brands. Chanel, although not the first in ceramic design really brought it forward which I am sure only helped Rado more. Classic brands will always stand the test of time but innovation is what grabs the attention these days.

  • BoardTraveller

    I’d say stylistically new brands are innovating but it’s the older (and bigger) brands that seem to be working on technical inovations from what i’ve seen and read.

  • JauneOrange

    New and old brands are innovative on different level (rcf: BoardTraveller’s comment). The important thing is innovation.

  • TonyXxxX

    Newer brands are more innovative on design and making new function, whereas old brands are innovative on  perfecting old functions.

  • narendran

    Innovation is the definitely a focus that all brands -new or old – need to have to keep up with the current pace of development and competition. But it is a great skill to combine both innovation with classic styles and that is a balance that every watch company needs to strive for. Widens the appeal across various groups and brings in both brand recognition and respect.

  • Phil_the_Thrill

    I believe new brands are more innovative in their designs, while the big, old brands have more money for R&D, thus are more prone to innovate from a technical point of view.

  • bdover

    wow that’s looks incredible!!!!

  • AndreSinclair

    I believe new brands are more innovative now than before. there are more stuff and idea now than in the pass and every brand is always trying to out do the other.

  • ZL

    Conspicuously missing from my collection, a diver has been my primary object of research lately. This one is perfect. I think I deserve to win this random giveaway!
    New vs old brands, huh? A question for real watch aficionados. New brands might be less conservative or constrained, but I would not necessarily call them less innovative. I see some amazing stuff, innovative but maintaining refinement and restraint, coming from the most established brands. That’s why they are the brands they are.

  • ivictoras

    For sure the new watch brands are more innovative. In my opinion the best exemple is Christophe Claret. He does amazing cutting edge watches. I think that the old brands are more conservative in how a watch looks.

  • dino721

    New watch brands try to be innovative but at what cost. The old watch brands changes are not significant because a watch is suppose to be a watch and more accurate time and standard watch features will trump bells and whistles anyway.

  • marle

    i actually thinks older brands are more innovative, because they have the money to make really innovative stuff, and completely rethink the very idea of a watch.

  • joel f

    the question is really innovation versus evolution.  the new brands try to come up with something radically new – either in look, functionality or manufacture.  the older brands seem to take their proven designs and processes and attempt to improve or update them.  This Delma however, seems to be more evolution than innovation – with its ETA 2824 and classic Submariner styling.- at a more affordable price point.  It’s a handsome watch.

  • sitnstew

    Newer brands

  • MenachemSelent

    Newer watch brands are definitely more innovative with designs. The problem is that many times they don’t have the technical know how to produce the newer designs with the quality that is necessary. The Delma seems to me like a great innovation. It’s different enough for a casual collector to pick up at this price point but not so different that it would turn off a serious watch enthusiast.

  • Hopper454

    I think it depends on the brand. You have older brands like Seiko and Bulova innovating with their Spring Drive and Precisionist movements. And you have newer brands coming up with fresh case, dial and bezel designs.

  • Demetrios

    It is fantastic that Santiago blue shark is only one of five watches with water resistance of 3000 meters (and only seven others have deeper)! I prefer newer brands!

  • arikkal

    newer watch brands are more innovative, but it comes to mechanical movement, track record is key.

  • ArjunRudra1

    Incumbent brands are more innovative as they have to constantly fend off new upstarts and stay relevant. Incumbents also have the benefit of R&D departments, a reservoir of market intelligence and a history of watchmaking behind them.

  • tre

    It seems to me that newer brands tend to be more innovative with style and fashion . And  the older brands innovate through technology. 

  • LuisAmaroLopez

    the best example of this is Mr. thierry nataf who carried zenith with fashion design and innovative machinery supported on a higher status of watchmaking, is a merit that rolex has not done, the risk being innovative in the design and not just make copies of their older watches ….
    because the companies are just see the  money that are safe in selling always their same watches and not  take risks without thinking that what also leave more money is the inovation of new creations whit the  fashion style that exists today, to mention a brand like hublot  without being a big and older  watchmaking  brand ,sold by its constant inovation fashionista .

  • Ironman007

    This is a nice watch. I think new watch brands have the tendency to be more daring and innovative. Old watch brands will probably taken that route of being innovative, met some hit and misses then realign business plans to make watches that sell lucratively. Such is the evolution of watch brands like Casio and Citizen. These 2 brands were very innovative in their earlier years ! But at the turn of the century, their watches became rather stereotyped. For Casio, the innovation stalled when they found the formula and niche in the shock resistant digital watches. (Prior to that, they made calculator watches, game watches, instrument watches , you name it)
    For Citizen, they found their niche in analogue watches and went that way. No more pure digital watches for them ! And that saw the death of many interesting pieces like the ‘Citizen Scientific Calculator watch’ and the ana-digital citizen watches.

  • mktcrasher

    I believe the new brands are being more innovative, ie: changing the rules of what can be done.  The older brands just do minor changes in my opinion, to preserve their brand value that has been earned over the years.  The most obvious example if Rolex, whose submariner has not changed much.  People want their Rolex to be noticed as a Rolex.

  • bichondaddy

    Great Giveaway!!  I am not usually interested in Dive Watches, but I like new brands.   I also think newer brands tend to be more innovate with their designs.

  • erikdy

    I thought about this for a moment, and while mature brands do a good job at innovating on materials, there just isn’t a match. Young brands are by far doing more innovation. It’s just like any established industry.

  • kungfulambchops

    New brands are doing more, by far.

  • Definitely new brands. Especially in the world of smart watches, but the micros are doing a  lot of innovation as well.

  • jhanlon475

    New brands are definitely more innovative and willing to take chances with their watch designs. Even those that are producing retro styles are taking more chances. I love the look of the Shinola watches, and think the brand is amazing. The true underdog that people are rooting for. I also think some of the sub-brands like Orient are producing some very cool looking, good quality watches. I have not heard of the Delma brand before, but will certainly check them out. This is a great looking watch.

  • rustyrussell

    I think old brands have more rooms to innovate, new brands can’t afford to take quite as big a risk most of the time nor spend the money getting a novelty to work.


    new watch brands,neat  that they can create anything you can think of.but i will take old watch brands.they stick
    to the if its not broke dont fix it mind need to be innovative when you got it right the first time.

  • Alex CBR

    It’s in the nature of new watch brands to compete, so they are more innovative.

  • spark1928

    I think new watch brands are more innovative, both in design and materials.  Wryst, Reactor, Clerc, etc…..the list goes on and on of brands willing to take the next steps in the world of watch design.  You, too, Delma !!

  • kh777

    I think while both new and old watch brands can be innovative, new watch brands tend to be more innovative.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this watch!

  • biggish_burrito

    I think old watch brands are more innovative

  • lobster_brigade

    I think in general
    newer watch brands tend to be more innovative with their products, especially
    the micro brands that tend to make watches that appeal to enthusiasts more than
    anyone else.Older brands are probably
    more cautious with their designs as they don’t want to veer too far from their heritage
    or established brand equity.
    Thanks for the opportunity
    to win this watch!

  • LuisAmaroLopez

    fusion of the clasic style and crispy colors and  new materials  , very welcome brand

  • pswillner

    I like the combination of classic and sporty design elements. This looks to be a great everyday wear watch!

  • DSully

    Great looking watch! I personally think the newer brands are more innovative than are the established ones. The designs tend to be more contemporary and they are finding ways to distinguish themselves with features like higher depth ratings, increased lume, etc. When the established brands stretch their designs, their price tends to stretch with it. The newer entrants are bringing greater competition to the market and improving the products and pricing available to the public. It’s a great time to be a watch aficionado!

  • jb_pdx

    Love the watch! I really don’t have a preference on old vs new style watches, just know when something looks good, it looks good. I guess i would say i lean more to the time-less (sorry…) styles that never get old. Again,. love the watch, would love to love it on me wrist!

  • ExperimentJon

    Have to go with the old watch brands.  I feel like the newer watch brands tend toward fashion pieces that package a swiss movement whereas the older brands have the cash for R&D and can do more inventive watches.

  • CDN In London

    I find that the older watch brands tend to be more innovative when it comes to developing new movements. However, they tend to stay with more traditional watch cases. The newer brands are more innovative with their case design.

  • rpsmith01

    A really sharp looking watch. I think 47mm in a tool watch like this is great!

  • TerryN

    Another chance to win a fine watch. I like the larger watches of today as I am getting OLD!

  • ukwolfeman

    Awesome giveaway. Looks like an incredible brand and model. Fingers crossed.

  • rugbymatt

    That would be hard to say, as I have seen some really innovative new brands, but the watch in this article it seems to have taken its style from numerous watches that have come before it. It also seems that with little or no history and very little new designs these companies charge a premium price for what you are getting.

  • kevinwcs

    In my opinion, new watch companies are more innovative, and are allowed to take more risks in innovating as they aren’t restrained by past designs and historical expectations. As much as I love classic designs, the Speedmaster being a perennial favourite, the modern Co Axial Speedmaster can only deviate so much from the original design, although admittedly new case materials and advances in escapement technology are innovations in their own right.

  • nicolthepickle1

    I think new ones are because they can do such cool designs.

  • MichaelVelardo

    Old watch brands coming out with new ideas can be just as innovative as they have the experience behind them. A lot of these watches are really nice.

  • celenaanne

    With the advancement of technology, new watch brands are more innovative today. Even when it comes to things like basic qualities that have been improved enough to be more functional.

  • Desp1

    In my personal opinion there are a lot of newer brands like MB&F, Richard Mille, and HYT that are making watches that are pushing the limits of design and style of movements. They do not have a set in stone design or look that limits them like older watch companies, which allows them to experiment with case designs, different materials, and totally different styles of dials that you would not normally see on say a Rolex or an Omega. They are also much more open to the use of material such as carbon fiber and titanium and many other that allows them to make stronger cases which are much lighter. As far as this watch it takes design ques from well known dive watches and that is not a bad thing, because you can never go wrong with a classic look.

  • Sergio Magos

    The old watch brands set the standard for new watch brands. Almost a year ago I received a watch with a Luminous rotating bezel. I compare this with a well known brand that now uses ceramic rotating bezels. These innovative updates are keeping both new & old watch brands parrallel in innovation. It gives us an option of purchasing quality watches without the price tag of an older brand, high
    end watch. Lots of thanks to Delma for the opurtunity to participate in a give away of a fine watch.

  • Harti

    I think new brands are more innovative. But new and good ideas are being copied by the big ones…

  • manivelle

    This …minute’s response is because of the Oris Aquis depth gauge.  So for the moment, subject to…oscillation, I’m going with vaguely old.  That is, not brand spanking new.  Until….

  • caiofb

    I think new watch brands are more innovative in terms of manufacturing processes, design and marketing strategies, in order to offer more perceived value at smaller prices. This strategy is essential to captivate consumers preference against the older established brands. Otherwise, why would a customer take a possible “risk” buying a not-so-known timepiece? Very healthy competition, brings us the finest of humans minds materialized as watches, like this Delma.

  • FreshTuna

    I would say that newer watch brands are generally more innovative. Having said that I think that brands invest to produce innovation when there is a need to develop their credibility/market. From a new brand that struggles to take its part of the market it makes a lot of sense. However older watch brands do the same when they want to redefine their brand and or extend their market to a different population. Think of Montblanc and the Nicolas Rieussec, you may say it was not successful, but that was in my opinion their first piece to deserve massive attention from the watch community. Other brands seem just fine producing the same old stuff forever, which is totally fine as long as there is a market for it. Also, I am not sure now where ETA stands about stopping supply to non swatch group watch company (they just keep postponing the deadline?) but it is by no doubt another incentive to innovation, I am sure. At least for those that will reply by producing their own movements.

  • darkmoon_95018

    Innovation can depart from the nature of the watch and at times i feel newer watch companies add too much, resulting in a conflict with the purpose….to accurately measure time.

  • Bdraguts

    I think that new watch brands are doing more innovative work lately. In particular, I really enjoy the work coming out of G. Gerlach. It doesn’t have to be much to be innovative to me.

  • Innovation is a build from what came before to what is now and what will be. I like the whole process. I like watches of the past that pointed the way to what we have now. All are beautiful to me.

