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What Swatch Group Promises To Release In 2019

What Swatch Group Promises To Release In 2019 Watch Industry News

Few companies are better at bullish optimism than the Swatch Group. The major conglomerate is hopeful of further increases following a moderately successful 2018 (6.1% growth in net sales). To ensure this, the Swatch Group has promised several new releases in 2019. These releases will either expand their current product offering, or continue to refine extant technologies.

What Swatch Group Promises To Release In 2019 Watch Industry News

Anyone who has worked with Omega over the past few years will know about the long post-Basel delivery times. Often, deliveries of Baselworld stock would arrive in the run-up to the following fair. As frustrating as this can be for retailers, it bodes well for demand. Omega and Longines production lines have struggled to keep up with requests, due to an apparent bottleneck in production. The Swatch Group has released a statement suggesting that these issues have been dealt with: 2019 is anticipated to be a year of rapid supply and internal development.

It has been announced that all future mechanical watches produced by the Swatch Group will feature anti-magnetic hairsprings. With the option to use either silicon or Nivachron springs, all price-points can be served. The timeframe for implementation is deliberately vague. We shouldn’t expect to see every single mechanical novelty from 1/1/19 able to resist 15,000 gauss, but keep an eye out.

What Swatch Group Promises To Release In 2019 Watch Industry News

We do, however, have one release date locked in. In February, the Swatch Sistem 51 is due to receive its own anti-magnetic hairspring. This comes one month after the debut of Swatch Pay, a new NFC-driven system that allows wearers to pay for items using their watch. Tissot will also be focusing on digital tech. The T-Touch will receive a new smart operating system to be launched during the course of 2019.

Blancpain, Omega, and Longines were the biggest sales drivers for the Swatch Group in 2018. Blancpain has not announced any new releases yet, but the popularity of Fifty Fathoms with the millennial generation will motivate a global push in production and marketing supporting this model.

What Swatch Group Promises To Release In 2019 Watch Industry News

Omega will mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings with several special pieces. Later in the year, they will release a collection of Olympic-themed editions to mark the competition due to take place in Tokyo next year.

The somewhat surprising popularity of the Longines VHP series caused production issues last year; Longines predicts huge growth in this area, and we can expect to see an uptick in supply and model variation as the year wears on.

It certainly seems as if the Swatch Group has a plan. The decision to upgrade all of their timepieces with anti-magnetic functionality is interesting. A blanket commitment to this kind of technology does benefit the end user in practical terms, but also heralds a willingness to break with tradition. In an industry driven by innovation, that may not be a bad thing. But for those who value the craft over the science, the news may not be welcome. For more information, visit





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  • I wonder if the anti-magnetic tech will filter down into ETA movements sold to 3rd parties.

    • Steve Loader

      I suspect it’ll intentionally coincide with their planned withdrawal from supplying those 3rd parties.

  • Peter

    I doubt that, if you read the press release carefully, the anti magnetic hairsprings will be the differenting factor between swatch group watch brands and other watch makers.

  • Steve Loader

    I’ve been holding off getting a Speedie Racing in the hope that the Grey/Dark/whatever Sides of the Moon get upgraded with the Master spec – I believe the main difference (other than the testing) is the antimagnetism.
    Do that and increase the subdial size and/or decrease the case size, and I’ll be a happy buyer.

  • SuperStrapper

    Adopting a new strategy for “rapid supply and internal development” sounds like an entryway for quality control issues. No one wants to wait for a watch they are ready to buy, but I’d rather that than her one that was fraught with issues and needed to be returned/repaired.

  • PR

    Still waiting for a smaller sized, production model base Fifty fathoms which is pretty much the no brainer move right now for BP yet they keep ignoring it. Maybe this year…

    • Drazen B

      Hear hear!
      This has been my bug bear for a long time now.

  • diego delos santos

    its high time they upgraded the system 51. my arrow lasted only 2 years before it stopped working. i think its because of the plastic parts in the eta movement. i emailed the local dealer my opinion. orient and seiko’s are the ones i can only afford, omega, longines, tudor are very expensive around these parts. the current t -touch is very hard and confusing to use. i have never seen a t-touch used in mountain climbing. they should take cue’s from casio and suunto.

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