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TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

“Silicon Valley meets Switzerland,” as Jean-Claude Biver has so eloquently put it, with TAG Heuer officially launching its long-awaited TAG Heuer Connected smart watch in New York City today. We are reporting live from the event to bring you all details, including pricing, design, functionality, battery life, availability, and more.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

It is no secret that for a number of years now, the smart watch has been Damocles’ sword, swinging above the heads of Swiss watchmaking leaders. And while the majority of key Swiss players in the industry had no choice but to technically ignore the ceaselessly improving smart watch (since most could not afford to put up a fight), TAG Heuer went on the offensive and teamed up with technological giants Intel and Google, a partnership they announced in March at Baselworld 2015, to create the luxurious, Swiss alternative to the Apple Watch and the rest of the competition.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

Head of LVMH watch divison Jean-Claude Biver and LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault at the TAG Heuer Connected watch launch event in NYC.

The key questions we have to answer include how well this first generation version of the TAG Heuer smartwatch will work, how it will affect the brand’s recognition, and where it will lead us as far as the future (and the realities) of the Swiss smart watch is concerned.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

A Collaboration Between TAG Heuer, Google, And Intel

As head of LVMH luxury group’s watch department and CEO of TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver explained that at TAG, it would have proven to be impossible – and both financially and technically catastrophic – to try and design and/or make their own operating systems or processor chips. So what they have done instead is harness TAG Heuer’s powerful brand name and its vast expertise in crafting luxury timepieces in larger quantities, and turned to Google and Intel – two extremely powerful and capable companies that surely need no introduction – to help them out with those uncharted territories.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

Still, it took almost 9 months for TAG Heuer to get from that Baselworld announcement (which got everyone excited until we learned there was no actual watch to show at the time) to finally releasing the finished product just today: the TAG Heuer Connected watch is here.


The TAG Heuer Connected Watch Mimics The Looks Of Mechanical TAG Heuer Carrera Watches

As Biver said, “It would be a shame if a connected watch looked like one [a connected device].” So the order was given and duly followed by TAG Heuer and its partners’ engineers to create a watch that looks as close to its mechanical counterparts as possible. Hence, the case of the TAG Heuer Connected watch is remarkably similar to that of the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 (reviewed here).

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

At 46mm wide, the case of the TAG Heuer Connected watch has a case (that is case band, case-back, and lugs) made from Grade 2 titanium, and a black, sandblasted, carbide-coated titanium bezel with anti-fingerprint coating. The use of titanium should keep the substantially sized timepiece relatively light on the wrist – it actually weighs just 81 grams on the rubber strap. The case will sport an IP67 water resistance rating that guarantees the watch to remain functional up to a depth of one meter for an uninterrupted time period of 30 minutes. The TAG Heuer Connected watch will come on one of 7 different rubber strap options, which are black, red, blue, white, orange, green, and yellow – additional ones can be purchased separately.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

The TAG Heuer Connected watch comes with three digital dial options with three different color versions pre-installed, and can be purchased on one of seven rubber straps of different colors.

TAG Heuer has developed three digital watch faces that will come with the TAG Heuer Connected watch. Featuring the design codes of the Carrera collection, these are: a chronograph dial, a 3-hand dial, and a GMT dial, all coming with a date display and in three colors (black, deep blue, or pearl white). TAG even designed the (virtual) hands to cast a shadow on the (virtual) dial, and there even is a sunburst effect mimicking how the light plays on a physical dial.

More importantly: the dial of the TAG Heuer Connected watch remains always ON, even in “ambient energy saving mode,” so as to keep the hands and indexes legible – no need to flick your wrist or tap the screen to make the time show up on the display.

Functionality Of The TAG Heuer Connected Watch

So, how does the perfectly round, 1.5-inch-wide, sapphire crystal-covered, 360×360-pixel touch screen work exactly? The TAG Heuer Connected runs Google’s Android Wear operating system on an Intel Atom processor, which allows the watch to be synced to a phone running either Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2 (or any newer versions).

