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Historic Zodiac watches now offers a collection of specially selected field-style straps in 20mm-wide sizes. These new caoutchouc (unvulcanized) rubber field straps fit the majority of Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 and Super Sea Wolf 68 Compression timepieces. Zodiac is known for rendering its vintage-style diver’s watches in both traditional as well as bold color tones – a theme which is well-represented in the four debut Zodiac field straps now available for sale.

Zodiac added field-style rubber straps to complement its existing assortment of traditional-style rubber straps. The two types of straps may be produced from similar materials but are aesthetically distinctive and offer watch enthusiasts a different form of comfort and style. Field straps — normally in nylon or other fabrics — were originally designed as a durable, efficient, comfortable, and safe way to secure a watch case to one’s wrist. A feature of these field-style straps is that if one spring happens to be released from the case (which attaches the strap to watch), the timepiece itself does not fully detach from the wearer’s wrist. Rather, the remaining spring bar is enough to secure the watch, thus preventing timepiece loss in an emergency. This feature has been relied upon by both military personnel and divers who prefer an added insurance policy against losing their timepiece in the depths.

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Zodiac’s design team chose the field straps from a high-grade rubber formulation produced for them by a specialist manufacturer in Italy. The same manufacturer produces caoutchouc rubber straps for some of the biggest names in luxury timepieces. The straps are waterproof, salt-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and UVA light-resistant. The outer and inner surface has a ribbed texture for cosmetic enhancement, as well as comfort, while the stainless steel hardware is produced with a brushed finish and is unique to Zodiac, complete with Zodiac branding on the buckle. The Zodiac field straps are especially designed to be paired with Zodiac timepieces but should also fit most watches that accept standard 20mm-wide straps.

Zodiac pairs each strap with a stainless steel watch strap changing tool, requiring just minutes to swap out other straps or bracelets with a Zodiac Rubber Field strap. The four debut straps are colors that Zodiac intentionally chose to best complement its current timepiece lineup, and also to satisfy measured consumer preferences. The straps include the reference ZOS1011 20mm Rubber Field Strap in blue, the ZOS1010 in black, the ZOS1013 in orange, and the ZOS1012 in multi-colored gray and blue camouflage-style. Price for each is $95 USD, and they can be purchased on the Zodiac watches website here.

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