  • l1m0n3s

    i believe the old brands are improving and catching up the new ones. great blog by the way. 1st time here 🙂

  • jtritlla

    Innovation is mainly in the machinery… see IWC Ingenieur brand… as a geologist I find them fantastic.

  • bnabod

    I am not seeing new watches as more innovative but more variety but still build on innovations from the past

  • ywlow

    New watch brands are innovative in terms of designs; however old watch brands still lead in terms of the “machinery”. In fact, old watch brands now are catching up in the designs as well.

  • Ilimi

    New manufacturers have to be more innovative to earn a slice of the pie.

  • jamesosmith

    The watch industry as a whole is marketing driven, as younger people leave watches for cell phones in keeping tabs on the movement of time ;I do see more innovation with smaller younger companies as they try to carve out a place for themselves.

  • chford

    This is a diver that would convince me to discontinue my stoppage on buying divers!  This is one sharp watch.


    I think the newer watch brands is more innovative.

  • danielfromtexas

    I believe older watch brands are more innovative. Chances are they have remained in business because they innovated their products somehow. This could be something like the introduction of the quartz movement, a new aesthetic, or a new way to market their product. It could be a great deal of things besides the materials that make the watch look different. In some cases, the watch may look like something out of a sci fi movie, but it still uses the same mechanisms and movements that watch’s brand has been using for years. The older watch brands constantly try to innovate in order to expand and remain relevant in order to maintain their longevity. New brands have to make a name for themselves and innovate to do so as well. However, older brands usually have more experience and resources at their disposal which make innovation a bit easier to obtain.

  • MikeRB

    I think that some newer watch brands are becoming innovative with their designs, but much of what many come up with has previously been done before. The older watch brands were the original innovators and many are still progressing with innovation in both design and technology. Some are happy to occupy a place in the market and for these, new innovative brands pose no real threat.

  • memeseeker

    The newer watch brands are clearly more innovative and in some cases pushing the boundaries of what a watch does.  Many of them are also much more attainable for a majority of people.  The new brands have to be innovative to overcome the hefty reputations of older brands.

  • GoGoJackson

    Love the Diver this month. Very nice!
    I definitely think the newer brands are more innovative. I higher percentage of them clearly need to be more innovative just to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

  • jnyman09

    i say newer brands are more creative.  small micro brands have to bring something new to the table to compete with the likes of some of the older, respected brands

  • shaiy007

    I would love to win this beautiful Delma diver.

  • Jimmy H

    Nice… I like the old brands, that the new have learned from.

  • tchsiao

    Beautiful watch… I think old brands are now becoming more innovative because they have no choice. With so many brands out there and so many new materials and technologies being used, if you don’t innovate then you become irrelevant.

  • This looks like a great boutique diver! 
    I do think that as the market for mechanical watches “matures” – in that more people know about mechanicals but there are also more brands to choose from, we’re also seeing more innovation. In this case, nice to see design that doesn’t slavishly ape the Submariner.

  • spartanmohawk5

    hmm hard toss up.  companies like JL have the resources and tech to bang out incredible new creations, but for every JL there are 3 old school companies who think new color schemes are innovative.  New companies are looking to make their names…  often more impressive because even tiny ideas come to completion with less resources available.

  • Psycho4watches

    I think new watch brands are more innovative with their designs, there are lots of new and creative styles out there now.

  • BarracksSi

    New brands have to innovate somehow, or else they’d produce mere homages (or “ripoffs”, as I call them).  Long-established brands can afford have as much leeway, although some are more prone to experimentation than others.  Some brands don’t stray far at all from old, classic designs — they want to be “aspirational”, being around long enough for a potential buyer to say, “Someday, when I’m rich enough/become CEO/retire to Fiji, I’ll buy one of these.”
    Really, there’s room for every approach.

  • Throwback

    I think the newer brands are more innovative. Older brands tend to be tradition bound so any deviation from what they have always made is viewed as negative.

  • treefroga1

    NEW BRANDS ARE more innovative but the old ones are much More beautiful.

  • latinohit

    New watch brands are definitely the more innovative ones. The older brands retains its originality. Both are still amazing in their own ways.

  • SirDouglas007

    I like the newer innovative watches better. A great watch caught my eye the other day, and that is the De Grisogono Meccanico dG No. 6, A wee bit high regarding its price which is $ 415,200,00, 651 individual parts with the case, hands, and digital micro-segments all made from 18-karat pink gold. I like this watch more.

  • DoMo2117

    At first, it is easy to say the newer brands (mb&f, ressence, hyt, devon to name a few) are more innovative but old stalwarts can innovate too when they don’t rest on their laurels (for example, swatch’s sistem51 and tag’s mikropendulum). It’s hard to say because I know a lot of the classic brands do R&D and just put new ideas in a vault for future usage. We just never see them in the marketplace while a younger brand will use it to establish themselves. It is a different approach, I think. Then again, I’ve heard wiser watch experts say that nothing is actually new. Everything has been done. We just find a way to repackage and present again to the public so maybe the question is moot.

  • rrinawat

    I think both old and new brands are becoming more innovative.  Swatch’s sistem51 affordable automatic, Cartier’s ID Two with diamond coated silicon parts being examples of “old” brands, and the unique designs of recently created brands such as SevenFriday, or the jump hour module used by Christopher Ward.  
    Not to give ablogtowatch/read all the credit, but I think all the successful brands are responding to an explosion of easily attainable watch reviews, suggestions, and trends of all the great, and often read watch blogs out there. The innovation we’re seeing might be due to increased interest in watchmaking.

  • Whitesnake77

    New watch brands seem to be more innovative while old watch brands tend to build off time-tested features that have worked for them

  • cc915

    I personally feel that new watch brands seem to be more innovative, but sometimes, they were slightly over ‘cooked’

  • cshepley

    One good thing to come out of the downturn four years ago has been both new and old brands deciding to truly innovate in rewalistic price ranhges instead of just putting out Renaud and Papi powered mega complex watches for the super rich. Zenith now has annual calendar for about 5k with a chronograph, the rise of silicon has been a breath of fresh air and even super cautious Rolex has the new Sky Dweller,perhaps their most complicated watch of the last fifty years (though I wish it were available in steel). None of this would have occurred in my opinion if the economy had kept chugging along and credit was cheap and easy the past five years. Even now that things are getting better, I really do think it served as a wakeup call to all brands.

  • marle

    i think old watch brands are more innovative, because they already been recognized as quality brands, and they have established a “normal” set of watches, which they use to be defined by, as a brand. and that is pretty important to have when you’re a watch brand. also they have the money to make completely different watches.

  • shang2

    I think older watch brands are more minute in their innovations. Once in a while, they’ll come up with something world-changing, but, for the most part, they just hold back and make their already nice watches a bit nicer.

  • Looking at several of the non-traditional watches developed in the past handful of years I say it is the newer, younger brands that are pushing the envelope in terms of design and innovation.

  • Philiplee203

    I think the old watch brands are more innovative. I think that too many times, new watch brands are trying to be “innovative” while not really bringing something substantial to the table.

  • Seago

    First off thank you for introducing the Delma brand on A Blog to Watch a Swiss made automatic dive watch who could ask for any more. Delma has a 90 year history and the style certainly mirrors a traditional design, what they may lack in innovation they make up for it with craftsmanship. Young/newer brands have been conceived by entrepreneurs during a technological revolution. The advent of computers and the internet have brought about innovation in the form of radical forms and design, while embracing technology . Casio is an example with the first electronic watch built in 1974, as we have seen they keep adding features which differentiate them like other new watch companies from the traditional. Some of the first Swiss brands have been around 200 years earlier. Smart watches are gaining in popularity especially with the younger demographic who appreciate the newest and coolest gadgets. From experience however there will be a time when something old becomes new again, like a 69 Camaro SS, or a vintage Rolex or Omega.

  • jgarozzo

    I think younger companies are more aggressive With bringing new and innovative features. It is nice to see old stalwarts, such as Omega, introducing new metals, movements, combinations of classics.

  • jonesjs85

    I agree with most comments that newer ones seem to be more innovative, probably just because older ones have a heritage of sorts to keep with.  I’m a fan of some of both so, innovation or not in design as long as the quality is there it’s a work of beauty.

  • jfloyd

    The established companies are doing a good job of trying to remain relevant, but there a number of examples of companies doing a brilliant job of innovating and producing watches that have amazing quality and are affordable.

  • oihsoy

    It seems like a watch company has to be careful not to let an attempt to be innovative lead them to making a gimmicky product or design.  From what I can see (mainly from this blog) is that the new watch brands are more willing to try something new in an effort to draw in new buyers/consumers.  The older brands don’t need to stray too far from their classic designs/formats because of their reputation, market position, and loyal fan base.  Personally, I’m more drawn to the watches that don’t try to do too much, regardless of whether the company is old or new.  Innovation doesn’t only refer to design and features, but can come in the form of manufacture location and process.  Shinola is a good example of a new watch company that is innovative simply because of its story, and not necessarily because of the design of the product.

  • ghicken

    I think innovations are what sets the company’s success or failure. Older brands rely on their innovations but stick to their established concepts and gimmicks. The new companies provide innovations now that make or break them. So these days the new brands are more innovative.

  • alinux33

    I think that newer watch companies have more courage in bringing a fresh air in this industry especially when new ideas and concepts are combined with latest trends in technology.

  • Ryan B

    I would have to say it’s a combination of both now days. The older companies are now getting involved with more exotic materials while the newer ones use that plus wildly innovative designs.

  • wstephens1

    I want this want watch. It’s about time someone has steered away from the tired regular designs.

  • cableman

    I think new watch brands are more innovative because they need to be – they have to differentiate themselves and if they just follow only old established designs they don’t stand a chance in attracting customers. Old watch brands usually slowly change their existing designs because that adds to the perception of old history and prestige. If you have a design that has been selling for many years you don’t really have an incentive to do anything, the new guys have to come up with something new though.

  • PLC

    Thanks for another competition – and an interesting question topic too! I have not come across Delma before and that looks like an excellent dive watch.
    Most of the older brands evolve incredibly slowly and new innovations take an age to filter through. I guess it is easily understood when you are dealing with traditional timepieces and age old brand values. Rolex are positively glacial (although if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!). Some like Omega however incorporate new innovations such as the silicon balance spring, co-axial movements and new case materials whilst still using core design principles from their established classics (e.g. Speedy 9300) which in my opinion is a good balance.
    The true innovators are the new companies like MB&F, Richard Mille and Urwerk etc who are progressive thinking when it comes to both materials and the established way in which we read time. These guys are pioneers and although I will not be able to afford the latest RM any time soon it is fascinating to read about how these guys ‘push the envelope’ with new innovations.

  • mattbartley

    I believe innovations should be welcomed, but some materials and styles will continue to be the best choice for the job. It can really come down to practicality, which is typically subjective. I think it’s the harmony between form and function that is so appealing to watch enthusiasts. For example, the Delma Santiago Blue Shark is water resistent to 3000 meters. That is a tremendous feat of engineering and it comes in a form that is known and loved.

  • steele15900

    This watch looks great! Older watch companies seem to move slower on innovation for their watchs. The newer companies push the limits faster to break into the market with something new. While I love the classic design,s its always nice to see watches being pushed to new limits.

  • Pauljags

    What a nice piece. I really like the orange color on the tac. The braclet is very bold, heavy looking very masculine. I like the old school diver look. I do like the new styles of design by new watch makers but I am currently into vintage pieces. The new designers are charging a lot for pieces that don’t carry the same clout as older watch companies.

  • thefortitude

    I think older watch companies do not have to be as innovative because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” whereas new companies need to be far more innovative to make a name for themselves.

  • cheolsu

    Older watch companies tend to be more innovative in the movement architecture. More accuracy, better aesthetics, newer and superfluous complications. However, I think that younger watch companies compete by thinking outside of the box to try and break tradition; by offering fresh case design and new ways of displaying the time.

  • Ryanjs34

    I think older watch companies are more innovative. Newer companies seem to be pulling a lot of ideas from the older brands and simply “tweaking” them.

