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WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways For November 2019, aBlogtoWatch has a special monthly giveaway with Timeless Luxury Watches for a his and hers pair of Nomos Club Campus watches done in collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The NBCF, Nomos Glashütte, and Timeless Luxury Watches collaborated on these two Nomos watches, each of which features the cause’s trademark pink. A portion of the proceeds from each watch sold goes to the NBCF, which provides education and mammograms in order to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages when it is most treatable. Of course, as these two are being given away, we encourage you all to learn more about the foundation and the important work it does.

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways

The watches are sized at 36mm and 38.5mm, and both have different dials. The smaller NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 has a white silver-plated dial and retains the mixed Roman and Arabic numeral layout of the standard model. It’s the pink seconds hand and pink outline on the numerals and hour indices that ties this watch to its cause and the NBCF. Also, at 6 o’clock, the watch would normally say “Made in Germany” — it now reads “Have Hope.”

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways

The larger 38.5mm NBCF Nomos Club Campus 736.S2 has a pink seconds hand, which is subtler overall, but the contrast against the dark blue dial makes it stand out in its own way. The numerals and indices are outlined in silver, and the numerals on the outer ring are in a lighter shade of blue. The design intent here was all about having the pink seconds hand stand out without being overdone.

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways

Both of the NBCF Nomos Club Campus watches run on the in-house Caliber Alpha movement. The manual-wind movement features the Nomos swing system and has a power reserve of 43 hours.

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways

The solid casebacks feature the tree branch logo of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which comes from the personal story of NBCF founder Janelle Hail. Following her treatment for breast cancer, she saw a tree branch outside her window that had only a single leaf remaining. However, the leaf was a vibrant red, and Hail remarked, “I want to be like that leaf, brilliant until the end.” The logo was inspired by that tree, and it symbolizes life, growth, and hope for the future.

WATCHES GIVEAWAY: Timeless Luxury Watches NBCF Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair Giveaways

The 36mm NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 retails for $1,500 and the 38mm 736.S2 retails for $1,650.


To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) For a chance to win, share in the comments with what has been your favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far? (See them all here)

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 30, 2019 for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-U.S. entrants may apply, based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Timeless Luxury Watches, sponsor of the NBCF Nomos Club Campus his & hers watches giveaway on aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Gokart Mozart

    Am I the first to post for this? A lot of the Timeless watches are well done as they are quite subtle.

    I love the Nomos Luwig with the blue font. Lovely.

    And the Zenith chrono with the champagne dial and a nice 38mm size is gorgeous.

  • LapYoda

    Really nice limited edition Nomos watches for a good cause. Honestly, I think these are the best and most unique limited edition watches that Timeless has done.

  • Travis Cannata

    My personal favorite was the Orion Midnight. However, I think this overtakes it. This is a great cause and some handsome watches. As both my Wife, and myself have lost people to Breast Cancer, feels close to my heart.

  • Jordan Rausch

    My favourite has to be the Nomos Lambda. It is Bauhaus exemplified.

  • JD Goldy

    These are beautiful watches — great size, just a bit of pop with the pink sub-second hand, and a wonderful cause. However, my favourite is the Timeless Club Datum for, yes you guessed it, the nicely integrated date.

  • Jayson Wong

    Personally I think the collaboration with Grand Seiko to come out with SBGE249 Limited Edition is brilliant and of course my favourite among all… The sliver blizzard dial, with the contrasting blue hands and GMT function tick every box for me… It’s definitely one of my top 3 wishlist currently ~

  • Bryan K

    It is hard for me to chose a favorite, but if forced to, I would select the Zenith A273.

  • Brian

    I like the club but unfortunately not a fan of California dials. My wife is not big into watches but we recently saw some Nomos watches in person and she fell for the tetra 27 champagne.

  • Manzur Dan

    My favourite and my dream watch is Nomos Orion Midnight edition, that blue dial and gold hands are astonishing.

  • D.C.

    The Oris Sixty Five is my style. Dressy tool watches FTW!

  • Ben from LI

    I like the Oris, the Nomos Ludwig, and the Nomos Orion with the gold indexes. The Ludwig is my favorite of those three.

  • Daniel Uy

    So far, my favourite Timless Luxury Limited Edition watch so far has to be the Nomos Club Campus 736.S2 because of its collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As a medical student and researcher, Cancer truly is the emperor of all maladies. While cardiovascular diseases remain to be the leading cause of mortality around the world, cancer is that disease where the pathophysiology and exact mechanisms of action are still being unearthed and remain largely unknown today. Sure, there are advances in research, and we are slowly learning more and more, but at the end of the day, we cannot say that we know cancer that well. It is even said that if we don’t die at an early age, we are all bound to die of cancer eventually. Hence, it makes me happy to see tie-ups between organisations like these that contribute to medicine and science as well as providing products that many take joy in seeing and owning – that is, watches.

  • Steve Bowden

    My favorite would be the Nomos Timeless Club II…but it is pretty hard to narrow it done to one! Also Props to Nomos, Timesless Luxury Watches and A Blog to Watch for helping the National Breast Cancer Foundation get the word out. You are all hereby awarded 5 internets!

  • Brian Tymczyszyn

    These are fantastic definitely my favorite.

  • ?ukasz G?d?ek

    Nomos Lambda, it combines simplicity and unique dial design.

  • Tronador

    This NOMOS is fantastic combo! My favorite one so far has been the Bremont edition U2/T a couple years ago.

  • Matthew Christensen

    Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition!

  • David Williams

    For me, the Timeless/Nomos Ludwig (blue hands and Roman numerals, on white dial) leaps out as being an especially clean, legible and attractive limited edition. It’s a great example of the Nomos philosophy of simplicity and clarity – and it looks very cool!

  • Geoff Hardin

    These are incredibly beautiful. I love the Cali dial. The pop of pink is not too much. Have Hope instead of Made in Germany is a great touch too. Thanks for posting and this is a great contest.

  • Stephen Docherty

    My favourite limited edition is the Grand Seiko SBGE249. I like the dial and the GMT complication looks very well done. However I think this Nomos limited edition is great as I work with oncologists who treat breast cancer and the national breast cancer foundation is a very worthy cause. The Nomos watches are very stylish and I particularly like the California dial with mixed Roman and Arabic numerals which is a bit different. My wife would be thrilled to receive an early Christmas present like that.

  • TimeChimp

    My choice is the GRAND SEIKO SBGE249 LIMITED EDITION. It’s difficult to select only one watch from the ones listed. Any of those would be happy on my wrist. However, the Grand Seiko really grabs my interest and desire.

  • Charlie Sherlock

    This is a fantastic combo – my favorite. The two dials are simply excellent. Well done guys.

  • Pierre Vaillancourt

    As cool as these Nomos are, my favorites are a tie between the Grand Seiko GMT or the Orion Midnight with gold markers. To be honest, I think all of the Timeless limited editions are really good looking but the GMT and the Orion stand out!

  • Erick Rangel

    I love the Nomos Lambda Limited edition… the contrast of the special blue dial with gold looks awesome!!! And as always, Nomos creating pieces for good causes… the pink hands are a nice touch.

  • Daniel Weatherall

    Proud owner of an SBGE249 and a Timeless 65. For me I have to give the nod to the SBGE249. Killed it with the blizzard dial + blued GMT/seconds/PR. And who doesn’t love Spring Drive??

  • Curiosul Mihai

    My favorite would have to be the Nomos Club Campus 736.S2 reviewed here. I just love the Nomos brand and the fact that they’re not sleeping on their laurels but keep innovating and supporting great causes like the fight against breast cancer, medicines sans frontiers, etc

  • John

    First time seeing these collab watches, but my pick would go to the Timeless Club II… just because I have a thing for navy with yellow/gold accents!

  • ijoyce

    Nice combo. My favorite is the Grand Seiko GMT. It’s a beautiful watch.

  • baiguai

    My favorite, by far, is the Nomos! So I am very excited about this giveaway! The
    736.S2 is gorgeous!

  • Dan Dolar

    Fantastic design! Cheers to Nomos for this!

  • Mike H

    Love Nomos. The club is my favorite but I really enjoy the new colors of the giveaway dials. Have to have something that pops from time to time

  • FollowPhil

    I truly like many of the Timeless Luxury Watches, especially the Nomos Lambda, but my heart always gravitates to the Grand Seiko – just so gorgeous!

  • SuperStrapper

    The Zenith Chronomaster Heritage pieces they did A few years ago were very nice and likely my favourite collaboration with this boutique.

  • kbtg

    Definitely the Grand Seiko or Zenith collabs are my favorite.

  • Jufithri Abd Halim

    The NBCF Nomos is definitely my favourite. Clean face, with a tinge of that pink splash just make it more gorgeous. The size is just perfect for my wrist. Kudos to Nomos Glasshute for this awesome piece!

  • Mickey

    My number one choice is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition. I also like the Nomos Club Datum, but I already own a similar edition 🙂 It would be fantastic to win the NBCF Nomos Club Campus for my wife!

  • Mr. Green

    What a great giveaway! My favorite Timeless Limited Edition? I would have to say the Zenith and the Nomos NBCF 38mm. Thanks and fingers crossed…

  • Nigel

    I have always been a fan of watches with high complications so my current choice out of the Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition is the Zenith A273 – Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer but if we have to stick with Limited Editions then it would be the Oris
    Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition. The green face and bubble crystal make it unique.

  • chiwatchlover

    This is a great cause! My favorite Timeless limited edition has got to be the Nomos Ludwig with white lacquer dial and blue Roman numerals.

  • vonsethric

    My favorite is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition, hands down.

  • Jonathan Fisk

    The Nomos Midnight Edition is very nice, but these two are equally good and the charitable aspect makes them even better!

  • Daniel Harper

    WOW this is amazing. My favorite Timeless Limited Editions so far have all been their Clubs, most notably for me at least, the Timeless Club II with the yellow accents. But man what an incredible duo right here! These would absolutely never leave my wife and my wrists!

  • Thang To

    Definitely would like to add these to my collection

  • Kyle Brabender

    I dont think you could beat the Zenith LE. That one is so beautiful.

  • Dat C

    Grand Seiko SBGE249

  • Andy Berrios

    Nice! I double limited edition for breast cancer awareness! Thus far the Oris 65 LE and the NOMOS Orion has been my favorite!

  • Jonathan Hancock

    Ive always loved the Nomos Club Campus, Its got classic style. Im digging the pink second hand on the sub dial too. My wife said she likes the ladies watch too. Maybe I convert her from the dark side (apple watch). (=

  • Nuno Raposo

    My favourite Timeless Limited Edition is the Nomos Orion Midnight, I love the blue dial and it’s simplicity. My wife would would love that Club Campus!

  • Ian

    Of the current Timeless Luxury Watches’ limited edition offerings I think the Nomos Lambda is a cut above. The 8 day power reserve is true engineering coupled with gorgeous style and finish.

  • ray h.

    Would love to own (:

  • Travis Green

    The Zenith Chronomaster Heritage is my favorite so far.

  • Onur Ozan

    Timeless Bremont U2/T ?

  • dr3

    Definitely the Zenith chronomaster heritage!

  • Kyle Shayne Howard

    The timeless Lambda limited edition! Nomos is what got me into haute horologie, and I love a good power reserve!

  • Chris Olson

    This is an awesome giveaway, as my mom is a breast cancer survivor this would be an extremely cool watch for me and my wife to have in our small collection.

  • K Man

    My favorite is the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer. The beautiful yet understated champagne dial with blue hands provides a classic color scheme that can stand the test of time. The chronograph function of the watch provides a sportier feel, but the simple color scheme paired with a brown leather strap can easily be dressed up. Plus, who can say no to a stainless steel sports watch these days? This watch combines the best of old and new to make a timeless piece that can be worn in any setting.

  • John Hillyer

    I have got to go with the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT.

  • elichang

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Honestly my favorite would have to be this NBCF collaboration. I have always been a fan of NOMOS and love how immediately recognizable the pink accents are with breast cancer awareness and support. The cause is noble and the watches are timeless.

  • Eric Gordon

    Big fan of the Timeless folks, and a repeat customer as a result. They do a great job with these collaborations, and I have had the privilege of seeing some in the flesh. As a result, I have to say the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer is my favorite. The boutique does a great job with the Zenith designs. Honorable mention to the enameled dial on the Nomos Ludwig, It’s stunning, but the case is a little small for me. Keep it up!

  • Keith H

    For sure the Timeless collaboration with Grand Seiko. The SBGE249 is sweet!

  • PeterP

    I really like the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition because of it’s deep and lush blue dial.

  • Jack

    Timeless Nomos Lambda is an absolute beauty. Gorgeous watch.

  • patrick bremer

    The Timeless Bremont is just super cool and probably my favorite. Wish it was a couple of mm smaller though.

  • Ovis

    I cannot decide between Timeless Club II and Timeless Bremont U2/T

  • GojiB

    the oris for sure!

  • Tom Lindeen

    The Bremont U2. Great watch!

  • Sanjay Mathew Roy

    Grand Seiko please

  • Dragos Ion

    Splendid idea with this Nomos pair.
    Club will always be my favourite.

  • Eugene Najera

    Timeless Bremont U2/T since I appreciate a watch with no date. The pair of Nomos watches rock plus a good cause!!

  • Greg Cat

    To date, my favorite limited edition offered by Timeless Luxury Watches is the Nomos
    Timeless Lambda Limited Edition. It is an understated dress watch with the power reserve adding a nice bit of flair!

