Win An Omega SpeedMaster Date Watch: Enter In About 5 Minutes

Win An Omega SpeedMaster Date Watch: Enter In About 5 Minutes

Win An Omega SpeedMaster Date Watch: Enter In About 5 Minutes Giveaways

Here is a shout out for a little giveaway that seemed fun. Watch retailers are just dying to give away watches! Right now, you can enter to win this lovely pictured Omega SpeedMaster Date watch (Ref 3210.51.00). It is a model you don't see too often, and here you can possibly win one. The whole point of a contest is to show your enthusiasm. Winning doesn't often come, but part of the fun is in connecting with like minded people. You can be sure that only hardcore watch lovers are in on this one.

To enter you need to do a few simple things. Register with It is one of the nicer looking watch forums out there. That will be like 2 minutes right there. Then post in the right forum (all the instructions are in the link below). The post need to have an image of your favorite watch. Just put a watch you like. I recommend something weird and obscure. If you can find a picture of a cereal box watch (bonus if it is one of those mail away ones), you will be my hero for the day. If you are quick like me, that is another 3 minutues.

Click here for more information and how to enter.

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  • Hoby Cook

    Hey Ariel:
    I just sent Kyle Stults (owner of Perpetuelle) a question about how to acknoweledge you as a referral. He said I’d need to know your Pertuelle “user name”. Don’t know if you are interested, but holla back if you want to be acknowledged.

  • i won that watch!!! it’s in the mail!!!

    • That is great! Really cool, and congrats!

  • bob gould

    I would love to win this watch

    • Hi Bob,
      I would have liked it too! I think someone already one it. Don’t worry, I’ve got a watch giveaway coming up soon here.

  • deepak yadav

    this is very beautiful watch but very expensive but i hope this watch iam win….pls god bless me so i am win this watch

  • Ahmed

    Guys, are you serious? It looks just like any watch anyone who wants three circles on a dial is wearing today! Design is important if you’re paying!

  • deepak

    this watch as a look very royal


  • Aart Wijnbergen

    I,m from Holland, you now land of windmils and wooden shoes.
    I like your watches verymuch and i hope also to win a watch.
    I now its a long way from there but i can try?
    God bless you .

  • kareem selee,

    i hope to have this owesome watch

  • Sonny Wint

    Oh an Omega Speedmaster, how I dream of thee… Fell in love with a ’57 style moon watch but know it could never be mine… Watched my father do the mechanical wind as a child and bl**dy heck it still keeps on ticking except for the occasional check-up and spring change. Would love to afford an automatic as quartz simply has no soul that can live on to give the time to another generation. Not willing to help my father depart so he can impart with his watch to me ahead of schedule so winning my own would do… Plus it’s better for karma to forget the former 😉

  • oscar sanchez

    Yea sure enter to win; i ill never get it.
    I bet you.

  • Eitan Gal

    This is beautiful watch and I would love to win this watch

  • Hi,

    Nice giveaway, my favorite vintage is an omega geneva manual wind 1974. Keep up the good work guys.

    Best regards

  • Eddie Guajardo

    i love and collect watches, i have 2 seamaster so i need speedmaster

  • Peter Mansback

    I have a nice assortment of watches. People ask me daily what is on my wrist today. Some see more wrist time than others. The two Ventura watches are right up there. Hannes Wettstein was a great designer. My titanium “Ego” COSC is fabulous, as is my SPARC, great combination of automatic movement powering a quartz analog with GMT.
    My grandfather left me a Ulysse Nardin in 14k gold, and a Hamilton “Stanley” curved crystal from 1928 that keeps perfect time. Both are very tastful. I have a Wakmann with the Venus 750 movement, my most complicated watch. Month, day, date, chrono in black and white, a very nice watch indeed from the same factory as Breitling. And from the same time period of the Speedmaster you are giving away. I have two Zodiac Astrographics one from the 1970’s and one from 2000. There is a LaCoutre bumper automatic. A couple of Croton’s and a few Alessi’s. I have a lifelong commitment to finding the coolist timepieces and finding a way to get them. One last comment is that I really enjoy reading A blog to read.

  • Russell Nyberg

    This Omega is a very majestic time piece. It would be an honor to win this. It would definitely be my most coveted time piece.

  • Meli Yankoo

    I like tha Hamilton W10 from 1973. I hope to get one, some time.

  • Steve Hong

    Wow, I would be in 7th heaven if I somehow won this beautiful Omega Speedmaster.

    My fav vintage watch was my dad’s old Omega wristwatch, which had stopped working and was just sitting in a drawer for many years, as my dad preferred his seemingly never ending stream of cheap digital Casio’s over getting it fixed (until I got him a Citizen Eco Drive). I had totally forgotten about his Omega until I joined ablogtoread, and when I inquired about possibly getting it fixed for, ahem, his birthday, my mom said “oh we just sold that old watch for $5 at our condo development’s annual garage sale!!” Arrrrrgh… my head still hurts from banging it on the wall..!!

  • robert Schulman

    My favoritie vintage watch is an 18k gold IWC mid 1950’s

  • Fares alnsair

    Hello thank you for the favorite one is
    vintage Heuer Autavia,it was my fathers and some how dissappeared.
    love to win the omega!

  • Jim MacNeil

    What a way to start off the New Year, it would be great to have this Omega wrapped around my wrist.

  • Boris Zuckerman

    Stop time,before OMEGA !

  • Andy Campbell

    I loved my Buler Monte Carlo I had when I was a kid..Just bought a Buler Automatic dive watch similar to a Rolex….fantastic!

  • I need to win this,all I have are cheap wathes.

  • alpost1

    I would love an omega planet ocean

  • Pilot747767

    Love Omega watches. This one shown looks so awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  • ozwaldster

    Another great Omega automatic! Yeah! Like my other posts, I’m shedding my quartz watches for all mechanical. This would be a fabulous watch to own! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I willing to beg if necessary!

  • Bob hudson

    The Omega Speedmaster is like, my grail watch. I hope to win that magnificent wristwatch