  • harti361

    i love divers. this one has very nice colors and a nice classic design. i think new ideas or styles made by smaller or new brands are copied very fast by big players if they’re successful in the market. the elder brands often fine tune their designs only and seldom have the courage to present new things.

  • grievesy

    The research and development that leads to innovation often requires a lot of resources that only the older watch companies have access to.

  • SimonJohnPowell

    love a big chunky diver, just a simple big classy lump of steel on your wrist. Innovation really drives the watch industry (with a few very famous exceptions) but younger companies like Devon seem to innovate in everything they do.

  • JuanTrujillo

    Love this watch!

  • mikeymusic

    Blue is my colour! I don’t have a watch with that look, so I want one!

  • acme2077

    This is a pretty good looking watch. My only problem with it is it does little to differentiate itself from other dive watches, including the Submariner, Seamaster, Super ocean, Aura timer, etc. That said, I’d still wear it everyday.

  • vb_spike

    I agree with Acme2077. It looks like a diver like a thousand before it. Dont get me wrong. I have a diver for a daily wear (omega 2254.50) but I like some of the more cutting edge watches that some brands are putting out. I’m still a traditionalist at heart, loving divers but every watch these days needs something unique to rise above and they’re running out of edges to add.

  • mkkke

    old ones! patek and cartier in particular have been really innovative in a good way!

  • CoreyFong

    Innovation is a tough thing to quantify. 
     I think the older brands which are much larger with more working capital that cater to the very high end customers continue to push manufacturing technology.  Where as the smaller, newer companies have become more innovative in how they do business to deliver a very high quality watch at affordable prices to the more budget conscious buyer.

  • RickAdams1

    Very nice!

  • k11r11c11

    True Innovations is what makes the difference between a watch and a Timepiece. A Timepiece became an innovation in itself and without the old then the new timepieces would not prove to hold its name. A Timepiece will hold its value in the name of a collector where a watch is something that anyone can enjoy but passion is what drives innovations.

  • larsgrafik

    Old brands are often innovative in a different way, compared to newer brands. Combining complications, enhancing precision or power reserve maybe, experimenting with new materials. But you have to scratch beneath the surface to notice it. Newer brands like HYT, MB&F, Harry Winston, Urwerk and so on, slams innovation in your face, with new ideas of how to show us the time. But that’s not the same, as saying the new brands are more innovative, than the old brands, their innovations is just easier to spot.

  • zed4160

    love tool watches,yes I know a g-shock can go 200m but this does that and more plus has class.:-)

  • Jmruppert300

    I feel that new watch companies that are ‘innovative’ are more or less gimmicky. I appreciate the complexity behind the big names like HYT MB&F etc. but I don’t feel that they are really innovating the watch industry itself. Old watch brands, however, change watch design, create new movements, and actually shift the way we view and judge other watches. I would say the contributions made by older brands, such as TAG, Omega, and many other higher end brands are far more significant in their effect on the watch industry.

  • snash7

    Old brands…. classic styling never goes out of style …

  • pb03elcid

    I see much more innovation with newer brands.  As with other industries, the older guys that are still around continue making money on the designs/styles that established their business.  The new guys have to “make their name” and the most effective way of doing so, is usually through innovation.

  • paulgirvin

    If I win this beautiful watch I will go to the nearest ocean and free dive to 3000 meters. So far I max out at 3 meters, and I have to hold my nose, but with the proper training I’m sure that I can quickly tune my body to the pressures that this watch is able to withstand. I believe that older watch brands do some innovative things, and a lot of the time being limited to mechanical analogue parts requires innovation to achieve things that a simple digital watch can do easily. In the end though it seems like newer brands are taking more risks, and doing more outside of the box thinking, sometimes to great ends.

  • I think older brands were more innovative because there was no way to see what other watch makers were doing in real time like there is today. While technologies and watches may be more advanced today, with tools like the internet, it is not as innovative as the folks back in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s who were literally thinking up the next big thing on their own and making it happen themselves without major outside influence. When talking innovation you have to look at the environment and big picture, not just the watch itself. In other news, this blue shark Delma is CLEAN.

  • tambun799

    I think new watches have to be more innovative because just about every technical complication has been done except the constant force mechanism, so new watches must become more creative in their use of material, design, and utility.

  • htfzrk

    old brands! nothing can replace their Expertise

  • wujuboy

    New brands try to prove themselves by marketing their products with new technology Old brands rely on reputation and heritage to sell their products. It seems to me that both old and new are always trying to improve their movements by utilizing new materials, that eliminate wear and friction. Its really a toss up.

  • PaulNowicki

    Old brands can get away with a lot more risks in innovating alongside their mainstream models

  • wstephens1

    There in lies the problem. Everyone is so stuck on the old ways it’s hard for new companies to make it. The average guy (including myself ) find it hard to marvel something I can’ t even dream to afford. Lets make the old guard step up thier game and make something special and affordable.

  • kelvintwc

    I think new watch brands are more innovative these days but the old watch brands are strengthening their strengths and are more willing to try new innovations as well.

  • kjpIII

    While the new brands try, to me it seems that the old brands not only continue the legacy of their past achievements but also push to create the new innovations. This industry is so competitive that companies are constantly trying to out engineer and one up each other.

  • bos3ood

    New brands help older brands innovate faster since the new brands are always trying to come up with something new to create differentiation in the market place. With that said, older brands tend to implement innovation better and are able to capitalize with increase brand recognition in the market place.

  • lincolnyeung

    Nothing beats a classic. Being the first in the world to create and innovate a product is something that just can’t be forgotten, and that is why the old brands reign supreme in both innovation and class.

  • skew

    New brands are seem to be innovative but nothing beats a classic watch

  • soundsandbytes

    To me old watch brands versus new watch brands goes hand in
    hand as that of old money versus new money.Nothing beats established brands/money.There is a reason its called old money, and that is because it has stood
    the test of time, and money is still being generated from its reserves.The same is true for old/ORIGINAL watch
    brands, they continue to innovate, but stay in step with the high quality that
    has established them a place in watch history.It matters not if your new innovations have that wow factor, if in the
    long term the quality is not there.As a
    direct result of new watch brands continuing to ‘push the envelope’ with innovations,
    old watch brands have been forced to adjust their business philosophy, which has
    resulted in a somewhat more affordable line of well established ‘high-end’
    watches with a historical significance that any true watch aficionado would be honored
    to wear.

  • Vhough

    I think old brands are more innovative these days. If you look, for example, at the new Omega which is anti-magnetic (

  • BJS314

    Beautiful watch. I think the reliability of watches in general is better at all price points. You get a ton of great features without paying a lot. Certainly it appears that high end watches are getting more innovative, but an argument could be made that many are simply reverting to older, “lost watch-keeping” forms to gain new followers.

  • Sever

    As a diver watch fanatic i must say that the new watch brands are much more innovative than the old ones (see Helson, Halios, Prometheus, etc), at least in terms of design and more than that you get the same or more perks for much less money.

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  • othello_37

    Technology has allowed companies today to be more innovative, think of the refinement in materials, manufacturing, even design tools, has all lead to more innovation int h watch market today,

  • aelsabbagh

    New watches are more innovative.

  • ThomasTJ

    New watch brands don’t have either the heritage or fan following that classic brands have, new watches have to convince on design, quality and create a different appeal.

  • KvksKumar

    I think old companies are keeping their legendary names by creating new time pieces with their great knowledge they have gained from years of their works and are more innovative. That doesnt mean the new ones arent innovative. They are trying their best to catch up with the expertise

  • DavidCook

    I think new watches are more innovative.  But I will off the grid starting July 30th until August 8th.  So if I win you have got to wait till then for me to respond.

  • elbilo

    It’s hard to say, but gun to my head, I’d say newer companies offer more fresh designs.  I see many older companies stick with what made them a staple in the first place, but there are some that offer fresh designs.  Even though many newer companies are based on offering the staple designs for less money, I do see several focused on offering fresh looks.  I may be jaded, though, as I focus more on micro-brands.

  • kirkyringo

    For the most part the old companies were the most innovative because everything was new.  New companies in the main stream rely heavily on the foundation of the old companies and their designs.
    Case in point was the co-axial movement which was spurned by the big brands who were stuck in a rut and didn’t want to risk commercial suicide if it failed.  It took many years before it was accepted.  Now Omega intends to change for the most part all of their movements to Co-axial.  I applaud this.   But they want move on after this for a very long time.
    Indeed the innovative artistry of horology is now limited to the watchmakers who produce limited numbers of their unique pieces at prices most of the population can’t afford and enjoy.
    Well known brands such as Omega, Tag, Breitling, etc rely heavily on revenue from their mainstream pieces and from time to time deliver complications that are awe inspiring.  But never to see the light of day on the wrists of the many watch collectors who’s bank balance doesn’t match. 
    Tourbillons whilst beautiful to behold are extremely expensive and well beyond my reach.  I’ve had enough of them…yawn.
    Innovation   =   big bucks in R&D now.  Which CEO is willing to put his job and company at risk spending millions on innovation with a possible outcome of failure.  
    Not many I would guess.

    • Sammymacd

      I agree, interesting thoughts, Kirk.

  • Evan59

    I have noticed the trend of old venerable brands reintroducing vintage pieces with fresh, updated designs. This trend has certainly attracted the interest of this novice watch collector.

  • adrien1

    I generally prefer the innovation from the new watch brands because they usually innovate in design, not just in functionality.
    And I’d love to win this beautiful Delma!

  • seppukusword

    Love the standout colors.  I prefer bright socks and bright watches.  Love the design!

  • wbilly

    New brands are lesders in most areas of innovation. They have to be in order to carve out a niche in the market.

  • thedonn007

    I would love to own this watch.  I have been researching a few watches that look quite similar to this watch, but the other watches have Japanese automatic movements.

  • natanya200

    I think that the answer splits into two. You have new watch brands that think being innovative means adding colors and cool images (which I don’t think means being innovative) and then you have new brands who really try to get the most
    out of the complication and are really innovative with their watches.
    The older brand mainly build off of proven complications and play it “safe”, however you do have brands like Franck Muller which I think does really innovative pieces.
    Bottom line is that innovation in watches for me isn’t graphics or nice colors or how many expensive diamonds you can put on the watch but rather what interesting but practicable way can you show me the time ad additional important data.

  • maxforrester

    Mine, all mine…

  • AtomicPanda21

    From what I’ve seen, the older watch brands have been sticking with tried and tested watch designs with minor updates or changes. 
    At the same time, a lot of newer watch brands are creating homages to those designs but with their own unique take.

  • iDolo

    The indie brands are showing more interest in innovation. the older brands are sticking to what they know.

  • Sammymacd

    Interesting topic, Ariel. In terms if sheer innovation in regards to new technology, design and functionality, I’d have to say that newer watch brands are the winner here. For example, look at a newer brand such as Hublot. Hublot has proved their innovative nature with the new Oceanographic which is waterproof to 4000 meters. (We also have to define old and new brands here but for times sake lets say Rolex and Omega are ‘older’ brands compared to Hublot, Richard Mille etc.). Rolex’s Submariner and Omega’s Seamaster never took to extremely deep depths but Hublot has. Even Rolex’s newest Deepsea was put out in order to combat deeper depths (in my opinion). A similar scenario here is shown with Hublot’s new F1 watch. Older brands tend to stick more traditional design and function because that function and design has been what’s worked for their brand.

  • apotischman

    I think the “legacy” brands are still doing more innovation than the newer brands. The existing brands normally have more money to put towards R&D than those that haven’t been around for a while. I think that while the newer brands may be trying to find a niche with said innovations, they end up over-complicating (pun intended) and create pieces that are a bit pretentious. That isn’t saying that legacy brands don’t do the same, but more often than not, they can come up with some really cool innovations.

  • diwali84

    The watch can go to over 1000m, but the body can’t- wow!

  • ptabatcher

    I think that new watch brands lead in style innovation. They don’t have the weight of brand history holding them back from changing things up. They are not always successful in my opinion.  Older brands seem to be more innovative with their technology since they have the history, technology and capital to develop new movements and the manufacturing know-how to utilize new materials.

  • albinhultman

    I’d say the newer watch brands stands for the major innovations as they do not have to protect a legacy/reputation in the same way as a classic brand. However the originals are soon to catch up on a winning concept.

