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Watch Giveaway: Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic

Watch Giveaway: Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic Giveaways

In this month’s aBlogtoWatch giveaway, one lucky reader will win a Traser P68 Pathfinder automatic watch. As one of the most well-known manufacturers of value-focused sport watches, Traser also serves as the in-house brand of MB-Microtec, who produces self-illuminating tritium gas tubes. From legible field watches to durable divers, Traser manages to fit an excellent variety of features into watches that are meant to last a lifetime. This Traser P68 Pathfinder, for example, provides its wearer with an internal compass ring, an automatic movement, and an impressive array of tritium gas tubes together with Super-LumiNova.

The Traser P68 Pathfinder’s case is PVD-coated and 46mm in diameter. While certainly large, the coating allows for the watch to appear slightly more compact on wrist for a more low profile look. Water resistance is 100m, a durable sapphire crystal aids legibility with its AR coating, and the deep sunray blue dial serves as a perfect backdrop for the host of vital information displayed by the Traser P68 Pathfinder. The Traser P68 Pathfinder is priced at 895 CHF and you can enter to win your very own by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about what your ideal “adventure watch” might be and why. Is it something pricey, disposable, feature-packed, or simple? 

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on May 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Watch Giveaway: Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic Giveaways

Good luck, and thanks to Traser Watches, sponsor of the Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • SH

    The Traser looks nice. For me an adventure watch (for me hunting) needs to be tough, waterproof and have a compass and preferable a barometer. My snob heart loves the automatic rather than quartz. Price not really a consideration, features more important.

  • alexe christian

    Waterproof and disposable

  • Wally

    This watch seems to be nice and the compass ring is an important feature for this kind of watch, especially when you are wandering in unknown and remote land (like I do many almost every year in the US and Canada).
    So in my opinion an adventure watch must be waterproof, have as many as possible feature possible (compass and barometer the most important) and the automatic, battery free, movement is also a big plus.

  • henry lee

    Nice color

  • Lindsay

    A 5600 series G-shock. The cheap square one.

  • Peter Duggan

    The new Alpina AlpinerX loks just the right amount of rugged and functional. It is also affordable which helps.

  • Daniel Nilssen

    My adventurewatch is a Casio Edifice with temp. sensor, compass and timer. It doubles as my work each, since I work at a factory. A perfect daily!

  • kr0t9hy

    Something along the lines of the Traser actually. Solid, dependable in adverse conditions and easy to read….

  • Cenk

    Wish good luck for everyone attended 🙂

  • Mark Mason

    Really like the look of this Traser! My other ideal adventure watch would be a Casio Pro Trek PRW-6100 with the triple sensor, radio control and solar. It’s also pretty rugged, water proof and has all the functionality I need.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    No thanks , but good luck everyone.

  • aWtchslvr

    The ideal adventure watch should be: tough, water-heat-pressure resistant, very legible in all conditions and it will never run out of power. It will provide other information apart from time. Why? Because it is a real adventure watch. If simple and not pricey a winner.

  • Aravind Memana

    The ideal adventure watch should be: rugged, resistant to environmental forces,maintain good readability of its main function:to denote time,good power reserve(solar or automatic)and a couple of utility features depending on the adventure.Should be moderately priced

  • Vladimir Moldovan

    Definitely not pricey, you don’t want to have an extra care. It should be sturdy, resistant and legible. Simple is for elegant watches so an adventure watch can have multiple features (love the Traser compass)

  • JammyB

    My ideal adventure watch was the G-Shock GW-M5610BC.
    The G-Shock 5600 with Solar, Radio sync and a solid bracelet. But it still look cheap which is always a good thing when you wander in to the wrong part of town in a strange land!

  • confidence

    I strongly believe adventure watch should have following character: 1. 200 MM to 3000 MM water resistence with certified standards.
    2. High level Luminious
    3. Day date feature
    4. Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal glass
    5. tachymeter would give good charm to watch
    6. it should be autmoatic with very good accuracy movement
    7. durabilty of watch material should be as good that my grand children could wear it.
    8. ideal bazel size aroud 38 to 40 mm.
    9. should feel great on wrist and should made well enough that nothing of watch or belt bothers wrist.
    10. Stainless belt should also come with silicon or Nato

  • Paolo C.

    In my opinion, an adventure watch must have the following: Solar powered, Waterproof, Solid (with a solid bracelet) and it should be defintely simple.

  • Ivan Mihaljevic

    Ideal adventure watch should be the one you won’t have to give much thought and the one that won’t fail before you do…

  • SuperStrapper

    Casio pag240. /discussion. It’s more capable than something like this before it even gets out of bed. And it doesnt suffer from extreme shorthand syndrome like this watch does.

  • christopher campagnari

    Solid, dependable, bulletproof functionality is what is look for

  • Sarosto

    My ideal would be a highly legible and tough piece of machinery, preferably a hand crancker

  • Origami Hammer

    I would only look at it in the dark!

  • Shagen

    Rugged, good illumination, legible, high water resistance, sapphire crystal, moderately priced, with replacement parts that can be serviced by the end user.

  • Ian Macpherson

    Well, to me, ‘Adventure Watch’ implies rugged, capable and with some features to assist in the event you are stranded, injured and simply need help. Adventure watch isn’t really the watch for driving to work. Price isn’t a factor here, so rugged case and sapphire, 40 – 44mm case, accurate auto movement, altimeter, temperature, great lume and I can’t get the awesome Breitling Emergency 2 out of my head with its one of a kind dual emergency rescue frequency. I mean IF you are an adventurer, shouldn’t your watch do more than tell time?

  • Zach Casper

    Won’t scratch, nylon strap, multi-function, water-proof

  • Ivan Hristov

    Steel or Ti, automatic with good shock resistance. I preffer 200m WR (although I’m sure 100-150m will be fine). Not too big and mainly bot too thick so I can wear it comfortably with long sleeves and multiple layers of clothing. If we are talking sea adventures. A diver is a must for me.

  • Nice simple watch for light use in the nature. Nice design and color, also automatic. And moderately priced. Not too bad at all!!

  • Dave

    Love it. The colour is exquisite

  • Hughes.

    Cheap and durable are prerequisites. A high contrast dial for at a glance use – either white (possibly full lume) dial with black hands or vice-versa. 100m water resistance for peace of mind and good lume (ideally tritium tubes, though they push the price up some way, although Traser do a good job with their offerings of keeping things affordable). Automatic is fine if it’s also shockproof, although a solar quartz movement is a preference for accuracy and so as not to worry about a battery running out. A NATO or a slip-through strap so I don’t have to worry about spring bar failures or water immersion, and so it can be worn long over a jacket or fleece. Most of all it needs to be comfortable and unobtrusive under sleeves and compact enough it doesn’t catch on rucksack straps, branches, or other obstacles.

  • Tim Nicholls

    My favourite Adventure Watch would need to be waterproof, scratch and shock resistant and have features to tell you changes in climatic conditions. It needs to look rugged and be up to the task. I want an adventure watch that can go hiking through Death Valley, dive to the Marianna Trench, go enduro riding up to Cape York, catch live muddies in The Kimberley but still let me know when its time to head home to romance the lady in my life.

  • Michael Bell

    The perfect adventure watch should be easily legible and hard wearing, plus have good water resistance.

  • Jesse Boltwood

    My ideal adventure watch would be Breitling Emergency 2, I mean knowing that you can send out an emergency signal for rescue is the biz! Second would be an eco-dive citizen with good water resistance and leg ability with many functions. I do like the gas-tube technology for guaranteed sustained luminescence at night of this watch give away and would have to handle in person to see if I like it, but sure looks masculine and cool.

  • A Domi

    A perfect adventure atch should be study yet stay classy :-).

  • Ramon Abreu

    The ideal adventure watch to me would have multiple functions but be highly legible.

  • Dobrin Tomov

    My ideal adventure watch would be something like the TISSOT T-TOUCH EXPERT SOLAR, solar powered, weather trends and altimeter.
    But any watch that is sturdy enough will do – legible, good water resistance and sapphire glass

  • Mihail

    Ideally, my perfect adventure watch would be very rugged, would have 200m water resistance (I know this would be too much for my use, but I like redundant protection, plus maybe I will take it on a dive one day), would have a solar battery (much like G-Shock watches), would have a GPS and maps (much like the Garmin fenix 5), a compass, and temperature and pressure sensors. It would be generously lumed if mixed display, having the possibility of its display being illuminated if needed. The kind of watch to go on a two weeks mountain trip, not worry about the battery, but know how much you climbed or descended, if a storm if coming, where is north and where exactly you are on the map, only without having the large printed map with you. The kind of watch you can swim in the lake with, and withstand the physical shocks associated with such trip.

  • Roy

    Perfect adventure watch would be something discreet, sturdy and legible. Like a khaki field but a bit bigger. Boldr have done a fab job with the expedition, so along those lines is pretty good. I don’t think gimmicks like a compass or altitude are needed, but bright lume would be a great help for midnight hikes

  • Vincent

    I like it a lot especially the lumen. My ideal watch has a compass so I can find my position on the map while hiking.

  • 112010

    I like a big, bold watch! Yes!

  • Ian

    An adventure watch needs to be a durable watch that can handle whatever you can. I have a Citizen eco-drive nighthawk on a nylon nato. It’s comfortable, easily legible, not too heavy, damn near bulletproof, and easily replaceable.

  • Michael Andrew David Edwards

    Always happy to see a big bold piece that packs in the features while avoiding that dreaded cluttered look.

  • Dan Baxter

    I like the look of the Traser, I’d have to say my perfect adventure watch would either be a Garmin Fenix 5x, or a one of the Sinn EZM line. I guess it would depend on what kind of adventure I was on.

  • Dave Patey

    Excellent prize, I love the yellow highlights on that piercing blue dial, simply awesome! My ideal adventure watch would be able to withstand extreme cold and heavy impacts, as my only outdoor pursuits involve strapping planks of wood to my feet and throwing myself down snowy mountains for a few weeks every winter on my skiing holidays… Most Casio G-Shocks or ProTreks would probably be suitable, and they are reasonably priced, so not a disaster if the worst happened :o)

  • Joshua

    A good adventure watch should be sturdy, contain excellent lume, be water proof to 100m minimum, and legible. Everything this Traser has. The one thing it doesn’t need to be (but every watch maker assumes) is large. A big watch is more likely to get snagged on rocks or branches and get in the way. 46mm is just quite large in my opinion.

  • Paul L. McCray

    Torn between the Casio Pro-Trek series, G-Shock, and Luminox. They all have merit…

  • johnnyc40

    My ideal adventure watch would be an automatic, steel cased, tritium tubed for legibility and not so expensive that I became worried about damaging it.

  • Omri Suissa

    My ideal would be a highly legible and tough piece of machinery

  • Norman

    I’m fond of simple and rugged. I like field watches or aviator watches, though lum could be important in some cases. If the adventure is deep under water, then the field watch might not do, however I’m a landlubber.

  • will ore

    My ideal adventure watch has been and still is my Rolex f series submariner, I bought after a year in Iraq. Since then I’ve purchased several other watches, but still go back to the trusty sub. This watch being given away is sweet and I’d certainly wear it regularly.

  • Ammar Mirascija

    Great looking and functional sports style watch that is just big enough. Excellent lume.

  • Vlad

    Adventure watch should be automatic, shock-proof, waterproof (to about 300 feet), bright tritium for prolong dark condition. Stainless steel or titanium case with sapphire glass (with glare proof coating). It can have bracelet or durable strap. Possibly not to heavy and bulky. For quality watch of this kind the price for everyday user should be less than $ 1000.

  • SPITX206

    A nice looking watch for an adventure however I’m not familiar with its reputation for toughness in the field. At this point in my life my ideal “adventure watch” is an Explorer. It’s the “stealth” Rolex so I don’t have to worry about it “offending” anyone with whom I might be having an adventure. It’s also perfect for when the adventure is over and one must return to a more civilized world.

  • Harold Buttolph

    Nice watch. Love the lume!!

  • Pat Mon

    Adventure watch would be more of a tool watch – straight, no nonsense and funtional.

  • donkol

    Well, my ideal adventure watch would either be a tough automatic that I never need to worry about, or a quartz containing some of my most used features, such as compass and altimeter.

  • Hello, my ideal adventure watch would be 3 hand automatic with at least 3 days power reserve. It would have tritium in abundance and clearly indicate A.M. or P.M. by having a 24 hour dial instead of a 12 hour one. It would also be water resistant, shock and fog proof and include a strong canvas strap that would have a miniature compass in it!

  • Joshua Daniel Discipulo

    my ideal adventure watch is something that is feature packed but at the same time has maximum legibility at nighttime. So something with tritium tubes while being durable is something that I would choose anytime.

  • Steve Bowden

    My ideal adventure watch would include more than just a compass, it would have a directional finder to help me locate the Swedish Bikini Team. Oh wait, that’s sexist. instead, the watch would help me locate the nearest bathroom. And have an emergency supply of toilet paper hidden somehow tucked inside the watch band, because, hey , have you seen public toilets lately? They are disgusting and they almost always don’t have any toilet paper. Maybe what I really need in my adventure watch is a compact toilet with toilet paper so that anywhere my adventure takes me, I can have a really good dump. So my adventure watch would have a portable toilet, toilet paper, and some sort of privacy stall because, what if you are in Grand Central Station and you really need to go and don’t want to use the public toilets there? I think you could carry a full toilet stall inside a watch. I’ve seen some of those Transformers films. The films are really bad, but you can see where the technology is going. So maybe when you feel the urge to go you say something like ‘Adventure Watches, more than meets the eye. Adventure Watches, portable toilets in disguise.’ And then hey presto your watch turns inside out and then you have your toilet right there. And if your adventure takes you to France, your portable toilet could include a bidet as well.

    • Berndt Norten

      That’s quite the bill of goods! A+ for creativity

      • Steve Bowden

        My inspiration for doing this sort of thing can be found in the wonderful book “The Internet is a Playground” by David Thorne.

        • Berndt Norten

          Just ordered it.

          • Steve Bowden

            You will love it! I can also recommend his second book “‘I’LL GO HOME THEN; IT’S WARM & HAS CHAIRS.” There is also my own book on amazon “Awaken the Used Car Salesman Within’.

          • Berndt Norten

            Do you know the work of the mad genius Mark Leyner? In particular, Et tu, Babe?

          • Steve Bowden

            I haven’t read it, but I have met the author! He was standing right next to me in Chicago, at the book expo in 2000. He was promoting his book ‘My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist’. I recall him telling me about his work on the Seinfeld.Thanks for the recommendation, the book looks wildly creative 🙂 I will get a copy of ‘Et Tu, Babe’…when I buy my new ereader!

          • Berndt Norten

            My Cousin is also a great book. I’m not so sure about the Sugar Frosted…. book.

          • Berndt Norten

            Thanks for recommending David Thorne. He is hilarious.

          • Steve Bowden

            He is amazing! He keeps a website up at 27bslash6 dot com
            His second book is also really good.

  • Maxtor

    I like divers. That way you can have your adventure in the water or on dry land.

  • Ioana Mohora

    Well, my ideal adventure watch i like to be a good one and to help me every day.

  • Brennan Duthu

    The ideal adventure watch would have to seamlessly mix land and water elements along with durability of a G-Shock. I’d prefer the compass on the band to save more room on the watch for other features.