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

The dial and hands remain stubbornly displayed while the most pertinent information from partner applications is displayed inside the three counters on the chronograph dial at the 12-6-9 o’clock positions. What you have to do is touch the counter in question to open and interact with the respective application in full-screen mode – this is done in an effort to help the “watch element” prevail over other indications, unless you decidedly want to highlight some other app.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

Along with standard apps such as timer, alarm, and chronograph, the apps customized for TAG Heuer and available on an exclusive basis will be Insiders (lifestyle), GolfShot Pro, RaceChrono Pro (motor racing), and Viewranger (navigation), offered with free subscriptions.

TAG Heuer Connected Watch Hands-On With Full Specs, All Details, Availability Hands-On

Watch Brands



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  • iamcalledryan

    Looks pretty nice – but i think the things I like the most are the bits that look like a mechanical watch, so….!

  • kpom

    So, Tag Heuer Connected vs. Apple Watch Hermes. Discuss.


    Soulless CEO talks about connected soul but presentation had no soul and was very much corporate awkward. And loved how the CEO excused short lifespan of a smartwatch by saying it’s eternal cause you can always buy the new version, lol.

    I believe Mont-Blanc has the best idea in unifying both worlds with their E-Strap.

    • Berndt Norten

      Soulless Skeletor Seiko Sycophant seethes at all the injustice in the world.

    • Paul Stanley

      I saw a Mont Blanc watch with the E-Strap this weekend in Atlanta. (The salesperson said it was the first one in the U.S.) It is a very nice looking mechanical watch and the electronic strap dongle is about the same size as my Withings tracker with a polished steel holder. Dongle can’t be removed without taking it off the carbon fibre strap. Not sure that I would want on on the inside of my wrist 24/7 at that size, but it is a good idea to keep the personal stuff on the inside of your wrist and not for everyone to see. I think she said it was around $4,500.

      • AKDISQUS

        The E-Strap will also be sold separately will cost around 350$ which is in range of most smartwatches.

        Yes keeping the dongle inside your wrist keeps the ugly hidden but all information at your hand while keeping top of your wrist, classy.

        It’s the best idea so far in unifying both worlds, and there is no reason why you can’t buy the E-strap and slap it on a non-montblanc watch. And as the technology improves, device will get smaller and more discreet and longer battery. This is just the first version and hopefully many others will come from variety of companies.

  • TrevorXM

    Once again I wonder why I would buy something like this when I have a phone with a nice large useable screen, and give up the pleasure and fascination of a little completely mechanical hand-finished machine on my wrist. I can see no reason to do that. Just like I can see no reason to set up digital screens to display “art” in my home.

    • Tony NW

      I wear a Pebble quite a bit. But still switch to mechanicals sometimes. The reason: my work life has to be connected, and much more that 5×8. With notifications on my wrist, I can very quickly glance and discard them. No pulling out a cell phone.

  • Richard Baptist

    no thank you – not for me. All this information will be on your smart phone and keep your wrist free for a mechanical/vintage watch

  • LapYoda

    I applaud what Tag Heuer is doing, and the execution seems to be well-considered. And yet, I remain completely uninterested in purchasing one.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    This ” smart ” phone market is beginning to annoy me. If you want one, have it but it really should just be an iwatch or gear, it doesn’t pretend what it is. But if you want a a Tag. who in their right mind would think they were compatable in style having some fake tag face on your watch. No back window, because there is nothing to look at.No beating heart ( mechanical or quarts ) My phone does more than i need it to do.Am sorry , but if you have an interest in horology by its very definition this kind of “watch ” should horrify you, It does me, ……..rant over 🙂

    • TrevorXM

      I find the whole fake watch face screen thing contemptible. If I saw somebody wearing one it would be hard for me not to laugh. If you want a too-small screen iphone on your wrist, fine! But to do a fake real watch face on it is pathetic.

    • I’d tend to agree, and I’m a smartwatch fan. In a sense, Apple is being more intellectually honest: this isn’t a conventional watch, so use the design that makes the most sense for a digital display.

      It feels like smartwatches are a couple of years off from where we want them to be, as it is. Thinner, longer-lasting, cellular data that doesn’t kill your battery.

  • TrevorXM

    It just occurred to me, remembering the days before my indestructible Damasko, how often my watches would get scratched up (I had, fittingly, a TAG Heuer Carrera Twin-time) and the crystal banged (and scratched in the case of a vintage Zenith with an acrylic dome). These smart watches are going to be destroyed in no time hung out on the wrist like that. Just look at the average teen’s smartphone with the smashed up screen — that’s where all these are headed double-time.