  • Steve1234

    New brands seem to be following fashion trends, whereas old brands glorify the past. New brands can make a name for themselves through innovation and smart design i.e. Bell & Ross, Luminox, Edifice etc… However old brands typically build off of their iconic past designs that at the time were innovative i.e. Rolex, Panerai, Cartier, etc… I think innovation doesn’t necessarily have to mean the design and functions of a watch, I like brands that are innovative by offering a high quality timepieces for reasonable prices like Steinhart, LÜM-TEC, and Sinn.

  • tcoomber

    I think new brands have to be more innovative in order to get noticed.  New brands who are influenced too much by the established brands tend to be accused of creating homages at best or coping at worst if they stay a little too close to an existing look.  I think most old brands tend to rest on their laurels and recycle their old looks with little variation.

  • The old brands reinvent their concepts with new materials, less time loss and fashion appealing.
    I think that the new independent watchmakers such as MB&F, Devon, F.P. Journe Etc.. bring more attention to the innovation but, I’m not sure if this is the right idea of innovation.
    Developments like the Ochs Und Junior mechanisms for me are the true innovators here: Simply-complications 😀

  • jozz

    I believe the new watch brands are more innovative these days as they have a fresher ideas in designing their watch. The newer brands are also adventurous as they have less reputation-related risk if something goes awry, hence, bolder designs, unique complications and different ideas.

  • Juanlmejia

    I think that old brands are being more innovative than new ones. I mainly think this because old brands are bringing new technologies, new designs and new ideas to the market meanwhile new brands are more focused on doing homages of old brands iconic watches.

  • newkid77


  • In terms of inventiveness and design complexity related with the technological standards of at a particular time, I think the old models are more innovative than the new models.

  • GabrielBB

    I think that new brand watches are more innovative regarding materials and design used to build watches because they want to come with news on the market, in order to catch “the eye” of the collectors. 
    Ariel, thanks again for another great giveaway.

  • CiroDelPrete

    I think that old brands are being more innovative than new ones.

  • Mike_Bookhardt

    Hi Ariel, and thanks again for a cool giveaway.  Regarding the ‘new watch vs old watch brands’ being more innovative.  I swung like a pendulum on this topic.  
    My thought process was that new watch brands carried more innovative designs and to some extent, technology.  I then went back to explore, was the watch brand new, or just new to me?  What I found, is that, through the education from this site, and reading your daily blog posts, there were many brands that I thought were new, but had been around for quite a while.  So that said, I started to think that the older watch brands would most likely have the resiliency, capital and marketing latitude to try more innovative design and technology ideas.  
    Of course, various new themes in design, and materials availabile to the start up watch company, can allow them to ‘bet the farm’ on a particular design, which ultimately could cement their place in horological history.  But these can be a flash in the pan, so I stand by my original statement that older, established, watch brands will have the ability to withstand a new, innovative, design, through success or failure.  
     So it almost sounds like that which allows a company to be most successfully innovative, is a strong financial and marketing leg.

  • Kristijan

    Older (and bigger) companies use their greater funds and experienced watchmakers to come up with some technically brilliant watches, but as a whole I think newer companies experiment a bit more, with both the technical and aesthetic aspect of watches.

  • GiovanniGobello

    I think the “legacy” brands are still doing more innovation than the newer brands.

  • Kieselguhr

    You can’t quite band all the old watch brands together as some are far more innovative than others. However, in regards to watch brand innovation, new watch brands tend to produce more innovative products in an effort to establish themselves, or simply to attract the younger generation of potential customers as opposed to the older watch brands that produce products that are already tried and true.

  • BB62

    Great looking watch!I feel new watch brands are more innovative, as they are allowed a
    broader palette to design and craft their timepieces.The old guard must walk a fine line of
    loyalty, to both their collections and their customers.That fine line often does not allow for too
    much creativity or innovation to hit the visual eye the same way, or as quickly
    as it often does with the newer more nimble watch brands.Good luck to all!

  • MBrodtke

    Innovation is for the new brands. Tradition is for the established brands. With the rise of the independents like Sarpaneva and MB&F, there’s an exciting element to innovation that these brands are obligated to achieve to stand out from the crowd. The new brands don’t have the backing of an umbrella group and have to use what capital they have to make something that will stand out AND stand the test of time while developing a brand ethos and building a client base. Innovation is all about the young guns!

  • braddyNOTbrady

    I believe that innovation is for the new brands and the established brands will stick close to what made them popular.  Rolex and other established brands could keep selling the same watches that they have for the past 50’s years without having to update the lineup and not feel any effect to it’s bottom line.  New brands have something to prove and must come up with a design that will stand out as well as prove it’s worth.

  • Saxman77

    Wonderful looking watch.  I think that many of the most innovative watch designs are coming from new companies.  Many of the older watch companies have their traditional models and they seem to stick pretty close to those designs from year to year.  Many of the newer companies aren’t tied to old model and traditions and are more likely to take risks with new, exciting designs.

  • jmsherer21

    Personally, I believe innovation is coming from the new watch makers and rightfully so.  The newbies have to enter the market with boldness and unprecedented style in order for them to compete with the old boys club.

  • dkbjr333

    The watch looks amazing, and WOW 3000m. I believe that the newer brands have to be innovative to stand out. Some of the older brands are doing some very innovative things right now. Harry Winston, Tag Heuer are some examples of old, and HYT H2, Devon Tread are some examples of new. I believe both the older and newer brands are pumping out some great innovations.

  • bmoritzasu

    New watch brands are more innovated.  They need to stand up to the names of the older brands, which can survive on the name and long history of excellence.

  • Ruscicap

    nice looking diver

  • br pk

    WOW!!!nice n new watch!!!!
    I love that orange bezel!!
    recently, most innovative brand I think  is the urwerk!!!!
    ur -1001 is beautifully innovative!!!

  • Watchthisspace

    Nice summer business watch. I was looking at a similar one but this didn’t know this brand before – lovely.  Watches are of course getting more innovative – some new mechanisms would make the old folk tremble with delight.

  • SebastianoMazza

    Innovation is for the new brands. Tradition is for the established brands.

  • mew30

    Some of the new watch companies are innovating in interesting ways by creating clean, timeless designs that are still affordable. I find the simpler, cleaner looks coming out of the non-Swiss startups taking watch design in directions that respect traditions. Those high-priced super-complications coming out of the Swiss brands often just seem overengineered and overdesigned rather than artistic or innovative. But that’s just my opinion, of course.

  • ramblin man

    I think some of the best stuff is coming out of new companies like St. Moritz, M.B & F and others. Their vision is unrestricted, and fresh designs follow.

  • MaddalenaGobello

    I think that new brand watches are more innovative regarding materials and design used to build watches

  • ogrion

    For sure new watches are way more innovative, it’s just that people are hesitant to fork out big cash on unknown name brand, because lets face it, we buy expensive watches not only because they are pretty, it’s in the brand!

  • New watch makers need to be more daring with their brand to get buyer to buy. I am all for that. Something different. I am liking the color combo of the watch shown. Like to see it in person.

  • Duchead

    I agree with what many others are saying: new watch makers are definitely more innovative.  I think it’s not only the way to attract buyers, but it is part of human nature and thus the corporate world.  People start an endeavor with bold new ideas.  After a while and some success, complacency sets in and the boat rocks less and less.  My .02 anyway.
    Pretty cool watch, this Santiago Blue Shark. I don’t normally care for orange, but I find this one appealing.   The depth rating sure helps!

  • SeanDJ

    I love this watch!  As a diver this is the perfect combination of style and function.  The bronze really pops.
    As far as innovation goes with watchmakers I definitely feel that the newer brands are making more of a splash particularily with asthetics.  From a mechanical/technical innovation standpoint I also feel that the newer makers are stretching the box on watch design.

  • lesnichei

    Very cool watch this month.  As for the question, I’m a novice so excuse my ignorance.  In the watches I’ve been looking at (and there’s a good many), I don’t see anything terribly innovative at all about the bracelets.  Sometimes companies make arbitrary changes to be different or express some aesthetic, without regard to form following function.  While it’s an important part of the watch…it really just holds the watch to the wrist and there’s only so many ways to do that comfortably.  I think we had that figured out a few years ago…

  • Fastsite

    I definitely feel that new watch brands are substantially more innovative in terms of style, simply because they’re fresh to the market. Since they already know what the trend is they come into the market with a specific (and innovative) design. However, I also feel that old watch brands are more innovative in terms of mechanical technology, due to the simple fact that they’re experienced and they’re always wanting to see what else they can add.

  • Hispaniola

    Me like that watch. One of the best looking giveaway so far this year.

  • bluenovaexplosion

    This is a great looking watch even though the orange color doesn’t match with all clothing types.  Nevertheless, this watch is a great looking timepiece that I would enjoy having.  I believe the newer model watches are definitely more innovative.  The old watches are predominantly to small in size.  Delma also has a great website and a beautiful selection, particularly their Sport Watches!

  • treefroga1

    New brands by far.

  • jeffkop

    I haven’t heard of this brand before given that I live in the United States.  Nice looking watch though, and very  impressive depth rating.  Interestingly, I think the older watch brands are actually more innovative.  I am constantly amazed to see what the established brands come out with every year.  Timeless, yet innovative, that is a wonderful combination for a watch!

  • Traesir

    I also haven’t heard of Santiago before, but by the price it must be pretty good. I would love to give it a try in my diverse activities from hiking to diving.
    To comment on the New vs Old tech, I know that the new watches are superior to the old technology. They are able to cram unreal amounts od technology into the small space available. GPS, emergency beacons, compass, altitude/ pressure readings ect. ect.

  • flameboy

    New brands are easier to innovate in my opinion.

  • Jacquess

    New companies are more innovative, they’re the ones that can’t coast on brand power alone.

  • windup

    Nice looking watch….the picture gives a pleasant sense of being underwater, exploring rusty wrecks and coral reefs….
    I expect good watches have always been innovative, otherwise we’d still be carrying apple-sized objects that were accurate to within five minutes every hour, if we were lucky….

  • davidniv

    new companies like hublot are innovative but old companies such as tag heuer, breguet … have the experience that makes the difference. i really like new firm watches with the all black version but it’s not innovation it’s design

  • Nomos-Schofield – and to celebrate the US, Shinola – I wish they had an automatic.  Design- newer watches are more innovative, but they can in no way afford to do a lot of innovation in movements.

  • kwanstep

    Depends on personnel taste. Love the old and new depending on the watch

  • bluecontrarian

    New watch brands are more innovative but I am not a fan of unnecessary complications. Classics for me.

  • MLR13000

    While older brands have a track record of success, can they vary to far from their model with out losing their loyal customer base? I would say newer brands are more apt to try new things.

  • paulfrancois

    Nice looking watch, I’ll take one

  • orzano12

    New watch brands are definitely more innovative these days to stand out from the pack but sometimes to the detriment of style.  This watch on the other hand is beautiful.

  • Jus_ad_bellum

    innovation……………..let me know when you see something, I see a lot of gimmicks from new and old watchmakers. Call me crazy but I want an automatic watch that also has a gps, altimeter and heart rate monitor, I mean am I asking too much? 😀

  • delma

    Interesting to learn about Delma here and amazed that it houses a ETA movt for 3000m diving, just shy of the Rolex deep sea but at a fraction of price. Can I call this one of the innovation differences between new watch makers/brands and old?! Similarly, I admire Magrette from the other half of the globe which is a new brand but have his own balance of innovation in designs, passions, quality & price (just bought my first magrette (with ETA) last month and very happy with it).
    Yet, old brands surely can do the same if not more with their market shares and capability. E.g. Tudor’s comeback to the U.S. is an evidence of wise marketing strategy. Rather than cannibalizing Rolex sales, Tudor can be a great boost to overall market share… (time to prove this right).

  • shirtlessingaza

    I want my watch to fulfill what I expect from it – these days, a Resco Patriot fits the bill. In the past, my dad’s Tag Heuer Autavia was (and is) THE watch. I try to be moderately nitpicky when it comes to manufacturing and quality, but I don’t take into account tradition or trendyness.