  • Kevin

    My ideal adventure watch is one with bronze casing, so it would get its lovely patina during my adventures and make memories and be one of a kind. Regarding functions, it would be nice with a 5-day power reserved automatic movement, at least 200m WR so it also can take part in scuba diving experiences as well, BGW9 lume and a second timezone so a 4 hand watch, so I could keep track of the time home and not call during the night…. Last but not least the strap, it would give a very nice look if it had a thick blue canvas strap or nato plus it would not get scratched and ding as a metal bracelet. That is my ideal adventure watch, too bad a watch like that doesn’t exist, not yet at least…

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    My perfect adventure watch would primarily have to be legible, water resistant, and tough. Secondary considerations would be complications depending on the adventure. I’d prefer affordable too.

  • Dale Houser

    A legible, tool watch that is comfortable on the wrist. An automaic is ideal, but solar powered quartz is close behind.

  • Walter Van Tine

    My ideal adventure watch would be rugged, yet stylish for dress casual use after the adventures of the day were done. It would be relatively simple, with little more than a day/date function and automatic movement.”Not too pricey” would also be a plus!

  • Bryan A

    Oris Divers 65 42 is my favorite adventure watch. Simple is better in my opinion.

  • Elicia P

    My ideal watch would be tough. It needs to be scratch resistance. With that said waterproof and washable. Solar power backup would be a nice feature. A back light for the night.
    Wait, a second I want a Go-Go Gadget watch like Inspector Gadget. The adventures that would come of from a ideal adventure watch like that… oh the dreams.

  • Ryanc2lrjet Courtney

    To me the adventure watch has to be tough first. That is because no matter what activity I’m about to do, I don’t want to be worried about damaging the watch. Secondly comfortable is important. Metal bracelets are a no go for weight purposes. I would say features are less important to me but I would request good lume is a must have. I prefer the watch to be my daily wear which shows I have the confidence in it!

  • Jason723

    Well, my ideal adventure watch would be versatile, sturdy, have a nylon breathable band, with a date function on it. Legible, water resistant and hopefully affordable.

  • eitan

    My ideal adventure watch would bea day/date function power reserved automatic movement It can have bracelet or durable strap and excellent lume.

  • Steve Jacobs

    This looks like a great watch. For adventure, I want something that isn’t a throw away but not ridiculously expensive and particularly not fragile. I really like the tritium tubes and I’m old enough not to worry about them gong dim!

  • Andre Braz

    The adventure watch must be rugged, saphire, legible, +200m and light weight.

  • Brandon Clark

    My ideal adventure watch would be a smart blend of features that are simple to follow. It’s easy to get carried away with the functions that could go into a watch, which cause for an overwhelming user experience and distract from the inherent beauty of the product. Like a few have said, simplicity is key, but there are also key elements like toughness and water/shock/scratch resistance that are just essential. I need to know that even on the most extreme of circumstances, my watch is going to have my back… or wrist.

  • Brian Kautz

    I like the Luminox models for their toughness

  • Humphrey Mar

    An adventure watch should be feature-packed, because it’s a tool! Practical, useful, rugged!

  • Zoran Filipovic

    Great giveaway, hope that I will won…

  • Matt

    Depends on the adventure. If it’s out there and I need GPS/elevation, it’s a Garmin Fenix 3. Otherwise, my Sinn T2B is tough enough for anything else, has good WR and a timing bezel so I’m pretty set.

  • David Williams

    A simple automatic three-hander would be sufficient, in a robust brushed-steel case on a breathable nato strap – with Hardlex crystal, or similar, rather than shatter-prone sapphire. Or maybe solar-powered quartz, giving an enjoyable connection with the environment.

  • Ryan Willard

    Great looking watch. I’d love to wear it.

  • Manzur Dan

    Adventure watch for me is something like Casio G-Shock Rangeman or Casio ProTrek, have to have triple sensor, easy to read, resistant, long life battery and a bit smaller because on my wrist any of those are huge.

  • SBUBandit

    To me an adventure watch needs to be light, comfortable, and almost absurdly durable. I don’t need alot of features, but it had better keep working no matter what I’m doing it will find itself left in a bin somewhere along the way.

  • Mischa

    Automatic/solar, i.e. not battery dependent. Features are secondary – most people use smartphones for that these days. Good lume (or a great combination of lume and gas tubes!). Ridiculously durable.

  • #guerios

    This Traser P68 Pathfinder, is perfect to me, I like it a lot , believe, it was created for me. Amazing watch.

  • Jimi

    Adventure watch for me would be one that doesn’t need a battery (so either Automatic or Solar). Water proof and pretty rugged. A lot depends on what kind of adventure as well 🙂

  • coskvig

    The ideal adventure watch for me is something that can be used sailing or hiking – an ABC watch. It is waterproof, has altimeter, barometer, compass, time, alarm, stopwatch, back light, great lume, maybe even GPS.

  • D.C.

    Simple is better when it comes to a watch that can take abuse. My criteria would have to include, durability, legibility, and reliability. Water and shock proofing are a given, and a reliable automatic (or solar) movement would be ideal. Lume, especially tritium, completes the wishlist, and Traser ticks all the boxes nicely!

  • christopher jensen

    I prefer a tough case, easy to read dial, ang good lume (or tritium).

  • Gabe Chambers

    Simple automatic three hander or solar power with more features- waterproof, shockproof , light and easily legible

  • Marc Wensauer

    Ideal adventure watch must be durable, strap comfortable even under sweaty conditions, high contrast legibility in bright or dark conditions, obviously waterproof, and provide some locational information (GPS, altitude, compass direction, etc).

  • Ah Shumaker

    As long as it’s tough, waterproof, and easily readable in low light it doesn’t need anymore bells and whistles.

  • meghan b

    I think it needs to be durable and feature packed but easy to use

  • Roger Bruneau

    What are the cardinal points on the outer edge of the dial ?
    . Does it have a compass?

  • fitzperfect

    Handsome watch; legibility in all conditions!

  • mtnsicl

    That would be a beater Citizen Eco Drive Nighthawk. It always works and if it gets beat up more, that’s ok.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    Waterproof, shockproof, reliable (automatic), lisibility in complete darkness. Bonus point for a compass. And all of this in something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, because it may not survive the adventure 🙂

  • Pepe Gar

    For me the optimal watch might be tough and hard, should look robust and be waterproof. The straps should be exchangeable to have for “situations” Kevlar or a high end plastic. At last being readable at night or without light should do the work.

  • johnwithanh

    Adventure watch musts: rugged, brushed finish to hide (or attempt to hide) wear and tear, moderately priced (you get what you pay for with the cheap stuff) comfortable strap that’s able to deal with sweat/grime.

  • Robert Carson

    I have to say that my top adventuring priorities are ruggedness and reliability. I don’t want to be worried about what happens if it gets wet or knocked around. I think the shock resistance and robust material and construction would make a Bremont the choice for me.

  • Peter Van de Laar

    Adventure watches must be small, very, very solid and readable in the dark. It has to be cheaper as your average watch ass well, because you don’t want to bother it getting scratched.

  • tcoomber

    I think if you’re on a real adventure, a Breitling Emergency has the feature that would me most useful.

  • Jeremy Fister

    I would go for something practical, yet reliable .It has to be something you can afford to lose in a river…or at gunpoint. It has to to be a piece you can depend on like water/knock resistance as well. Mechanical or digital?, I thought this was gonna be a easy pick…I’m not sure anymore.

  • Mr. Snrub

    Legible, durable, 100m+ water resistance, preferably on a rubber strap.

  • Allen Ross

    My adventure watch must be very robust with a legible dial and interchangeable straps.

  • victor c

    durability is the first thing on adventure watch, after that the features. and i think its best if you can use that watch like your id card. like, if you run of money you can use that watch as credit card. when you accidently lost your way, you can tell your own position for help. and for the worst case, it will tell what happen to you like a “blackbox”.

  • Pat Finch

    Durability and functional are my criteria for an “adventure” watch. I’m a big fan of Suunto for these very reasons. Looking at the Traser, it obviously has more aesthetic appeal than any Suunto. I’d be interested to know how it performs in a real world situation.

  • Calvin F.

    My adventure watch would roughly consist of durable, lightweight, compact with practical functions for safety and survival. Weather proof and unique.

  • Eric Bauer

    Adventure, an interesting topic. My guess would that most people would view an adventure as a chosen, thought-out, participatory event or series of events. This leaves the field quite

  • Kyle Herret

    Agreed. Adventure watches should be rugged and have multiple straps/bracelet options for whatever adventure you are on.

  • A D

    Something durable in case I get beaten to death and/or valuable enough to trade it for my life. and it has to be black with black straps.

  • Steve

    From my point of view, an adventure watch should be clear legiabiligy, rugged, much lume, at least 200m W/P, one steel bracelet and one nylon nato, of course not too heavy.

  • FollowPhil

    I would love an adventure watch with multiple optional colors for the silicon/rubber strap and of course waterproof. I like the large numerals and the compass indications of the Traser – gives it a very rugged and refined feel.

  • Michael

    Should be durable, colorful, interesting looking, comfortable.

  • W.k. Ng

    I guess an adventure watch for me should be highly waterproof with a robust case made of hardened stainless steel or titanium, functioned by a reliable automatic caliber that can be easily overhauled by any qualified watch repair technician on earth.

  • My ideal adventure watch is for sure waterproof and durable. Good value is essential, but durability is more important!

  • Daniel D.

    It would have to be clean, simple, good lume…..sort of sounds like a diver.

  • marko320

    The ideal adventure watch is something that I could wear all day on the beach. Waterproof and simple while kayaking, but dressy enough to go out to dinner.

  • Mitch

    This Traser is nice looking watch with great lume.

    My ideal adventure watch would be one that has all the bells and whistles but is still durable but inexpensive enough to be disposable if it does die. After all, “if it can’t take a licking and keep on ticking” then it’s not much of an adventure watch. An automatic or solar powered watch is a must for my ideal adventure watch as well as being water resistant.

  • Baby Gorgo

    The compass ring, legibility and tritium tubes make this watch the one for me. A good adventure watch must be durable easy to read, comfortable and waterproof.

  • My ideal adventure watch would be smaller on the wrist so I don’t really know it’s there and don’t need to be conscious about where my arm is in context to the adventure. Bells and whistles are nice, but it had better also be rugged. Decent waterproofing also.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    The ideal adventure watch is excellent for all

  • chaos215bar2

    Ideal adventure watch? Casio GPR-B1000. Self-contained; feature packed; will actually help you do more than just tell time.

  • jason kordek

    To me an adventure watch just has to be able to survive a hunting trip or a day out in the yard mowing the lawn

  • JWP

    This watch is stunning, and the tritium elevates even more. Working in the remote back country most days are adventures and already carrying a compass and GPS my ideal adventure watch is one of my G-Shocks. Rugged and accurate but not a devastating loss if they get damaged or lost since my employer won’t compensate for personal items.

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    An adventure watch should be as robust as a rock.

  • Eugenio Cigüeña

    The ideal adventure watch should be rugged, right sized for maximize legibility, with tritium lume, and shock and waterproof. It should have an automatic movement with large power reserve, or a solar energy charged one.

  • Olaf

    For me an “adventure watch” must not be too expensive, since it must endure falling down with me if needs be. Hopefully this will not happen, but it might. So it must be either extremely durable or inexpensive. Would not stand having a broken arm AND a broken watch. Geocaching sometimes can get dangerous… 🙂

  • Vikram Kumar

    Ideal adventure watch is something simple, robust and easy to read.
    Need not be a large, tough as nails, special ops style watch.

    Less is more for me.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    The usual monthy trippers.

  • Gary Barclay

    I prefer simple to leave more room for adventure.

  • Chris MoJo

    I think my ideal adventure watch would have a GMT function- perfect for luxury mink breaks!

  • Luciano

    Sturdy and simple.

  • mikeymusic

    The watch needs to be readable in all light conditions, reasonably water resistant, comfortable on the wrist, low profile under my sleeve and, lastly, not too expensive to replace.

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    It must be strong and durable, with immediate, easy to read dial

  • Marc Matteo

    An adventure watch must be rugged, but dependable. And also one you’re not afraid to bang up, after all it is an adventure, isn’t it? I mean, a Rolex Explorer would be nice, but do you want one with a big scratch across it? I mean I do… but I suspect most people would just want it on their wrist to remind them of the adventure they COULD have had.

  • Jordan Rausch

    If I’m taking something out into the bush it has to be rugged and reliable. I also probably don’t want anything too expensive as it’s likely to get a little beat up.

  • angela

    to me an adventure watch would be easy to read in all conditions, water resistant, shock proof, with GPS and not too big because one never knows what an adventure holds in store

  • Andrew Clark

    Comfortable, durable, water-resistant, GPS would be a big plus.

  • Grace s.

    My ideal adventure watch would be totally water proof to many feet underwater salt or not. It would have gps and a heart and footstep monitor and it would be attractive.

  • michael mescher

    My ideal adventure watch would be something that’s very readable at a glance,with a generous amount of loom,shock resistant,highly durable with a anti reflective scratch resistant and shatter resistant crystal and able to take a beating but still last a life time

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    The best adventure watch would be simple, easy to wear and read, and very water resistant.

  • luigi

    Looks like a nicely designed and readable watch at the right price point, especially with the tritium lume.

  • Dimitri Kiselkov

    My ideal adventurer watch would be lightweight, readable, water resistant and able to track gps POIs.

  • George Tamara

    My ideal watch would be a clean gps like a cleaner Sunnto that has the functions of a Fenix 5 that is usb and solar power. I would like it to also have analog hands like a G-shock.

  • Bob Sebastian

    I guess it depends on your definition of adventure. Mine is strolling down Michigan Avenue in Chicago or Orchard Road in Singapore. So for me it needs to be striking, but not garish. Useful, but not utilitarian. And it needs to demonstrate the wearer’s level of taste, which doesn’t mean it has to be expensive.

  • Riley

    My ideal adventure watch would be affordable, solar powered, built tough as nails (without being overly heavy), and have just enough features without being overly complicated.

  • Shane K Arnfield

    My ideal adventure watch would be big, blue with an internal compass…..oh!

  • Eugene Najera

    My adventure watch needs to be inexpensive, durable, and easy to read.

  • Kevin J

    My adventure watch would be indestructible, water proof, easy to read, have a dependable band and look good too!

  • alex ioancio

    My adventure watch needs to be very reliable, affordable and durable for any events.

  • Elliot

    My adventure watch needs to be very simple, with an easy to read dial. Water and shock resistance are also a necessity.

  • David Theobald

    My adventure watch needs to be VERY durable and easy to read in any lighting conditions

  • Simonh

    An adventure watch should be robust, accurate, not too big and highly legible with good water resistance.

  • Alison Braidwood

    For me, I’d want a watch that has two time zones, is water proof, and has a luminous dial.

  • Lukas Westling

    My ideal outdoor watch would be at least 200 m water resistent, hardened case, bright lume, gps equipped, rugged looks.

  • Chris Bos

    My adventure watch is the expensive watch I buy without telling my wife.

  • NC

    My ideal Adventure Watch would be able to determine the way to the nearest pub after a long hike in the forest, so a compass would be good.

  • Larry Hicks

    This watch looks and sounds ideal for my adventure go to watch

  • Ogso

    My ideal would need to withstand water, more fresh but some salty. Have good lume or tritium and be relatively resilient. While I don’t intend to bang it on anything it needs to be able to withstand a waist high drop on a pier.

  • Rodney

    My ideal “adventure watch” is the GSHOCK Mudmaster. It has everything you’d need from a compass to a thermometer to world time, and you can’t break it.

  • Bob

    Elegant in a tool watch kind of way I like to dial reminds me of the sea and always extra Loom is always nice it’s a very nice looking watch.

  • kim burnett

    My ideal watch would be water proof, weather resistant and light weight! Thanks for the opportunity…this watch looks AMAZING!!