  • Arunator

    This is awesome!!! I love NOMOS 🙂

  • Jurippe

    I’m a big sucker for the SBGE249. The snowflake dials always get me.

  • Ryan

    It’s a tough call between the Grand Seiko and the Nomos Club Datum, but if I had to choose I’d go with the Nomos.

  • Kevin Beard

    To date I’d have to say my favorite is the Nomos Timeless Orion Midnight Edition.

  • LetoAtreides69

    timeless bremont is a sharp watch (don’t pay msrp)…

  • Vincent

    The timeless nomos club date.

  • Kwang K

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition is Timeless Club Datum. It is versatile with date functionality, decent waterproof and sporty look. In a similar way, I love NBCF Nomos Club Campus. It is beautiful!

  • Stewart James

    Me loves the Timeless Club II because me loves much the original Club but the little yellow bits make it much greater. Bashes it through the stratosphere it does although the understated duo of watches are beauts and the cause is amazing yo.

  • Crankyeditor

    Really like the Bremont U2/T, but it’s too darn big. That Zenith Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer, though — perfect size, gorgeous watch. That’s the one.

  • kw

    I like the Damasko DB2.

  • Will

    Nomos club date !

  • Blair Robertson

    The Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is definitely my favourite

  • Shane O’Neal

    Timeless Club Datum

  • No2Resurrection

    Grand Seiko SBGE249!

  • Huaou Yan

    Have to go with Nomos Orion Midnight!

  • Greg Marberry

    Nomos Lambda with it’s 84hr PR is my favorite so far! Unique, functional and simple.

  • Leonarr

    The Timeless Orion Midnight Editionis pretty cool!

  • Roberto Paleari

    NBCF Nomos Club Campus could be my perfect “everyday” watch. Really cool the California dial.

  • Adam Viertel

    Absolutely beautiful pair of watches here. I am also a huge fan of your Oris 65 Limited Edition as well! Great pieces, offered by great watch makers & this site is second to none! Thank you for all you do!

  • SungYup Jung

    Lambda Limited Edition and Timeless Orion Midnight edition are my favorite.

  • Dave

    These watches have a nice clean design with the California dial adding some visual interest. My favourite limited edition so far has been the Bremont U2/T with its rugged good looks and colour scheme.

  • Andrew Reittinger

    These are my favorite releases. Good cause and love the club campus.

  • D Park


  • Adam Fenyves

    My favorite of them is the Nomos Ludwig, but this dark blue NBCF Campus is another great contender.

  • itsduke

    For sure the Grande Seiko GMT

  • Kris

    Neat giveaway! I would say my favorite is the Grand Seiko SBGE249.

  • FlyingFox

    The Spring Drive GMT and the Zenith Chronomaster: classic and elegant execution.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Timeless for me amd my darling:) I really like what Nomos has been doing lately – including these Timeless editions:)

  • sam-b

    I like all of them, but my favorite edition is the NBCF Nomos Club Campus – the dark blue California dial is drop-dead gorgeous!

  • Stephanie H.

    I really love the subtle pink! Very nice looking watch! I would switch out my Apple Watch to wear this.

  • domokla

    Nomos Club Campus

  • Lovely pair of watches here. I am a huge fan of Nomos. My Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far is the Grand Seiko, I’m amazed by the Spring Drive technology.

  • Billy

    Timeless Club Datum

  • Kyle Bruinsma

    I really like Timelessluxuries limited edition Grand Seiko. It is such a stunning piece. Keep up the great work! [email protected]

  • Catherine Kim

    The breast cancer awareness design is so beautiful. One of my favorites. ??

  • Mark Fenimore

    My favorite is the Grand Seiko LE! Love this Nomos also, I have someone very close to me battling breast cancer. Would love to give her this watch if I won it.

  • Armin

    I like the Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition best, so far.

  • •L•E•O•

    Very nice pieces, and great cause.

  • Clemens

    What a great opportunity to win such beauties! The Timeless Club Datum is my favourite of the previous editions.

  • Charles Brower

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far is the Timeless Club Datum. I have long admired the simplicity and craftsmanship of Nomos.

  • Albert Setiawan

    Definitely the Nomos Club Campus! It is such a beauty. Simple yet elegant!

  • Ednelson Laciste

    This is my favorite one so far. The design is stunning and the story is powerful.

  • Andrew F.

    Those are both beautiful pieces. Of the other limited editions, I think the Timeless Sixty-Five is my favorite.

  • Santiago Otero

    Beautiful watches…classic and elegant. Thanks for the giveaway ABTW!

  • wonybunyeats

    These Nomos watches are great! However, my favorite is probably the GRAND SEIKO SBGE249 LIMITED EDITION,

  • Tanner F

    Favorite Timeless Limited Edition is the Grand Seiko SBGE249.

  • rawdesignhouse

    Awesome giveaway—wow! As far as my favorite of the Timeless Edition watches, it would (currently) have to be the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition.

  • Chris MoJo

    I think the Oris Sixty-Five is my favourite but saying that I always seem to default to dive watches. I would like to see the Nomos in the metal.

  • Hugo Vega

    Definitely the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. Thanks for the chance!

  • Guru

    The watches look smart, are very well built and can go with any occasion. They will always remind the importance of the cause and the charity, and hopefully connect more people with the foundation. Great job by Nomos for partnering with NBCF.

  • Berndt Norten

    Nomos deserves credit for showing the world that beautiful watches with in-house movements can be made in a rich country by a firm that pays living wages without requiring that an average-income purchaser take out a wristwatch mortgage. For those about to buy (or win) Nomos, I salute you.

  • Howard Heng

    I liked the Nomos Club 2 timeless edition with the yellow accents. Combined with the blue dial, the colour really pops!!

  • The Timeless Bremont U2/T.

    [email protected]

  • Andy Luong

    Love these NBCF Nomos Club Campus LEs! Second favorite would be the Timeless Oris Divers Sixty-Five LE.

  • Train

    Fantastic watches for a worthy cause. The Zenith Heritage stands out for me as a great Timeless Luxury edition.

  • ccylee88

    Honestly love these as my favorite limited edition so far. Love the watch, the subtle pink and supporting a great cause

  • Tim P

    Nomos is one of those brands where it’s really difficult to have a best design. It’s like which of your children you like the most. I think it’s great that they’ve partnered with NBCF to help raise awareness. That one with the blue face is quite the looker.

  • Charles

    I really like this brand and would really enjoy owning one of those pieces!

  • Panama_Jack

    Very classic pieces and a great story behind. Also: very generous giveaway!

  • John S

    Great cause and great watches. My favourite would be the Timeless Club ll.

  • Ian Salmon

    I like the clean look of Nomos but my favorite timeless watch would be the Oris 65.

  • dylan

    Always been keen on picking up a Nomos
    The Timeless Club Datum was probably my favorite exclusive
    I know my missus would love to wear more matching things :’D

  • Steveyrock

    I love Nomos. Had to sell my club recently to free up some cash. The value is there

  • Steveyrock

    Great cause

  • Steveyrock

    I would go with the Timeless Club II. That little.pop of yellow sells it

  • Suguru F Amakubo

    I think my favourite would be a Grand Seiko or Bremont limited edition. Great cause behind this giveaway and thank you for raising awareness.

  • Wonderful watches. The Nomos Lambda is so striking…..and timeless…..

  • flsc

    Relly like the TIMELESS LAMBDA LIMITED EDITION from Nomos. Great Watch!

  • Dan Hoffacker

    Love the 38.5mm watch from Nomos!!1

  • Ant

    I’m torn now between these two new editions and the Ludwig. I’m going to have to go with the blue NBCF because F… Cancer!

  • Fajar Jasmin

    Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is the epitome of what a limited release should be.

    It’s subtle, elegant, luxurious, yet simple and unassuming. It’s beautiful color is also something to aspire to, beautifully rendering that strange glow of midnight.

  • Sarosto

    Great initiative, and the Lambda collaboration gets my vote

  • Vino

    I love the nomos watches! and my favorite collaboration was the Timeless nomos orion midnight edition with the golden markers, so beautiful! Me and my girlfriend wanted a nomos for a long time now and it could be perfect to finally get them.

  • Kristoferer

    Gotta be the Lambda.

  • Yasmin Shlomo

    I think my favorite would have to be the Timeless lambda limited edition… My boyfriend recently got me into watches and nomos is my favorite brand so far and it would be amazing to start my collection with one.??

  • Scott

    Oris timeless sixty-five is my favorite.

  • Expat

    Great cause, great watches, great manufacturer, great retailer, great website! Thank you to all involved, and thanks for this chance! As for the question, in terms of meaning, this Nomos collaboration is Timeless’s best. Setting aside the emotional side of things, my favorite Timeless watch is the SBGE249… the “silver blizzard” is so good!

  • Richard

    The Timeless Club Datum is one of my favourites. It is a modern/classic beautiful, straight forward piece. I love it…

  • Al Smith

    I would like to give these to my brother and his wife for Christmas.

  • John Taylor

    Love the NBCF campaign. As to watch I am drawn to the Nomos Club Datum

  • Ernesto Jr Ramos

    This is a nice project from Timeless. I hope it will be successful.

    The Lambda is my favorite among the Timeless limited editions!

  • Independent_George

    Nice watches and a good cause. Timeless is a great dealer, and I have purchased a few watches from them.

  • eric chan

    Although the NOMOs are great, I like the Damasko DB2 the most!!!

  • Eric

    Amazing giveaway for an amazing cause. Fantastic initiative from Timeless Luxury and aBlogToWatch.

    Timeless Luxury’s Grand Seiko SBGE249 is probably the perfect GS for me. Spring Drive – Check, GMT (with jumping hours!) CHECK!, Blued Hands – Double Check, snowflake dial – be still my heart…

    Keep up the great work!

  • Tapher

    I like the Ludwig Ltd Ed.

  • Sigmund Globes

    I like Timeless Ludwig the most. The Grand Seiko is nice too.

  • Bob Tawillager

    For reasons, it’s the 36mm NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 to give to my mumsy, it’s also just a sweet looking watch for her

  • Zane Domke

    To be entirely honest, this Timeless Luxury limited edition is the best one yet, in my opinion. These Nomos Glashutte Club Campus models even beat the Nomos Lambda with the blue dial from awhile back.

  • Beth Elliott

    Timeless’ limited editions are all so beautiful it’s hard to choose a favorite… but it’s the blue NBCF Nomos Club Campus.

  • Douglas D

    My favorite was their first Nomos collaboration, the Timeless Club Datum. I should have ordered one after seeing it in person.

  • TBSC

    The Club Campus pair, followed by the Oris.

  • Brianp

    Love what Timless is doing. My favorite is the Orion Midnight Edition.

  • Maxtor

    Nice assortment of collaborations but this one Breast Cancer pair is clearly the winner. Great cause and nice subtle integration of Breast Cancer elements so that you are reminded of the importance of this charity every time you wear the watch. Good for you Timeless!

  • Brett Lintvelt

    A worthy cause supported by a great brand.

  • Nic Martinez

    Nomos never disappoints. Always a great looking watche . Love this one. ??

  • Marie Thompson

    A great looking watch will match anything you wear.

  • John

    I loved the Nomos Ludwig Timeless edition. It elevated the idea of the Ludwig with inspiration (purposely or not) from Eichi II. It’s practical yet artful. Something I can dare to dream about rather than admire hopelessly.

  • Gary Aerne

    Absolute awesome cause!! The pink really pops on both watches and give a great compliment to the watch itself. Would love to own them!!!

  • panda-R

    Timeless x Nomos Club II was my favorite. Ablogtowatch is there best!

  • DavidBowman

    The most favorite is Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition, and the second Nomos Orion midnight!

  • quang tran

    I love collaborations with good causes, best of luck everyone

  • STS103

    Thus far, the Timeless Oris Sixty-Five is my favorite.

  • mojomarc

    I’m a big fan of all the Clubs. But really love the 38.5 with the pink seconds hands. Great combo!

  • YF W

    My favorite one is the Seiko Presage limited edition in cognac style. It looks chill and suitable for many situations.

  • MikeK

    The Oris Timeless Sixtyfive is my favourite of the bunch.

  • Adrian Holdsworth

    It would be pretty sweet for my partner and I to have the ‘his and her’ Nomos Club Campus on our wrists for our wedding next year!

  • Christopher

    I’m always an sucker for Grand Seiko, but I think the Lambda Nomos is my current favorite of the bunch.

  • jroot1974

    The Zenith Chrono is NICE!

  • PoIsIt

    The Nomos Club Datum with that dark blue dial (with none of that California dial in their Campus collection) is my favourite of the bunch.

  • Seth

    California dial? GORGEOUS. I’ve always loved the Oris Timeless 65, but this Nomos is pretty special. ?

  • Brian Russell

    I’m going to go with the Zenith Chronograph as my favorite (today).

  • Nelson Lode

    These are beautiful pieces for a worthy cause!

  • adnan ali

    TBH, the grand seiko with GMT is the best one on the bunch

  • Doug Wisniewski

    The Timeless Club Datum was my favorite until this pair of California dials. Would love to wear this along with my wife.

  • Bob Jenkins

    Wow the color schemes are gorgeous

  • Alupin

    That oris diver 65 timeless edition is a must-have for me. But I was way too late to secure one so I have to settle for less: the bronze bezel green dial from basel this year.

  • Charley

    Definitely the his/her NBCF clubs are my favorites. Not particularly because of the design, but more about the message and what it means to me.