  • petasi

    new watch brands are much more inovative, no questions about it!

  • Cleej112

    Beautiful bold face

  • Steve Poorman

    I think new companies try to be more innovative by trying out new designs, materials, and movements because its a way to stand out from the norm.

  • sdmgu

    I think new watch brands are forced to be innovative in order to draw attention and interest. However, some old brands do not shy away from introducing innovations to mark a special event or anniversary. With so many watch brands, both old and new, to choose from, we live in a great time.

  • Kerby23

    It’s all mixed.  Some existing old brands come out with innovative designs and movements, and new brands push new innovative designs.  But you still have old watch brands still making the same old designs they’ve had since the 70s and new watch brands sticking to hommages of those designs.

  • rafaelitus

    For the most part, new watch brands push for innovation, but many are just re-hashes of old ideas.  Established companies can have innovation, because they have the expertise, and the financial capability for research.  To wit, Rolex’s Parachrom Spring or Omega’s Co_Axial movement.


    I am all for new watch brands with great innovations.  I am not into the “FASHION WATCHES”, something to look good for the moment.

  • andrema0710

    INew watch brands are definitely more innovative these days to stand out from the pack but sometimes to the detriment of style. This watch on the other hand is beautiful.

  • SoonerTA

    I think that new watch brands are more innovative.  They have to be to get there foot in the market.

  • october50

    old established watches are excellent and one day I would love to own one,with a crown on would be nice haha.i pearsonaly think new is sharp and fresh.nothing better.stood at the bar,some one looks across and says nice watch pal,bet that cost a few quid.the fact that they noticed is good but with new brands and a price question in same sentence.desighners and new brand doing a cracking job.also makes me feel good when dressed for the town knowing my watch looks smart. ta d.p.j

  • mountaintower

    I can see how many folks like older watch brand companies, but I do also think that newer watch companies are doing more to innovate in the watch designs.  So, I think that newer watch brands are more innovative with their products these days.

  • vcarriereok

    Personally i think new watches brands have to be more innovative to get market share. Also, usually older brands appeals to their already built customer base to sell new models and they need to keep in line with their style.

  • wstephens1

    If the average watch collector waited for the old standards to come down in price he wouldn’t have any watches. I’m constantly on the lookout for something new and affordable. I find the newer watches just as pleasurable as my Rolex and forty year old Lord Elgin.

  • LimpMikasa

    Innovation progress with time. Without innovation there will never be improvement. Then again if you disassemble a relative new kid on the block, you can still see certain aspect of the old innovation lingering in there. I favor a old maverick with a 21st century upgrade.

  • samjobrani

    I believe that new watch brands of today are allot more innovative with their products and designs. That has a large part to do with the large amounts of competition you have in each sector of watch production. I believe because of this inflation in the price of  watches has gotten out of hand. I wish only that they would go back to the principles and concepts of yester year,

  • arzmerchant

    new Watch brands have been innovative they are coming up with all different concept on watch making. and trying out all new and different material available. different

  • Kraanwater

    Ofcourse, inovation can not be excluded in any watchbrand, new or settled. However, new watchbrands have to be far more innovative and game changing to earn marketshare. So my answer is like most of the people: New Watch Brands.

  • Jehrling

    I hope i win. It would be nice to win something for once.

  • Bill young

    Nice watch but dos not lookalike an innovation of anything new.

  • tegart

    I feel newer watch brands have been more innovative, although I still find older brands more interesting.

  • Jimijaz

    While todays timepieces are standing on the shoulders of the great achievements in watchmaking, The advances in tech have led to some really interesting takes on old designs. I’m a big fan of divers and chronometers and you see quite a few cool things almost every year.

  • LeoKoeken

    I am a fan of the new brands, in particular micro brands, for which ABTW is an important source to get to know these brands and their watches. The new brands are not hampered by the law of reverse efforts to be new but at the same time keeping the old heritage, they can choose their own design freshly.

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  • Robot655

    These are nice looking watches!

  • nchotos

    Newer brands are certainly driving innovation.  I think kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns are pushing unique designs that would otherwise never make it off the drawing board.

  • MarcTravis

    The newer brands or more innovative, because they push the horizons on new designs. The old ones tend to rely upon tried and true classic designs to stay afloat.

  • nilsalb

    Newer brands have something special that older brands cannot afford to do

  • AsheeshKumar

    I Believe old watch brands are more innovative as they have to live their brand name as well as keep up with the technological advances to attract the present youth.

  • MID

    Old brands tend to be more innovative.  Consider Omega, with its co-axial escapement, or Seiko, with its spring drive and high beat movements.  New brands typically don’t have the resources to research and implement new ideas.  They are too often limited to repackaging standard movements and parts.

  • pet.a

    I really like Audemars Piguet’s motto ‘To break the rules, you must first master them.’ So I think old watch brands are generally more innovative. However, new companies may have much less to lose, then they can afford to think more outside the box.

  • vyz1194

    i would very well say the new developers doing much better than the conventional  makers because of exquisite designs they come up with watches like HYT H2 ,Wryst Airborne and Urwerk most designs .These watches they look simply sexy and trendy these are the kind of things we the youth look on to.These kind of Designs that instantly captures us ,well for conventional they don’t develop  in this direction thats is why think the new developers are gonna capture markets soon

  • GregPatrickBesSnider

    Why havent i started reading ABTW sooner!? Lets start this novices collection off right!

  • Nuno

    Newer brands are more open to innovation… I think.

  • MickeyKeys

    This is one serious looking dive watch. Older brands are having to be more innovative – with the influx of newer companies putting out quality product, only a select few can rest on their laurels.

  • Mario Maese

    Older watch companies are taking notice from the new companies because they are producing awesome time pieces with more quality then ever I am always looking forward for more reviews to influence my buying habits

  • Paul E Murcko

    would love to win this

  • svirecruiting

    Older companies have been more innovative as they are being pushed by the new brands to keep up…  I would be happy to be a proud owner of the Delmas diver

  • brentkious

    The question poses a false dichotomy!  Some newer watch brands (e.g., Uwerk, MB&F) make incredibly innovative watches, while other new brands (I’ll avoid names) do not–indeed, it is hard to understand how their products, lacking name recognition and any distinctive style, could appeal to anyone.  On the other hand, plenty of more established brands (“old brands” seems too pejorative) make very innovative watches–here I have in mind Citizen, Seiko, Movado, Bell and Ross, and others.

  • Sunnymay

    I think both old and new companies are innovative, because to keep up with the times, you have to change and improve, hopefully for the better.    I think the blue on the Santiago Blue Shark Diver Watch is striking and sets it apart from others as distinctive and at the same time cheery and fun.  The watchband even looks like the sea with a change in blue hues that ripple as light hits it.

  • adeelamalik

    In my opinion anyone can innovate whether a new watchmaker or an old one.
    One thing as far as i think the old and experienced watch makers can easily innovate as they have good previous knowledge of watchmaking and also have gained a lot of experience by trail and errors.
    A new watchmaker, however, when tries to innovate, either he’ll make something extra ordinary or his innovation may be a total failure depending on his skills.
    My votes goes to old watchmakers for innovation.

  • demalick

    I believe that the new watch brands are more innovative. There are several makers that have simple yet retro design that are very exciting. I especially like the racing inspired direction some of the makers are taking.

  • mikeburdine

    The Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a very cool classically styled dive watch. According to the company web site it is a new version of a the dive watches launched in the 1980s. Is this little known manufacturer (in this hemisphere) better more innovative  than newer watch companies? Hmm good question. When Delma launched their dive watch line in the eighties the term smartphone was unheard of. When asked for a the time my kids and most of their contemporaries glance at the phone that is usually in their hand. . The hospital where I work has digital atomic clocks everywhere. I have to take my watch off for a large portion of the day while I am scrubbed in for sterile procedures. When I sail my boat I wear my new Garmin Quatix (just recalled) which tells me time my, speed, my location, and beeps when I get too close to the island I ran aground on last year. Yes the new manufactures are very innovative. But this dive watch is really neat and the classic styling is what I prefer to wear. By the way—does anyone really dive to 3000feet?

    • DavidStewart

      I like the new watch brands much better I have decided.
      Thanks for the contest

  • staplejj33

    I think by nature older watch brands are more innovative.  All new watch brands need are originality or that something special, but old watch brands already did that – already established something special.  Now they must constantly innovate and improvise to keep with current trends.  For a new watch brand to launch an oversized watch is par for the course – who ISN’T doing that, and lemme guess: it’s a diver and some kind of “homage”.  But for a brand with an established style and reputation, producing an over-sized diver requires ingenuity not in simply making a watch that meets popular demand, but that retains its original style and appeals to loyal fan base.  Of course this is all wild speculation, but it just seems to me watches that have the most to lose must take the largest chances and therefore by necessity must rely heavily on innovation.

  • wstephens1

    I’m amazed during this past month no one wants to challenge the old watch makers. As a consumer you would think they would listen to you. As in most of my post, price is an issue. Quality can be made affordable. Anyone mention that some new lines never sell out. They are sold at reduced prices to wholesalers. I raise my glass to new competition continue to grow and I will purchase.

  • LoiShouDe

    I believe older watch brands are more innovative with their products. Older companies tend to have an edge in innovation as they are more willing to push boundaries with their timepieces, especially having already established a foothold in the market and hence are willing to risk more experimental watches, see the Tag Heuer Monaco V4 for example.  That said, there have been some newer companies which are willing to push horological boundaries. Still, I believe newer companies are likely to be more conservative due to their need to build a strong customer following

  • azrml

    Great looking watch!

  • pappagris

    The only old brand that still interests me are Seiko. Omega and most other Swiss brands have a hard time coming up with something new and fresh. And I like alot of new brands that really got fresh ideas.

  • Nick W

    Fantastic looking diver.  Love the lume and looks tough as nails.  Maybe, just maybe, winning this watch would inspire me to actually dive.

  • dapperchemist

    Old brands seem to be more innovative with traditional movements but it’s hard to overlook watches like the HYT H1 and Ressence Type 3 and not give them the “innovative award. Older brands like omega seem to improve classic movements (e.g. Omega 3330 built up from an ETA but not totally new) but for the number of watches produced, nothing groundbreaking.

  • SlvrSrfr

    Sweet looking watch, thanks for the giveaway! I think new watch brands are more innovative with their design choices. This is part of the business, since old brands have established product lines and repeat customers. It is not to their advantage to alienate their core customers.

  • BlakeSchmitt

    Thanks for the giveaway chance! I think older watch brands are more innovative in general as far as function and use goes. As far as styling, I think there is a case (no pun intended) for the newer brands that are pushing the boundaries on what a traditional watch should conform to. In any case, there are great new and old models, and their respected brands that will be continued classics or will be classics.

  • dougev

    Great looking give away. I think newer brands are more innovative currently.

  • dougev

    Great looking give away. I believe that newer firms are currently more innovative.

  • stephen

    Depends what you mean by innovative.
    For me the newer brands are more innovative with design – like Schofield, Nomos, MB&F, Urwerk, Devon, Harry Winston, etc…

    Whereas the historical brands tend to have the edge on the engineering – innovative materials like silicon and alloys, co-axial escapements, tourbillons (eek), chronos pushing 1/10000th, pendulum magnetic escapements etc…

    And there are inbetween brands like Bremont with innovative modern designs ( and chucking bits of historical artefacts in) and innovative new engineering (Trip-Tick cases)

  • Mr_FDL

    Very nice giveaway! I think older brands are pushing in lots of innovation.

  • canibagthat

    Would look great with an orange NATO strap.

  • swemel

    Prefer vintage models (Tag, Tudor, Rolex, Panerai) 😉
    But this Delma looks awesome !

    Thks for the contest

  • books45

    I think existing brands tend to be more innovative, because they compete with themselves for existing customers.  People want new things.

  • Phikes

    Small brands, they can afford to be more nimble, just like any other small company. A large brand often has too much momentum investing in established looks and expectations.

  • yavorzz

    It’s nothing to do with old or new. It’s all about the people behind.

  • amirm

    I am hoping for my luck to change!

  • sub2013

    I think the new watch brands are able to be more innovative then older brands.Older brands tend to be more conservative, and let the new brands lead the innovative designs.