  • Larry Holmack

    I am not a fan of “Smart Watches” myself…just like I never wanted a smart phone. I upgraded to a smart phone, the Mrs. insisted….and although I may end having to upgrade my phone in the future…I just don’t see myself getting a Smart Watch. I draw the line there!!!

  • Berndt Norten

    As far as smart watches go, this seems to me the nicest looking.

    • spiceballs

      yes, but just a little large – – .

  • loydb

    I like the idea of a trade-in; I started with an Apple //+, and it has been a rare 18-month period in my life that hasn’t seen the obsolescence of my formerly-cutting-edge computer marked by building a new system. But yeah, no interest in really owning one.

  • SuperStrapper

    Picture #7. The atypical watch marketing photo, hands at 10:10. But wait, if the minute hand is at 10 minutes, isn’t the hour hand supposed to be 1/6 o the way toward 11? Not on a ‘smart’ watch apparantly. Is that digital jumping hour hand?

    If t can’t reproduce the way the real watch acts, then what is the point? Do not want. Also, is this supposed to be a Carerra case? Doesn’t look like one to me

    • The real world images look to mimic the operation of a “real” watch. The digital press images (all photoshopppery) don’t seem to pay attention to that detail,

  • Bravo! Say what I do about Biver, but he pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this one. A smartwatch that looks like a watch – what a concept! And always readable – what a concept!

    I still don’t know that I need a smartwatch, but if I did, this looks like the top contender at the moment.

    • Actually, a lot of techies would say it’s not as big a deal as TAG thinks it is.

      The always-readable option isn’t new — it’s standard on numerous Android Wear watches. There are also gripes that TAG is giving you a rubber strap on a $1,500 smartwatch when Apple, Huawei and others will give you nicer-looking bands on watches that cost hundreds less. This may look like a Carrera, but it feels like TAG cheaped out a bit… perhaps because it wants to steer you toward its mechanical watches.

  • Ulysses31

    This is a joke, right? Aside from the name and much higher price, it’s no different from the handful of round smart-watches already out there. The only benefit it has is the transflective screen, which while practical, would look “strange” to my eyes if my past experiences with transflective technology are anything to go by – there’s a sort of shimmering look to it that can be off-putting – maybe they fixed that for this watch, who knows. I guess we shouldn’t have expected anything radical, but a “me-too” device from such a powerful brand is a real disappointment.

  • I’m intrigued enough to go check one out at the local TAG shoppe. I’ve got to see it. The display, it’s viewing angle and such need to be explored some. As far as the smartwatch genre goes, it’s the most appealing so far. I’m not yet convinced, but I am curious.

  • sfbaydawg221

    The only thing that intrigues me is which a-hole celebrity is going to endorse this watch?

      • Berndt Norten

        Dear Skeletor,
        This is the irreverent attitude I like. I think you’d find that some of us really do appreciate your wit and your refreshing refusal to genuflect in the general direction of Geneva.

        But learn how to moderate your nasty streak. Keep the comedy, the irreverence coming, but resist the urge to engage in ad hominem attacks. Yes, Swiss watches are overpriced. Get over it. You’re not going to change that fact here on ABTW. Revel in the good stuff, poke polite fun at the absurd stuff, and stay on board as the class clown. But go too far, and they’ll ban you, once again, O Skeletor.

        • AKDISQUS

          I’m not the Skeletor person and I wish he came back, more enjoyable the common bore that lurks incessantly in this blog.