  • The real A A Ron

    A NOMOS with a California dial? Awesome. NOMOS is making exciting watches for enthusiasts and I love it!

  • Felix Holdorf

    Definitely the grand seiko limited gmt! Allah the Orion midnight

  • Peter N

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition.

  • Mikita

    Beatiful timepieces. Would love to get such.

  • amandagorton

    Grand Seiko Limited Edition has been my ultimate favourite! This is the epitome of luxury!

  • Ian

    Beautiful watches from one of my favourite brands. The Nomos Club Datum is my favourite of the Timeless Luxury watch editions.

  • Gary

    The Timeless Green LE Oris is my favorite Timeless edition, but also one of the best watches out there regardless!

  • Rebecca Bishop

    The Girard-Perregaux Cats Eye Watches are gorgeous ?

  • Joel Schumann

    The white dial Campus would be my favourite to put on my girlfriends wrist. Nice touch ditching “made in ,,, ” in favour of “have hope.

  • The Zenith Chronograph is the nicest!

  • Steffen fleischer

    I love the Omega winter Olympics edition in blue and white

  • 2Danger

    Really a fan of the Club II with the yellow accents.

  • Ben

    The Oris. No question

  • The Girard-Perregaux Cats Eye Watches

  • heatherswanson

    The Timeless Club ll

  • Martin

    Oris for me. Green and gold in modern reinterpretation looks fantastic

  • P.Panagiotidis

    The Zenith

  • Kevin

    The guys from timeless are the best! I have the SBGE249 and Club II. Great pieces! Can’t wait to see what they have in store next!

  • Trent

    Too many favorites to count! Club II and the Oris are ???

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I approve!

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    The Piaget Polo S !!…… oh wait it’s not on the list….. Still the Piaget!!. Did I win yet?????

  • Beth Hern

    I absolutely love the Nomos Club Campus. Very pretty and sleek.

  • Branden Williams

    Oooo, the Nomos Lambda for sure! Super sexy that one.

  • Chris Cabel

    These watches are beautiful, even better they’re supporting a great cause. I own the nomos Orion Midnight LE and I have the SBGE249 coming Monday, too hard to choose.

  • Christina Kkona

    Love the California dial. Great quality/price ratio for Nomos!

  • Greg Bohn

    I have to pick the Timeless Club II (mostly because I’m a happy owner of it).

  • Matt Nymoen

    Understated and underrated

  • Paul Noebels

    My fav is the Orion. Midnight blue with gold hands and indices. It is beautiful!

  • Tabby72

    My favourite is the Orion Midnight Edition. Beautiful!

  • Asko

    Timeless LE watches are the ?. I’m a huge fan of the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition. Good luck to all!

  • disqus_0DOobzWWSk

    Its got to be the Oris 65

  • Jonathan

    Beautiful watches! The Club is a fantastic watch.

  • Scott Whipps

    Love the Nomos watches and would gladly take any of the Timeless versions – I especially like the Club Campus NBCF 38.5mm version!

  • zak

    Would be a great watch!!
    But all time favorite Timeless Luxury is the Grand Seiko Snowflake GMT. literally told my wife all the time, my perfect watch would be the GS Snowflake with a gmt complication. And then you did it!

  • Michael KS

    Timeless Club II is my favorite!

  • William

    Both offerings are very nice. I like the subtle pink second hand on the 38mm. The 36mm is very elegant as well. There are a number of Timeless limited editions that I like but I think my current favorite is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight edition.

  • Rodriguez

    I really love the Grand Seiko and Oris Timeless LEs. So good!

  • Mikita

    I approve as well 🙂

  • Brandon Macy

    I’m a big fan of the GS LE blizzard ??

  • Walter Van Tine

    Great prize!

  • funNactive


  • Ali K

    Timeless Club Datum is beautiful!

  • David Mcmillan

    The 8-year anniversary Nomos Lambda is a stunning watch. I’d love to add it to my collection to show off the Nomos workmanship as well as to honor Timeless on their journey.

  • Lurch

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition.

  • Dupont

    Beautiful watches. My favorite so far is the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 736.S2

  • David McCallum

    Love the Oris 65 colour combo.

  • Dominic Cloutier

    The zenith- but it might just be bc I’ve always liked that word

  • inkeduped

    The Oris 65 by Timeless is my favorite of the ones I own and all ones they’ve collaborated on to this point. No-date seabed green dial no other Oris (or any dive watch maker to be honest) watch has. Perfect size, is bi-metal with bronze and steel and looks great with the rubber, steel or leather strap. Dan has already updated his with a bi-metal bracelet and all bronze bezel. All possible due to the perfection on the dial design. Dan and Anna have been active with the NBCF (and NOMOS) for awhile now and it’s fantastic to see them with this collab. I’m drawn to the white-gray-pink as it’s an uncommon mix in today’s watch word. With any luck I’ll be doing a review on the two new watches and see if they can bump the Oris from the favorites mantle.

  • Cathy

    My favorite is the Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer. Dazzling.

  • Roland Singer

    All the Nomos look great… but I think the Bremont is my favourite. Of course if I win I’ll have a new favourite.

  • Cam Nadeau

    My favourite would have to be the new Grand Seiko SBGE249, fantastic watch!

  • Pryce Jones

    This pair is my favorite so far.

  • billy mclaughlin

    So far I have to say the Timeless Lambda Limited Edition

  • Christina Jensen

    I think my favorite has to be the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition I love the design and color of the face of the watch.

  • Good Life Project

    My father and grandfather both died from cancer. These beautiful timepieces will hopefully bring awareness to the devastation this disease bring to the people of the world!

  • David

    My favorite is the GS Blizzard GMT!

  • Daniel D.

    The timeless Sixty-five limited edition.

  • pingrava

    It’s refreshing to see a watch company of note support a real cause like breast cancer rather than something vapid like auto racing or saving the Albino octopus. Nomos is a class act. I love their watches. I will buy one as soon as I can scrape the money together.

  • Andrew P

    Timeless Club Datum outside of these two new ones. Striking. Family member working through cancer treatment at the moment. Thanks for being a part of this cause.

    Here’s my email: [email protected]

  • Trevor Criswell

    I have always been drawn to the Nomos timeless Lambda; it is very elegant.

  • roland monkman

    no favorite like both of the watches sleek!

  • DC

    My favourite one so far is the one you are giving away. I especially like the NBCF Nomos Club Campus watch. It would look great on my wrist.

  • Kevin Peterson

    I like the Timeless Club II.
    Blue and yellow are my colors.

  • Yoni

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition is the Grand SeikoSBGE249 (second is the Nomos Lambda).

  • shellieclark

    Timeless Lambda Limited Edition

  • tokicsek

    The blizzard dial on the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition is a looker!

  • Pali Chhabra

    The Oris Timeless Sixty-Five is my favorite!

  • Adam Nagy

    Obviously the favourite is the Bremont U2/T. I am already a happy owner of a Nomos Club watch for 5 years now and still love it. I believe the Nomos is the best value watch having an in-house movement.

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    Excellent giveaway for a even greater cause. I cannot decide between the Timeless Bremont U2/T, Timeless Oris Sixty-Five and the Nomos.

  • angela

    my fav is the Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer.

  • Leo C.

    My favorite limited edition watch from Timeless Luxury Watches is the Grand Seiko SBGE249.

  • Dibyojyoti Mukherjee

    My favorite is the Grand Seiko SBGE249. I would love to get that when my budget permits…For now the dark blue NBCF Campus looks really nice. Fingers crossed.
    I would dedicate this to my brother who lost his life to cancer at the age of 19.

  • Ali

    As a Michigan grad, the Timeless Club II is my all-time favorite, but this edition is a close second!

  • Epichartou

    The Oris is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • Nick

    The nomos orion midnight!

  • Daniel K

    The gold and blue of the Lambda is quite nice!

  • microciccio spaccavento

    My favorite limited edition is the Grand Seiko SBGE249, a watch I love and, sadly, I can’t afford. Nomos Campus has a very pleasant shade of blue on the dial.

  • ducducguzz

    I live many of the the limited editions to include the Oris, Damasko and Zenith, but if I had to have just one it would be Grand Seiko SBGE249, detailed dial, gmt movement, great finishing.

  • ammar.mirascija

    Panerai Luminor Marina Militare PAM00217, Special Edition from 2005. Timeless.

  • Elain

    Timeless Club II looks great!

  • Jayson Hill

    My favorite is the silver dial Grand Seiko GMT LE.

  • dasche

    My favourite has got to be the Nomos Orion Midnight with stainless accents. The indices are understated, but they just pop from that beautiful dial.

  • Benjamin Sun

    Beautiful watches. My favorite would be the the Timeless Club Datum. Absolutely love the simplicity of Nomos watches.

  • Frank Kotarski

    My favorite has to be the Timeless LAMBDA Limited Edition by Nomos! The aesthetics of the watch is very eye pleasing to me. I just love the blue dial with the gold case. Makes this watch pop in my opinion. If, and when I have the available funds, I would like to purchase this timepiece!

  • Grace s.

    What a great way for a good cause. Hubby would like the heritage chronometer but way out of our price range

  • ABrownRecluse

    I would have to go with the Nomos Orion Midnight edition, thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Mark Krebs

    Loved the Timeless Lambda. Nomos brand is fantastic.

  • Are Jay

    Wonderful! Good luck to all.

  • Miko

    Very good looking Nomos! My favorite Timeless LE is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition

  • Tony Platz

    My favorite is the Timeless Club.

  • My favorite so far is the Timeless Ludwig; but the California dial in Nomos Club Campus is very intriguing and appealing.

  • Brian

    Have to admit, seeing the “Have Hope” under the 6 o’clock marker made me a little teary-eyed.

    As for my favorite Timeless LE, it’s the first collaboration they every did with Nomos. It was a Timeless Club Date, and I was actually their first customer to receive theirs as I drove up to the store the day they finally got them in and picked mine up personally! Beautiful dark blue dial, on a comfortable and sporty watch.

  • emmanuel ayala

    “Have hope.”

    As time moves flawlessly on an automatic watch that gives it all of of the mechanics that make Nomos great.

  • Min Lee

    My fav. LE is the Nomos Timeless Lambda. good luck to all!

  • Calvin F.

    Timeless Club Datum is a great one that works for me.

  • David Humphrey

    My favorite Timeless Limited Edition Luxury Watch so far is the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition in Stainless Steel. It’s so elegant!

  • Kibosh

    Nice watches. Great cause.

  • William Denissen

    timeless 65 limited edition is pretty cool!

  • Sam

    Favourite so far has got to be the Grand Seiko SBGE249

  • Jason Kinnin

    Timeless Limited Edition Ludwig is my favorite.

  • Axel Dyll

    Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is my favorite! Elegant with a stunning blue dial!
    Good luck to all!

  • Lucas

    My favorite’s got to be the Timeless Lambda Limited Edition. Incredible movement and that blue & gold combo is stunning!

  • Robert Friedman

    The ideal way to academy ontological addiction with my wife, while saluting a superb watchmaker with a true sense of what matters….life itself!

  • Rajit Patankar

    The Timeless Nomos NBCF LE has to be my favourite for a number of reasons. Firstly, I love the Club Campus line. Second, my mother is a breast cancer survivor (and now a patient counsellor) and so this cause is close to my heart. Lastly, I was shown a sneak peak of it at the Timeless shop in Frisco about a week before actual release worldwide. Super cool!

  • ChrisA

    the oris 65 for sure

  • Catherine Robichaud

    My fave so far is the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 It’s a great looking watch and I love that it was created by a collaberation with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Timeless Luxury Watches.

  • Fredrik Hindrikson

    The Nomos is definitely my favorite.

  • awildermode

    Bremont U2/T

  • Adam Moniz

    Nomos always makes a sleek design. Very attractive and the subtle second hand is a good way to show the support for the good cause.

  • ??

    Great watch with good brand history. The Nomos Club Campus is my pick

  • tyler ginter

    I really like the look of the Ludwig. Very clean

  • Ramon Costa

    Awesome and stunnig design! Nomos watches are top!!

  • patti lovecky

    Timeless 65 edition limitless watch is my fave.

  • Yehuda Leib Weiman

    Having a his & hers watch is literally my dream, these are likely nomos greatest LE

  • Allan Borges Pontes

    Very nice watches. My favorite special series watch is the Timeless Club II.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    I admire the Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer–a beautifully dressy yet also sporty watch. I notice that the price is very high for me. I would love to win these watches to give one to my husband.

  • Brian Wells

    I’m a huge fan of Grand Seiko. So the SBGE249 wins for me, hands down.

  • Marlene V

    I like the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition

  • Marlene V

    I follow on facebook – Enelram Latsok

  • Andres

    I think that The Timeless Orion Midnight Edition is the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity, is really beautyfull

  • Brad

    The Damasko watches are my favorite.

  • Matt Jaffe

    Not counting the new NBCF pair, which are both awesome individually (and my wife and I both have mothers who are breast cancer survivors), the Timeless Club Datum would be my favorite. The red contrast is awesome and is only out done by the pink seconds hands of the new NBCF version.

  • Iliyan Iliev

    My favorite Timeless LE so far is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition (stainless accents). I’ve seen it in person twice and I have to say that the blue is mesmerizing, one of the best I’ve seen.

  • Allan Borges Pontes

    Very nice watches. My favorite limited edition piece is the Timeless Club II model.

  • My favorite is the original Timeless Club with the red accents. I’m hoping they do a Zurich Worldtime at some point. I love visiting Timeless when I’m back home in Dallas.