  • amirm

    I don’t agree, old watch brands have a prestige and heritage behind them.

  • lscardin

    I’d say new watch brands are more innovative.

  • scottkupferman

    I think older watch brands are more innovative.  They know they cannot rest on their laurels and have to constantly up their game – whether the innovate in style, manufacturing technology or watch technology.

  • Wha

    While some newer brands are trying to do really cool stuff with their watches at lower price points, the older watch brands just have too much of an advantage in terms of capital and have r&d departments that are several times the size of newer brands.

  • I think new watch brands are move innovative  these days, especially looking at materials used, dial layout and functionality.  But I might be biased as my favourite brands are Urwerk, MB&F & Richard Mille – all fairly recent and all push the boundaries

  • Loping_Camshaft

    I think many new brands are the more innovative. A lot of it comes from the direct internets sales of new companies. It allows the customer save on the normal middle-man costs as well as having a direct relationship with the customers. Some of the Kickstarter projects also show a lot of promise as sustainable companies going forward. All this brings higher quality watches to more people, which is great. Engineering and technically, established brands have the capitol to innovate, but there aren’t too many features that the average customer would everwant or need.

  • emlevine711

    In terms of “innovation”, new watched seem to be pushing the limit every year compared to older models

  • sjoconn

    I think that many of the new brands are more innovative. However I am a fan of the more classic designs.

  • charles1030

    I believe that new watches are more innovative.  For example a sapphire crystal, better parts, more accuracy , more reliable, more versatile when it comes to sport and dress.
    Although old watches can sometimes tend to have more of a true soul then today’s watches because of more time and appreciation put into them.

  • htbishop

    Nice looking watch. I believe innovation is coming from both new and established watch brands this days, which is nice to see.

  • stevej2001

    I too think new brands are more innovative. They’ve got to get noticed.

  • Michael Walters

    I’ve been pleased to see that quite a few of the older, established brands have remained innovative these days.

  • BrianSampson

    I think the newer brands are definitely more innovative with their designs, but I’ll give the edge to the older brands on actual ingenuity when it comes to classic watchmaking principles.  Though there are a few hybrids out there, such as Urwerk doing both and doing them well.  But the older brands are doing some great things these days with styling as well.

  • Jld2012

    Technically speaking I think old brands are more innovative and the newer brands are focussing more into the design.

  • Mitch M

    In my opinion, too many of the older brands think that changing the dial color from year to year qualifies as an “innovation”.  Not in my book. I think the newer brands looking to gain a customer following are the ones who are coming up with most of the true innovations.

  • maihtim

    I’d say older watch brands were more innovative in terms of function, but new brands are more innovative in terms of form.

  • saxychef

    I really think that its the younger watch brands are the more innovative.

  • JorweeckKingsu

    Then only innovation I see are from the new digital ones such as the use of BT, electronic Altimeter/Barometer/Compass, light Charging/ e-ink. As for the old ones, they just stick to heritage and trying to make their movements have better power reserve and accuracy.

  • AengusTheChamp

    I think that in terms of function, efficiency, and movements, old watch brands are more innovative, but as far as design, new watch brands are more innovative.  This is perhaps due to older watch brands being somewhat chained to the iconic designs that people continue to seek out.

  • Albi

    I think that the older brands are more innovative: they have more resources and can spend more money in R&D

  • FayEz

    I would say that the Newer watch brands are more innovative on their aesthetic look of their design where the older watch brands are more innovative on their movements and functionality as they have a bigger R&D department to focus on individual segments.

  • ivan088

    i really want this beautiful watch

  • 1234mojo

    Innovation all depends on how much money there is to spend and if management is willing to innovate.

  • AndyWillinger

    I think newer brands are more innovative now. They are taking more chances and offering better features for the money.

  • DinoV

    I think that the older established brands are able to actually innovate more due to access to more resources such as bigger budget and availability of more exotic materials.  Also, since they have been developing movements and complications for so long, they have the know-how to make them even more complex.  The newer brands seem to be more innovative in aesthetics and design while continuing to use the established movement available to them.  However, brands such as Richard Mille have been an innovation in themselves and break the mold.

  • mikkobalatbat

    Newer brands are more innovative in a sense that they are more willing to try new things, infusing new techniques with old ones. It is up to the old and more established brands to polish them and make them more refined. A definite win for the end users.

  • nhwoods

    I think that many of the new brands are more innovative. However I  tend to buy classic designs as a I get older.

  • Searig70

    I think the older brands rest on their reputations and proven styles. I like some of the classic older watches but I think the small indie brands are more innovative… I like the way the indies take a classic watch and put their spin on it. The indies also offer the best bang for the buck… You get innovative style, quality parts and direct internet sales verses buying though an authorized dealer and most likely buying form a storefront and paying jewelry store mark ups or paying for a movie star or sports star to advertise the brand. I am not familiar with Delma but this Blue shark is a good looking watch… and you know the eta 2824-2 is accurate and reliable! I would buy this watch but…. I would rather win it! Thank you ABTW for a great website and for this chance to win this awesome watch!

  • ragingwolf66

    Great looking traditional watch with a fantastic movement. It is truly a great innovation to utilize such classic lines.

  • ihatedavid

    Definitely the new brands are more innovative. However, some of them take it to far and look rather ridiculous. Digging this one though.

  • atimefordesign

    I hope my wrist is big enough for that.

  • Maybe this wasn’t the watch to ask this question. I do like it enough to wear it if I’m lucky enough but the design is from a large brand that once made it innovative ,using a movement that’s similarly acquired. Snark  aside in terms of materials development  I think the more established brands have the edge, as to the individual complications it appears more open for the new companies.

  • blackop6

    I prefer the simpler designs, like Oris, Ball, Bell & Ross. The Delma is a great, classic dive watch design. And oh yes Ariel, my 59th birthday is August 12.

  • DanteLFLorentinoJr

    I really like to have this watch, im a watch fan without a really quality watches (money problems,hehe). The old brands is still the most desirable and innovative watches for me., like patek, jlc, etc. even if i dont have one. hehe. Thank you sir ariel for the opportunity.

  • First off a beautiful watch – I believe classic watch brands are more innovative as their sole existence is proof that they continue to change and improve, brands like Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piaget and Baume & Mercier are examples of this.

  • hilltopmichael

    Nice watch – and at 47 mm (hope that’s not including the crown) it would be the perfect size.

  • Christofear

    Serious watch, big size, great water resistance. I think the big watch brands could be more innovative.

  • Sebastian Baranga

    When you are buying a watch, you’re not just buying a time piece, you are buying a brand that has a history and tradition, that is if you can afford one classic piece. But as far as the quality goes and innovation, while I am sure the new brands bring a wave of freshness and force the classics to come up with innovations of their own, at the end of the day tha brands that matter are the ones that stood the test of time and bring something more than just a fancy movement. When it comes to watches I believe in evolution more than in revolution. I for one am conservative like that and I am sure old brands are also and I think that is why they are better, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the new brands to make a name for them selves. Cheers

  • TheEnthusiast

    Innovation will continue to develop as time goes on. Technology will continue to improve. It really depends on the brand to deliver a great timepiece. A good timepiece, in my eyes, should include the following. 
    1) It should have some sort of historical significance. Sure, a watch can be made completely out of gold. Who cares. If it doesn’t have a rich history in its name. It doesn’t belong in the ”good” watch category.
    2) The complications it use must be complex and elegant. It should not take over the watch, but rather, compliment it.
    3) It must have a good price point and flow with all watch enthusiasts around. 
    and lastly. It should be a piece that will not fade away with age. Meaning, it will be around for a long time.

  • ratt

    Well i think new watch brands try to impress with new ideas but always a classical watch it’s special

  • Yoannn

    I think there was constant innovation in horological history until big brands started to do quartz watches. Then, everybody wanted mechanical watches back and there has not been some big revolution for the average consumer since then.

  • Sumanr1

    It seems that newer brands are releasing bolder innovations as they need to make an impact to get thier brand known (eg mb&f, parmigiani et al), and also because they are not restrained by their brand image (i.e rolex). It seems older brands make smaller incremental innovations eg liquid metal, co-axial escapement, parachrom, ceragold, etc, then come out with something totally new every ten years or so (rolex skydweller). Overall I would say new brands (at least the higher end brands) are much more innovative, perhaps bolder in releasing innovations, as they are free to explore new technological boundaries without fear of backlash from their traditional customer base. Take the skydweller again, a new technology in terms of functionality, but the same old bland (even ugly) rolex design…then there’s the daytona….enough said…

  • Hijikata

    Nice watch! I’m not blue, but I’m kind of a Shark so I think will look fine on me 😛

  • Fussball

    A purely subjective view that I hold is that new brands tend to innovate to create a USP, to get eyes on the brand from sites like this. Old brands tend to evolve the products that they have already innovated. Once brands have the attention of the watch buying community they can afford to evolve the design, movements and stories of that innovative watch.

  • mao50

    This is a beautiful watch that I would love to own (or to win, to be blunt). Delma looks like a brand well worth experiencing.

    But as a regular reader of this blog, I have to say that  for every genuinely innovative, relatively new watch brand there are countless other new brands that exist to simply cash in on the skyrocketing prices of high-end sports and luxury watches (a whole other issue). Now the market is festooned with overly complicated faces and functions that seem innovative, but are merely useless flash, or with formerly solid, inexpensive brands that now try to pass off perfectly ordinary quartz chrono and basic automatic movements as something worthy of four figures. Please, it’s ridiculous.

  • JefferyRatliff

    Watch makers today have to be more innovative.  The classics are hard to beat.  When ever Rolex created the Submariner line, there wasn’t a clean simple dive watch that could be worn in a tuxedo or a wetsuit.  The Sub can do that.  And that is why it has been knocked off countless times.  The industry is always looking for that timeless design that will be a favorite for generations to come.  So if they aren’t MORE innovative today, then they are destined for failure…

  • Tarak

    Simply to say, I found that new watch brands can be quite innovative in dials department while old watch brands would innovate more in the movement department.

  • radentze

    Old brands as established are innovative, but not as new brands as they have to make a name fast. The more different they are, the more coverage and attention they’d get.

  • brianekaufmann

    Been looking for a dive watch! Delma looks like a brand worth checking out

  • impressive!  Wouldn’t have seen this watch if not for this website.

  • HarryWalsh

    I was not familiar with the Delma brand of watches.before this blog. The Santiago Blue Shark is one beautiful piece of craftsmanship

  • TSpark

    I think new companies are more innovative. Old companies are simply evolving.

  • iWatch

    The Santiago Blue Shark is a very nice and unique designed watch.

  • mikesr

    I really love the looks of the Delma Santiago Blue Shark, I like the orange – black contrast on the dial.  It has the dependable 2824-2 movement and it is water resistant to 300atm.  I believe it is a great value for the price of $2196 – lots of watch and quality for the money!
    I think that old watch brands are becoming more innovative with their products in order to be more competitive!
    I want to thank Delma and A Blog to Watch for this great giveaway!

  • TaylorJ

    I have recently become more interested in watches and like aspects of old and new watches as I really dig mechanicals. For watches that I will purchase I prefer the modern spin on mechanicals and the Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a great example.

  • jmjones29

    Innovation is not exclusive to old or new brands

  • charlesvmi91

    Attractive watch.  I had not heard of the Delma brand.  Thank you for the innovative articles on fine timepieces.  I enjoy reading them all as I build my watch collection.  I believe new watch brands are more innovative than old these days but I still enjoy seeing and reading about the classics of yesteryear.

  • Modern brands are not necessarily more innovative but are building on a foundation of innovation set by brands of yesteryear. Today’s innovation is tomorrows standard. In that regard, many are less innovative (i.e. all the “retro throwback” models) but nonetheless, boundaries are pushed beyond what was done in days gone by…

  • tfgill62

    Modern brands are often more innovative in style and design, but my preference is for the more classic look, even from modern brands.

  • JeffJenkins

    I think new watch brands are more innovative and willing to “push the envelope” when it comes to design.  The Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a great looking watch!

  • brainwise

    I’m not familiar with Delma, but the Santiago Blue Shark is a rather attractive timepiece.