  • Vlad

    I’d like a watch that has two time zones, water resistant 200m, and has a luminous dial.

  • Murray Kreeger

    This IS what I would want in an adventure style watch

  • Andy Berrios

    Nice! I love the rotating inner compass bezel!

  • Antonio Star?evi?

    My ideal watch would be Victorinox i.n.o.x., but in a mechanic movement .

  • 0059mike

    i’d go for a watch with altitude/barometer/compass, water resistant to 100M, solar powered.

  • Peter Jones

    I would like a simple , robust watch with decent waterproofness and a synthetic strap

  • Ed Yu

    would love to have both gmt and chronograph features in a watch no bigger than 40mm.

  • Josef Schmid

    My adventure watch should be durable and easy to read. It do not need much features but the watch should cope with rough handling.

  • logomachy


  • Matt

    An adventure watch should be durable and waterproof, with a compass. Doesn’t necessarily need to be cheap, but not too pricey that you won’t mind if it takes a beating.

  • Louis

    My ideal adventure watch should be legible and tough. Shouldn’t be overly expensive or I’ll be afraid to use it, but still long-lasting as I think that an adventure watch is also made to hold memories as well as last in time. A few additional features are always a plus as long as they are well executed and do not harm the design nor the legibility.

  • Grace

    my ideal watch is ASUS Zenwatch, it connect my cell phone to make easy to answer the phone and msg

  • Paul Gardner

    any of the samsung smart watches, they are clean and digital

  • MydogBuck

    My adventure watch, Tissot T Touch

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Can we have another watch quick? These comments are killing me.

  • Paul Kok

    An ideal adventure watch has to be robust and highly legible anywhere especially in dark places.

  • SarahJ

    My ideal adventure watch is minimalistic, yet stylish. It would be pricey because I don’t want it to look cheap.

  • Larry Holmack

    When I could physically handle hiking and backpacking to my favorite places in Southern New Mexico and Northeastern Arizona to hunt and fish, I wanted something durable, waterproof to at least 100 m., and legible both day and night.

  • holkan

    My ideal watch would be waterproof and very hardy


    My ideal watch would be rugged, stylish and solar powered.

  • ChrisA

    Adventure watch – think any Sinn EZM. Tough, tool watches.

  • Gary Aerne

    The ideal watch for me must be easy to read, have good night time visibility and be very durable.

  • Concerned neighbor

    NATO or rubber strap. Sapphire crystal. Automatic. Not too expensive that I worry about losing it. Good lum and a workhorse movement.

  • Darren Williams

    My ideal adventure watch would be one of the Casio Edifice watches.

  • Jeff Story

    My ideal adventure watch would be great legibility, good lume, and looks that can go from on the trail to moderately well dressed.

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    My ideal adventure watch has to be legible under any weather conditions and very, very though. (obviously mechanichal, just in case I get lost in some island for more than 2 years!)

  • Deb Philippon

    My ideal adventure watch would have to sturdy, shock absorbent and waterproof. It should be easily read under any light conditions.

  • Steve C

    It would have to be rugged and never need to be charged.

  • Alistair Salmon

    I think my ideal adventure watch would be something rather simple yet versatile. Acting as a rudimentary back up to any more specialist pieces of tech specific to whatever you may be doing. The inclusion of tritium tubes, a compass and a decent waterproofing should be an essential partner on most adventures. I love the blue as well.

  • 35,000 Feet

    My ideal adventure wach is Traser P68 Pathfinder if I am the winner

  • geo xavier

    My adventure watch has to be tough and have some unique features like my triple sensor G shock. A watch that I dont have to worry about.

  • Sean OConnor

    Easy to read/legible, rugged, weather resistant, not overly-pricey.

  • ncgh

    Best adventure watch would be rugged,but not too expensive. It should look good with a bit of rough high mileage on it (like a proper bomber or motorcycle jacket). My particular activities include challenging off roading… which necessarily includes lashing up winch lines and digging vehicles out of mud. The watch should handle that gracefully.

  • Chris MacEwen

    I think a good timex would fit the bill here . I remember a commercial from the 70’s when I was a kid and in it there was a guy who got hit with a puck right on his timex and the watch still worked after the abuse , Like the old slogan says, Timex…takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin.’ Thanks for your time! (See what I just did there!)

  • john dallas

    The adventure watch would be feature packed but also simple in its appearance and most importantly it has to be rugged. You don’t want it to fail while on your adventure.

  • Joel Woodward

    My ultimate adventure watch would have to be durable, but not too exotic (expensive), so there’s not constant worry about damaging or losing it. Good visibility in low light is a must, as is being water-proof.

  • Stephanie Sullivan

    My ultimate adventure watch would be durable to withstand heat, water, falls (I’m clumsy!), and anything else I throw at it. I want it to be a good watch, so I would be ok with it be mid-range. It needs to be attractive too, I don’t think you have to sacrifice style to be durable and dependable.

  • David

    Thanks for these giveaways. My adventure watch has to be something that can take the knocks, and it has to be affordable. I understand the need for a beater but I still can’t allocate any of my watches to that task, I love them all. My adventure watch ideally would be feature rich, such that I’m never left rueing the fact I’m not wearing a certain watch that can do something my adventure watch can’t. It has to be very legible , as I have cracked the age wear the numbers on my timepieces have all of a suddenly gotten smaller and out of focus. I’m thinking G shock here, an affordable one with all the bells and whistles. I know they will withstand a nuclear and a meteorite strike. I’m not sure I can bring myself to assign my G-Steel to the task, it’s one of my few very cool quartz pieces.

  • Konstantinos

    Thanks for the giveaway! My ideal adventure watch has to be affordable, legible and simple yet sturdy enough to take a beating and keep going without me having to constantly worry about damaging it. (If it was expensive.) In this category of a watch, function should precede form.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    My ideal adventure watch would be durable and hypoallergenic, with a stainless steel or titanium case. It would be able to illuminate in the dark. It would be affordable as well. And it would also be simple, with numbers that are easy to read.

  • Cooper Lu

    I love the classic simple and durable watch

  • Seth L

    An “adventure watch” must fit the adventure – and that may vary widely from adventure to adventure (am I scuba diving? sky diving? spelunking? back country backpacking?) I think the ideal “adventure watch” would need to be a durable, feature packed tool that would provide value to the wearer beyond merely telling time or looking fashionable. This almost always would look like a waterproof, shockproof, solar or kinetic quartz.

  • Krishna

    My requirements for an adventure watch is simple. Cheap, durable and can take all the beatings. Oh yes, it needs to have good visibility at night as well, either through back lighting or tritium tubes

  • Joshua

    I think

  • turboBB73

    Ideal would be a durable, waterproof ABC type watch like the Casio Pathfinder series.

  • Sam Rozans

    My perfect adventure watch should be indestructible. It should be comfortable, have a medium profile <=42mm, water resistant, and be able to handle high amplitude low frequency abuse (such as riding a bike). Time only is fine with me, but nighttime visibility is a must – preferably with unique lume at the 12 o'clock (color or design). In addition a count up bezel is preferred but not needed as relative general timing is very desirable.


  • Jon W

    For adventure watches I’m looking for comfort, durability, reliability, and visibility. Prefer moderately priced (too cheap and it’s not likely to last, but too pricey and I’d be worries about abusing it). GPS and good battery life are preferable as well – right now I love my Suunto for these situations but would prefer something smaller if it had similar features.

  • Mike V

    Rolex Explorer ref 1016.

  • Joseph Sewi

    Adventure watch has to be durable, legible and long lasting. It has to be sturdy and robust and big enough to be seen at one glance. 46mm is a good size and I love the Traser P68. Its not too expensive (so that in the unfortunate event of a ding or scratch you won’t feel that bad) and its a beautiful watch to start with.

  • Martin Chiu

    The ideal classic watch would be the classic Casio G-Shock in black. Tough solar movement, world time, 20atm resistance among other useful features.

  • The ideal adventure watch, of course, has to be a G-Shock. With all the sensors known to man, gps, infinite battery, solar power and all that. Ugly af and on the cheap side.

  • Evan Brom

    Will I Win new crown jewel?

  • JD Ouest

    Well this is nice – lots of detail but easy to read!

    Ideal adventure watch is the Tudor Black Bay – I would wear that on any adventure and then for the rest of time.

  • louis

    G-Shock with all the stuff, This Traser P68 looks better than my LUMI-NOX

  • Brenda Williams

    i would like water proof and shock proof

  • m.t

    The key to an adventure watch is durability – something like a G-Shock that isn’t going to break under duress. There should also be as many practical complications (e.g. compass) as possible without cluttering the watch face or decreasing its durability.

  • Jason Campbell

    Beautiful watch

  • WISard

    I think my criteria for a mechanical ‘adventure watch’ would be: simple and legible dial, chronograph, waterproof (screw-down crown/pushers), shockproof, and anti-magnetic, and with an overall well-considered design. Basically, a watch that could handle many situations.

  • Daryl Okayama

    My adventure watch would be pretty simple. It would need to be durable, easy to read and be light powered so I wouldn’t have to worry about winding or batteries. A G Shock would probably be the best choice!

  • Keegan

    My ideal “adventure watch” might be the Sinn “104 St Sa A”, because of its tremendous durability. It is definitely “pricey”.

  • gtt

    Gadgets if st adventure and workhorse, easy to fix movement for LT. durability

  • Michael Harvey

    Traser P68 Pathfinder is a great looking watch, and the compass is an interesting feature. My favorite “adventure” watch is a Benarus automatic divers watch, rated at 500 meters, and all stainless case & strap, built to resist water & corrosion.

  • Grigoriy2k

    The best for me in terms of adventure is victorinox inox – wr 200 m, could operate in cold and hot conditions, durable as a hell. And i could wear it in any ocassion.

  • Martin

    Its a tough decision, to go with features or aesthetics? I ll have to go with Seiko alpinist series, SARB or SARG. My favorite watches, stated as adventerous, but can be worn elsewhere no problem.

  • Lemuel

    My ideal adventure watch must be tough, durable and feature packed.It might be simple in design and not that costly but it must have a compass for easily navigating directions. It must have lumes especially for night activities. Must be water resistant, shockproof and has GPS… I really do like this Traser P68 Pathfinder watch

  • Basil Othman

    Any adventure watch should be durable & feature packed, A G-Shock for example.

    This Traser is very good looking btw

  • benjameshodges

    Breitling Aerospace. Titanium. All functions in a neat little package with a 5 year battery life and superquartz movement.

  • warscourge

    My ideal adventure watch should have GPS, compass, and well rounded features that can keep me informed and alerted whenever I desire. Add to that it should be durable and good water proofing. After reading about Tracer P68 Pathfinder, it seems to be a good adventure watch to own.

  • Andrew Fitzhugh

    My ideal adventure watch is something extremely durable, waterproof, legible at all times and replaceable. Spending thousands on a watch that you know is going to suffer abuse for most of it’s life is just not logical.

  • iBradcon

    I would want something shock-resistant and water-resistant, solar powered, with built in compass, which several g-shock models can provide, but I would also love to see casio make use of tritium tubes like traser and luminox do.

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    My adventure watch would be the Victorinox I.N.O.X. Titanium with a paracord band. Victorinox because they are a Swiss brand with legendary quality that cannot be doubted. The Titanium model because of how durable Titanium is. A paracord band because you will have a extra survival tool on hand

  • Joe

    Ignore these other pretenders.

    The ultimate adventure watch isn’t cheap, however it does need to be practical.
    Water resistance: sure. Rolex ticks the box with 10bar minimum for their Oyster-cased range. MR-G are usually 200m.
    Shock resistance: definitely. Rolex Paraflex shock absorbers or the latest G-Shock technology packed inside a Casio MR-G.
    Features: absolutely. Use a NATO strap and slide a compass onto the band of the Skydweller. MR-G speaks for itself; ABC, etc.
    In a pinch: might happen. Sell the Rolex to gain safe passage. Use the hammer-tone and titanium case on a MR-G to beat people into submission.

    So I would pick…

    …a Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Memovox. If it works for Dr Strange, it works for me.

    • Pete L

      Pretty sure Dr Strange wore the JLC ultra thin perpetual – and it didn’t work! 😉

      • Joe

        I meant Benedict Cumberbatch wore the Memovox at the recent premier…but you’re absolutely right.
        I thought about listing that as my ultimate adventure watch…but it’s a little too dressy, as much as I like it 😉

  • Demonix

    Ideal adventure watch must be a reliable, robust, waterproof, shock proof tool watch. I mountain bike so it must be able to shrug off the aftermath of the odd spill and still keep ticking. A proper tool watch I won’t feel is too precious to get dusty or splattered with mud and dirt from the typical English summer showers or torrential downpours of the Scottish and Welsh mountains I ride. Probably a sub £1000 sports/dive watch, automatic movement,316l case or ti, maybe pvd coated, good lume, a very clear legible dial and comfortable strap, no odd shape lugs that dig into wrist whilst biking. Bike computer takes care of navigation duties, phone is off as riding time is my time so no need for tech frippery on the watch, compass ring would be a just in case fall back to supplement the map and traditional compass.

  • Benji Oxtoby

    Have had my Traser Outdoor Pioneer for a few years now and is brilliant. Shame more companies dont use Tritium.

  • Claudiu

    G-Shock is the ultimate ‘adventure watch’. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. Let the hate begin.

  • Jason Hackworth

    G-Shock was the first watch to come to mind for adventure.

  • Tobi Tool

    My ideal adventure watch must be reliable und must show the time in any situation. So I would prefer an automatic movement, a sapphire glass und a waterproof case. And it should be shock resistant.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    Always wanted a watch with tritium. This a very nice watch, but I have to agree that a G-Shock can’t be beaten for adventure. Reasonable price and very tough and reliable. Unless you’re going to be on a desert island for years and the battery runs out…

  • Darh109

    I do not do “adventure”, but I could put a Tutima Bundeswehr on my wrist and pretend I’m an F-104 pilot. Ha!

  • Boryueh1

    Anything by G- shock will do fine. They offer a nice combination of function, durability, value.

  • Charlie Sherlock

    This Traser P68 is a fab looking watch. Has to be a G-Shock for the ultimate adventure watch. It’s comforting to know that if your arm is run over by a truck your arm might be knackered but you can still tell the time.

  • Stephan

    This Traser really looks like an adventure watch. For me the ideal one comes in big format, is tough and is not too expensive as it should accompany you in all adventures… Not the opposite…

  • at1time

    I would want a watch with at least a GMT function. At my age my adventures are somewhat limited. I have a g-shock that fits that purpose,but would like a Traser upgrade.

  • Martin Ben-Elohimchayyim ?uba

    I realy like Traser because H3 tube and great build quality for money

  • Steven Servantez

    A great adventure watch is stylish, water resistant and durable enough to withstand extreme conditions.

  • bert gillespie

    Light, durable, easy to read (not the case today w/many outdoor brands) moderate price and uncomplicated. I don’t need to monitor seismic vibrations on my hike ;0)

  • Al Herrera

    Durable, easy to read, tough, and plenty of lume.

  • celticfox

    So what’s my ideal adventure watch? Something rugged, easy to read, well priced (so I can actually use it on an adventure!), comfortable and that looks the part. Good lume or tritium a big plus, and above all good water-proofness, shockproof and a NATO strap a nice to have. How does the Traser meet up – seems to tick all the boxes! And if I were Swedish, well with that colour scheme, it would be perfect….

  • #The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    My ideal “adventure” watch is what ever watch I happen to be wearing at the time of the “adventure.” A submariner. or a casio or maybe even a Seiko Sport 5. USually combined with a compass (yeah, I can read one of those)
    I do wonder why, in the accompamying video, only the bicycle guys were wearing water bags – seems a bit weird.
    Anyway, I have always liked Traser for their use of tritium lume; nice watch to have.