  • Ian T

    My favourite Timeless LE would have to be the Oris 65 Timeless LE. An eye catching price that screams vintage chique.

  • Robyn B.

    My favourite is the Timeless Club Datum.

  • Joel Woodward

    My favorite of the Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Editions is the Nomos Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition. The subtly different shades of blue on the white dial stands out beautifully.

  • Gaz

    This is an awesome collaboration. A classic design from Nomos which promotes a cause that strives to give the sufferers more time, using a watch. The fact there is both a his and hers version is a reminder that this terrible cancer affects both men and women. Absolutely 100% support this !

    My favourite? Got to be the Timeless Bremont U2/T

  • John C

    My favorite is the Timeless Club II. Love the blue and yellow.

  • Edwin Ip

    The pink dash of color is subtle and yet clearly distinguish the watch out of the other normal Nosmo. Hope I will get a chance to wear(win) it, as it’s not available at where I lived (Singapore).

  • Greg Hall

    Love the white dial and roman numerals of the Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition

  • Fern

    This pair of watches. It doesn’t hurt that Nomos is a great brand but my wife was lucky enough to have detected her cancer early and have it treated.

  • Scott Huff

    My favorite Limited Edition is the Grand Seiko SBJE249! Wow, what a gorgeous watch! I hope to own one some day!

  • mawshin

    I would love to win the NBCF NOMOS CLUB CAMPUS 736.S2, the pink second hand stands out on the dark cali dial! My favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited edition would go to the grand seiko!

  • Dale Taylor

    this watch has strong and definitive relation to its objective and that is breast cancer and provides the wearer with courage in this ongoing fight and confidence that in wearing this watch the fight continues

  • Johnny Lee

    My favorite timeless edition watch is the Oris diver 65 timeless edition. Fingers crossed.

  • cicione barosanu

    Timeless Club II Red accent and Grand Seiko SBGE249 LE – 2 interesting choices. Very different, both in look and mechanism, but gorgeous and practical. Keep up the good job! 🙂

  • James D

    My favourite for sure is the Timeless Edition Oris 65 Diver. A really solid daily wear.

  • Bas Peperkamp

    I love the Grand Seiko spring drive SBGE249 LE the most, it’s a modern movement, great precision, lovely dial and the best details for the price!

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    My favorite is definitely the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight edition with gold accents! such a classy watch

  • gtbr

    my favorite was the Timeless Club II with the blue dial and red accents

  • ammar.mirascija

    Timeless Club Datum

  • sedgell

    Love the colors. My favorite is the timeless club datum

  • Krzysztof Jelski

    My favourite: Timeless Bremont U2/T. I deeply enjoy the design of this piece and it’s military feel.

  • Joseph Hemmer

    Timeless Club Orion Midnight has a beautiful color and I enjoy the simplicity of the design.

  • Yit Tee

    My favorite timeless edition watch is the NOMOS Timeless Lambda Limited Edition. It is a very unusual looking watch. Lets see if I get lucky for this year birthday. Thanks.

  • Jeremy Morgan

    My favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition watch is the Timeless Bremont U2/T. The blue hands are really stunning.

  • Ed Yu

    The pair looks great. Would be lovely if I were to win.

  • Usman Khalanthar

    Myself an wife want to have a watch pair. The dial is ideal for my hand. Normally we see mostly it is SWISS made. Germans are famous of their automobile industry and machinery. I would love to be a winnder 🙂

  • Milos

    My favorite is the Timeless Bremont U2/T.

  • Josh Graves

    I like that this pair of watches has a purpose beyond style accents. Overall my favorite Timeless special edition is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition.

  • Pilotwatches

    I love the discrete Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition

  • Dave

    My favorite is the Timesless Club Datum

  • Aaron From Austin

    I have immediate family members who have battled breast cancer and I love the theme of this watch. My favorite of the Timeless series have been the Damasko DA36 versions (DB1-) and the new Seiko SBGE249.

  • 0059mike

    my preferred timeless special addition is the green oris diver.

  • Roberto Guimaraes

    My favorite Timeless LE is the Bremont U2/T. The green Oris diver 65 comes close – wish they offered it in 42mm.

  • James Gonzalez

    I absolutely love the Orion the Midlinght edition! It’s simple, elegant, and everything German!

  • Dwight Baum

    My favorite Timeless special edition is that Oris 65. Love the bronze.

  • Mike Dea

    The Nomos Orion Midnight is a stunning watch and my favorite limited ed.

  • jimley815

    My favorite would have to be the Zenith Timeless Chronomaster, but they are all great watches!

  • Things Is Cool

    The Timeless Oris Sixty-Five is a personal favorite.

  • Art Leyenberger

    My favorite is the TIMELESS CLUB II – it’s modern yet classic and the overall aesthetic is cool.

  • Annaya Fischer

    My favorite so far has been the Damasko DA36!

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    My favorite Timeless LE is the Bremont U2/T.

  • cicciobraun

    I’ve always wanted a Nomos Doctors without borders edition, so it’s natural that I REALLY like this pair of watches!

  • Seweryn

    So far Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer (Zenith) beats all of them, my personal favorite.

  • Laura

    Without a doubt, the Timeless Lambda Limited Edition is my favorite. The minimalism balanced with creativity exhibited in this watch is an absolute piece of art !!!! There’s “balance” in how the face is set up, and the delicate thin lines of the watch hands on the deep blue dial certainly captures my attention.

    The gold, of course is lovely. However, I wish they made it in stainless steel to be more affordable. The design is just beautiful in every way.

  • Merrick Laravea

    These are really cool, but my favorite Timeless LE has to the the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT. It has everything I’m looking for in a watch

  • Xavier Brun

    What a great LE, and for a noble cause. That wins it all, for sure. But if I had to pick another LE, my choice would be the NOMOS ORION Midnight LE : this blue dial ! … does anybody needs another explanation ? 😉

  • Seth L

    Thus far my favorite has been the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition. I haven’t yet owned a spring drive watch, but this would be one to hold on to.

  • Mantro

    My choice is the Timeless Sixty-Five from Oris. Love the green dial.

  • Andy B

    Awesome!!!! I’m liking this colab. Kudos…

  • Robert Ritchie

    Damasko DB4.

  • Alexander Migus

    The Nomos Lambda limited edition is quite suave, and my favourite of the bunch.

  • Scott

    I would be glad to wear such a fine time piece, that supports such an important message

  • Desiree Grubbs

    The Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition is my favorite! My husband loves watches like these.

  • A. Ghafran

    I’m not really fond of Nomos but the Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition sure looks nice.

  • Aarone Mawdsley

    i like the timeless 65

  • Eric Torrente

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far is the Nomos Timeless Lambda Limited Edition, that blue dial is gorgeous!
    And I also really like this new NBCF one too!

  • Courtney Hodacs


  • Rindge Leaphart

    Great cause, great opportunity.

  • Tim Liu

    Love the Timeless Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer.

  • nickie burke

    My favorite is the Timesless Club Datum

  • Ad rock

    The timeless club II is nice, but the zenith pre-order looks really good too

  • Michael Ioannidis

    The new Tangente sports look great!!

  • Fabio Macias

    Good cause, beautiful watches

  • Nelson Bautista

    The blue against the white dial of the Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition just caught my eyes. Really stunning!

  • JC

    The Club II has got to be my favorite Timeless Nomos watch

  • Steve

    My choice is Timeless Club Datum, it’s simple and elegance to put it on my wrist.

  • Handk Andk

    The Damasko DB1 is a great pilot watch and my fave Timeless Lux Limited Edition. The blue hand is very distinctive.

    I really love the mix of Roman and Arabic numerals on the NBCF Nomos Club.

  • Bo Chen

    All nomos look rather nice but dare I say the grand seiko GMT with spring drive is the best?

  • Cristina Lim

    I’ll go for the Damasko DB2

  • mightywallen

    The Zenith’s Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer for sure. A classic chronograph design.

    That being said this Nomos has a great story to it.
    Having worked in a cancer organisation, you get to interact with people dealing with cancer everyday and get to learn a lot from them. Stressful environment, but seeing them be so hopeful and thankful for the services we provided makes it all worth it.

  • H F

    Zenith Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer.

  • warscourge

    I really like the Timeless Club Datum. It’s simple yet elegant with the blue face that I’ve always love.

  • Shane

    My favorite was the Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch.

  • arthur gusowski

    I would have to say that the Grand Seiko GMT is my favorite on so far but the Nomos Ludwigs blue hands and markers ont eh white face look amazing. Both have the blue and white theme which I like for its clean appearance.

  • gchahinian

    I like that Bremont U2/T, Looks super nice!

  • Elaine

    Love the new GS collaboration!

  • razvan briciu

    love laco flieger

  • Ben Matlock

    My favorite is the The Timeless Orion Midnight Edition, with the stainless accents. The gold accents are a very close second.

  • Bryan

    Love all the McClaren TagHeuer LE, particularly the Kirium one…it’s just great, really really great!

  • Jacob Chesser

    That NOMOS Orion Midnight is beautiful.

  • A-A

    My favorite is the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition in stainless. I wish Nomos made more watchers with blue faces.

  • Alf

    Agree with A-A’s post here. I also like the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition, however I prefer the gold accents. The contrast of the yellow gold and the deep blue dial adds an elegant detail.

  • geronimo

    Love them both, but specially the white Nomos to give to my girlfriend:)

  • Ng Jun Xiang

    Would love to have this pair of watches to commemorate my upcoming wedding. My favourite limited edition is the Nomos Orion midnight edition. Lovely dial 🙂

  • tsujigiri7

    My favorite is the Zenith Chronomaster!

  • equinoctialgale

    The Timeless Club Datum is really nice.

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I’m sure my wife would love if we had matching watches. No question the LAMBDA LIMITED EDITION is by far the most attractive. I love the delicate design and the gold is just beautiful.

  • Attalah Rizcala

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I would like de black one

  • AJ2300

    Great cause, make sure your friends and family get their mammograms done! This is actually my favorite timeless luxury collaboration, white dial with pink + pink is gorgeous

  • rodilin

    These two are pretty high up in the list but the Damasko DB3 would be my favorite of the bunch.

  • GalaxyGuy

    Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve always admired Nomos and I think Timeless is a first class retailer. Best of luck to all who have entered.

  • drwindsurf

    Thank you for this giveaway 🙂
    My favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition watch has to be the Gand Seiko SBGE249, the dial is just amazing.

  • ijg projects

    Awesome Cause, Awesome Brand, Awesome Nomos Designs!

  • My favorite Timeless Luxury Watch LE was the Nomus Club Datum (which I missed out on), with a close second being the Midnight Edition (bought and shipped to Nomos for regulation but stolen by a FedEx employee, last I heard). Would love to win these.

  • Babak Gholizadeh

    the best watch for minimal architects 😉

  • Charles Xi Jin Chan

    Sharing a nice couple watch with the girlfriend is every guy’s dream and even better for a good cause, bringing awareness of breast cancer to the public

  • Sean Stichbury

    I’ve always loved the nomos club campus as I’ve seen it as the perfect daily wearer, but that Zenith timeless chronomaster heritage is incredible and my favourite. I’ve wanted a zenith el primero for years but the subdial colours has never fully appealed to me, but that champagne dial brings the watch together for me.

  • Alex Shefferman

    I love the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight! These two watches are also amazing.

  • Zain Muzammil

    My wife and I have been eyeing on a couples watch. This will be an excellent addition to my collection and her first watch. Nomos has been making some exceptional timepices recently, but my favorite has to be the Oris Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition. Love the face and can’t go wrong with Oris. It’s an exceptional value for the money

  • Amy IeatGlue Gray

    My mom is a breast cancer survivor and I would love to gift her one of the great watches!!!

  • Doctor Ben

    The Nomos Orion Midnight looks really good.

  • Patrick Dooley

    WOW what an offer! I am fortunate to own the Timless Club date from a few years back. It is just a wonderful piece that is an anchor in my small but growing collection.

  • dr.alexandris

    Amazing giveway, thank you so much for this wonderful piece, i hope i will win. Btw, my favorite collection is by far the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition; a masterpiece watch from an amazing seller: Timeless Luxury Watches.

  • HoloTheRageWolf

    The Timeless Grand Seiko watch had to be one of the nicest watches featured. I really like the contrast between Arabic and Roman numerals on these two watches though, not sure if I have seen that done before!

  • Suad Bejtovic

    I really like that Campus 736.S2!

  • Alec Barrett

    I didn’t know about that Grand Seiko before, but wow

  • dskasak

    The Lambda is quite distinctive, and stands out from the rest of the Timeless collection.

  • Pack

    Lost my Wife on Breast Cancer and this would be a memory to hold and give to our Son and her Mother.

  • pawel debik

    From the Timeless collection I really like the look of the Damasko DB1. They just nailed the proportions of the hour and minute hand in relation to the case. And love that blue seconds hand!

  • T.j. Boyle

    The timeless Grand Seiko is really nice

  • Penfold

    My favorite is the Timeless Club II with yellow accents.

  • Herman Cheung

    The Timeless Grand Seiko is the true stand out. The finish on the GS is impeccable and the continuous sweep of the second hand allowed by the Spring Drive is mesmerising – a true reflection of the fluid passing of time.

  • Dave Naftolin

    It has to be the Timeless Grand Seiko for me. GS are just a cut above the rest. Although, the Nomos NBCF pair are also truly gorgeous and the cause fpr which they were created is close to my heart.