          And how dare you say Swiss watches are overpriced! Don’t you know that marketing, brand power, outsourcing parts and abstract non-tangible random factors play into the cost of Swiss watches? Although I can never afford nor have actually seen Swiss watches I like, I definitely enjoy sitting here and giving my opinion which Swiss watch makes the cut or not, because It makes me feel important, just as everyone in comment section feels special among each other like a tight bonobo family. It is justifiable Swiss price their watches high as possible so not all the losers in the world poopoo Swiss brands by owning one. As long as you don’t spread disgusting cost effective rational thinking about watch value or a fan of lame Japanese brands, I will welcome you with open arms, so refrain making derogatory comments about Swiss pricing! /s

  • gadgety

    I followed the live launch on youtube today. Biver has a kind of crazy style to him, reminded me of Auric Goldfinger/Gert Fröbe. He truly displayed a lot of enthusiasm, and had brought his own prize winning Swiss cheese to the event. Ariel, did you get to taste it? Was it any good? The big LVMH boss, Arnault was a bit pathetic, waffling on about the LVMH Frank Gehry designed cloud inspired building in Bois de Bolougne and then a few odd comments how that building represents the values of the company and how it is a “cloud that it is never going to take off.” Wow, that’s an odd thing to say when you launch a product that connected to the cloud… and with Google’s VP of Engineering, and Intel’s CEO standing together with TAG Heuer on stage. I was expecting more technical innovation, such as an IP68 rating, the highest resolution screen, and a speaker at least, as well as replaceable electronics which had been hinted. Instead we got a product rushed to market, design, titanium, and the brand name. That said, I like it, the design looks great.

    • Biver’s cheese is good. I had some in the TAG booth at BaselWorld 2015. I have lots of opinions about JCB, but his cheese is outstanding and I told him so in passing – me: “I like your cheese.” Jean-Claude: “Thank you sir.”

      • gadgety

        Thank you, Mark. I’ll have to visit the next product launch.

      • I_G

        He always dress like a peasant so his cheese expertise is not surprising.

  • Astronuts

    I like the Mellinnial Falcon lugs…but that’s it.

  • JimBob

    I can’t believe there’s no Tourbillion. Is that model an extra $100k?

    • Paul Stanley

      I could only like this comment once, so I include this comment to add at least one extra like. 🙂


    Tell you what you can be connected and I will save myself 1500
    bucks. The thing is I do not want any more connections to anything I want to disconnect and with a mechanical watch it is a good way to stare at something that for once is not checking email, measuring your blood pressure or reminding you to spend more time on the web. So I will pass thanks

  • Lurch

    I like the look of the watch dials and watch head. I don’t like the rubber strap and wish they had a metal bracelet option. $1,500 breaks my rule to never spend more than $1,000 for a watch (most I have spent on a watch is $800). I would choose an Apple Watch over this one due to the price difference and that it doesn’t break my aforementioned rule. Then again, I would never buy a smart watch. I have a smart phone for work and sometimes that is more than enough and other times I wish I didn’t need a smart phone for work.

  • WiZARD

    Grade 2 titanium… It will be beautiful after a few days of use. At least they should made it from better alloy, or stainless steel.

  • Chaz

    If I need a gimmick to gateway drug my way into mechanical watches, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be a bloody Tag!

    Long live Archie Luxury!

  • I believe Biver wants to get rid of his Formula 1 watches, what with the same price and all… When the quartz crisis he showed the watch companies the way out: don’t try to compete on prices because you will always be more expensive; just build better mechanical watches. Now he is trying to fight the smart watch with a more expensive smart watch. Don’t quite see the math here especially since the smart watch business has yet to prove it is a serious menace to traditional watch making.

    Don’t know how many android phone users will want such an expensive smart watch when they can have much cheaper and still well made smart watches (Huawei). Or how many iPhone users would prefer this over a Hermès Apple Watch (even though it is very femenine).

    Anyway Biver hits bullseye everytime he shoots so we will see.

    • Chaz

      Curious to see how long the battery life of this device will keep its introductory specs before degradation over time, requiring more and more frequent recharging?

      • Good point Chaz. I guess it will suffer the same problems as mobile phones and such.

  • Adam Young

    This is an interesting piece of kit, and I’m interested to see how it sells (the smartphones they released didn’t exactly fly off the shelves). Personally I’m not a fan as I think it’s too big for my wrist, and it’s not fully compatible with iOS, and so any points further from that are moot.
    What I’m interested in is that they’ll offer you another watch after two years. This seems like a nice way to approach the worry people have of electronics becoming obsolete; particularly when you drop $1,500 on them. I’m not sure how popular that will be, but I guess it depends on what market actually buys the watch. I don’t see tech nerds wanting to swap a smartwatch for a “dumb” watch rather than the latest model.