  • TimboinOK

    My ideal adventure watch would be a simple yet well built watch with a sturdy band and a good lumination. The only thing I would need it to do is tell the correct time and day and be water resistant. Maybe something along the lines of a G-Shock.

  • Pacheaco

    Gotta be a G-Shock. Any features you need, can take all the abuse and your entry price is up to your needs.

  • baticr

    The Traser P68 fits the requirements of an adventure watch perfectly. An adventure watch must be rugged, legible and visible in the dark. I love the idea of a tritium gas tubes since the lume never runs out. The built in compass is an excellent feature especially when out in the middle of no where. A nice to have in the event anything should happen.

  • Miguel Silvestre

    My ideal adventure watch should be very very resistant, water proof and have a compass. It should be automatic so I don’t depend on external batteries. It also should be very easy to see at night or in the dark. This Prazer fits it all 🙂

  • Tongshen Yong

    I feel like an adventure watch should be highly personal. It should have very good lume and a very legible dial. It should also be waterproof and water resistance so I’d reckon a bracelet with the watchface. I would also like to think that black, green or blue are very good dial colours for adventure watches as they just scream outdoors! In addition, a compass bezel would be perfect!

  • zellie54

    Love watches and am eager to win!

  • Yohaan Jacob

    My ideal adventure watch would definitely have tritium tubes, a sapphire crystal and a ceramic bezel, preferably on a steel bracelet, although rubber would probably be more practical.

  • Allen Tran

    My ideal adventure watch would be modular. Depending on need (swimming, skydiving, traveling, car racing, etc) I would be able to add or remove functional modifications such as a tachymeter bezel, GMT city bezel, or diving bezel inserts. Ideally the profile would be low such as sub 11mm and for diameter have options for users to have a all-in-one watch becoming bigger as more functions are packed in or smaller (sub-40mm) for users aiming to be as minimal as possible on a case to case basis.

  • Alberto

    ideal adventure watch, has to be simple and tough as nails. Something you just put on your wrist and not give it a second thought.

  • Harplayr

    My ideal adventure watch first of all must be rugged. The last thing I nned to worry about is protecting a watch when I’m doing outdoor activities. Other useful features like good glow in dark, water proofproo a face that is not too cluttered is certainly on my list.

  • JC Nrolla

    I join the giveaway!

  • IG

    I hate automatic watches and proud of it.™

  • M. Rogers

    Adventure watch, for me, needs to be simple to read, have decent WR, and be slightly disposable. I just need to know the time, good lume for dark hours is a plus, with perhaps a compass bezel or insert, and enough WR to not worry about it. And again, not pricey because that’s the last thing I want to worry about while on an “adventure”.

  • Pete L

    Simple, tough and waterproof are the bare minimum for an adventure watch. I have a great g-shock mudman with loads of toys on it and it is great but I find myself wearing my PAM312 most times when we go out trekking. Built like a tank and takes knocks, water and anything else you can throw at it.

  • Wilson Meeks

    Must be complicated because you never know what to expect! Could be cheap (quartz) or pricey (automatic).

  • Thierry

    Tought. Easy to read. Simple to use. I use my Suunto Ambit to run, but it could fit well with the description. Especially the trackback option.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • YI Hsuan Lu

    the watch should be able to catch up all the new tech

  • Conservatarian TX

    I’m more of an “Urban adventurer”, but for this type of watch, one would expect it to be rugged, easily legible, and have a good range of features (compass/GPS, maybe temp/barometer, and definitely a good bit of water resistance).

  • Jared

    If I were to go on a *real* adventure, I would want a watch like the Breitling Emergency, its a watch that provides a a way to get out of the creek when you have lost your paddle.

  • Adrian Lessek

    Ideal adventure watch for me would have to be something like Garmin Fenix 5. Anyway this TRASER Pathfinder looks grate:)

  • German Lopez

    My ideal adventure watch would be something rugged and tuff like a gshock, those things can handle anything.

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    Feature packed, waterproof, shockproof, super legible, lasting lume, automatic, and very scratch resistant.

  • Nicholas Mills

    Earthy simple clean light and on leather ideal for the adventure outdoorsy look (think alpinist) and something more like this or gshock with lots of utility and ruggedness if I was on some dangerous adventure and not just day hiking.

  • Daniel Harper

    OoooOoo Pick me!! Favorite adventure watch have to be between the Seiko Alpinist and the Hamilton Khaki Field. I think in the end I would go with the khaki, and of course now that I say that I’m thinking Alpinist.

  • ????????

    Looks amazing. Another great giveaway. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  • Savik King

    That looks pretty sleek, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mark

    Wow, the best adventure watch for me is something simple yet rugged. For me, Seiko fits the bill with anything in the SKN8XX series field watches or the SKX series or the SRP Turtle series. Watches that can handle a lot and still survive.

  • G Lauer

    My ideal adventure watch would be an automatic (to avoid batteries), metal with sapphire glass (for durability), and a compass function would be useful.

  • Rodney Stone

    For my ideal adventure a watch with a compass, thats automatic and rugged in it’s construction would be a absolute essential requirement

  • Kevin Beard

    My watch would be waterproof, great lume for night time, looks great, but not super expensive. My current adventure watch is my Casio Edifice. It’s safe if I end up in water, readable at night, gets lots of compliments, and was a great buy at $120.

  • Alex A.

    I’d have to go with an SKX. Rugged and awesome, but also replaceable if the “adventure” gets rough. Maybe modded with a matte gunmetal case too for kicks.

  • Ryan

    My ideal adventure watch would be one that had the toughness of a G-shock and the aesthetic of a Seiko Alpinist, and the utility of both combined. Something I know could take a beating and look pretty doing it.

  • m0lasses

    Tough, easy to read and use. GPS would be useful. Solar with compass and altimeter. Basically a g-shock or Sunnto.

  • Stephanie

    The Rolex Submariner has always been my fave & go to watch for any kind of adventure. It’s great for all occasions, dressed up or down…

  • Ezra

    highly accurate phone clock

  • Jason

    IT’s always going to be an automatic for me. As long as I keep it wound I’ll never have to worry about the battery dying.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I would like to have a nice, high quality outdoor watch for my non existing outdoor activities. So I would pe pleased to win this watch to trade it for a G-Shock.


    Its automatic, its tough, its rugged and its stylish.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Tough, Water resistant, great lume, must look good and not cost a fortune.

  • cbowman

    Looks handsome. Nice color scheme

  • Dean Speerbrecher

    Must be rugged and easy to read in all light. Looking great helps too.

  • Douglas Weedman

    G-Shock with tough solar,GPS,atomic clock- you are prepared for everything. Less than a Submariner- spend the left over cash on the adventure!

  • Murdock

    My ideal adventure watch can get dirty and muddy, wet, have chrono and temp features, and not so expensive i can’t afford to replace it if it gets lost or stolen. So in other words a G shock.

  • Gumbercules6

    Ideal adventure watch is definitely one that has directional guidance like a compass on an automatic, or a full GPS unit on some newer quartz models.

  • Nixa

    I’ve own a Casio Solar Triple Sensor Pathfinder watch for 8 years that I’ve taken to the gym, mountain biking, trail running, cycling, among other activities and it’s still working like day one. I own many other pieces but this one is relatively inexpensive and work great in those settings.

  • James Kleinser

    I have a Breitling Navitimer, and it is an ideal watch for all kinds of activities. I’m still figuring out all its functions, it has everything one needs for an active lifestyle

  • George Flammer

    My ideal adventure watch is not too pricey but something that can take a lickin and keep on tickin. Something that isn’t afraid to get dirty and muddy but also packs features to provide directional guidance

  • Pancho Northmann

    I like this unit. Looks stately, techie, and reasonably comfortable. My Ideal adventure watch would have a sunken crystal to protect it from scratches, definitely illumination for night use, a solid woven nato strap setup with something more substantial than standard issue spring bars, and definitely an automatic or quartz movement. Screw down crown to keep water out would be a major plus, too.

  • Aliasger Taj

    i wanna win this awesome masterpiece

  • chris_1860

    The ideal adventure watch would be something simple and disposable like a 1980s TIMEX Military.

  • Doober

    Casio Pro Trek Manaslu PRX-8000T is a great adventure watch. It has many functions capable of handling some tough outings, and is a watch I would like to own.

  • Andreas

    Traser looks the business as an adventure watch. My ideal adventure watch should be highly legible, minimum 200 WR rating, have excellent long lasting Lume or micro gas tubes, solar compass wouldn’t hurt, be automatic, have a unidirectional bezel with 15 sec and 12 hour markers.

  • Tony G

    Solar powered quartz would be the most reliable. Something with high legibility, water resistance and shock resistance would also be ideal. So most likely a gshock.

  • DBoy

    My ideal adventure watch? Durable, waterproof and visible in the dark. Can be simple, but a compass and barometer with altimiter would be very useful. Mechanical means no batteries to replace/charge.

    If I wanted to go electronic, then a GPS is all you need. Solar-charging if possible. How about a built-in ELT just in case?

  • Steve Schaefer

    The ideal adventure watch is affordable, rugged as hell and comfortable. Anything else is interesting but not essential

  • Steve

    I could go either way a simple dependable or throw in the kitchen sink (Casio Pathfinder).

  • Allen

    I also like the Casio Pathfinder for hiking as it provides altitude, temp, barometric pressure, etc.

  • Joe in WI

    Depends what the adventure is. Most of the adventures I can think of, I would grab a G-Shock 5600. I like that it’s cheap and nearly indestructible.

  • gtbr

    i’d go with a simple watch with enough roughnessto survive all adventures

  • Saayed Agha

    My ideal watch would be lightweight, durable, and feature packed. I would also like for it to be much like a Swiss army knife, in that it has numerous tools efficiently stored within it. It would also be great if it could tell temperature, direction (compass), and of course time.

  • Jeff Jackson

    Love this watch! My ideal adventure watch would be something rugged and legible. Like this Traser, the Marathon GSAR also has the tritium gas tubes. That watch epitomizes a good adventure watch to me.

  • Freaky

    I like this watch! My ideal watch should be simple but functional.

  • Gail Macdonald

    very nice I want it

  • Eric Thompson

    My current adventure watch is ironically the Casio Pathfinder. I like it because it has an Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. As well as supports various time zones, stopwatch functions, and is rugged. It could do a better job with illumination. I’m sure the Tracer P68 will have no issues in that regard.

  • Gloei Peerke

    A watch with a compass.
    Finally getting on time at the correct place 🙂
    Even in dark.

  • Krzysztof Jelski

    An ideal adventure watch is one durable enough so that I don’t need to think about it in rain, storm or heat.

  • ivan j

    Affordable, easy to read dial, wr 100 meters and good, preferaby nylon or resin, band

  • billy mclaughlin

    The ideal adventure watch should be simple, light, easy to read, reasonably priced, analog time, water resistant enough to get wet without worry and with an alarm. Probably too much to ask

  • Bill Clarke

    Ideally an adventure watch needs to be tough enough to crack a nutshell when you need some food, clear enough to see when you’re hopelessly lost in the dark in the jungle, and reliable enough to find your way again using the correct time (and timezone), the stars, the sun and hopefully a built in compass!

  • jroot1974

    Tough, simple and cheap. Seiko SKX007.

  • Christian J. Tse

    The ideal watch should be rugged to military standards, divable (200-500m), always visible (tritium), with automatic movement or solar rechargeable.

  • Mark ZuVerink

    I remember a scene from Crichton’s novel of The Lost World where a character regains consciousness after an accident and tries to figure out what time it is, only to discover their watch was destroyed. I don’t exactly know what features I absolutely need in an adventure watch, but I’ll say this: whichever watch I choose will be one where I’m damn sure I’d know what time it was in that situation.

  • Rounak Lal

    If I needed an adventure watch, it would have to be the Ball Fireman Storm Chaser. It is shock proof, water resistant and very legible in the dark. Plus the chrono and tachymeter come in handy

  • Mykola Fedoryshyn

    Really great watch. Large size, black PVD coating, blue dial and tritium illumination are my favorite in this watch. Tritium vials made by the watch manufacturer are the best illumination you can possibly get. These will provide you great readability for the entire night for many, many years. One lucky winner will get an amazing wrist companion for many years to go. Good luck

  • Stefan Gutehall

    My ideal adventure watch needs to be sturdy, waterproof like a diver and handle cold climates, at least down to -30. It should be large enough for an easy read, but not so large that its a hassle to get it out of a shirt or jacket sleeve, or easily bang against obstacles. The dial should be clear with a lume like Tasers. For functions, compass or navigation system and maybe a second timezone.
    Wonder if the case back could be polished for signalling? hmm..
    I guess a Quartz for reliability, but with charging function similar to Seiko Solar or Kinetics would be ideal. A quartz movement shoud be more rugged than an auto, i assume.

  • Theodore Byron

    When I think adventure watch I think of my g-shock gwm-5610! I take it everywhere when I travel and when I’m outdoors: places I wouldn’t want to damage any other watch. The g-shock has radio-controlled time, solar charging, water resistance, and all the other goodies everyone expects from a casio watch. The best parts in my opinion is that it looks like a classic g-shock and if I ever break it, then it will be affordable to replace.

  • Lurch

    My ideal adventure watch is a Seiko Kinetic. Durable and affordable, yet low maintenance costs.

  • Alexander Gomez

    My ideal adventure watch is a Hamilton Navi UTC, affordable, good looking, versatile an durable.

  • Jim B

    Id go with the seiko kinetik because I’m a tight wad

  • Bram van Leeuwen

    wow nice wacth..

  • Simon

    How long do tritium gas tubes normally last? Can they eventually be replaced?

  • Jeff Harper

    Altimeter / Barometer / Compass. Solar powered. Basically, something in the ProTrek line. Now, add GPS to solar powered? Perfect.

  • #1 on the list – able to take a beating.

  • Jamie

    At the moment my ideal adventure watch is the one I’m currently wearing: the Orient Ray II. It’s simple, durable, and provides all the basic functions I might need out and about. Nice lume, accurate time, a rotating bezel, and the ability to get wet. Not to mention it looks pretty nice on a nato strap. However this p68 beauty would without doubt replace it for any expedition I decided to go on,

  • nemonomenest

    Adventure-trek-military watch should be able to take a beating, and should also be not too expensive (i.e. not Rolex), cause it will be drown/broken/lost eventually, given enough time 🙂

  • Kevin Peterson

    i’d want something that can send an SOS out, in case I get lost, or trapped.

  • Babak Gholizadeh

    nice watch. even nicer if its on my wrist 😉
    for adventure watch i prefer a not-so-pricey, simple, black face models.

  • Tim Sexton

    My ideal adventure would be rugged and simple. Solar powered with compass would be ideal.

  • Curt Thompson

    I do like my old titanium tissot t-touch for adventure because of the altimeter and compass. But this Traser has nice lume, which is a great feature

  • sam-b

    I don’t like disposable articles, so I would prefer a solid watch, hard to magnetize, waterproof to at least 10, better 20 atmospheres with a workable lume – that should be sufficient for the kind of “adventures” I take part in.

  • Stewart James

    My ideal adventure watch would make women swoon thinking I’m a rugged adventurer.

  • My ideal “adventure watch” has to be tough, water resistant, and of course keep accurate time. Other extras would be positive – like compass markings on bezel like on the Traser P68 Pathfinder.

  • Marlene V

    I would love something that is durable but looks classy to wear at all times.

  • Jay Dunigan

    Must be light tough and luminous. My old sieko titanium watch fit the bill

  • it must be a good watch, water resistant,

  • Mihai Visan

    My G-shock would do it, water resistant, solar powered, tough.