  • Lesley Miller

    I like the Timeless Grand Seiko the best!

  • Gal Sh

    The Nomos orion midnight with gold accent is my favorite. It is very classy.

  • Jun Chang

    Favourite is the GS SBGE249 Spring drive!

  • Glynn Reynolds

    Great giveaway

  • Leigh Marshall

    So sleek and timeless!

  • Cooper St. Pierre

    I love these watches! But my favorite is probably the NOMOS Timeless Club II.

  • Eiji Wolf

    Timeless Orion Midnight in gold is the most visually appealing to me.
    On the other hand, dial readability might be slightly compromised in unfavorable lighting conditions.

  • David A Goldberg

    My favorite Timeless Limited Edition is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition.

  • AustinTT

    I love the pink seconds hand on the dark blue dial.

  • Matthew Davis

    The topic of this watch is near and dear to my heart, as my grandmother fought and ultimately was taken by breast cancer. Taken into account the staggering numbers of those who are affected by this, I am sure my sentiments are not alone. Aside from nomos being a wonderful brand and one of my favorite designs I’d have to say my favorite….aside from this one for the obvious reasons, is Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition with the white dial and blue accents, I find the overall design of that watch stays true with the minimal nature I have come to adore about the brand. The in house movement and German craftsmanship make watches like nomos and Junghans all so timeless and functional.

  • Xavier Higuera

    I love this watch, and love the blog, hope to win this.

  • Ana B

    Timeless design, LOVE LOVE LOVE the caseback design for the National Breast Cancer Foundation! My favorite watch would be Timeless Lambda Limited Edition, so classy!

  • disqus_eXd90knWTI

    That men’s watch just made my knees quiver and buckle for a microsecond. Is that weird?
    I do hope that we will be together someday…after I win it. LOL

  • Enrique Montfort

    Orion midnight blue is just so clean, simple and ellegant…

  • Graeme Pang

    I have to say the Nomos Lambda has to be a favourite. Gold is not usually a go to colour for me on watches but that colour pairing with the design of the power reserve and watch hands is rather elegant whilst still legible

  • Orna Soref

    My favourite is the Seko watch

  • Ron Mills

    Tough tough tooouuugh choice. But for my taste for an everyday watch I’d have to go with the NBCF Nomos Club Campus.

  • J_ Adams

    The Damasko DB2! These two watches are a handsome pair, I’ll be thrilled if I win them.

  • Greg

    I’m a sucker for a GMT movement and the Snowflake is a beautiful piece by itself. Put the two together and hands down my favourite has the be the GS SBGE249

  • Greg

    It’s got to be the Snowflake GMT, hands down my favourite

  • Joe

    My favourite so far is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 with Blizzard dial.

  • AesopSC

    By far, the Bremont U2/T.

  • Kris A.

    I really enjoyed the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition. Seiko traditionally doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, though true collectors appreciate Grand Seiko. I especially liked the GMT complication and silver Blizzard dial.

  • Wei Song

    My favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition will be the Omega 1957 Speedmaster. Tastefully done, with a well restrained design cues and dimensions.

  • Nicolaj Nissen

    My favorite is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. Different, and yet still classic.

  • Chemenger

    I’m torn between the Nomos Lambda and the Grand Seiko

  • Enrico Maschio

    I’m just a sucker for Nomos, that I’d go for the Timeless Club II

  • Graham Landry

    This would be a wonderful pair of Christmas gifts for me and my wife. As a cancer survivor myself, the cause is the icing on top. Thanks Timeless, ablogtowatch, and Nomos for this drawing.

  • Alex Leaton

    Damasko do not get the credit they deserve. I’ve owned mine for 3 years and there isn’t a single scratch or mark on the case. I’d love to have the DB2 in my collection!

  • Luciano Espirito Santo

    Great brand, grat pair.

  • The Zenith A273, absolutely gorgeous. Design elements & inspiration taken from the 1960s original show how timeless it has been. A classic.

  • Charles Wong

    The pink second hand really highlights the watches

  • JC

    The original Timeless Club Datum… but this NBCF & the Timeless Club II (yellow) are close.

  • Josh

    Would love to try and convince my girlfriend to care about watches as much as I do…this would be a great start!

  • Rishabh Lodha

    It HAS to be the Timeless Oris Sixty-Five! One of the most beautiful dive watches in my opinion. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Volker Rose

    Easy choice: The Zenith Chronometer.
    If I had to choose another one, it would be one of the Damasko watches. That are some great quality watches.

  • Ridley Collins

    Nomos! ?

  • Malek Audi

    Probably the original Nomos Timeless Club (nice and simple) or the Zenith Timeless Chronomaster Heritage…I think i’ll have to go with the Zenith if I had to choose one.

  • Laszlo Haffner

    Nomos Club Campus His & Hers Pair for sure!

  • Anuj Jayakar

    The Timeless Bremont is gorgeous! The larger Club Campus might be its equal though and its for a great cause.

  • Norton Yeung

    This pair wins the crown for me, simply because of the worthy cause and the subtle and perfectly executed ‘HAVE HOPE’ text. But if you discount those two elements, then I would choose the Nomos Club Datum. I’ve been waiting for a date complication on the Club for a while actually!

  • Alexander Gomez

    Awesome nomos watches – Timeless Club Datum is my favorite limited editon watch from Timlessluxury

  • Alexander Gomez

    Timeless Club Datum, this is my favorite limited edition Nomos

  • disqus_DIKuzkHg4B

    My favorite is the Zenith Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer

  • Mohamed Hassan

    Am big fan of patek fillip but nomos is so sleek and smooth love it nice watch.i like the dial Size cause it’s not big great jo

  • Benny Nem

    Grand Seiko!!!

  • alex

    my favourite is the Nomos Timeless Club
    good luck to everyone

  • blasdiaz _

    i pick this collab between Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition and Nomos to be my favorite. Its for a good cause. Design wise, it maintains the clean lines of the club campus, with a refreshing color palette. good job Timeless Luxury Watches.

  • Stan Litvin

    This is very nice Timeless watches for her and him.

  • Jan Ove Larsen

    My favorite is for sure the TIMELESS CLUB DATUM. I purchased one after reading about it at A Blog to Watch and have been very satisfied with my watch ever since. My wife and daughters would love to have one, and this combo giveaway would fit any family member.
    Good luck with your work for a good cause!

  • Joshua A.

    My favorite is probably the Timeless Oris Sixty-Five followed closely by the NBCF Nomos Club Campus with the white dial. You can’t beat that green/gold/black of the Oris, but that white dial with the pink and purple accents of the Nomos is also something quite special that you rarely see.

  • Joshua A.

    My favorite is probably the Timeless Oris Sixty-Five followed closely by the White dial version of the NBCF Nomos Club Campus. Hard to pick a favorite between the classic black/green/gold combo of the Oris versus the classy white/pink/purple accents of the Nomos. I really dig ‘em both! And you gotta appreciate the good cause the Nomos is going towards. Thanks for the giveaway y’all!

  • sonnetdog

    I’ve always liked Seiko watches and the Grand Seiko SBGE249 is really nice looking

  • b roberts

    Love the look of both watches. The color schemes are great looking. NOMOS should get more notoriety than it does.

  • grobbins09

    My favorite timeless is the Zenith TIMELESS CHRONOMASTER HERITAGE CHRONOMETER. I have always been a fan of Zenith watches!

  • Fireturnip

    There are many solid options but the Timeless Bremont U2/T gets my vote.

  • Gertjan Wesselingh

    Good looking watches they are indeed. Most favorite of the Timeless luxury limited watches is the Timeless Lamba limited edition.

  • Mark Great

    My favorite is the new Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition.

  • Ryan

    My favorite this far has to be the Omega Speedmaster Professional Dark Side of the Moon. Cheers all!

  • Kelly O’Neal

    The Blizzard Dial and Spring Drive Movement make the Grande Seiko my favorite.

  • David N Atkinson

    The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is so clean and elegant but I think in the end the Oris Sixty-Five just edges it.

  • David Griffiths

    I like the simplicity and clean design of all the Nomos designs, but the Timeless Ludwig is my favourite! If I won the BCF editions my partner and I would wear them with pride in memory if those we have known who have fought this condition.

  • scottymagoo

    My favourite is this one! The men’s NBCF Campus. Always been a fan of the Campus and glad to see it supporting such a good cause.

  • Angus D

    My favorite would have to be the Timeless Club II with the yellow accents.

  • My favorite watch so far is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition

  • I was already following on Facebook, but you have a new follower on Instagram as well as following Timeless Luxury Watches on Instagram.

  • Kristine Ostle


  • Ben Kast


  • Chris W

    The Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition, for sure

  • Dennis Wong

    Favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far is the Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition. Blizzard dial + GMT + Spring Drive… what a combo!

  • Dennis Wong

    Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition favorite so far!

  • kamal rai

    Damasko DB2 is interesting.

  • J-Dec

    They are absolutely beautiful watches!

  • J-Dec

    They are absolutely stunning.

  • U?is Ho?avko

    As I have been a huge fan of Nomos creations for many years my favorite from Timeless collection would be Timeless Lambda Limited Edition.

  • michelle

    Of all the watches, I like Timeless Club Datum. It’s personal preference more than anything…I like the dial.

  • Talgat

    30th of November is my birthday =)

  • J1077

    Nomos are an underated watch company! Simple yet elegant.

  • Andreas Haaland

    I can’t decide, it is either the sixty-five or the orion midnight ?.

  • Danae Johnson

    Thrilled to read about the NBCF Nomos Club Campus watches & how they support such a great cause!

    • Annika Johnson


  • Michael

    Great watches. As to my favorite Timeless limited edition that’s tough. They have made some great designs. I’d probably have to go with the Orion midnight with the gold hands. A very close second would be the Seiko SBGE249

  • obnay

    Nomos always does a fantastic job with colours

  • Stephanie La Plante

    My favorite is the Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer Pre-Order.

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I like you on Facebook – Stephanie LaPlante

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I follow timeless luxury on Instagram – @stephy905

  • David Daniel Trevino

    I totally adore the Oris Diver’s 65. The dial combined with the two toned bezel is awesome..

  • Christopher Gund

    My favorite is the Nomos Orion Midnight. Liked on FB.

  • Armaan Ujra

    Great collaboration!
    Personally, i would go for the Nomos Lambda Timeless Edition. the gold and blue theme is sublime!

  • J1077

    Nomos are an underrated brand! My favorite is the Nomos Lambda!

  • David

    It’s nice to have a few watches where you just have to set the time and go. Sometimes when I am in a hurry in the morning, the watch that is easy to set, or is already set gets worn. Nomos has made a very stylish cancer awareness watch and the pink accents are not overdone.

  • Alexander Borgul

    What an impressive choice of Timeless collabs, hard to pick one. Yet the Grand Seiko SBGE249 together with current Nomos appeal to me most.

  • Nick Gangi

    The SBGE249 is by far my favorite Timeless LE.

  • Annika Johnson

    I love the gray NBCF Nomos Club watch!! It truly looks timeless!

  • Thasgolas

    I like them all!

  • ampoker

    This NOMOs watch is by far my favorite out of the Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition. I like their simple designs.

  • Richard Baptist

    My favorite timeless luxury edition is their Zenith Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer. First of all it’s a zenith with no overlapping subdials!! Rare on a Zenith, there is also no date – another plus in my book. I love the fact that the dial is a sunburst – not white but a kind of cream looking dial with the blued hands just make the dial look alive. I also like how the subdials are printed on the existing dial and not a different color – like most versions. Also not a lot of printing of words on the dial just Zenith and the star, well ok a tiny “swiss made” at the bottom of the dial. The minute subdial also has the marks that were used to time calls – like the vintage Angelus Chronodato watches. Also a clear case back to see the lovely El Primero movement – adjusted to chronometer standards. This is one of my favorite versions of the El primero because it’s like a vintage watch with new build quality. Alas I can’t afford it and they are very rare with only 25 made. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop now.

  • leiweiyen

    great watch for a great cause!! I will say, my favorite Timeless watch is the original Timeless Club Datum though. Love the movement in that and the lume!

  • SteveA95

    A hard decision to make! My favourite Timeless limited edition watch is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. Simplicity and elegance.

  • Grace Slattery Johnson

    The NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 is my favorite! I love how this classy time piece was designed with a two fold purpose. One to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Second the pretty pink second-hand is an excellent reminder for women to get their annual mammograms in a “timely” manner. NOMOS could be an acronym for Never Omit Mammograms Or Sonograms. Both screenings detect breast cancer!

  • Michael Patterson

    Sadly, I have not had the good fortune to own a Timeless Luxury Watch. I do love the clean look.

  • Sam

    The grand seiko sgbe249 stands out for me, I prefer a metal strap to a leather one.
    All truly great watches and all out of my financial reach

  • Dinu Bilhend

    Hi, in my opinion, the bi-directionally rotating red rotor, the in-house calibres, the beautifull history, and the decision of making only mechanical watches, they make that ORIS TIMELESS LUXURY WATCHES LIMITED EDITION would be my choice.
    I also like verry much this pair of watches from NOMOS that are created special for this cause, they are an work of art, and the support they offer makes them priceless.

  • Jorge D’Onofrio

    I like the subtle color touches of the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 736.S2

  • Ronan Collett

    Two gorgeous watches for an incredible cause. Nomos is once again showing the world that it is a company that places form and function on equal footing. If I had to pick a favourite Timeless limited edition of theirs it would have to be the Lambda. The midnight blue and gold dial makes it one of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen. The fact that there are only 8 in existence propels it in further towards the stuff of legend.

