Omega Speedmaster Date Watch

Here is a shout out for a little giveaway that seemed fun. Watch retailers are just dying to give away watches! Right now, you can enter to win this lovely pictured Omega SpeedMaster Date watch (Ref 3210.51.00). It is a model you don’t see too often, and here you can possibly win one. The whole point of a contest is to show your enthusiasm. Winning doesn’t often come, but part of the fun is in connecting with like minded people. You can be sure that only hardcore watch lovers are in on this one.

To enter you need to do a few simple things. Register with It is one of the nicer looking watch forums out there. That will be like 2 minutes right there. Then post in the right forum (all the instructions are in the link below). The post need to have an image of your favorite watch. Just put a watch you like. I recommend something weird and obscure. If you can find a picture of a cereal box watch (bonus if it is one of those mail away ones), you will be my hero for the day. If you are quick like me, that is another 3 minutues.

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Click here for more information and how to enter.

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