  • Aaron Matteson

    good luck. solar powered eh?

  • Raymond Kay

    A great watch to wear with adventurous garb,or a sport jacket to an adventurous dinner. The addition of tritium is simply a bonus!

  • peacesun

    With a modern look, this diver’s watch makes me want to take up diving and I flunked a deep water swim test and finished gasping for air. The watch has an easy to read face and is water resistant. Wearing watches as a nurse means that water resistance and being able to have a sweep second hand helps with counting hearbeats and breaths.

  • ted

    Something rugged,maybe with a movement that can be user replaced

  • Luminous Angel

    Something waterproof, and impact-resistant to wear outdoors.

  • Colin Hamilton

    I like my adventure watch to be easy to read and durable, specifically it should be able to read at night and in bright sunlight. Other features could be a compass and dual time.

  • Mike Lewis

    My ideal adventure watch would be rugged but low-profile so as not to catch on environmental hazards, easily legible in various lighting conditions, and stylish af for the insta feed.

  • michaelm

    This looks to be an ideal summer adventure watch

  • PeterGK

    I would want an adventure watch to be durable, water resistant and not too expensive to expensive to repair or replace if it comes down to it. It could for example be something like a Seiko Prospex dive watch.

  • ikg

    I want my adventure watch to be durable but elegant, water-resistant with compass and barometer functions.

  • Matt Jaffe

    An ideal adventure watch should be durable, highly legible and simple. Dive watches are often too big, Chronos are hard to read and vintage military watches not durable enough. All of these often don’t have enough lume for a true all-around adventure watch. Adding the tritium tubes on the Traser gives something that is legible in both day and night!

  • Something luminous, waterproof and nigh indestructible. So I can take it anywhere and not worry with whatever I’m doing.

  • Russell McLeod

    It would have to be waterproof and shockproof as well. I need to be able to seeit in the dark or with sun glare. A compas and torch would be most adventagous.

  • Peter Nielsen

    My ideal adventure watch is as much at home on a craggy Norwegian mountainside as it is in the boardroom, or a meeting with investors. Something I’d had by my side through sleet and mud, that can just as easily be a talking point with business partners. Elegant, sophisticated, rugged.

  • Leanne

    My ideal adventure watch would be simple but durable. Water resistant is very important .

  • Mikael

    Comfortable strap, highly legible, waterproof & durable of course.

  • x2jneat

    Best if steel, uncluttered dial, and powerful tastefully applied lume.

  • XX-Pat

    Orient Mako USA II. Everything you need and nothing you don’t for a price that can’t be beat.

  • Ra E

    Simple, easy to read time, compas bezel and good lume

  • coldkohmew

    Able to tell time the moment i need it

  • Uriar

    my ideal adventure watch would be durable, readable, good lume and lots of features. thanks for the chance

  • Carlos Rojas

    My favorite adventure watch would definitely be the Garmin Fenix ??5. I find it the perfect combination between an elegant and adventure watch.

  • Rain Bowie

    My ideal adventure watch would be waterproof and lights up!

  • Harry Lakin

    An ideal adventure watch would be the watch equivalent of the Swiss army knife. Rugged and lot’s of functionality. Also, easy to read, day or night at a quick glance.

  • shanekleinpeter

    I love the blue dial on this Traser, and it’s cool to see tritium tubes. My current adventure watch is a Bathys Hawaii 100 Fathoms. Just got back from a motorcycling trip to Nicaragua and it was perfect. Lots of lume and durability are the keys.

  • Kerry Hackney

    An adventure watch should be easy to read at a glance. It should also be durable with a great crystal to avoid scratches, waterproof, and not so expensive that I would want to lose my lunch if it gets damaged.

  • mickey

    I would want rugged construction to hold up out doors, easy to read day or night with a compass bezel. Price could be mid-range, so I would want an automatic. W

  • Paul Goebel

    My ideal adventure watch is feature-packed and rugged. It would include features such as a compass, altimeter and barometer, so that I can get direction, altitude and weather readings while out hiking, and it would be constructed with titanium to give it a lighter feel (and offset the added weight of the features). The Tissot T-Touch contains these features, although with technological advancements they should be able to easily add a GPS feature without making the watch overly bulky and without compromising battery life (which is what prevents smart-watches from being trusted on long expeditions).

  • ElJefe_retirado

    Quite nice for a tool watchg. Normally don’t like blue and yellow together, but somehow they work on this watch.

  • Chisholm Deupree

    So far, my fav adventure watch is a Traser! Its the Navigator model with an aftermarket clasping rubber bracelet. Its always legible and never worrysome.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I recently returned home after a motorcycle tour through the US Southwest. My timepiece for this adventure was my trusty Marathon GSAR. This watch held up fine through mixed snow & rain and 104 degrees F in Joshua Tree NP. The tritium tubes are a must-have for camping.
    I would like to have a GMT function to help track the time zones across the US. I would also like to have a day and date function. Sometimes out on the road, time is a malleable thing. Actually; it’s easy to forget days and dates since you are often distanced from those reliable routines.

  • Luis Sepulveda

    My ideal adventure watch would be balanced. A simple approach should not be an impediment to include a compass, be easy to read at night dial and a day/date function.

  • Rully Dachlan

    My ideal adventure watch is feature-packed. It would include such as a compass, altimeter, barometer and GPS without making the watch overly bulky and without compromising battery life. Built in titanium body.

  • GKS

    My ideal adventure watch, depending on mood, would be one of the Luminox SEAL models (for nighttime, “commando” use), a Suunto Traverse model for cross-country hiking adventures, or a Casio G-Shock for everyday use.

  • Max Attack

    My ideal adventure would be to go diving. With this huge ugly boat anchor on my wrist I will surely be dragged down to the bottom of the ocean. I will probably have to take this watch off to have any chance of making it to the surface though. So if I win this ugly behemoth of a watch I will leave it on the bottom of the ocean, and will have to do my review from memory.

  • Michael

    My ideal adventure watch would have to be the one being given away. I hope that is not a cheap answer. But after seeing this watch, it looks durable amd reliable. If im going on an adventure having a compass is definitely something I am going to want to have. Thanks for posting this.

  • gchahinian

    My ideal watch is simple – give me a compass and a solar powered battery, the glass on front either has to be either 100% non-reflective or concave to the point where i can use the reflection to start a magnifying glass fire on some tinder if need be

  • Brian Bezel

    My ideal adventure watch would have a titanium bracket as it would be strong and lightweight, It would be water resistant to 300 meters and antimagnetic. But of course my idea of an extreme adventure would be singing at a karaoke bar.

  • Nicolás Malizia

    The ideal adventure is to travel to Europe with no need to take out the phone to see the time. Thath watch means matching all that ancient and beautiful places. That watch will be saving time that can be used to enjoy the travel. The phone in the poket.

  • SeanM

    My adventure watch would be simple and durable. Waterproof is a must. The watch has to withstand direct hits and pulls on the band. Everything must be easily cleaned. Automatic winding or really good battery life

  • Calvin Lee Yiu Chung

    My ideal watch is very simple – give me a compass, a solar powered battery and titanium bracket, It can wear every time.

  • Deepak Katwa

    Roaming the earth free as a bird..with the watch of my dreams

  • Fred

    Complete dial: 12 -24 hours and seconds. Water resistant 200m and rotating bezel. If it is automatic it needs to be COSC or then a Solar and price always depends on usage, from daily to week-end warrior in the summertime on 3 days week-ends only. The lume has to be excellent.

  • Vikram Chari

    My current Adventure watch is a Casio G Shock GA110LP-3A which is a pretty robust, feature packed watch which has lasted me 5 years and several amazing trips from the Swiss Alps to the Amazon river trips, but I guess it’s time to make it a beater watch and move on. Your review of the Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic has me wondering whether there could be a better Adventure watch for me in the years ahead. Was intrigued by the thought of owning an Automatic Adventure watch like Traser P68. Only time will tell.

  • Abhijit

    My adventure watch would be the Seiko Monster with the new hand winding movement 4R36. Have had it for 5 years now, and still is a powerhorse!

  • Christian Henriksen

    A rubber strapped diver would be my ideal adventure watch. Waterproof and tough.

  • Edward

    A Timepiece I can see at night if my headllamp goes out as I’m trying to get back to camp, and of course non-magnetic . Handsome enough to wear as a daily. Handsome enough to solicit comments.

  • Rick Reyes

    A true compass ,temperature, and altimeter time piece for those trips to the mountains would be an invaulable piece to have on your wrist. Obviously it must keep accurate time and be shock resistant, and have a Reliable power reserve. My ideal watch would have atomic time keeping and automatic movement(so no need of battery failure in the winter)mechanical back up would be great, but; to keep this watch under $300.00 US could be a challenge.
    Most of the reviews I’ve read on GG-1000 are mixed, and seems on the lower priced models they are experiencing less than satisfactory results on analog/digital combo’s, which I prefer analog time keeping. Also, since being able to see in the dark is a must for me, backlighting and super laminated numbers and markers would go along with the must have’s on this watch. Lastly something big ,but not TOO BIG (between 45-50mm) would be great and being able to use as a day or evening wearing plus.

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    Not too much of feature. But not disposable. What’s the point in watch if it is disposable. Something smart 🙂

  • TresGut

    Nice. You can’t beat a G-Shock when it comes to adventure though.

  • Stan Litvin

    This is awesome watch to win and have it.

  • larry

    Great looking but I need a replacement for my old traser it’s getting dim.

  • Richard Arseneault

    For myself, the essentials must include the minimum features such as comfort of wear, a rubber or canvas strap, water resistance, and the appropriate functionality for the environment it will be used in. It must also be aesthetically pleasing enough to wear on a daily basis.

  • Hammer

    Simplicity; smallish to stay out of the way; scratch resistant to survive the odd fall onto rocks or against a cliff; enough water resistance to survive long rains, falling into a river our out of a canoe; a breathable strap, maybe a canvas Nato type.

  • Mike Morrell

    This is a very robust looking watch. I am not sure about the canvas straps as I usually prefer stainless steel bands. However the straps aside, this watch presents very well. I like the luminous dials and markers. I would love to have this watch as a daily watch. My old Lord Elgin is due to go to the shop for service.

  • digitaldave

    My ideal adventure watch is one that gives me the information needed when it’s required. Suunto watches, in my opinion are the quintessential adventure watch as they do it all, from biking to climbing to hiking and even water sports. The issue is, being able to combine that kind of performance with an automatic movement without it become overly large. Maybe some day.

  • markahaviland

    Sensationally beautiful watch, in color and design. And the compass settings would appeal to me with my job along the coast.

  • MarkAd

    I’d love to own one, one day. I love the blue wristband and the blue facial design along with its yellow accents. And it has a compass, and dates, that’s even better! All in all – Nice watch!

  • BillSWPA

    My ideal adventure watch would first and foremost be easy to read, accurate, and durable. Water and shock resistance would be critical. The ability to read the watch in low light is important to me. Features such as a compass would also be nice.

  • Zac Morgan

    my ideal adventure watch would be shockproof and water proof to a decent depth, easy to read and light weight

  • Eli Munger

    My ideal adventure watch would have the durability of a diver and the legibility of a pilot watch

  • Timothy Reynolds

    My ideal adventure watch has to be extremely durable and legible at night, and have decent water resistance. I like to travel for adventure so I like a GMT function. Currently I wear a Luminox SXC Steel GMT when I need a durable watch I don’t care about scratching up. My dream adventure watch is a Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570.

  • Mark Krebs

    Definitely like a lot of features but it must be easy to read. Light weight is a plus.

  • WhiskersInCalif

    An ideal “adventure watch” depends on the adventure.
    A watch that appears pricey invites theft. A watch that is disposable
    is neither feature packed or durable so skip them.
    How does the story go… this is Amsterdam so it must be Thursday.
    A watch should keep time, date and yes day.
    On an adventure that crosses time zones time zones are a help.
    Water happens, a watch should tolerate water short of diving: pool,
    beach, shower, splashing with the kids in the brook.
    Legible… at a glance know the time day or night. Dusk and dawn are
    a challenge.
    I adore automatic watches but the new generation of solar watches
    are knocking at the door.

  • Harry Cancel

    My ideal adventure watch may have to be the G-Shock “G-Steel” model. It works with solar power, so I would never worry about battery life. The name states it all, shock resistance and very tough. If it’s banged or falls, the watch can handle it. The 200m water resistance is great for light scuba diving/snorkeling & the face has a full LED Light with an illumination display. This series comes in both stainless steel and resin. So it can accommodate different fashion attire. The price is reachable as they start at around $320, not bad for what I’ve mention & what it additionally offers in a watch.

  • Linda

    My adventure watch would have to be something simple because I tend to damage things when I do activities.

  • Bill Mallory

    For our family, an adventure watch needs to be water proof, shock proof, have a durable band, is light weight and finally comfortable to wear. This is definitely a tool watch that’s attractive enough to wear on social occasions.

  • Trevor Hirst

    As an ideal adventure watch, it must be something that can go anywhere/do anything. At least 100m water resistance with screw-down crown, great lume, easy to read hands, and a robust auto movement. I think I just described the Rolex Explorer I, didn’t I? Ok, it can be on bracelet or rubber. Chrono is ok, but I rarely use it, so no big deal.

  • Eric Arico

    My G-Shock DW-5600e does everything I need. But if you give me that Traser I’ll take it along too 😛

  • Sirbu Vlad


    I think the ideal adventure watch would be some combination between the simplicity, low price, yet quality and durable Seiko 5 and the features of an tritium tubes of a Traser or the radio controlled technology offered by more than one watch brand. But to be specific, for a one day forest adventure i would choose a tactical Seiko 5, and for some extreme adventure i would choose something withg Tough Movement, Radio Controlled, Super Luminova, and durable shock resistant case; for example the Casio GW series, PW series or a Traser watch. It would be nice to win, because it would be a first time ever for me 🙂
    Best regards,

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    I believe the perfect adventure watch would be a Casio Rangeman. Durable, with infinite battery and with all the information you might need. on the other hand, if it’d be a planned adventure and I just want a companion I’d take a <$1000 diver that was solid with at least 300m resistance

  • John Francis

    This Traser H3 Pathfinder looks like it will be up to the job for any hardcore outdoor adventure. I would love to put it to the test on my next assignment. If I don’t get that opportunity I’d like to take a Hamilton Khaki 42mm automatic, that looks to be a solid field watch to. Fingers crossed it will be a Traser H3 Pathfinder…!

  • BrandonS

    ultimate adventure watch: water, mud, dust-proof, shockproof and hardened titanium! sapphire crystal, too… pretty much indestructible

  • Easy Quindo

    Ultimate adventure watch… solid, not to pricey, looks good in an airport or with some mud on it, and not too fragile. I would have said my SKX-007 but I feel like (unfortunately) the ultimate adventure watch would probably not be mechanical. Maybe a cross between an SKX and a G-Shock square. What would that look like?

  • Nick D.

    Hard to beat the G-Shock Rangeman for an affordable (although the latest models are getting quite pricey), tough, decent looking watch, packed with useful data for the adventurer. I wouldn’t mind something classier and, to be frank, smaller (the Rangeman looks terribly large on my wrist) like this Traser, but I’m not sure I would submit it to the same level of beating than my average Casio.

  • Anthony Middlemiss

    For me it’s the g-shock mudmaster, which I’m a proud owner of. It is practically indestructible, incredibly readable and has a great feature set for adventure – perfect really

  • Stuart Silver

    Great looking sports watch, my ideal would
    depend on the type of adventure but would either be something cheap like an original and simple Casio for ruggedness, inexpensive would be an Orient Mako, or higher end I’d go for a new Omega Planet Ocean.