  • Sandra


  • Scott Kree

    Thank you to Nomos Glashutte for supporting a noble cause in the subject of breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer has affected many wonderful women in my life and it nice to see that a premier brand of wristwatch time-telling is partaking in the cause. Thanks to A Blog To Watch for supporting Nomos vision in this giveaway.

  • Jacob Itamar Cohen

    I really like the Nomos Glashutte Lambda limited edition.

  • Tomas

    I quite like these watches, I may just be me being me, but I would like to see vintage dome on crystal. And handwound movement is always welcomed.

  • JRome

    The dressy classic appeal of the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer speaks to my soul. I am head over heels in love with the El Primero; the overlapping sub dials are so eye catching. But, I have to say that this limited edition Chronomaster has such a clean elegant dial, but yet sporty appearance and a perfect case size, that I would wear it for every occasion. I do believe I would never take it off, and I could see myself passing it on to my son when my time comes… because let’s be honest, it is the only way he would ever get it off of my wrist!

  • keen hoong SI hoo

    always like nomos for the minimalist design with little pop of colour and perfect with the in house manual movement. no doubt that club campus is one of the best introductory watch into luxury watch world

  • Shivadas Glass

    Oh, it would be so nice to have washes of that quality. I appreciate the opportunity to enter.

  • Pearl U.

    Beautiful watches for an important cause, I really like the Nomos watch. My mother died of a different cancer and we need to eradicate this disease once and for all! Thank you for having this giveaway.

  • steven

    For sure have to donate the pink and white one to a local cancer fundraising org, keep the blue one for myself of course. Always had a thing for the simplicity of Nomos.

  • David

    My favorite was the blue nomos club with the yellow markers

  • Josiah Henley

    Awesome, I love this. The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is amazing! I’d love to give this to my wife who’s lost family to breast cancer and helped me beat colon cancer. She’s a saint!

  • JopSmith

    It has to be the rugged Timeless Bremont U2/T for me.

  • Swolelax

    My favorite was the Damasko DB2.

  • Pro-f-sor

    I like the Nomos Lambda limited edition.

  • Lemuel

    For me it is the NBCF Nomos Glashutte -736.S2. It was nice to see that sub-second hand in pink color. Totally unique and rarely to have seen it in other watches from other brands. Pink was the color used for breast cancer awareness and having hope for the future… Totally great that Timeless had its support for the foundation. Truly remarkable. Some guys might don’t like the watch and fear wearing a shade of pink in their watches. But, for me tough guys wear pink ?

  • leanne

    I love the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 . It is simple but so elegant , lovely .

  • Andrew Chan

    Any Grand Seiko for me!

  • Lc

    This is my favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition, so far, as this cause is dear to my heart.

  • sack ann

    my favourite timeless edition so far is the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. simply stunning!

  • jordan keith

    Really like the SBGE249 Grand Seiko they did. But these two take the cake. I love how they both work so well with the pink!!

  • Thomas Wysong

    Great looking watches!

  • Joe Platz

    Love these. Think the SBGE249 is my fav collaboration.

  • Maxime Bolzer

    Beautiful giveaway for a very beautiful cause.
    My favorite Timeless is the Zenith chronomaster heritage 🙂

  • SamcoSVK

    Wow, I’ve never heard about them, but I absolutely adore NOMOS and these limited editions are absolutely stunning. I have to say these ones are the best, maybe even the ladies version a tad better for how minimalistic, but still striking it is. And for sending the important message.

  • Art L.

    A cool watch representing a cool cause.

  • Katarina

    Love the fact you guys do this. Not enough companies taking part in giving back if you ask me and fantastic partnership with one of my favorite brands! My favorite collab Timeless has done is probably the midnight blue NOMOS Orion. Just simply beautiful!! Good luck to everyone!!

  • Curtis

    I love the idea for a his and hers, well done and subtle. My favorite Timeless collaboration is the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage. I love that they went with a no date variant, 38mm size, and a sunray dial. It’s understated and those blue hand accents against the champagne dial are excellent.

  • Sean Tan

    The his is so dope with a simple pink second hand and the her is just plain cute. Lovely set from Nomos and great charity initiative!

  • Deb

    Thanks Timeless for the giveaway, very thoughtful. And from such a great brand. I would keep the blue for myself (one of my favorite colors) and give the second to my cousin who beat cancer. It’s easy to support good causes.

  • Dean Dsilva

    The watches are beautiful but whats more amazing is how a good cause can make a watch look even better!
    My girlfriend and I would love to wear these two amazing timepieces! I think she would especially love to match with the his and hers pieces!
    My favorite Timeless Limited Edition would definitely be the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage, something about the champagne dial feels so elegant.

  • John Chapdelaine

    Wow, these are stunning! And for such an important cause. Just about everyone has been affected by this terrible disease, so good on Nomos for doing this. I’d have to say my favorite timeless watch is the Orion Neomatik 41 in midnight blue.

  • Andrew

    Great idea for a giveaway, and for a great cause.

  • jarrett

    Definitely the Grand Seiko

  • Fastbikesandtoomuchcoffee

    My favorite so far has been Grand Seiko. I am a big fan of Nomos though.

  • Valer Ious

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches so far is the Oris Timeless Sixty-FiveLimited Edition

  • Lozza22

    My favourite so far has to be the Timeless Bremont U2/T. Beautiful and subtle like these two Nomos Club Campus pieces

  • Russell DeJulio

    I have always loved the clean Bauhaus design of Nomos timepieces Also it is fantastic that Germany has resurrected its watch industry after its destruction during WW2 !

  • Claus Hoerandner

    The Oris 65 limited edition is pretty nice looking!

  • Freddie H

    Timeless Luxury has been killing it with their collaborations with NOMOS! The blue dials and gold accents on the LAMBDA and ORION have been classy and stunning, and the CLUB II with the vibrant yellow accents along side the white really brings out the sportiness of the watch.

    What a beautiful cause to partner up with. Excited for the chance to get my wife into the watch world. Keep up the amazing work!

  • James Dillon

    Looks like a great pair of watches for a great cause.

  • AC

    I love the Timeless Club II. The yellow accents really makes the watch a standout.

  • Huseyin Emrem

    Definitely Nomos Club Campus versions.
    They look simple, elegant and they are serving a good cause, NBCF.
    Inhouse movement system is alwas a plus!

  • Jimmy Iu

    definitely a nomos tangente easily able to dress up and go casual

  • Russell DeJulio

    I forgot to add my favorite timeless review to properly enter the watch giveaway – I loved the article on the limited edition Tag Heuer Monacos’ and hope to buy one early next year Can you please add this to my comment about the pair of beautiful Nomos watches so I am entered Thank you !

  • SH

    Really nice his and hers contrasting watches. Almost my favourite Timeless limited edition but still really like the Nomos Timeless lambda limited edition.

  • CG78

    I never have Nomos before, but this model looks very well

  • TicTocGoesClock

    Nomos Timeless Lambda for sure.
    Aesthetically immaculate, a power reserve that is enviable and named after my favorite mathematical greek letter. ‘Nuff said.

  • LW

    You can’t go wrong with any of the Timeless limited editions, but my favorite is either the Club II (love the yellow seconds hand) or the midnight blue Orion. Thank you Nomos and Timeless for supporting NCBF!

  • Ed

    I am a sucker for the white dial with blue indices. The way the Timeless Ludwig model executed this colorway somehow captured the perfect balance of vintage and modern!

  • Oktavius S Subagyo

    my favorite is nomos timeless lambda but this nomos club campus is awesome too

  • Ignacio

    Loved both watches….

  • Ignacio

    Loved all types of watches…..

  • Aytahn Benavi

    A lovely pair of watches. The color depth of Nomos dials once again ahead of the game. My favorite timeless edition is still the midnight blue Orion. It is as close to design perfection as watches come.

  • Jay S

    I have to say, these club campus watches are beautiful. I love the hits of pink and the mixed arabic and roman numerals on the dial. Great idea in support of breast cancer. Aside from these, my next favourite timeless watch might be the Lambda edition – really nice, subdued dial design. Stunning.

  • Michael Bell

    That Zenith is beautiful.

  • Sárándi Attila

    My favourite piece from the list is the Timeless Club II Yellow. Its simple and gorgeous at the same time and that’s why I like it so much.

  • Mike B

    Not easy to choose – a lot of beautiful watches here! My favorite is the Nomos NBCF 736.S2. Not only is it a beautiful watch, it supports a worthy cause and refers to it on the dial in a subtle and elegant way.

  • Nick D.

    The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition has to be my favourite piece from Timeless. I simply love that simple yet mesmerizing dial and the overall sophisticated look.

  • Isaac Sab

    My favorite is the Timeless Club Datum with red accents. It is simple, clean and easy to read. An elegant and a no nonsense watch. Great watch all around. However this club campus might just beat it. The subtle pink accents are a really nice addition and the mixed numerals are a fun inclusion into the watch design. Love the fact that it is a breast cancer awareness edition.

  • Matt Gerbe

    My personal favorite is the Timeless Club II. That blue dial with yellow accents just nails it. Plus, I am a University of Michigan alum, so that color combo holds a special place. My wife and I were hoping to get his and hers watches for our 2nd anniversary!

  • Ted Carmody

    My wife is a cancer survivor and a newly converted watch nerd. This would be an amazing gift for us. I’ve tried on this watch a few times back when she was going through chemo and we definitely were not in the position to be buying any watches and I always thought one day when were on the other side of cancer, this would be a watch I would buy. So great opportunity and a killer set of watches. Good Luck to everyone!!

  • Nikhil Edward

    The Timeless Club II with red accents. Stunning design.

  • LarryTyler

    All of the Club models are good looking watches. I lost my mom to breast cancer after she put up a long, brave fight, so I’d proudly wear this watch in remembrance.

  • Adam Littman

    While I do love this month’s watches and I would totally wear the pink and white one if it were larger, out of all the Timeless Luxury watches, I really like the Timeless Bremont U2/T. It has a bit of a military look that I like. Thst is one I could wear every day.

  • Louis

    I already have a very special person in mind if I receive these two watches! Having been raised with a lot of women in my family, breast cancer is a big deal for us!

  • Filip Dragicevic

    The Zenith would be my choice

  • Ricki Giorgi

    My favourite luxury is the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Trave Time. Distinctly luxury and distictly useful. Featured in the article “Top 10 watches travelling (

    (But I would not mind a Nomos at all 🙂 )

  • Alexey Petrov

    Timeless Club Datum! I adore it!

  • Agisilaos

    I loveee iiitt!. I waaaantt ittt

  • tiffany dayton

    I love them!. One for me and my husband.

  • Eduardo Picado

    Timeless Club Datum

  • Harjaap Singh

    Great initiative. Favourite watch is the Marathon GSAR.

  • Juho Lausmaa

    My absolute favorite of all the timeless limited editions is the Nomos Timeless Lambda model. It’s such a classy watch and I love the contrast between the gold and the blue dial 🙂

  • Christian Treuren

    I really like the SBGE249 with the orgasmic sweep ?

  • Hunter

    I love the watch! I was in Nomos company in person when traveling to Glashütte. It produces magnificent time pieces!

  • Alexandre Disez

    I hope to be able to carry this message high and wide on my wrist !
    TIMELESS NOMOS ORION MIDNIGHT EDITION is a beautifull timepiece.

  • konstantinos leontis

    The timeless club datum,crisp design for the special occasions!

  • Emre Bülbül

    I think this pair is my favorite because of what it represents.

  • Yibu Wu

    My favorite has to be the Nomos Club Campus 708.S2! I absolutely love pink and the size pairs well with my small wrists. Watches always remind us to be wary of our time, which sometimes those with breast cancer may be painfully aware of.

  • Andy Parker

    My cousin is currently undergoing reconstructive surgery after a two year battle with the Big C. These would be a gift for her – one to keep and the other to auction to raise money for awareness and help save lives in the future.
    If I had to pick a fave Timeless colab, it would probably be the manual 65 Diver although that Club Dunkel was super-cool too!

  • Alisa

    I like the campus 708 S2 the most <3 i hope I will win the watch!!

  • Jacob Rapp

    It wasn’t an easy choice since there was a lot beautiful watches there, but i actually think that the takes the top spot NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2, absolutely stunning!

  • Tomasz

    These are the best. My favorite so far was NOMOS’ own TIMELESS CLUB II.

  • Alfred Wienand

    My favourite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition watch is the timeless Lambda. I simply love the combination of the rose gold case and the blue dial. Also the movement is just beautifully finished.

  • Josef Blecha

    My favorite Is Timeless Club II Red. Beutiful color combination.

  • Anders Hansen

    Love it, and my favorite Timeless special has to be the Club Timeless II.

  • Floris van der Veer

    For myself, the Timeless Club II is my favourite. But these two I would actually like to gift to two people very close to me, who lost someone to breast cancer recently.

  • loshithasamod

    Dream watch! NBCF Club Campus 736.S2

  • Carlos Delgado

    736.S2 is my favorite timeless edition ever!!
    Would love to win

  • Ek

    Hard to choose one favorite but I’m going with the Lambda Limited Edition!

  • Michiel

    My favorite timeless limited edition is the Timeless Club II. I simply love the club line from Nomos and this limited edition is a beautiful addition to that line!

  • Jonas Rønne Løkkegaard

    My mother once struggled with breast cancer and thankfully won the battle but she still have to be tested biannually
    She went into a long enduring aftermath due to the chemo and a variety of treatments.