  • BK1017

    I feel like I’ve seen more interesting visual cues (case size, color) from newer companies while the tried and true companies will make slight adjustments (anti magnet movement, co-axial movement) to brands that are tried and true.

  • brainwise

    Whether new watch brands deliver more product innovation over old watch brands really depends on what you mean by innovation. Is an excess of complications considered innovation? Or does a new location for the sub-seconds or date window constitute innovation? I’m going to guess that the question here is more about design than movement, and say that there is probably a desire to appear more innovative today, but neither camp (old or new) has a stranglehold on innovation.

  • roblloyd23

    New watch brands are doing what ever they can to gain attention.  if it works, it is innovation. If it doesn’t, it is crap.  The old guard has less wiggle room because it has success and needs to maintain it.

  • gilstanley2

    Are new brands or old brands more innovative? 
    It depends on how you look at it. From the viewpoint of pure aesthetics, new brands can include products designed to be more eye-catching and distinct. Older brands are more time worn and familiar, and despite their quality and “classic” nature, are mostly marketed as known commodities. Many, but not all newer designs are created to make an attention grabbing splash to establish themselves in a very crowded marketplace. It’s true that some new products feature the idea of advanced metallurgy, improved crystal construction, cutting edge technical innovation of one kind or another, or better overall functionality. Many would agree that newer brands are hence more innovative, but that isn’t always the case.
    Older products on the other hand, have established their aesthetic over the years as they have become universally accepted. Such brands have added some style-changes, technical and material innovation and marketing glitz but have not really changed the brand as a public symbol. A Rolex Oyster is universally perceived the standard setter of quality and taste, a dazzling example of high price and value, and a universal means of communicating social and economic status. It’s a brand that goes back, of course, years and years, time enough for the public to identify it as a colorful symbol of “having moved up”. But nobody would say that a Rolex of today is the same as a Rolex of the 1930’s or 1940’s. They are really two very different animals in every conceivable way but still both recognized as a single brand. In many ways this proves that innovation can be much more a product of established market success than novelty.

  • Dave4242

    I think it depends on what you mean by innovative. New brands have a lot of innovative designs, breaking with traditional looks, but it seems to me new brands don’t have the money to be innovative with things like movements.

  • KumarMt

    i want it…

  • TomCanedy

    New brands seem to innovate more often. They don’t sit back on their laurels but being out new products.

  • Phillyfilm

    Just when I think I’ve seen the most innovative/unique design or technology, something completely different is revealed. What’s more surprising is that some of the long-standing, established brands are still as revolutionary as the newer brands.  
    This Delma, by the way, is one sharp looking watch!

  • MajorHavoc

    I think the new brands are more innovative today.  And, I think this Delma watch is very good looking!

  • PaulUK

    A great divers watch with crisp design and sharp colors which makes it stand out from the crowd for me. This is a clear indication of how 3D design (rendering) and precision machining has changed watches from the past.  Just think in a few years time we could be knocking out watches or replacement parts with a 3D printer !

  • mgoldbergliu

    Both new and old brands have incentive to innovate – new brands are trying to break into the market and attract a following, whereas old brands must continually innovate in order to stay relevant in the industry.

  • Bambilikeswatches

    New brands tend to come up with more radical designs and concepts, established brands do a lot more refining. Both are important though and nice to have in your collection.

  • glgray

    I think new watch brands are more innovative, both stylistically and technologically. Technological innovation is obviously driven by innovation in smart phones, computers, and the like. On the other hand, I am not always a big fan of some of the “unusual” stylistic innovations I see.

  • rcherryuk

    Innovation? Now or then? New or Old? Well, personally I think the new boutique brands are bringing the good old days of innovation back. Just look at Rolex Oyster, that’s old technology now, but at the time, the most cutting edge developement around.

  • wilfn

    I don’t think we can say that either new or old brands are more innovative. On the one hand there are new brands like Armin Strom or SevenFriday that innovate and multitude new brands that don’t. On the other hand there are old brands like Girard-Perregaux at the cutting edge of innovation as well as conservative old brands that just make beautifully crafted watches.
    The Delma is certainly a good looking watch, but I wouldn’t call it innovative.

  • New brands are definitely driving the boat when it comes to innovative designs… but this Delma is certainly hitting all the right points when it comes to classic style cues.

  • MarkNatm

    I think the old watch brands are more innovative. Here are two excellent examples. The development of the Spherodrive by Eterna that debuted in the Madison. The development of more resilient spring materials for mainsprings and balance springs that are used in Grand Seiko watches such as the GS Hi-Beat and the GS Spring Drive (doesn’t have a balance spring).

  • kiddmen57

    It depends on which aspect you are looking at.  Well established brands with rich history are certainly more innovative on the movement side while smaller newer start-up brands are more innovative on the design side.  
    Newer brands can take existing movements and focus energy on the case and presentation.  Established brands have a clientele that they are catering to with specific design cues.  The established brands also have the size and budget to sustain a decent R&D department which can look into new complications or variations on existing movements.

  • Rickyg3

    Does Delma have retailers in the US? I’d like to see the watch in person and on the wrist.

  • theoduke

    Old brands use some of their legacy for inspiration while new brands have larger freedom in creativity as they are establishing their brands.  I prefer old brands that are manufactures too

  • nickjorge

    I agree entirely with kiddmen57. older watch companies are indeed superior in their ability to innovate watch movement and commlications. I think a fair analogy to understand would be The Beatles. After they had became the biggest rock band of all time and no longer needed to worry about a following. With this comfort and success they became the most innovative band in the aspect of studio engineering of their time. They no longer had to worry about clientele and selling records they knew people would buy; just as brands like A&P and patek know if they stick to their traditional aesthetic standards the product will sell. Newer brands, however, like Sevenfriday, to name just one, are far more innovative in design and aesthetics. If not so they would never succeed.

  • MarcRN

    I am relatively new to the mid-to-higher-end watch market. I do have
    several Seiko divers that I have modded. Orient is another favorite. I
    have been keeping up with blog reading, and have my sights on a Seiko
    Marinemaster and Glycine Airman. While the newer brands certainly have
    some fine offerings, I think the older brands are more innovative, and I
    am more a fan of the older/classic brands.

  • BigNin

    I think older brands seem to be more innovative in refining technology, making products more reliable, and improving precision (Rolex, Omega). New brands seem to be pushing the boundaries when it comes to design and imagination (MB&F, Urwerk, HYT).

  • watchluv81

    i think newer brands can take more risks, while older brands tend to take ‘risks’ in the form of trend following

  • thor05101

    I think new watch brands have to be more innovative, in order to compete with established brands.

  • LWatch

    I tend towards modern style as I think companies are pushing the envelop to get more people to notice their watches.

  • ccylee88

    Who is being more innovative I think is dependent on what areas you are talking about. With well-established names, who would have a higher R&D budget, there seems to be more innovation on materials and perfecting movements. Newer companies looking to disrupt, innovate on their general approach to find their niche.

  • Reading all the posts is pretty entertaining. Same same but a little different. 
    A watch besides being a time piece is also a statement to ones own personality and style. This watch isn’t for everyone. Diver’s are not that exciting either. There are hundreds to choose from.
    What appeals to me in this piece is the Bezel shape and contour and the color. I found an image on the web and the colors are spectacular. I would be proud to wear this as a daily time piece.

  • JeffWilson1

    There are definitely a lot of new brands trying to be innovative, but it’s usually laced with some kind of cost-effectiveness.  Just look at all the innovative features and new designs that Invicta pukes out, lol.  I think older brands have the flexibility and know-how to do innovative things with their watches, maybe not in design, but in movements for sure.

  • leokhan

    depending on the technology the newer ones are keeping it old school. Most of the old one think for themselves and put out the best things. The new one are using newer technology but not innovative in their designs.

  • curtinnd

    I guess I don’t really consider weather the company is new or old, there seems to be innovation from companies of all ages. Some of the classic brands take their resources and experience to produce truly unique and often prohibitively expensive time pieces that are works of functional art. Newer companies need something that gets noticed and makes you want to look twice and find out more. Sometimes a bit avant-guard, sometimes truly classic in design.

  • RonCopenhafer

    If I had one of these Santiago Blue Shark watches my fellow divers would be green with envy.

  • sschork

    I would say it is a matter of perspective. What is now vs old in the watch industry and what is truly innovative. Spring drive and co-axial escapement are very innovative for seemingly older companies. But the HW Opus, Devon Tred, and personal grail watch a urwerk, are also very innovative from newer companies.

  • AndrewBistak

    I would love to win this classic looking piece from Delma.  It would
    add a much needed classic look to my divers > all of my classic
    pieces are either much more dressy or are pocket watches.As far
    as if I think new or old companies are more innovative, I think it
    depends on the manufacturer and the sector they are looking to interest
    in their product.  Many newer companies are making a foundation for
    themselves using rather innovative designs or components so that they can compete with the already established brands.  The big
    boys that have been around for ages generally have more R&D with
    larger funds to really research the newer innovations and determine if
    they are worthwhile.

  • Hussain_Ali

    I think the newer watches have more innovation in it however this is only due to the better technologies or tools they have to create a watch, while the old days watches required more precision and accuracy as the less advanced tools were available to watchmakers.

  • raditzer

    I think a lot of the innovation in today’s watches is in the materials.  It seems to me that a lot of the movements are still based on tech from years ago.

  • weijie90

    I think older watch brands like omega, rolex, perellet are as innovative as the newer watch brands in the market. They’ve been coming up with new designs, new mechanics (silicon spring drive) (turbine for perellet) to help them stay on top of the competition.

  • hank123

    old brands I think are more conservative, it helps the new brands with modern bold solutions conquer solid part of market

  • nachiketayadav

    new brands are being more innovative to make themselves strong in market

  • dazzer_nz123

    Nice watch. I think new brands seem more innovative from an objective point-of-view, but it’s the subtle innovation combined with a careful consideration of their history that makes the old brands more interesting. They excel at getting everything right, but more importantly in getting nothing wrong … and they have much more to lose!

  • morphiotic

    I think that old watches are more innovative we haven’t really seen much as far as major innovations in years and the new watches that are trying to break the mold just look awful in my opinion.

  • Jonathanwesley

    I think that both new and old brands are succeeding at innovation – though there are obviously plenty of new and old companies alike who stick to the classic styles, designs, and mechanisms.

  • Schpeeves

    I think new brands are trying to be more innovative in their designs to differentiate themselves.

  • SarthakSharma

    I’d say that newer brands are definitely more innovative in the sense of incorporating exotic designs, colors, and complications in their watches. I would venture to guess it’s to poach buyers from other more established brands. Speaking of, those established must still get credit for their role as the original innovators with wrist watches. Since their early innovations have transformed into venerable products, we must pay homage to their originality as well. Just my 2 cents. Hope I win since that Delma looks like a beast.

  • mikeormoe

    New brands are certainly more innovative that the older more established brands, and they should and need to be.  A new brand is unlikely to be noticed if they do the same things everyone else has, assuming they want to be an old brand some day.

  • bwright1

    I think newer companies tend to be more innovative, in the sense they must create designs that stand out and get attention; however, that isn’t true for all newer companies.  Some try and produce designs similar to the older established companies, but usually sold at more affordable prices, trying to capture some market share with that approach.

  • nickva

    Many old brands rely on tradition to sell their watches; many
    new brands rely on innovation to sell their watches. As consumers get better
    educated the probably most successful brands will be the ones that know how to
    combine innovative thinking and a type of tradition. Although new brands tend
    to present themselves as more innovative, the bottleneck for them is that they
    often lack the funds to focus on some of the important innovations, like new and
    innovative materials, innovative marketing etc. One area new watch brands can show innovation
    is in design and many of them do that. — Having said all that; this Delma Santiago Blue Shark is one
    handsome timepiece.

  • aktormedic

    Like the music industry these days, nothing is really new.  I don’t see much of a difference between the new companies and the old ones.  The real innovation seems to be at the fringes of the industry, in the watch “start-ups”.

  • rhettm

    I think the new companies are being more innovative. Since they custom up up their products according to the new trends in technology, they wanted to deliver something new that everyone can be curious of. As for the old companies, they model their products with the tradition the company goes.
    But I never heard of a watch that can go 3000m deep! Nice watch!