    Funny how nobody mentions water resistance? Any idea what the
    WR is on this?

    • It’s IP67 water-resistant, which means that you should probably take off the watch if you plan on even looking at a picture of a glass of water.

    • gadgety

      Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich was at the launch and he mentioned he’d been swimming regularly with the watch. However, it is indeed IP67 so it’s not officially made to withstand the water pressure that results from moving under water. This could mean if it does break from swimming, TAG Heuer, or the reseller, can just shrug and say sorry.

  • I’m probably in the minority, but making a smartwatch mirror the looks of the mechanical version -whilst also providing the option to change the dial layout – is an absolutely cracking idea.

  • DanW94

    Trying to meld the two very different types of devices just leads to monstrosities like this. Let the smartwatch be a smartwatch, and a mechanical watch be the original “real” watch and “Never the twain shall meet”.

    • Simon_Hell

      The main premise of a product like this is that a person wearing a smart watch is likely to be embarrassed to be wearing it, hence the attempt to conceal it as an actual watch.

      • egznyc

        You have shown a strong negative reaction to this product, which I totally understand. It’s not a great analogy, but trying to make a computer appear to be something else is like taking a stainless steel watch and plating it with gold. The real case metal is perfectly fine; the coverup isn’t. (Hey, that makes me think of Watergate … but I digress.)

  • Paul Stanley

    As I said on IG, a computer can (obviously) do anything, but it can’t BE everything. I just like the idea of having dozens of tiny gears spinning around on my wrist doing my bidding the same way they have done for more than 100 years even though I know a $3.99 watch at the check-out counter can do the same thing. Therefore practical capability is not the end of the assessment. I also love gadgets, and IF I wanted a computer watch, this would be the one, and it was super smart to entice buyers with the mechanical watch in 2 years (about the time that a new gadget starts to bore its owner). It looks great in the publicity photos, but I wonder what it looks like in real life in direct sunlight. I hope it looks just as good. $1,500 is a good price point for Tag to try to grab some people from making an Apple watch mistake. At least for $3,000 they get a real watch afterwards. (Maybe in version 2 of the watch they can make a virtual exhibition back and even throw in a virtual tourbillion to boot! In a virtual watch it can have millions of jewels, and unlimited complications, so why hold back?)


    Tag finally admitting they have no idea how to make watches, they needed Intel, just like they needed Seiko in the past.

  • ESepulvedaBlvd

    Hi! I’m close to pulling the trigger on this one. I’ve received conflicting information on the ID of the watch that will be the $1500 trade-up. You show a picture of a three hand Calibre 5 in a similar case. However, when I asked TAG, via their Google+ page if the watch would have a “mechanical chronograph movement,” I received an answer of “Yes” twice. I asked again after watching your video review.

    So, who’s right? A Carrera Chrono for $3000 is a vastly different deal than that amount for a loss leader three hand. Who’s right here? Sadly, I’m betting you are.

    • Simon_Hell

      Buying a novelty smart watch from a company that openly and upfront tells you they expect you to realize very soon how stupid of a purchase it was, so they already have a real watch replacement ready for you, sure sounds like a good idea.

      The best part is that the mysterious replacement is likely to be the bottom of the line under-1000 dollar piece of crap, which of course will be all yours for a total of 3000 dollars. Those guys are geniuses.

      Some say that people buying expensive swiss watches that cost thousands of dollars must be crazy. But crazy and plain stupid are not the same thing. Guess where you’ll fit by buying this gizmo.

  • Simon_Hell

    This is just plain awful. Fake, phony, disingenuous. It is an imitation watch, it’s Potemkin village on a wrist. The fact it comes from TAG is hardly surprising, it is a aimless, lost entity unsure of where to go. And so it picked a clown for CEO and this is the result.

    What pisses me off is that I have an actual TAG Calibre 16 Daydate. I used to love that watch before TAG became a laughing stock. Now seeing the fake Carrera Calibre 16 facade it just makes me wanna puke. No it’s not that Im afraid of people mistaking my watch for this parody of a smart watch here. It’s just the awful association and connection these morons have created. They took their relatively unique, easily recognizable trademark face design that should have been guarded and protected like the windows source code, and instantaneously cheapened and degraded it by making a pixelated crappy wallpaper out of it. If the Chinese counterfeiters did this I would understand, but for a swiss company to shoot itself in the foot like this is beyond belief.