    It would be cool to win a such important watch

    My favorite so far is the Club Datum

  • Ruth

    NBCF Nomos Club Campuses are my favorite by far! Such a classic style and an amazing cause. My mom’s a breast cancer survivor and I’d love to win this for her <3

  • Andreas Schwaeger

    Thats a hard bunch to pick a favorite. But the Timeless Orion Midnight has a special place in my heart. I love the timeless design and that stunning sunburst dial.

  • David Bauer

    Timeless Club II with yellow accents.

  • Shay Buziashvili

    Ohhh buy. I’m definitely a child watch guy (even though I can’t afford one). Hence my favorite work would be the TIMELESS LAMBDA LIMITED EDITION. It’s an absolutely bona fide beauty.

  • Elaine Bao

    I am personally a big fan of the timeless Ludwig, the blue and white combo is amazing.

  • Yeo Shan Jin

    The ‘have hope’ text is a very nice touch! I own a watch by nomos and I applaud their efforts in giving to the community. From doctors without borders to NBCF, thank you Nomos! 736.s2 is definitely my favorite!

  • Jonathan

    Ludwig Limited Edition – love it!

  • Jia Qi

    My favorite Timeless Limited Edition watch has to be the Grand Seiko SBGE249. I love it and ordered one for myself!

  • Kat

    Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition – so beautyful…

  • Kendall Tull

    While this is a great watch for a very worth cause, my favourite Timeless special edition has to be the Grand Seiko SBGE249. A spring drive GMT with a beautiful blizzard dial – what more can you want?

  • Bettie Apple

    I like the
    NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2 most

  • David Whitehead

    Personally it’s the Nomos Club Campus 736.S2.
    Something great about a Cali dial ?

  • Daniel Wertheimer

    The 736.S2 is gorgeous! Would love to wear this and support the cause.

  • Maria

    Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition, because less is more ?

  • Oliver Whitehead

    My favourite is the Nomos Timeless Lambda, closely followed by the Ludwig. Although I love this pair due to what they symbolise

  • T G

    Hard, but I like the NOMOS ‘RED DOT’ LIMITED EDITION ZÜRICH WORLD TIME FOR SINGAPUR. It’s a masterpiece!

  • Luke Shannon

    My favorite is the timeless club II. Nomos is one of my favorite brands ever, and I’ve had my eye on the club campus for a while. This year marks my 10th anniversary of being cancer free after a battle in high school and with my grandma recently passing from it, this cause only makes me admire them more. Beautifully done. Best of luck to everyone here and congratulations to whoever the recipient(s) of these watches are!

  • Tim Zolandz

    Hard to choose a favorite – but it would be the midnight Orion.

    Thank you for your support for Breast cancer. My sister in law is now fighting her second battle with it.

  • Mike Jenkins

    Love all of the clubs, but especially the hand wounds.

  • Koen Oost

    Timeless club datum definitely my favorite from the limited editions so far! ?

  • Anas

    Awareness transcends through time ?

  • James Prewitt

    Great cause! I’m torn on a favorite between the Lambda and Orion Midnight Edition – love a blue dial!

  • Ran Jones

    Love the subtle pink seconds hand on the mens!

  • joye t

    Always wanted to gift my husband with a quality watch. He is so giving to others that it would be wonderful show how much he matters to all of us.

  • kurti

    Tough choice, but I’d go with the Nomos Timeless Club Datum.

  • Marios

    Love the blue dial !

  • Yakzal Mercado

    I love what NOMOS is doing here, but my prefered limited edition so far is the Grand Seiko SBGE249!

  • Brian To

    My favorite aunt was just diagnosed a few months ago and has been going through treatment now. Great work and beautiful watches. I’m very partial to the Grand Seiko SBGE249.

  • Amy Holland

    For sure the Timeless Oris Sixty-Five ?

  • Noah

    Glad to see charitable outreach! The battle against cancer must tick on. Many lovely selections- I love the design on these two campus clubs, and the Orion Midnight silver is beautiful as well.

  • Rob C

    These two are my favourite so far!

  • Ivan Sanchez

    I love the Grand Seiko limited edition GMT. Can’t afford one now but one day I hope to own a Grand Seiko GMT.

  • TylerMcGlade

    For me it’s gotta be the Oris Sixty Five … absolutely love that green dial!!

  • Michael Brandon

    My favorite limited edition watch has to be the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight. Both versions are stunning!

  • Mateusz Adamczyk

    Great watches for a great cause. My favorite Timeless limited edition is NBCF Nomos Club Campus 736.S2

  • Ryan B

    I’m a big fan of the Clubs in general, so I have to go with the Timeless Clubs. But it’s hard to go wrong with any of the NOMOS Timeless editions.

  • Scott DeRegy

    Lovely pieces, I’d wear the ladies version every day of the week. My picks would be these or the Oris divers 65. Thanks for the charitable activities. Cool luck everyone!

  • Alex Kawczynski

    The mixed numerals look great

  • Eric Reichert

    I absolutely love the Oris Sixty-Five. That does not mean the others are bad choices.

  • Benjamin Ambiel

    The special edition club campus is by far the most beautiful watch

  • Daniela Guzman

    I think all Nomos watches are stunning so it’s a hard one…but if I had to choose I would say the Lamda is my favourite!

  • Robin

    I would have to say that the Nomos is my favorite so far. White and pink numerals, so unusual.

  • James

    I actually think the pair of NBCF Nomos Club Campuses are my favourite limited editions. They’re both beautiful and would give the lucky winner a chance to share them with their significant other while celebrating a very important cause!

  • The best is Timeless Bremont U2/T

  • I really like the Timeless Bremont U2/T

  • Martin Chang

    Fantastic and fantastic cause. My family has been touched by breast cancer as have some good friends. Note that breast cancer doesn’t only affect females. Men, do your part as well.

  • Vicente Oyhenard

    Fantastic collaboration! Congratulations in creating a beautiful timepiece that can spread awareness to a super important cause…

    My favorite limited edition is definetly the NOMOS Lambda Limited Edition, that Blue dial with the gold case is such a beaut!

  • Michael Tedesco

    The Timeless Club II is my favourite.

  • Alexyz

    I absolutely love the midnight Orion

  • bob breitman

    I rly loved the bremont U2/t !!

  • Mohammed Nahhas

    My favourite timeless luxury edition is the nomos orion blue dial and specifically the one with the gold indices

  • Sultan Alsarra

    My favorite timeless limited editions are these Nomos shown and the Grand Seiko blizzard gmt limited edition.

  • Ivan

    I think my favorite so far is the Timeless Grand Seiko!

  • Andrew Thomas

    I loved the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight – that clean sunburst dial and simple indices makes it a modern classic. Love Nomos!

  • shindz

    Nomos Club Datum is the best IMO.<

  • jgbbxl


  • Irfan Bhuiyan

    Mine has to be the first club datum they did with Nomos, splendid indeed!

  • Lukáš Kamenický

    My favorite is the Oris Sixty-Five with the green dial.

  • Frederick Lau

    The Timeless Club II with yellow accents is by far my favourite!

  • Amd

    My favoutite one is the Timeless Club Datum.
    And i got a mustasch

  • Dries Van Houtte

    Close call with the timeless Lambda limited edition, but as my favorite I’d have to say the timless nomos orion midnight edition.

  • J Moore

    Grand Seiko is tops on my list…such value and heritage. Nomos is on my list for certain…!

  • Jeremy Ee

    I love the Nomos Timeless Club II with the yellow accents ! The blue dial and the yellow accents makes for a killer combo !

  • b roberts

    both of the NBCF watches are beautiful. As a man, I would wear both of them… But of course, i’d have to give one to my wife as not to be seen as greedy 🙂

  • Tan Yee Hou

    I’ve been eyeing a many Nomos (Nomi?) for ages, but never got round to saving up for one.

    It’ll be really nice to have this for my partner as she was just promoting a breast cancer awareness event at work. She’s so passionate about her work!

  • Hallo_NL

    Wow. What a great special edition for such an amazing cause! Thanks for doing the giveaway. My favorite special edition so far is the limited Lambda. Good luck to all of you!

  • Joe Magpantay

    Grand seiko for me!

  • Yong xu xian

    Of course the Timeless Club Datum! Just my dream to have a Nomos on my wrist.

  • Matthew Liu

    I love the Timeless Lambda. Been wishing for a Nomos watch a long time now!

  • James McDonald

    Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition

  • My favorite was the Timeless Club Datum — such a nice piece! These are equally as stunning. Fingers crossed…

  • Sam Forsyth

    I think the latest Nomos NBCF watch with the blue dial is the best edition yet.

  • kovyrshin

    I think Timeless Club II with yellow is my fav. I got Automat in 40mm but I’m eyeing this one all the time: it’s a bit smaller and will wear better.

  • James Havens

    What a wonderful Giveaway! Any chance to bring awareness to the real struggle where time is the most precious thing we have, I am game. After watching my friend Kelly fight stage 4 and win many battles until the clocked stopped, this thing called cancer, something we don’t fully understand needs a real cure. Today my daughters mother is fighting cancer, and it has been filled with wins and losses as it always is. Keep close those you love, and tell them how much you do love them and do not give up the fight. Well beyond this very special edition from Timeless, my favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition was the Orion Midnight Edition with gold accents.

  • James Havens

    What a wonderful Giveaway! Any chance to bring awareness to the real struggle, where time is the most precious thing we have I am game. After watching my friend Kelly fight stage 4, and win many battles until the clocked stopped against this thing called “cancer”, something we don’t fully understand and needs a real cure. Today my daughters mother-in-law is fighting cancer, and it has been filled with wins and losses as it always is. Keep close those you love, and tell them how much you do love them and do not give up the fight. Well, beyond this very special edition from Timeless & NBCF, my favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition was the Orion Midnight Edition with gold accents.

  • w0zz3ck
  • Darryl Halim

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition so far will be the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 38.5mm. Nomos club 38 has been one of my favorite entry level luxury watch. I like the navy dial and the small touch on “have hope” letters on the dial. I think it makes the watch unique. I love the fact that it came in 2 variants for his and her. A perfect couple watch in my opinion.

    • Justin Eric

      Amazing feedback

  • Justin Eric

    My favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition would have to be the Timeless Club II by Nomos. The 38.5mm case that is used on the Club Date models is outstanding as it is very slick and slim. With the missing date window, I feel like it enhances the watch elegance.

  • Charles Anderson

    My absolute favourite has to be the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition w/ gold accents. That deep blue dial and thin gold hands just wide enough to see well,, large hour markers, perfect proportions. The Timeless Lamda would be a close second but it’s more about design than timekeeping.

  • Cherin Ho

    My son told me about this and he is always wanting a Nomos. His favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition will be Timeless Club Duran.

  • Kristen Viola

    My favorite timeless luxury watch limited edition is actually the one in this amazing giveaway, the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2! The Nomos Club Campus has been my dream watch for a while now and this variant is beautiful and also supporting such an important cause, helping those who have been effected by breast cancer. The “Have Hope” text on the watch face in particular I really love.

  • Paul Won

    Timeless Club Datum

  • My favorite timeless luxury watch limited edition is the Oris Diver 65. The intricacy of this watch is so perfectly assembled. Hands down the best bronze bezel patina contrast with the ocean green dial when under direct light but near black without direct sun. Great support for the cause!! Hope this can spread and expand to other causes which I would 100% support for medicine research towards Alzheimer disease.

  • Grant

    My favorite timeless luxury watch limited edition is the one from this post, the NBCF club campus. The watch itself is beautiful, but the fact that it is supporting such an amazing cause is what makes it amazing! The pink accents make this timeless watch have a bit more personality, as well.

  • Sidhanth Agarwal

    My favourite: Timeless Lambda Limited Edition

  • ??????? ??????

    My favourite timeless luxury watch limited edition is the Timeless Club II. By wearing Nomos Club ref. 703 I always have dreamed about dark dial with luminous indexes and hands. Nomos Club is very robust and accurate watches, but the Timeless Club II with it rich blue dial and bright red accents simply beatiful.

  • bert gillespie

    The Lambda also catches my eye! As stated below good cause and good price point.

  • Ty Adams

    My favorite is the Timeless Bremont U2/T,reason being its great design and the historic connotations that have been incorporated.

  • Max Attack

    My favorite Timeless watch is the The NBCF Nomos Club Campuses. Beautiful watches, and one my wife would also love to wear.

  • Pluffy

    I thought the timeless club datum was my favourite.
    I love these watches, Nomos make such wonderfully simple but beautiful timepieces that are quite timeless.

  • 100% these two. Beautiful watches made even more beautiful by the heartfelt “have hope” encouragement at the bottom of the dial. Truly wonderful message and design.

  • 100% these two. Beautiful watches made even more beautiful by the heartfelt “have hope” encouragement at the bottom of the dial. Truly wonderful message and design.

  • David Rainey

    It would have to be a toss-up between the Nomos Lambda Ltd. Edition for very special occasions when gold is warranted. On a daily basis the Zenith Chronomaster Heritage Chronometer would be my go-to choice. Frankly, I’d be happy with any of the watches listed.

  • as_821

    It’s a tough choice, but probably the Nomos Orion. Or maybe the GS. Or maybe the Bremont… I think my final answer is the Nomos. It just looks so elegant and yet still very masculine.

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Nomos orion midnight for sure.