  • Chris Martin

    Needs to be extremely rugged with very strong casing and glass. Or maybe cut-out the risk of ruining a clean watch by having the watch come pre-worn. Like jeans nowadays.

  • Wafiy Dzaki

    If your talking about an adventure watch it has to be rugged, strong, water resistant, legible in the dark and charismatic. Yes, charismatic like an action star on your wrist. I’ve gone on a few adventures myself and when you’re camping out to wait for sunrise, staring into your watch can be nice to past the time.

    That being said my current adventure watch is a Hamilton Khaki Field, blue dial. Tough and pretty.

    My next one will be the P68 Pathfinder, hopefully.

  • Panos Theodoropoulos

    A good rugged simple easy to read watch can take you to any adventure.

  • will ore

    My ideal and only adventure/dress/everyday watch is my 2003 submariner I bought for myself after I left Iraq. Fifteen years old and running strong.

  • Janko Bajagic

    For me, it would be a Gshock. I have had mine for a while now and it takes a beating with no complaints. Work on the car, take it to the beach, rock climbing, or anything else I can think of this will take on and survive. Love them!

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Casio G-shock is the best adventure clock, couldn’t crush with a rock and even if you succeed it still wouldn’t break your wallet.

  • Christian Preihs

    Rolex Submariner 116610LN is the best adventure watch for me. Rock solid design with a bit of ceramic on the bezel. Very durable. Took it to the rain forest and it proved to be a very reliable pal.

  • Morten Grønkjær Kristensen

    My fav adventure would be without a doubt the Helm Vanuatu…!!! 🙂

  • Scott

    Something small and mechanical. Ala Rolex explorer. I like bigger sports watches for the right occasion, but for a real sustained adventure a smaller watch would be more practical.

  • loydb

    A Ball Engineer 2 Volcano would be a timely choice!

  • Rob Blac

    My ideal “adventure watch” would be a watch that’s elegant but featured packed, durable with sapphire crystal glass and stands up against “adventure” scratches. Bright lumenessce numbers and indicators, light charged battery never need changing, digital compass, altimeter, temperature sensors, barometer, 200M water resistant, timer, chronograph, perpetual calendar, gps, speed meter. 42mm, titanium straps and bezel, maybe smart watch hybrid type. With all these feature i can use it to hike, run, camp, sail, and many more. This would be the watch i will be sure to go on an adventure with. I would expect this watch to be pricey, but work every penny, so for many it would be the only watch they’d be sure to invest in owning

  • TheM

    Casio GW9400 Rangeman. All features you could ever need on any adventure, pretty much indestructible, self sutaining due to solar charging, easy to read even when hanging of a cliff.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    It’s a short list: automatic, simple and legible dial, robust, at least 100M WR …and naturally a good lume:) Basically a field watch.

  • Tom Smith

    Everyone is going for the rugged and reliable G-SHOCKS, good choice. But for me an “ideal adventure” would be lavishly funded, surreal and spontaneous, so I’m choosing a “Paul Newman Cosmograph Daytona” which I’d flog and then just set off not caring what time it was.

  • Mark K.

    I like this watch very much. To me, the most interesting feature about the Traser P68 is its use of both Super-LumiNova and Tritium Gas Tubes. However I will need some time to become comfortable with the different colors for the minute and hour hands. The perfect adventure watch would be durable, automatic and designed specifically for the adventure to be undertaken so that the function(s) can be quickly and easily used.

  • treefroga1

    I’d go with a Ball Engineer.

  • Jack Sexton

    An adventure watch should be reliable and durable. Don’t want to worry about hurting it or getting it wet.

  • Mic

    Should be rigged, resistant, easy to read and none the less comfortable.

  • Daniel Park

    Definitely something disposable. I’d like it to be rugged and something I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Rolex explorer. Classic, good looking, bomb proof.

  • Jeremiah Terry

    This is my absolute favorite type of watch….the adventure watch. I currently use a GWG-1000 when I know im going to be really roughing it, but I have always wanted a Rolex Explorer, I just dont know if I could bring myself to beat one up, I would consider a Tudor Ranger for my ideal outdoor watch. That being said this Traser is really nice I would enjoy putting through the paces of the Appalachian Trail this coming Feb. I am currently planning a two month journey. The compass is an absolute must.

  • egznyc

    My ideal adventure watch would require at least 100m water resistance, night time and day time legibility (so good lume would be a must, but so would be an uncluttered dial), a comfortable and secure wrist feel (so not too large and cumbersome), and scratch- and shatter-resistance.

  • Shammy K

    40-42 mm
    200m water resistant
    Sapphire crystal
    Nato Strap
    Good legibility
    Matte finish (black and/or military green).

  • Cristina Lim

    My ideal “adventure watch” doesn’t have to be pricey. I want is simple but very reliable in the sense that it has standard feature which must include being water-proof.

  • Rostislav Horní?ek

    My ideal “adventure watch” is my Casio G-Shock…

  • benden99

    My adventure watch would be durable for sure!

  • Azure Crew

    Ideal adventure watch: 3-hander automatic with classy case and face design with durable strap. And tritium glow if possible.

  • Patrick Koch

    I love adventure watches, the ruggedness, reliability the lume.
    A good dive watch makes you look like you battle sharks, but not the kind in the water, the kind that come to your desk to steal your job, and that ruggedness, you know, being thrown under the bus.

    As well, I do love a good field watch. It’s says, this guy must be fun, probably a mountain climber and hang glides through the Grand Canyon. Not really though, just hike and camp mostly with the occasional jump out of a possibly, perfectly good airplane.
    Where it really shines? When you go to a party and you get drunk, by accident and now you’re clumsy, bumping that watch into stuff, but it’s rugged, scratch resistant. The awesome lume means you don’t have to fumble with the tiny light button, the compass will get you back home, or someone’s home.

    What will a dress watch do for you? Nothing.

    Maybe a little respect, but really, that’s boring.

  • Mike Bookhardt

    My ideal “adventure watch” would need to be big enough to see easily, tell time, have an alarm or two, contain a GPS, Compass, water resistance, shock resistance, and some type of reliable lume, or illumination, that I could read without my glasses!

  • Emman

    My Ideal adventure watch, 43-44mm divers watch at least 200m depth resistance, lumes and good looking!

  • Mike F

    My perfect adventure watch is an automatic or solar, it has clearly visible hands and numbers in the day and night. I want the watch to have a tough crystal and maybe a clear silicon cover to make sure it stays clear (I’m really tough on watch crystals). Waterproof is a must and it can’t be too temperature sensitive. For longer adventures a day/date function would be a good addition. Finally I would like three wrist bands; one metal, one NATO, and one silicon included so the watch would cover a range of adventures (the one watch for all your adventures – the visual: a guy in his suit in a high end casino fading to the same guy trekking in the desert and fade to the same guy rising from the water at the dock at the same casino he started at).

  • Zara

    My ideal adventurous watch would have a large face with clear marking and backlight for night time. The casing would have to be durable and at least 10 bar water resistance. The band would be a thick nylon, not necessarily a nato strap. My adventures are mainly hiking and camping, so a compass and thermometer would be ideal. I would like to be able to wear the watch out with friends at a bar or at a campground.

  • Aditya ‘Pongky’ Hanindyo

    And adventure watches:
    – Tough and sturdy…inside and outside. Water resistant and shock resistant is a must.
    – It can’t be too pricey. It’s for an adventure…not for a gala or cocktail party isn’t it?
    – Moderate case size between 40-44 mm.
    – Quite simple dial design with a good legibility (day or night/low light)
    – Low maintenance movement…doesn’t matter it’s a mechanical or quartz.
    – Mil-spec standard watches will be suitable for adventure.

  • Chris Delaland

    My ideal adventure watch needs to be tough. Stainless or titanium is a must for the case. Sapphire crystal on top. A ridiculously robust quartz movement. One that can take some punishment and still keep ticking.
    The dial needs needs to be clear, uncluttered and legible with just a glance. And this needs to happen even in low light. Superluminova or, perhaps even better, tritium tubes are a definite must have.
    It doesn’t need much by way of complications but if one must, a chronograph would be a preference.
    It also needs to be exceptional value. You dont want cheap but you can’t have it so expensive that you’re afraid to take it on an adventure.
    Lastly, it needs a touch of elegance. Afterall, who doesnt want to hit the bar at the hotel after one returns from an adventur? No point leaving the watch at home when you’ve switched from the desert to the bar.

  • James Donnel

    My ideal adventure watch is a durable, rock-solid timepiece. Everyone has their own definition of “adventure,” but my preferred variety of adventure means that this watch would need to take a pounding and keep ticking. I would want:
    – Obviously, water resistant
    – A ceramic watch case would be fantastic. Why? Ceramics are basically indestructible and would withstand the sun, UV, salt water, scratches and wear that an adventure watch is going to take
    – Nato watch straps, for functionality but also form
    – Low power quartz movement. Automatics are neat but too expensive and shock sensitive for an adventure
    – Day/date is important, as is a durable watch crystal. No other complications though – we’re going on an adventure, not showing off!

  • mark yanogac

    My ideal adventure watch would be an automatic watch with a reliable/robust movement, vintage inspired dial but featured packed, durable with sapphire crystal glass and a titanium case. Tritium lume, 200M water resistant, chronograph, compass, titanium straps and bezel.

  • Simon

    Ideal adventure watch would be ceramic case, analogue, automatic, advanced time keeping features, 200M water resistance, sapphire case.

  • Matt Pacetti

    My ideal adventure watch would be one that breaks design conventions with modern styling. Bold graphics and distinctive design aesthetic that would be unmistakable. If that could be developed in a under $300 dollar watch that uses durable materials… that would be one watch to wear proudly.

  • Doug James

    My ideal adventure watch would be highly legible day and night, shock resistant, waterproof, with a compass on a nato strap.

  • Torin Dionne

    My dream adventure watch is something affordable, accurate, and above all durable. I want something i can truly rely on.

  • Chongster

    My dream adventure watch, is to be with me through the good and tough time through out the year.

    It should be affordable and yet looks classy with style. It should complement my dress code.

  • Del Geiger

    The ideal adventure watch to me would be durable, legible, and have features able to compliment the task at hand.

  • Rafael Lirio

    A reliable watch made with tough material, a powerful lume and a compass.

  • Dat C

    Good value, durable, legible, adequate water resistance, case not overlay polished (eg. bling or scratch magnet).

  • Samson Chung

    A durable, simple and feature packed watch. So that I’m prepared and won’t be afraid of any challenges ahead.

  • Rokas Kurtinaitis

    A simple, reliable and durable watch that can survive with me on any adventure

  • Calum Leckey

    A classless watch that can stand all the tasks an active traveler could expect. Simple and accurate movements that are reliable in any situation.

  • Bryan

    I like an adventure watch with a compass, and maybe a thermometre…because it’s some of the things that you would use in a back country adventure…

  • Lucian S

    I’d like an adventure watch made of Damasko steel with smart watch features and solar powered so don’t have to worry about batteries.

  • Yave Lozano

    My ideal adventure watch for long-range cycling or hiking must be water and shock resistant, have a compass to track my bearing, thermometer, alarm clocks, calendar, and large dials that can be rapidly and clearly seen in daylight or at night.

  • Dave Fikkert

    It all depends on the adventure but as a watch fan[atic] I would go for a classy watch. Not overly complicated and stylish. Automatic wind, waterproof, shockproof, daydate and compass would do the trick. I would definitly want to try the Traser!

  • sunder waran

    my favourite adventure watch is the unbeatable seiko skx009j ,its tough ,waterproof,shockproof and has simple complication which is daydate with amazing lume.

  • Adzmr

    Durable, waterproof (both case and strap), feature-packed, easy to clean, and a reasonable price. In short, a basic G-Shock.

  • norocel popa

    Shock proof, water resistant to, at least 100m, sapphire crystal, power reserve, great lume, Rotating bezel (or chrono), solid case.

  • Allen

    Rugged, Scratchproof, at a price point I dont mind putting a hurt on

  • aaron Crenshaw

    a basic, reliable, easy to read, rugged timepiece that tells the time.

  • Gjore Ristevski

    Favorite adventure watch would be Rolex Explorer 2.

  • Daniel Gilland

    Durable in lots of conditions and easy to read without breaking the bank. Also should be made of vibranium and able to call the Black Panther with the push of a button if needed.

  • Matt Dawson

    My ideal adventure watch” would be robust, scratch resistant, legible and simple. We frequently go hiking through the bush (Scouts) so durability is more important than complications in that environment.

  • Steve Mutz

    My ideal adventure watch would be tested tough, keep good time, and be easily readable day or night. For me, the NFW Shumate Diver fits the bill: literally combat tested, DLC coating all around, easy to read, tough and proven movement in the Miyota 9015, and not too pricey.

  • drhrva

    The ideal adventure watch for me should be feature packed, durable, yet simple. Simple to use that is. I have a Citizen Aqua-mount I use from trekking to SCUBA diving (Barometer, altimeter, depthmeter, thermometer. It even logs dives and climbs). What are missing is a compass and a backlight. Aside from the Traser P68 Pathfinder, it would be great to have the Casio Mudman or Frogman

  • Gary Paterson

    I love the colours on this watch and being an avid hiker, the compass feature is both aesthetic and functional.

  • augustopo

    Reliable, durable and water resistant. Not too expensive. And I would go with simple over feature packed – better to do the core right.

  • Jonathan Tang

    Adventure Watch : Light, strong strap, luminous hands and dials and easy to read. Easy to clean, just loosen the strap and join me in the shower !

  • Aravind Memana

    Adventure Watch : Light(preferably a titanium or carbon fibre case) ,reliable strap,super luminous hands,legible dial,some adventure aids such as compass,altimeter and a emergency signal alert.I have explained some of the attributes in my blog.please check the link below

  • Omer Mohammad

    Best adventure watch is cheap and plastic, so you can wreck it and not worry: Timex Camper. With that said, I would appreciate this too.

  • Yogesh A. Mujumdar

    Ideal Adventure watch is light weight but durable. Should run on solar, at least 3 alarms, bright lume or indiglo. Bright light for signalling. Nato or a durable rubber strap, sapphire crystal face with a guard on it. Easy to set alarms.

  • Colt Foutz

    My ideal adventure watch would probably have a cheap backup, like a Timex Expedition, that is still durable, practical, with a good canvas or rubber strap that can be changed out when it gets too funky, but that won’t break my heart if it succumbs to a drop, a dive or wayward marching Cub Scouts. But for the “show” piece, with enough adventure to bring “the bling” while idly sipping beer at the beach, but enough featured packed in to coaxe me into a spontaneous trek or swim, it would have a high-contrast dial, seriously durable materials like titanium or cerakote, sapphire crystal; depth ratings of 200 to 300m, just in case; super luminosity; and features like a compass, or world time, or an alarm or two; heck, even a no-fuss calendar should I get stuck in a cave somewhere with Becky Thatcher while Injun Joe is on the loose.

  • Kevin Vanderveen

    My ideal adventure watch would have to be a durable dive watch. I like the idea of having a watch that can be dressed up and worn with a suit but also dressed down and taken into the bush. I like the functionality and the practicality of dive watches. A great example would be a Glycene combat sub.

  • David Sparks

    A good rugged Casio does the job for me. Something like a G shock that’ll give lots of basic features and survive some bumps

  • benmfisher94

    Awesome watch. My go to adventure watch is a Seiko SKX013 on a NATO or Perlon

  • Alex Caamano

    Looks a fantastic watch. I really like blue dial. I could use that watch as every day wear.