    And what a design choice…seeing the digits on the bezel, and then right next to each digit the exact same digits on the watch face. In the same size. And the same font. What design genius came up with this concept? It’s a travesty of everything. I wouldn’t be caught wearing a TAG after this. And to think some though they couldn’t sink any lower after that DJ nobody edition…


    • I’ll give you $200 for your Carrera. Wouldn’t want you you to sink any further into despair.

  • I_G

    LOL Another 6-9-12 Valjoux 7750 layout even on LCD screen. BARF

    • iamcalledryan

      HAHA – you would think they would do an in-house calibre format…

    • egznyc

      Great point. I don’t think TAG wins any points for originality. And why does a smart watch need a friggin’ bezel with minute markers (that doesn’t even rotate)? Well at least this bezel has anti-fingerprint technology – unlike the Ball watch just reviewed.

    • Chaz

      Well…technically their “in-house” Seiko movement has the same layout…

  • hatster

    Nice try. As the smart-watch market goes, this is the best so far. But I don’t want one and doubt I will ever do so. It is for a market that has no interest in longevity of design and style.

    I am getting a Garmin watch for what most people really need a smart watch for – measuring my running and cycling (and snowboarding) activity. I won’t be wearing it other than for exercising. I’ll use it till it breaks. I bet many smart watches are used till the tech is upgraded and then they are off to the backs of drawers…

    As an aside on smart watches, I know a tech guy with an Apple watch. For the record, looking at your watch every time you receive an email is just as effin rude as looking at your Blackberry, as he has proved. And that’s all he really uses it for. (again, ducks in expectation of volley of abuse from Apple disciples who cannot stand anyone disagreeing with them….)

    • I_G

      Tell that tech guy to wear his Apple turd inside his wrist and just glance down slyly. Of course this technique works only sitting at the table.

      • hatster


  • Ulysses31
  • Ye Lin Aung

    If I want to buy smartwatch definitely exclude this one. Everything inside the watch is not the real watch elements. There is a lot outside now which are better specs than this watch and definitely much cheaper than this. Nice Try but not as much expected. They should do real watch with smart features like Within Activite’

  • Nelson

    Best looking smart watch so far. Perhaps, TAG Heuer should try to develop a smart watch that has a soul of a mechanical one as they have a strong heritage in watch manufacturing.

  • CortexUK the quitter

    A smartwatch that looks like a watch.

    The Holy Grail.

  • Concerned1

    At first I wanted to just fully criticize the entire thing. However, after some thought, I have to give Tag some credit for their approach. I think as smart watches go, it’s a bit overpriced. I think it’s a little too large for most people. But, I like the IDEA of how they deal with the guaranteed obsolescence over time, by offering a replacement mechanical watch in two years. Where this kind of goes off the rails is this is almost as if to say, “sure we’ll sell you a smart watch, but you will probably want to go back to a regular wristwatch eventually.” If you really want people to buy into the whole smart watch thing, you have to commit. Overall, it sends a mixed message, in my opinion.

    It’s almost as if Tag remembers what Seiko did to the industry with the quartz movement, and they are trying to be ahead of it. I can’t fault them for that. Interesting approach, but I think it will inevitably fail.

  • Jeremy Theisen

    I’ve been using the watch for 4 days now and the battery is Terrible. I’m considering returning it as I can’t get more than 6 hr of battery life out of it. Anyone bad the same issue?

    • Bill3

      The battery on mine easily lasts a whole day.

  • peter_byford

    Jean-Claude Biver: “We have learned to listen to the new generation. To understand their culture, their fashion, their attitude, and their needs. Which is one of the reasons why we came out with the Carrera Connected (hands-on here) watch.” ……I think he missed out understanding ‘ their disposable income’ lol ! I can not see this being a success IMHO, it really doesn’t hit the mark, & wonder who really was the Co listening to ?

  • Gabor

    DZ09 costs 8$ and it has more features than this watch?.

  • Andy Elton

    Sorry to the Tag lovers ,it is a nice watch,
    but just buy the KW88 for around £90.00 it has better spec

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