You’ve waited for this. The moment has come when you can truly combine your elevated sense of artistic taste and deep appreciation for mechanical prowess, all combining together in a potent mix to imbibe your thirst for luxury. Oh yes, the painting you know and love; the one that you have posters of in several rooms in your house. Perhaps laminated for table settings, and transposed on to a welcome mat in front on your abode. The classic, dare I say legendary, painting that is Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s “A Bold Bluff,” can now be worn on your wrist.

Watch maker Anderson Geneve takes its Montre A Tact watch line to base the Montre A Tact Poker models. In addition to being a poker conversation piece, it also offers some special functionality for poker players. A sapphire crystal covered cutout around the side of the watch located between the lugs at the bottom of the watch reveals the rotating disc that tells the time. This allows the wearer to check the time without having to move their wrist (and risk revealing their hand). A nice little attention to detail that Anderson is known for.

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Anderson Geneve Montres a Tact Poker watch on eBay

Inside the 18k gold case lies a mechanical automatic movement. Not sure what the movement is, but it is easy enough to modify many movements to tell via turning a single disc. Aside from telling the time in the side window, you can also see a much more decorated view of the disc through the watch dial. Alternating between poker chips and playing card poker hands, the hours are whimsically represented. As such, here are the poker hands represented; 2 o’clock = four of a kind, 4 o’clock = straight flush, 6 o’clock = flush, 8 o’clock = straight, 10 o’clock = full house, 12 o’clock = royal flush.

And then there is the replicated painting of those dogs. Those oh so well anthropomorphized dogs that only a man’s man can appreciate. Think of even sitting in the room depicted in the painting; red painted walls? Green drapes? What, is this Santa Claus’ rec room? I love the green tinted alligator strap on the watch, that would really not fit well with any other watch. This is not the watch to wear in the presence of women, as they will think you mad for spending so much on something that so utterly repulses them. No, only a true connoisseur of man paraphernalia will appreciate this. The kind of guy who wears it while admiring himself wearing a smoking jacket in front of his gold-plated Budweiser promotional mirror mounted on the wall.

Be it known that Anderson Geneve can fully customize this watch in terms of the section where the painting is located. Have a better idea for an image? They can put it there for you. Just ask. What other animals playing poker are there painting’s of though?

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