  • justinkrol

    I think it’s pretty clean new watch brands are more inventive, the old ones stick with what works and keep it recognizable so people will know you paid a lot for that Rolex or whatever else it is.

  • Janol

    New watchmakers must stand out and it seems many chooses new concepts to do so. Brands and companies with a history seems to refine tradition with new materials and techniques, at least that is my experience.

  • korbindallis

    completely forgot about this one 
    I like old watch brands with history would like a chunky watch for my wife 😉

  • markoa


  • TimppeHagstrom

    The older Watch companies have wonderful innovations with Gyro-technology and other stuff. This watch has some amazing qualities as well with the water resistant down to 3000 meters. Thats crazy!

  • chrishiew

    I believe the older watch companies have better innovations than the newer ones – most of the time, I see newer watch companies tend to borrow design elements from older and more established ones and making some fine adjustments to their product offerings.

  • marshalljung

    I think the older watch companies tend to be more innovative technologically, while newer ones tend to be more innovative in design.  I think this is mostly due to the cost difference between case/face and movement manufacture. It’s cheaper to innovate with case design and place an established movement inside to go the other way around. Plus the outer visible parts are what’s going to set the brand apart when the have to appeal to consumers.
    As with most things it’s the money that dictates the methods of innovation.  I’m still waiting for that small company to come out with a totally new innovative movement design unlike anything previously thought.

  • Holker_01

    Nice looking watch! I think new brands are more innovative, they have to create something new at least on the design of the watch.

  • jwkmok

    new brands have to be more innovative to be successful. They  lose on the history field already, they must do something that is different to the traditional way, they must bring something new.

  • LenkaKoprina

    In my oppinion newer brands tend to be more innovaticein order to be successful- they have to compete with established brands.

  • VVG

    I believe newer watch brands with new designers/engineers would tend to be more innovative, although maybe not as experienced as the established brands. Established brands need to keep generating and evaluating new ideas to keep their offerings fresh and enticing.

  • watchman1

    Older watches can be beautiful to look at and in their day were innovative and were the forerunners of todays watches,in modern times though we have computers ,science,technology,a host of improved tools at our disposal which I believe make new watch brands the leading edge.

  • tcc956

    Older watch brands often have a well-established “feel” and are often deeply rooted in history and tradition. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, they know what works and what a watch can and should be. In terms of innovation though, they may come up short because they are too firmly attached to their past. That said, new companies often don’t have the financial backing or the know-how to innovate. It is a toss up.

  • MaxM

    Clearly new watch brands are more innovative with their products these days, especially design-wise. While some old watch brands do innovate too, though more on the technology side.

  • GZ

    New watch brands are clearly more innovative. Older brands like Rolex, Omega, etc tend to stick to the original designs that got them famous. Almost like a one trick pony, rarely anything new from these brands. It’s pretty clear that the new brands are more willing to innovate!

  • M0m0

    I think new watch brands are more innovative because they need to keep up with all the well established brand competitors.

  • easyview

    I think new watch brand have to be more creative in the way they make themselves known. They use the tools that exist a little more, like the different forums, Facebook and tweeter for example. Obviously, the older brands can bank on their reputation, their knowledge and in most cases, a better bankroll.

  • waterfield

    By and large new watch brands, such as MB&F and HYT seem to be more innovative than many of the older brands, although not all the older brands are stuck in the past, for example TAG Heuer in the past six or seven years, though it will be interesting to see if that trand continues now that Jean Cristophe Babin and Jack Heuer have retired

  • zlabbit

    I think there are three tiers of innovation.  The oldest and most established companies need to re-invigorate their brand with innovation, while the mid century companies need to emulate the old in order to gain the same level of recognition.  It is for this reason that the mid century companies are least innovative.  Then modern watch companies are just trying to be noticed so they are extremely innovative.

  • ruparell

    new companies are definitely innovating more — old brands have to much to lose with real innovations – ppl still buy them for their names and recognition.

  • IsmaelMartinez

    Older brands are playing catch up. however new brands bank on efforts and styling from the big guys.

  • natn

    Older manufacturers have the economy of scale to make the real innovations in the industry.

  • markm1111

    The greatest driver of innovation is need. Newer companies need to be noticed in order to become more profitable, so they are much more likely to be innovative to gain that recognition.

  • randomlogik

    The new watch brands are being much more innovative than the old guard, with more interesting materials and features – whilst paying homage to the classics through design. The old guys are playing catchup.

  • samjobrani

    Ariel, who won?

  • trk

    New watch brands are more innovative because they don’t have their heritage of design to press on their heads, comparing to old blocks, that kinda try to keep the traditions rolling, feeling a bit responsible to the army of their followers.

  • captain99

    Being a newbie to this hobby, this question is a bit hard to answer. But I think the newer materials and manufacturing techniques go places the old guard only could dream of. Even though old engineering principals never die. I would have to give the nod to the new guard. Modern manufactures, especially small manufacturers, have to prove themselves in more ways to be competitive and innovation is just one way.

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  • dino63

    New watches now days are gone by far outside the “box’! When you read the articles about free divers who they went down to sea about 700 feet with one breath, it is common for the watch manufacturers to research and come up with a very innovative diving and wrist watch from a Swiss to Japanese well known watch company! CX Charmex of Swiss made the DEEPEST AND ONLY MECHANICAL WATCH TO WORK AT THAT DEPTH OF 20000 FEET BELLOW SEA LEVEL! IT EVEN BEAT ROLEX BY 50% MARGIN!!! That is interpretable for watch manufacturers!!!

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  • Vandalizer

    I think there is certainly more incentive for new watch brands to be innovative and distinguish themselves from old brands. That said, there are some old brands that are willing try new things, albeit sometimes with sub brands. For instance, while Rolex has made only micro changes through the years to its Sub, Tudor’s Pelagos watch is innovative a number of fronts with its Ti case and expandable bracelet. That said, while I’m always intrigued with what newer brands are willing to do, I get very excited with long standing brands that try new things.

  • Brianpemberton

    Many of the existing older brands are still here because of the work they have done to move the watch industry froward over the last 100+ years. They continue to evolve, but need to be cautious to keep the balance of brand heritage vs innovation. The newer brands are required to innovate to make a difference, whether that’s with movements or materials, its the only way they can hope to compete against the larger well established companies.

  • rayAmaze

    Well, the new watch brands are doing “new” things. I see the use of other movements. going away from the eta and creating there own or using other companys. This only increases interest in this art form. It really enjoyable to see whats new, Thank you.

  • Ryanjs34

    I think a lot of new brands are innovating to keep up with what the older companies are putting on the market. There seem tto be lots of homage watches out from newer brands but still some unique new models.

  • aleximd2000

    By the way in my country there is a halvarine named Delma.
    The older brands in general have a very clear development strategy which invests a percentage from benefit into innovation and mostly in calibers a not very much in design because most of them have a clear image collection. The smaller brands and emerging brands have no other choice then to invest mostly into design and if they succed in a very nice niche model than they invest into innovation if their CEO is clever enough.

  • dlohani

    A collector’s timepiece; An amalgam of the “Midland” & “Cambridge” chrono-series. Really love the look and feel of this pearl midst other lightweights. .

    Would love to grab a hand on this gem Keeping fingers crossed. (X)

  • rlangerrn

    I love the new watch brands which can be very unique.

  • newkid77

    love it

  • ThomasBess

    I just love watches.  DO you think they’ll ever become obsolete like newspapers and manual transmissions?

  • patricksarsfield

    Throughout the whole history of watches, I believe the grand complications of old will always be the more innovative and valuable watches to own.  There are some innovations coming out of Japan and from ‘smart watch’ producers but these will never match the romance and the beauty of the classics.  By the way, the diver being given away is a wonderful looking timepiece and it will make a nice addition to my collection!

  • fararskey

    New brands can innovate, but old brands have more money and recognition (mostly, there sure are exceptions). The department, which has the biggest word in making of the watches at the end of the day, is marketing. Still, I lean towards the new brands giving a holy hell to the oldies…

  • 1959mclaughlin

    Love the watch and the orange accents looks great. I think the new brands are idling most of the innovating to stand out from the crowd, but most of their innovations are butt ugly.

  • RuiSilva2

    Beautiful watch and I link colour contrasts. Yes new watch brands are very innovative and is good that new brands show up all the time. The old and established watch brands have to keep themselves up to date in order to keep up with in the competition… 🙂

  • jqlevy

    I think new watch brands are more innovative

  • tonepeli

    Nice looking watch.  This is a new twist on an old classic diver design, ie: Rolex Submariner and others like it.  Not sure that it is worth $2200, but nice looking any way and I like the ETA 2824-2 Swiss movement.  In my experience  I find that the newer brands (not all) tend to derive their designs and functions albeit less expensive mechanisms and functions from the old brands but with a new aesthetic twist or gimmick – not necessarily new technical innovations.   On the other hand,  and old brand like Bulova continues to stay technically and aesthically innovative  with the Precisionist movement, or now the new Accutron II.   True for Seiko with the Kinetic technology, and Citizen with their Eco-Drive.

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  • JeremiahFogel

    i think older brands have been more innovative lately to keep up the the competition of newer brands.

  • mew30

    The Delma Santiago Blue Shark is a handsome, if hefty (at 47mm!) divers watch. I must admit to having a soft spot for vintage and simple automatic watches, especially from less well-known brands (I love my 1960s-70s Wakmann and Mido Ocean Star), so “innovation” is not necessarily a central focus of mine. But I am finding myself interested in the modest new companies who are creating well-made, well-designed watches at affordable prices— for example, Magrette, Xetum, and Christopher Ward (though CW seems to have decided to rise into the luxury category). That said, I can’t wait until the Apple Watch comes out!

  • notech47

    Very nice dive watch. Is there anything else on the market with such an amazing depth rating for less? I would definitely wear it but I would prefer no numerals on the watch face.

  • ReedMarshall

    i Believe the older watch brands are more innovated, love the divers watch,

  • jagarozzo

    I think you are finding newer brands are more willing to try something new. More established brands have to make sure not to upset their tried and true customer base.

  • droo

    Very high end watchmakers are astoundingly innovative, presenting new ways to tick as well as new ways to display time. The standard swiss industry is relying on well known calibers such as Valjoux, Unitas or Selitta workhorses, on the other hand Seiko is showing a lot of genuine innovations in watchmaking. So low end watches are not innovative at all, high end very interesting to follow.

  • AndrewBuckley

    Orange is not the only fruit…but it is my favourite colour! A little pricey for a 2824. I’ve got my eye on the Santiago…green dial/green bezel variant (yes, I know I said orange is my favourite colour, but promiscuity is a man’s privilege!).

  • AndrewBuckley

    As for innovation, I think cost constraints force lower end watch makers to be more innovative. High end manufacturers have a tendency to throw money at the problem…which is never a recipe for creative thinking! Seven Friday and Nomos are two brands which who have set themselves tight cost constraints and then delivered innovation…both design- and technology-led innovation…in spades!

  • CJN

    I think a lot of the older companies are pushing the boundaries innovating new technology in watch movements. Otherwise new materials or ideas in the cases are made first by the larger older companies first. Production has to be changed to produce and handle these materials such as Ceramic bezels by Rolex or Liquid metal by Omega, Ceramic cases by Panerai and Omega. This costs a lot, not something newer companies can do.  Once the production side of these new come down, do the newer companies start using this material for the masses.

  • JayNorman

    I tend to agree with a lot of the commenters here:  old (read: established, with a lot of capital to invest in new tech and mech) companies lead the way in high-end innovations via new materials, shapes, etc.  However, I don’t think any of the innovative ideas being seen today would exist without so many new, small, and risk-taking companies trying all sorts of new (sometimes gimmicky, sometimes really cool!) things.  The new are driving the old to innovate in order to keep the attention of those of us shopping under the $10k mark.

  • DJPassey

    Seems like an interesting watch.

  • Jeff

    looks nice

  • Tony middleton

    I prefer the older established brands to bring out more traditional watches.leave the hi tech stuff to the likes of apple and Samsung

  • Ben Bhella

    this looks very nice great for a dive!