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Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

The legend of Amelia Earhart persists to this day, not only because of her remarkable achievements in life, but also the mystery surrounding her disappearance and death. Earhart was a trailblazing pioneer in aviation and one of the most recognizable icons of the 20th century. With its design inspired by Earhart’s famous Lockheed 5B Vega plane, the Xpeda Amelia watch commemorates the record-breaking endeavors achieved in it. The Kickstarter campaign to launch this new model will go live in early September, 2019.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

Traces of the Lockheed 5B Vega can be seen riddled throughout the watch design, with particular attention paid to the color schemes that were chosen to evoke the era in which the plane flew.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

In an attempt to integrate technology commonly seen in the aviation industry but as yet untested in the world of watchmaking, Xpeda has fitted the dial with an “Umbra Lens.” This special lens reveals the beating heart of the Seiko NH-38 movement and is made from the same photochromic glass used in pilots’ visors to protect their eyes from harmful sunlight. As such, the lens will darken when exposed to UV light, obscuring the balance from view.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

Three watch heads are available on a choice of three straps each for a total of nine combinations. The 316L stainless steel cases measure 42mm across and 12mm in thickness. The bare steel version is called the Amelia Vega Red and features a cream dial, a red bezel insert, and a mixture of polished rose-gold Arabic numerals and stick markers. The Xpeda Amelia Vega Red is available on a stainless steel mesh bracelet, a military green/white/red striped NATO, or a burgundy leather strap.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

Both the Amelia Sahara Black and the Amelia Jet Black are coated with black PVD for a much stealthier look. The Amelia Sahara Black is available on either a brown NATO with a cream stripe running down its center, a black leather strap, or a PVD-coated black mesh bracelet. The dial features faux-radium hour markers set against a bright blue seconds hand and bright blue text above the 6 o’clock marker. The fusion of these colors references both classic and contemporary fashions.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

The broodiest of the bunch is the Amelia Jet Black, also coated in black PVD. The dial on this model, however, is a mid-gray, and the numerals are all black. The hands have a black outline and gray centers to coordinate with the dial.

Xpeda Amelia Watch Celebrates Aviation Pioneer And Her Legacy Watch Releases

The Jet Black model comes on either a black and gray NATO, a black leather strap with contrasting stitching, or a black PVD mesh bracelet. All watches are water-resistant to 50 meters and are fitted with a high dome mineral crystal treated with an anti-reflective coating. The Xpeda Amelia will be priced at $299. To stay up-to-date with developments you can sign up for the brand’s updates. You can learn more about the watch and Xpeda at

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  • Ugo

    not bad at all.
    sensible price and design.

    • Buy and Sold


  • DanW94

    The numbers and dial have a Bell & Ross aesthetic. I have no issue with that. My complaint is that open heart window with a stock, undecorated movement. I know the purpose is to communicate the fact that this is a mechanical watch but it just makes it look cheap. Also, the timing bezel, is it a fixed bezel? It appears to be. Either make it functional or eliminate it all together.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      The fixed diverbezel makes absolutely sense on a “flieger”.

      • DanW94

        Okay, I’ll bite, how is it beneficial on a pilot watch? I can’t recall from memory too many fliegers with a fixed bezel, but of course I could be wrong.

        • WINKS


          • DanW94

            Oops, missed that 🙂

        • Raymond Wilkie

          I don’t think you are.

        • gwd

          Fixed? Good grief.

      • Mark B

        Ditto that. A fixed diving bezel kills any watch for me.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Well, at least it isn’t expensive. What would Amelia wear? At least she doesn’t have to see how some try to make money with her name.

  • DanW94

    Sorry, I can be a bit obtuse at times….

  • DanW94

    Nice watch…

  • Berndt Norten

    I just placed an order for this but…it disappeared….

  • FS1900

    And now for the Orbitzz Spirit of the Lindbergh Baby…

  • gwd

    I heard one theory that Amelia Earhart’s recklessness got her and her navigator Noonan killed. Many other women have done great things without controversy. Also, if this is to honor Earhart, why isn’t there a lady sized one?

  • H.S.M.

    Am I buying a gaming chair, or a mechanical watch?

  • Swiss_Cheese

    Next up on ABtW: The ‘Hotel?’ – Trivago. divers watch.

  • SMB

    I just don’t see the connection. Nothing about this watch says 1930s, or flying, or Amelia Earhart to me. Why not take cues from her fashion designs, or the watches she did wear (possibly Rolex or Longines, apparently)? Why not make the watch in a size suitable for women?

    I do rather like the red and gold version, though.


    Loving the font on that Xpeda ….just gorgeous. Seriously though, please stop, no more, I can’t handle this . Every two days a new kickstarter is kickstarting a dud . This is as much a representation of Amelia as I am keen to crown prince MBS….

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