  • Evan

    Love the looks on this watch. The ideal watch is one that doesn’t fail on you. Water proof, rugged and endless life.

  • BasDidge

    Sharp looking piece. Durable, feature packed, waterproof and comfortable while being active.

  • DaymanDaryl

    My ultimate adventure watch needs to be, of course, rugged (so it should tolerate water, shocks, bumps, etc) and it should be legible at a glance. It should be comfortable and breathable to wear all day. And handsome enough to wear to a nice restaurant should I end up in one unplanned.

  • Paul Elam

    The ultimate adventure watch should be rugged (goes without saying), and should be able to withstand extreme temperatures. And whine I don’t need the functionalities of a ‘smarteatch’, it would be nice to have a barometer/altimeter.

    For me, an adventure watch doesn’t need to go from the mountain to the boardroom.

  • Jonathan Davies

    My ideal adventure watch would combine reliability, durability, function and legibility. A watch that needs very little maintenance means that the movement would either need to be mechanical or solar powered. A durable watch is made from a stainless, has a sapphire glass which isn’t domed and is water resistant to at least 200 meters with a screw down crown. I would prefer the watch to have every hour numeral clearly visible and needs to have illuminated hour markers (preferably tritium.) Thats about it ?. The Tracer P68 looks great btw.

  • Paul

    long time listener, first time caller.
    My ideal adventure watch combines easy reability, classic design, and
    ruggedness and compliment my ruddy good looks 🙂 For example, a blue
    faced seiko diver. It can match many situations and is reliable like
    a good pair of jeans.

  • zoommb

    I really love the Traser P68. I already have one watch with all tritium markers and I love it.I also love the rotating inner compass bezel and the 46mm size; so many watches are way too small. A 42mm chronograph with a slide-rule bezel is just way too small. it’s almost impossible to read the slide-rule. Thanks for the good review of this beautiful watch.

  • Julia Mason

    I love this watch, it would be an honour to own and take on adventures!

  • Jeffrey Lee

    Reliable, durable, comfortable, easy to read, good lumens, life longevity/battery longevity etc [something that won’t just fail – so maybe mechanical / solar powered] 42-46 mm is pretty ideal. And good water proof/dive capabilities. When I think of adventure, I also imagine shit might go wrong or even going for a swim etc. So not having to worry about any sort of pressure/water damage / salt damage etc is a huge plus. And somewhat lightweight. As long as it meets those it’ll be up to the aesthetics, so gotta meet those basica requirements for an adventure watch. Sorry my thoughts are all over but wrote them as they came to me.

  • Luke

    Crackin looking watch

  • Skootertrash

    For me the Seiko SRP777 is the benchmark for an adventure watch. It is built like a tank, has incredible lume, has excellent water resistance, is extremely reliable, and mine has consistently remained accurate at 0.0 to +4 spd even after some pretty decent knocks. All of those reasons plus it is unbelievably affordable make it hands down the best adventure watch in my opinion.

  • William

    I have had my eye on Traser for a while. Recently acquired one of their quartz offerings. Really enjoy the legibility in total darkness. An adventure watch to me is synonymous with “beater” watch. It needs to be able to function well despite being subjected to harsh environments and not treated all that well. A number of watches fit that bill from the high end such as Rolex subs to the G-shocks and even less expensive like Timex Expeditions or Triathlon digital watches. I had a Timex Triathlon that served me well during my paratrooper days many years ago. Took a licking a kept on ticking, as long as the battery was good. My knowledge of watches and my bank account in those days were both limited so I really didn’t explore much in the way of other options as I recall.

  • Sam Ferguson

    My ideal adventure watch looks good, without being flashy.

  • Tan Tai Nguyen

    First and foremost , It’s such a great opportunity to have a chance winning this watch. For me, an adventure watch should be properly functional and simply be at its purpose. This P68 is what i dream of. A true design in which you can experience all its dynamics. Outdoor activities will never be so much fun unless you want to go hiking , go camping where you can enjoy what is the adventure watch by reading compass. From what i have seen in comments below, people wish this watches used solar-powered movement. On the contrary, i personally like automatic movement, because i like traditional watch making. Being on your wrist all the time when doing those activities , it’s not matter to your battery or power reserve actually. About the design , i prefer big size like this , because it can be easily read whenever you check your wrist,and after all the watch catch people’s eyes by its beauty from dial with arabic numbers next to the bezel to gas tube protruding on hands and markers which make the dial looking deep in. Lume will be a first thing i want to try because it’s different. Ball watches are successfully using those tubes so it must be amazing For that price , it’s a great deal because you have a watch in swiss-made mode . Comparing to seiko specially the alpinist , i know that people will choose seiko more because it’s original and well known for its design , bang-for-a-buck. But sometimes we try to have the new cool breeze to our watches collector’s lifestyle .

  • AEF

    So far, the best adventure watch I have used was a Garmin Fenix 2. Kept track of where I was while hiking, plus all the statistics regarding the hike, the temperature (using the remote Tempe temperature sensor), is waterproof, and it also kept perfect time. The only downside is that you need to carry a battery pack to recharge it every day or so.

  • glessner

    looks sporty, modern, and functional. Love that lume, too

  • eric chan

    My ideal adventure watch will be a Damasko, but with better lume, a more robust movement, and possibly stronger water resistant. I like the highly stretch resistant feature of the ice-hardened steel, that should be able to make the watch to survive under tough situations.

  • Trepies001

    Ideal adventure watch would be durable

  • Andrew_Smith

    Idea adventure watch would be light, smart and durable. When I go ‘adventurring’, I take all the technical things I need, but I like a watch that I can travel with (usually fly) and then will survive my cycling, hiking or climbing trip.

  • Sam Perera

    Let the adventure begin… with the Breitling Emergency 2, survival may depend on it whether on land, at sea, or in the air.
    And if you’re trekking through the game Jumangi, the Traser P68 Pathfinder will serve you well having the features to see an adventurer through while looking good doing it. Dude where’s my watch!

  • Paul Teets

    Ideal adventure watch would be lightweight, solar powered, tough, and be able to track location and other activity type stats.

  • James Petersen

    Really nice looking watch.
    It’s got to be light, automatic, easily visible and tough as heck!

  • Louis Tong

    Tritium gas tubes need to make a comeback!

  • Craig Ogier

    Apart from my trusty G-Shock which I can rely on to take almost anywhere. I have taken a liking to tritium and automatics. Traser and Nite and Ball all on my list of wants.

  • Mindaugas Deksnys

    Durable, lightweight, with compass function, waterproof, reliable. Able to send sos signal. Not too expensive, but also not too cheap. And it has to be the one I like.

  • AdelaideArchitect

    A cool looking watch with some standout functions. Would be cool to strap it on and head off on an adventure. Where could it take me…?

  • Michael Hawkins

    Casio launches EQB-600D watch is my ideal adventure watch. Because it’s the coolest G-Shock on the block.

  • Maarten

    If the Traser is as just as good as my GShocks in the outdoors I surely want to give it a try.

  • Le_Frenchie_J

    My adventure watch has to be functional with features like gmt/timezones, compass/anti-magnetic protection, high water resistance, etc. and that can also handle a beating (e.g. g-shock).

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    My favorite adventure watch should be a tool watch with an easy-to-read time, clean dial, legible and also resistant to shocks. Since I do not enjoy removing and/or changing my watch during the day, I would like my adventure watch to also fit my casual, daily wear. I think this Traser P68 Pathfinder baby here combines all the above.

  • Schlutze

    Wow! I really like the shiny blue on that useful but beautiful watch. <3

    My favourite adventure watch has to be simple and resistant. If it lasts a lifetime, it may be pricy, too. 🙂

  • Robert Douglas

    My adventure watch must be rugged water resistant able to assist me in certain situations such as direction and also look good on the wrist

  • Edwin Ip

    With this Traser built in compass, I will never get lost finding my way to ABTW 🙂

    Jokes aside, my adventure watch would be something along the lines of G-shock, rugged shock proof, water resistant and dependable.

  • McFly998

    My idea of an adventure watch would be tough as old boots, and also have some features that could help in an emergency. Waterproof, Paracord strap, compass, strong LED light. It would also need to look good event after picking up a few battle scars.

  • Omri Suissa

    My adventure watch must be rugged water resistant

  • Nat N.

    The ideal adventure watch must be durable, highly water resistant, and legible, in my book.

  • christopher campagnari

    Solid, waterproof, easily visible dial, but not too heavy on the wrist

  • My ideal adventure watch would be moderately priced, simple, at least 100m waterproof, and have excellent luminousity. This traser looks great!

  • Aman Khajanchi

    I prefer my adventure watch to be rugged, water-resistant and feature packed requiring minimal maintenance

  • autofocused

    A great looking adventure watch, it reminds me of a blue Porsche Design chronograph

  • manivelle

    Adventure to me means simply a tool watch I can use in an old car that lacks gps or even a compass. Sort of like a blind spot warning for your wrist.

  • Sam

    Something though, feature-pack, yet still have to be cool looking watch 🙂

  • Mat P.

    Currently I wear a sunnto for any outdoor “adventures”. The perfect adventure watch would be a reliable tool watch that is valuable and is recognized throughout the world. So any sport model ROLEX. That way if you have nothing left but your watch, you could sell it for a ticket home.

  • Warsh

    Great looking watch! My ideal adventure watch is rugged but mechanical. I want to marvel at the engineering and never baby it…..

  • Jason H

    Simple, legible and a watch that just keeps working. A solar G-Shock comes to mind, which also may have other features useful in an adventure.

  • Paul

    A solar g shock. Never need to worry about it. It’ll take a beating and keep on rolling. But I would gladly give up the g shock for a Traser P68…

  • Dean Speerbrecher

    Cool watch

  • Josh Wolfe

    My preferred adventure watch kind of depends on the adventure. But, for an all arounder, it’s probably a solar G-Shock. Water resistant, shock resistant, legible, tough, good value for the money, dings and scratches only add character, recognizable brand, and good enough looking to wear even if the particular adventure is writing TPS reports at the office.

  • mitulica

    My ideal “adventure watch” is a rugged, analog dial with digital backup timer and stopwatch, solar powered, atomic clock synching, atmospheric (barometric) pressure tracking watch. Then I can use it for mountaineering as well as sailboat racing and passage making celestial navigation as backup to GPS systems onboard a boat (that’s why the atomic time is important). My Casio G-shock world time qw4765 ticks off everything but the pressure tracking.

  • Cruiser

    OK: Disclaimer: If I get this watch it won’t see much action. Who are these other writers kidding. But I sure want it to look like I am a man of action. This watch certainly does that. Some might judge a man by his tools, I would be happy to be judged by this tool watch. Forget about it being to big for my shirt cuffs, I would not cover it up. Couch potatoes deserve to look good too.

  • Daieho

    A rugged easy to read watch with water and shock resistance.

  • Ruslan Tkachou

    The watch for adventure is my GShock Riseman. I have it on the wrist for 8 years everyday now. And its been most adventurous time in my life. Moved to different country to live, met a woman to live with and made two kids to live for. ) Still have time to spend with my Gshock…)))

  • Y Til

    I concider my Doxa 300 aqualung professional as an adventure watch. Strong, sporty, beautiful and practic.

  • Felipe Garcia

    An Oris diver watch is always an adventure set. Make you feel confortable, it lasts to adverse situations and keep giving the time with precision.

  • A nice G-Shock because of the ruggedness and features. They are bulletproof! G-Shocks feel so light and comfortable also, which I love when I’m hiking!

  • Jeffrey Peldon

    I’m always getting lost – in thought that is.

  • penemio

    I really look for something that it durable especially when I’m hiking or climbing. I’m concerned about being bogged down by too many features.

  • ivel1977

    I would just like a watch that has an adequate GPS system so my adventures don’t end up going down the wrong path.

  • Moosé

    Compass feature is a must to use while traveling in between Maldives Islands. Water-resistant and cool like Traser P68 Pathfinder.

  • Ian Salmon

    I like a field watch like this because of the useful features and excellent night time visibility. It must be built to last and it seams this one is..

  • Brandon Nim

    My ideal adventure watch would be very durable and water resistant and fit with a compass. A strong lume is also desirable 🙂

  • Terrence Ingram

    I want a watch with a simple design, but packed with features like atomic clock and GPS that’s versatile enough to wear to work and stylish enough to wear to dinner.

  • Cul de Sac

    My ideal adventure watch will be a Victorinox INOX, I can’t forget the hard and precise they are. Tank resistance aproveap

  • Miguel -MO

    Well, I do not have it but I would probably take my new Alpina AlpinerX. The watch seems to have all the features and battery life you need for an adventure. BTW, the watch loooks amazing too!

  • Paul L. McCray

    Definitely something sturdy, with very accurate time.

  • Mktcrasher

    Generally I think of a G-Shock for adventures. Reasonably priced so don’t have to worry, solar power for energy and tough as nails.

  • Edgar Schilter

    Something well-guilt and sturdy. It has to fly under the radar, but still special enough that it makes me smile to myself.

  • Randy Mac

    An adventure watch for would not be anything to exotic or expensive. Probably a Seiko diver or some type of G-Shock.

  • TicTocGoesClock

    For me, an adventure watch should serve a few functions: tell time accurately (no duh!), be waterproof, somewhat shock proof, magnetic proof, readable at any hour (day or night) and comfortable. After that, any bells and whistles are just bonus features. How rugged the watch is depends on the activity being done.

  • Ahmad arshad

    For me adventure watch means, watch which help me in the adventure activity rather then create nuisance, means should be light, water proof, scratch resistant

  • Dave

    My ideal adventure watch would combine a unidirectional diving bezel and gmt hand. With those two features you are ready for almost any condition.

  • Chick Hicks

    It’s hard to imagine any other adventure watch other than my trusty dependable Citizen Eco Drive Professional Diver. I bought this watch in 2005 when I graduated college and started my first job. That alone was an adventure. It has been with me on my daily cycling, white water rafting, Mario Andretti driving experience (148 mph!), my wedding day, birth of my first child, camping trips, and helping farm my wife’s family farm of 100 acres. When I don’t wear it I stick it on my window in my bedroom for the sunlight. Not once, not a single time in the last 13 years has that watch ever stopped.

    As I have gotten older, things have changed and I have added a few more watches in the higher price points to my rotation but I never ha e to worry about any activity or adventure when it comes to the citizen!

  • Ronald

    3 years ago I bought a G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400. A great tough solar (!) adventure watch with very good features! I only missed the tide and moon phases! But again a great rugged watch! Now, 2018 the new Rangeman GPR-B1000 is on the market. Wow…what a adventure watch!!! Tough solar assisted with GPS. Respect for Casio!!! But….this watch must be charged (it is solar assisted!). And you can connect the watch with a phone. A great step forward, but it would be greater when it was totally independent! The Pro Trek WSD F20 is also a great watch with a lot of very, very good features. But it hasn’t tough solar…….So, my favorite adventure watch is, despite of some added things, the G-Shock Rangeman GPR B1000!!!

  • Grey Shadow

    Seiko Monster range is my choice of adventure watch, rugged, durable, nice to the eyes & easy on the wallet. My Seiko Black Monster has accompany me to Above, On & Under since a decade back.
    Above: sky-diving from 12,000 feet above
    On: from lush tropical jungle trekking to crossing bone dry desert.
    Under: scuba diving and swim among the exotic fishes

  • Ronald

    I own a G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400. A great tough solar watch! But the new Rangeman GPR-B1000 is the best adventure watch at this moment! A tough solar assisted GPS watch with all the features you need!!! When connected with satellites it will give you the exact location and time! Also rugged, solar assisted, sapphire glass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, sunrise/sunset, moon and tide phases, back track navigation etc. etc. etc. Respect for Casio!!! In my opinion this Rangeman GPR-B1000 is the best adventure watch!!!