  • Laurens

    The timeless club datum definitely. Would be nice if nomos made a special with the date in pink for the good cause

  • Cherry Halim

    I really love Timeless Lamda Limited Edition! The design is so elegant with navy colours and gold ornament which make this watch so cool!

  • Aezad Alam

    Favourite Timeless Luxury Watches limited edition has to be NBCF Nomos Club Campus His&Her !

  • Mads Peter Nilsson

    Nomos watches and a good cause – what more to ask for?

  • Andrea Bonanno

    In my opinion the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition is the best limited edition. Really clean execution of the watch, with a touch of blue which is always welcomed. Nomos is a great brand, and i foresee a great future for them, since they provide amazing quality products at a really competitive price.

  • Andrew

    Timeless club II for me.

  • Jesper Eklund

    Ooh, a difficult choice! I’m oscillating between nomos orion midnight edition with stainless steel details or nomos lambda limited edition. Right now I’m leaning more towards orion.

  • Alexander Carlén

    For me it’s the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition with gold accents. It has a very romantic and warm vibe to it and just goes really well with the colors, or rather lack of colors of the dark winter up here in Sweden.


    I study medicine, so as a medical student my favourite would be NBCF Nomos Club Campus 736.S2. Such a great watch with such a great collaboration!!

  • mufaddal

    Wonderful giveaway for a great cause. Nomos has always been one of my favourite brands with its elegance in simplicity.
    Kudos to ablogtowatch and NBFC.

  • Jasper Stokoe

    My favorite has to be the The Timeless Orion Midnight Edition. I love the unique blue dial and the minimilistic and elegant look the watch has. A watch I would love to own.

  • Tommy Yu

    It’s a nice giveaway. For me, Orion Midnight would be my favourite timeless limited edition.

  • catsied

    The Otis timeless sixty five

  • Fred

    Lambda edition that is almost all blue looks amazing.

  • Lanternerouge

    The blue Nomos is my favorite—true fact, absolutely love it with the pink small seconds. Also a fan of the ‘blizzard’ Grand Seiko.

  • danad

    The Damasko DB 2 it’s my favourite watch from the collection, for the high eligibile numerals.

  • alekf

    Timeless Club II Yellow B is my favorite and the one standing out. But Nomos campus has more meaning than all of them.

  • Sean Golar

    The Nomos brand is amazing and affordable for an in-house made watch.
    I’d actually like these Nomos Club Timeless Luxury Watches.
    It’s an amazing cause and I can’t see me getting another opportunity to match a watch with my wife. Would be an amazing gift.

  • Matthew Tovar

    The Timeless Ludwig and Lambda are top of my list.

  • Xavier Van Aubel

    I like all things NOMOS, and the 38mm 736.S2 on display here would be high among my favorites with the discreet but powerful touch that is the pink seconds hand. So that would be my favorite Timeless classic ltd edition. The Timeless Club II, with its yellow touch, would be a close second.

  • Kevin Britton

    I am obsessed with the club sport right now, but I am getting married in December and it would be amazing to have these his and hers!

  • Pim Beckert

    100% the nomos timeless club datum

  • Matthieu Renaut

    It’s gotta be the Orion Midnight Edition for me. It’s special without being flashy, I would love to see one in person !

  • Orion Midnight Edition!

  • Definitely the Orion Midnight Edition

  • Tai Lyles

    The Orion Midnight Edition is sooooo pretty

  • Nina

    Timeless Ludwig is my favorite!

  • John Edgington

    Timeless club II for sure, subtle color switch ups make it unique without being able to immediately spot the changes.

  • Daniel Wilsson

    For me it is the Orion Midnight. The blue color is perfection!

  • Anna

    For me it is The Timeless Lambda, because of the elegant and clean design.

  • Darryl Halim

    Sorry to hear that man! Hope you get the giveaway!

  • Juliano Dos Santos

    The Timeless Lambda Is my favorite. Its like a modernized A. Lange & Sohne!

  • Adina Sinnreich

    It’s the Grand Seiko SBGE249 that my husband just got

  • Joe

    For me it has to be the Grand Seiko SBGE249.
    GMT and Spring Drive are a tough combination to beat!

  • Aaron Yeo

    My favourite has got to be the Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. It is just SO sleek!

  • DS

    Love the layout of the Nomos Lambda!

  • Daniel Zimmerman

    I like this one.

  • Jon W

    My favorite has been the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. Still wish I could snag one of those.

  • mmurayam

    I’ve been eyeing this one. Love this special edition.

  • Grabek.m

    I like most Nomos designs, those 2 definitely included.
    Blue metro neomatic is the business though!

  • betty23

    My favorite is the Nomos Club Campus. I’ve always wanted a Club, and I love this version. I also have visiting Glashute on my bucket list.

  • Brian Walker

    Great cause and a great set of watches.

  • Gyula Sec

    Lovely set – my favorite is the Zenith Chrono 🙂

  • Sarthak Sharma

    For me it’s gotta be the GS SBGE249

  • Max Guenette

    Grand Seiko SBGE249 is pretty sweet!

  • Luke Davey

    I really like them all but I have to go for the Grand Seiko SBGE249

  • Chris Nguyen

    Blizzard SBGE249 is grail.

  • Unkdub

    Grand Seiko!

  • spotpuff

    Grand Seiko snowflake

  • Jakub Smolen

    would make a great fit for me and my fiancee

  • Esteban Zhang

    I really do think that the Limited Nomos Ludwig is rather lovely with it’s light blue colour.

  • Brad Davis

    Pink is my favorite color. I was already thinking of buying this very watch for my husband. So far my favorite timeless luxury watch edition is the Oris 65.

  • Esteban Zhang

    I think that the limited Ludwig is rather lovely with it’s all blue markers and hands.

  • Jay Williams

    Great cause and perfect sizes

  • Lee

    That Nomos Club Campus is my fav. A modern classic.

  • Cliff Corbell

    SBGE249…. or a future LE Zenith Chrono! 🙂

  • David Campbell

    Grand Seiko

  • neinhl gunardo

    my favorite goes to timeless ludwig nomos.
    design is clean, subtle, with a touch of blue but not so blue blue 🙂

  • Hawk

    Love the blue Club campus.

  • Ajinkya Nair

    What a thoughtful watch for a thoughtful cause

  • Ajinkya Nair


  • edwin kawpeng

    zenith timeless chronomaster heritage! the zenith el primero inside is my birth year (and month) watch movement

  • Damian

    Hand down Zenith heritage chrometer. Love the beige dial

  • Peter Duggan

    Nomos are one of my favorite brands, classic designs.

  • A. Gergo Kovacs

    Zenith is my favourite.

  • Orsolya Anna Regenbach

    Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition

  • Armand74

    Damasko DB2

  • Suman Dangol

    The Nomos Orion Neomatik is just an absolute beauty

  • Isaac Wenger

    These are actually my favorite special released pieces. With family affected by breast cancer, these mean a lot.

  • fbotond

    I think the blue and gold combination on the Timeless Lambda looks really good.

  • RolleFc

    Several very nice models but since I have to choose I say the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition.

  • Jamie Coates

    Zenith Chronomaster is my preference

  • ALB

    The Oris 65 is my favourite

  • Flávio Maia

    My father had cancer a few year ago, and survived. That´s a good initiative for all cancer survivors and fighting the disease.

  • Sebastian Well

    I like the Club Datum

  • Melon

    I’d say the Nomos Lambda.

  • Frank Hennessy

    The Nomos Lambda is my favorite Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition, with it’s elegant and modern design.

  • sokpuppet

    I actually love the timeless club campus. Been drawn in by this California dial for a while and this is a cause I’d be proud to support by sporting this on my wrist.

  • hofken

    My favorite is the Timeless Lambda Limited Edition- unique and beautiful.

  • Anonymouswatchman

    Calling this navy club campus my favourite so far – enjoying the ‘have hope’ on the dial, really nice touch and highlighting a great cause

  • Speedge

    The Grand Seiko with the snowflake-like dial with GMT complication is my dream combo. Well done!

  • Something OrOther

    I love the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2. Pretty is the only word to describe it – it is good-looking, youthful, elegant, with clean lines.

  • Gobolts

    I’ve had my eyes on a Nomos watch for a long time but my student budget has not allowed me to get my hands on one yet. The Lambda is probably my favorite one out of the timeless luxury watches. It would be so cool to surprise my girlfriend with one and wear them together for a good cause!

  • Something OrOther

    I love the NBCF Nomos Club Campus 708.S2. Pretty is the only way to describe it – aesthetically pleasing, elegant clean lines and , best of all, youthful.

  • Kercetin

    This has been my favourite timeles luxury edition so far, Nomos styling for him and her. A perfect couple.

  • NaJo

    I might be in minority but i loved Damasko DB3; on my buy list

  • NaJo

    I might be in minority but i loved Damasko DB3; on my buy list

  • Jasper

    What a beautiful pair of watches for a great cause! Both my wife and I love the design ethos of Nomos and the Club Campus is an excellent addition to an already great watch making house

  • yorick

    My dream watch! Been looking at the Nomos Club Campus for ages and this one is perfect!

  • Alby

    Good luck!

  • Darren Williams

    Zenith A273

  • Michael Lojko

    My favorite Timeless Limited Edition is the Timeless Club II, although my girlfriend & I would be very happy with these NBCF Nomos Club Campus editions.

  • Michael Pearson

    The nomos club campus!

  • Bryan Sih

    These are beautiful watches. I am happy for the lucky couple getting these.

  • Agata Wozniczka

    Since I am Nomos thr most ultra-fan, I’d go with Ludwig!

  • Kelly Gray

    Very beautiful

  • rtvtr

    Great support for a worthy cause. I love the Nomos Orion Midnight.

  • rtvtr

    Great support for a good cause. I love the Nomos Orion Midnight .

  • globalnewstoday

    Wonderful watches, and highlighting a great cause. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • f15soloist

    Simple, clean lines, uncluttered. Noms Lambda. Just wish the hands were a tad larger

  • Wily_Quixote

    Love the Nomos Campus aesthetic and the cause.

  • Nate Domingue

    The Nomos Orion midnight is definitely my favorite.

  • Jim Rion

    A great set! Personally, my favorite this far had been the Oris collaboration. I like the casual classic style, and a green dial is always a hit with me.

  • Mikuláš Popokatepetlovský

    Very nice pair of watches. As for my favourite Timeless Edition piece, I would have to go with The Timeless Nomos Orion Midnight Edition. Love that blue sunburst dial.

  • Adam

    Here’s my favorite: Damasco DB3.

  • Ziyang Chua

    Beautiful timepieces

  • S. Mark

    What a wonderful initiative by Timeless Luxury Watches. I’ve always been a NOMOS fan and the limited edition Ludwig is near perfection.

  • Mat P.

    The Timeless Lambda limited edition

  • Bugpower

    I love the pure simplicity of nNomos! In addition this manufacture has truly fair prices.

  • Ted P

    I favor the clean look and simplicity of the Ludwig. That appeals to me, especially given how cluttered many watches are today.


    My soulmate in life has just successfully completed he battle with breast cancer….so naturally I go for the tree backed beauty….and I love the Ludwig

  • Faisal Kamaludin

    I love the sleek design of Timeless Lambda. Blue and gold complements each other.

  • Douglas Dechow

    My favorite Timeless/Nomos LE is the first one, the Nomos Timeless Club. I liked it so much that I’m currently wearing #44/100. The blue is amazing.

  • Darren Scrubb

    My choice is Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition.

  • Orgad Keller

    Definitely the Timeless Nomos Lambda

  • brobde

    Timeless Bremont U2/T is My absolute favourite, such a beauty.

  • Wilson King

    Amazing looking watches. The Timeless 65.
    [email protected]

  • Abs Shrest

    My choice is The Timeless Orion Midnight Edition! The minimalist design with the midnight blue is a dream!

  • disqus_FNUnktz12m

    Favorite to date is the grand seiko, spring drives are just mesmerizing.

  • JF Beaulieu

    Love this edition with a touch of pink. My mom battled breast cancer and won 11 years ago so she and I would wear it very proudly.
    My favorite timeless LE had always been the Oris 65, but the nbcf Club Campus just took first place because of its personal significance for me.

  • Maria Gentry

    I really like the TIMELESS CLUB II!

  • John Douglas Squire

    Love this watch, love Nomos, love supporting the cause in honor of my wife, a breast cancer survivor at a very young age. This is certainly my favorite of the Timeless Luxury run!

  • Rafael

    My favorite watch is the Timeless Club II from Nomos Glashütte. Quite a beautiful dial!

  • Joon Chang

    Always been interested in Nomos.

  • ternske

    What a great partnership. I love the smaller NBCF Nomos Club Campus! As a breast cancer survivor I would love to wear this watch with pride!

  • Lee Slone

    Love the Grand Seiko GMT limited edition, but this pair may be my favorite if I can pick two (or three)

  • Bea

    Always love Nomos but out of all your beautiful limited collection pieces- Grand Seiko is a TIMELESS classic!

  • Bob Sebastian

    There are a number of good choices but I’m thinking the Bremont U2/T tops my list.

  • Sam Kryszek

    The timeless Orion midnight is beautiful and my favorite so far.

  • Young Bryant

    I think the TIMELESS LUDWIG LIMITED EDITION stands out the most to me

  • geoff wright

    Nomos just offer a timeless simplicity in all their watches. I feel like in 100 years they will look as good as the day you open the box. The men’s campus club has to be my fave. The dark blue dial and orange accents really make this watch pop

  • Aaron

    I’d love a Nomos and so would my wife.

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