  • neo

    when its raining heavenly and you are standing by the edge of half trekked cliff , nowhere part of the mountain where you can only see the sea and dense greenery ahead of you , when you are afraid to look down , still thinking the fear that kept you from trekking it earlier would creep back in and midst of this , shuddering cold , you are calming your yourself to pace your adrenaline rush, coiling like rattle snake and yet you are building the stagnated courage and faith that this is it ! little more . whatever it takes , you wont back down today . finally you take a step and starts climbing , rain piercing your face , gravity pulling your enormous non avergael weight , yet you take next step , then next step , bruises , fatigue , none matters today , only matters that top , the final step . finally you pull yourself and look around you , and feel it was worth it .

    today you look at your wrist , the time you took and the wear your watch had brings the nostalgia that your watch had been a part of your journey , a memory to remind and cherish… thats how watches should be . bold , memory , motivation and durable .

  • dr.alexandris

    My ideal adventure watch will have to be a solar G-Shock. Takes a beating without problem. This Traser looks also amazing though. Thanks for including me in the giveaway.

  • Frits van der Veer

    A very nice look. Like the blue yellow combi!

  • milkham

    My ideal adventure watch is simply one I don’t have to think about, whether because of it’s durability, legibility, price, or usability. Any low cost g-shock will do me and I’m still using a roughly 20 year old one.

  • Brett Lintvelt

    My adventure watch is the go to work watch. Assembled fron a kit seagull 2130 movement, stainless 200m case with ceramic bezel, plain milsub dial with large superluminova filled hands. Screw in crown. Btw the Traser is super legible and would be a great addition.

  • Bradley Francis Cunningham

    For me an adventure watch should be durable, legible (day and night, so good lume), preferably automatic as worry about how changing a battery affects WR (which is also a must have) and resaonably priced so I´m not frightened to use it! Ideally stylish too for 1 watch weekend/holidays….Like this Traser a lot.

  • Matthew Williams

    my adventure watch would be stripped back simple, light, legible, less to go wrong when your climbing, cliff diving or as I do go to the shops for a cornetto

  • Dan Turner

    This is what I call my adventure watch! Bold, large, beautiful and Swiss. The black PVC coating and nylon band make it durable and a daily time piece. It’s blue, large size face with simple but elegant design makes it a watch that would make me wave my left arm for all to see ((although the looks of this beauty I wouldn’t need to). The illuminated hands and compass markings make it the complete adventure watch for me.

  • Luigi Rossi

    I think that the Traser P68 is a good looking, super legible and nice color watch. I have a Tag Heuer Carrera heuer 01 with 45mm and have no problems on my small wrist. I dont think a 46mm would be a problem either.

  • F Woodson

    Ideal adventure watch for me would be tough, light and simple, regardless it is pricey or not.

  • nfromto

    My go to for “adventure” is my Marathon CSAR. It too has tritium for night readability and on an Isofrane strap you hardly know it’s on your wrist.

  • The Traser looks pretty close to perfect from the adventure point of view: clean, readable dial, useful functions hopefully rugged construction capable of taking the knocks. If anything, the hands could have been a hair longer.

  • Tony middleton

    I like the look of the new
    Casio gmw-b5000,simply because it’s a beautiful looking just waiting for it to come on the market in the UK

  • VandyChiver

    Ideal watch would be tough enough to withstand the elements, a readable dial at day or night, and ability to easily change the strap depending on what I was doing with it.

  • Doctor Ben

    A watch I don’t have to worry about damaging, whether that is because it is cheap or durable

  • Gregory Gonsalves

    A tough and capable watch that I would not have to worry about while I was out adventuring. The Traser on giveaway would be solid contender.

  • Jo Fo

    A watch that I’m not going to fear being damaged. I had a G-Shock worked great bumps bounce off, water no problem. But it was huge. Love the field watch look. Something clear readable at all times of day but Tough and reliable. But good looking too.

  • Allen Ross

    My adventure Watch doesn’t have to be pricy but with a simple but clean dial.

  • Steve Willer

    Bulletproof and always legible

  • Valer Eugen Demian

    This looks like the perfect watch for any adventure: automatic, multipurpose, easy to see and use. I would love to win one of these and probably will buy one anyway.

  • Cary Lewison

    I have a rugged trip planned and have been looking for a new explorer watch. I want a tritium watch and this looks like the one that checks all boxes. Plus love the looks.

  • PCC

    Rugged. Readable dial more important than complications. Water resistant enough to withstand a downpour uncovered. Readable at night. Mechanical because…well, just because. I picked up a Victorinox INOX cheap and it’s not bad -but quartz and lume dies too soon. In fact, despite all the hype, I’ve never found a lume that I could read well after a full night in the dark. Maybe tritium is the answer – haven’t tried it – but the markup is still too high to justify it. Also it often seems to come on many watches with sub-par construction. Would be interesting to try a well-reviewed tritium watch. Keep up the good work.

  • Dean

    Simple and tough

  • Bernard tan

    Blue and yellow on grey case makes it royal. Crisp lines with robust crowns makes it totally dialed. The Pathfinder is a classy,durable yet sport oriented timewear for the masculine outdoors. #p68pathfinder #traser

  • Salil

    This looks like the perfect adventure watch for me – tough, light and good looking!

  • andrew

    What a stunning blue dial, we dont get these in uk shops so great to see them on here

  • Pilotwatches

    The ideal adventure watch should be simple, rough and with readable hands.
    On top of price considerations, the build quality should convince users of lon and reliable lifetime.

  • Jernej Fašalek

    Adventure watch should be rough, reliable and easy to use.

  • Sky Vogel

    Hmm, an ideal adventure watch. Cost would be a primary concern (I don’t want to have to worry about it becoming damaged or even lost). Next is comfort. Finally, good readability along with top-level lume.

    Adventure awaits!

  • Pjer Orlic

    Simple, rough, readiable. And I must trust to that watch.

  • Sean OConnor

    Simple, easy to read (both day and night), reliable, not overly-expensive, and must have a durable band.

  • Tristan

    Simple, rugged and not too expensive. Three hands and a date. Decent water resistance and – if possible in this day and age – an acrylic crystal that can be polished when it gets beaten up. A bezel for timing important things like pasta and parking meters 🙂

  • Andres

    there are watches that are very useful in very special situations like the breitling emergency or the victorinox night vision, but for the adventures of most of us a watch should only have three characteristics: it must be resistant to bumps and scratches, it should be comfortable, and most importantly, that we like it enough to choose him as our companion in these adventures.

  • D Stockdale

    My adventure watch would be a rugged, waterproof automatic watch with NATO band and a good lume.

  • Timmy Ng

    A watch that has a cleanly-designed dial to enable legibility even in the worst circumstance, a rugged movement that will continue to beat in the most adverse conditions, and a utilitarian case design that blends into the environment whether it’s the alpine mountains or the corporate jungle.

  • Ionesi Victor

    My adventure watch needs to have a good scratch resistance, very good lume and at least 100m waterproof.

  • kcrmb

    My ideal “adventure watch” would be durable and simple. Reliability is key.

  • DocSanti

    My ideal adventure watch would be waterproof to at least 100 feet , made of scratch resistant material perhaps ceramic and has a rubber strap that’s easily replaced .

  • Mark Silverstein

    The ideal adventure utility watch should be readable in all conditions, waterproof, shockproof, automatic or solar powered and a rotating bezel that allows compass navigation.

  • Todd Haldeman

    I like a basic diver for an adventure watch. Along with hour, minute, second and date, it will be waterproof and shockproof, and the bezel can be used for basic timing.

  • John Egan

    I love the compass feature and the easy to read dial….I have been in remote spots where there was no cell or sat phone reception. A compass will get one back onto a trail. Sporty & fashionable for when I am taking only one watch on my trip.

  • Victor Gorbachev

    Cool watch. I really think every person has to have several watches. One dressy with a leather band, one sporty with a metal band, one adventure – the watch you can take on a beach, hiking, biking and don’t be afraid you can damage it. This one looks like adventure one. I really like nato strap as durable for such type of watch. Compass is a really cool complication. Gas tubes is a really killer feature to have.

  • Ferenc Andras

    Wow looks like a real adventurers watch. Nice one.

  • Gerald ELLIS


  • Kslugg

    My ideal adventurers watch would be a Sinn Hunting Watch 3006. Its rugged, has lume and has that moonlght display which is super cool.

  • whit

    I love adventure-style watches. Something with tritium for the night and a legible dial are key! The compass is an added bonus and the nato helps in case a spring bar breaks, which I’ve had happen.

  • perpetualcuriosity

    I have a Traser. It’s a battery powered H3 chrono w/ alarm. Used it as a daily for a couple years and then it developed issues.
    For example; the date will no longer functions or even sets. Also, stops functioning from time to time every few days and requires the time to be reset.
    Anyway, the tritium looks great for years. Would like to give this watch a go as a replacement.

    Adventure watches need to be robust and reliable with simplicity. The compass feature of this watch is a nice touch and automatic movement plus water resistance are welcome. I like steel bracelets but the comfort of rubber and NATO straps are not deal killers.

  • Jakub Lendacky

    Since i bought my G-Shock I fell in love with useful watches, love the aesthetics and color scheme on this watch. Have to say, I would really love to buy some Traser in the future 🙂

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    Just started collecting, so would love to get this one to further expand my journey.

  • ahmad mohamad

    My ideal adventure watch need to be robust, practical and reliable. Most importantly, it must be affordable tool watch.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    My ideal adventure watch is a big watch, legible, packed with some features for orientation. Of course tritium tubes is a must for adventure, you can read the time easily in the dark. From this point of view, this watch is one of the best choises.

    Thanks for another great giveaway 🙂

  • Fauze Ardi

    My ideal “adventure watch” will be the Tissot T-Touch Expert (1st version) because it’s feature-packed (compass, barometer, altitude) with the Titanium case, it’s light weight and robust.

    I really hope they will create the 3rd version with combination of 1st generation functions and 2nd generation solar system and faster processor.

  • dan negoita

    My ideal adventure watch should be reliable enough and tough, should have at least 200m of water resistance, a good lume but not necessarily tritium tubes, a timing bezel and a compass, and a nice color combination as well. I would not pay more than 600 euros on such a watch. I think that with this features you can be safe and have fun in any adventures.

  • Eric McClellan

    My ideal adventure watch would be the Casio ProTrek with triple sensor. Its a very affordable watch with tech that will really help in a pinch. Its tough enough to take a hit too!

  • funNactive

    I have a Traser watch that I go to bed with!
    My ideal adventure watch would be a sturdy design with a 24 hr. Chronograph that is easy to read in the dark.

  • George

    My ideal adventure watch would be on the small side (less likely to get damaged), have great lume, 200m water resistance, easily legible dial, and probably a timing ring. I think, for me, a Seiko Alpinist sarb017 ticks off most of what I’d want.

  • S. Mark

    My ideal “adventure watch” needs to be feature-packed. Any adventure should take you through different time zones so, a world timer/GMT is a must. Titanium case, anti-shock, anti-magnetic, water resistant, good luminosity, deployment clasp, screw down crown and a super reliable Swiss made automatic movement. That about does it.

  • Lawrence the Butcher

    My ideal would be a seiko alpinist sarb017 with bracelet. nice dial, 200m waterproof, screwdown, compass and sapphire. anything else for a hike?

  • David Fisher

    I would go with a G-Shock G-9300 for all the features.

  • THGL

    It’s hard to say what the perfect adventure watch would be because there are so many different adventures to go on. Certainly would have to be a quality watch to hold up to whatever may happen, and look good for the cameras if the “adventure” ended up being newsworthy!

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    I would go for smartwatch with sports focused elements, because of 3 main features:-

    1. Material used is best in harsh environment
    2. Light weight, simple and durable
    3. Packed with features

    But a smartwatch wont be suitable option if indulging in adventure activity where one has to spend days outdoor. In such cases, digital watches such Garmin and Suunto manufactures are the best options.


    Depends on the adventure. Never EVER tell a Spanish taxi driver “rapido”, but if you do, ur watch better survive a car wreck. And if you’re river tubing, a helmet won’t help your watch, OR your favorite ever prescription sunglasses, so it needs to be waterproof. And no batteries, so automatic with tritium tubes to guide you in the dark when mother nature calls.

  • unstable element

    Perfect adventure watch would be:
    1. durable, I’d prefer all titanium, and sapphire crystal
    2. waterproof, WR100 minimum
    3. reasonably shock proof
    4. slim and small(ish) diameter, so it doesn’t get in the way (clothing, branches etc in the outdoors) but big enough to be able to read
    5. some sort of lighting – preferably passive (eg tritium)
    6. date, day (perpetual calendar a big plus) – so you know when it is when you get back to civilization
    7. solar or movement powered
    8. analog hands – easy to read at glance
    9. integrated compass, digital or even analog (with level bubble, and declination setting)

  • Lucian Virciu

    This watch looks close to perfection. Colour matching, spot on. I will love one really 😀

  • Will

    Very nice. I tend to default to my Garmin Quatix 5 as my adventure watch, as it’s packed full of features, though as a smart watch, it does have some drawbacks. Water resistance, lighting, compass and chrono would be key features for getting out into the wild for me.

  • Jennifer Herman

    I would like one that shows a compass. I think that it would be helpful.

  • John Herman

    I think it would be nice to have a compass and that it’s water proof.


    The watch should be a simple rugged watch, priced at less than $1,000.00, so you won’t be too disappointed when you scratch the case or bracelet. It needs to be waterproof without a date function. A simpler movement means less to get out of adjustment when the true adventure watch is being used as intended and takes a hard hit.

  • Austin Phillip

    My Girlfriend Bought me this

    Of course anything she does , i love , Well ,,,, Mostly

    But This I Do

    Victorinox Swiss Army New Maverick Chronograph Watch

    Black and White ,

    And Ive Kept the Rubber strap , Which is usually for me
    Great For Camping in the Yorkshire Dales with

  • BDwide

    For adventure, I wouldn’t say disposable, but I do feel more comfortable with a less expensive watch. For me, adventure generally involves trout and a flyrod, so water resistance, legibility, thin and light, no polished shiny bits, and for those early mornings or late evenings on the water, excellent lume. The Traser checks all of those boxes in spades.

  • bujienla

    Adventure must be reliable and durable. Expensive doesn’t make sense. Its not about cost but paying for durability. More features the better.

  • David

    Number 1 criteria for my ideal adventure watch is that it is rugged. Secondly, it ideally has the features that I use outdoors, compass, alt, temp and barometer. I’ve had two that fit that criteria, a g shock and a Fenix 3. Both now sold. I need a replacement please.

  • Usman Khalanthar

    the dial is too big, 46mm is large for a small wrist guy to wear. Adventures are not only done by huge people. Rest of the spec is more appropriate for a traveller.

  • Kevin Dodge

    Adventure watch’s should be a tool watch kind of like diver watches, rugged with great functionality and solid construction but simple.

  • apgomez3

    The adventure watch i want is rugged, simple, and has feature for a variety of different adventures. It should be able to withstand getting knocked around, waterproof, simple to read in all types of lighting conditions, simple to adjust with a simple and has features like a compass.

  • Watches Daily

    This is amazing. My adventure watch would be feature packed and pricey. It would be featured packed because I need my watch to do as many things as possible. It would be pricey because I would expect it to be well made and well made watches are usually not cheap. On another note I would like my dial to be smaller because I have a smaller wrist and I cant be lugging around a huge watch!

  • Entro

    The luminance looks sick. The size is also perfect for large wrist.