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10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

Watches I recommend for anyone to own? That sounds a bit presumptuous, right? Well, it is, but hear me out. In what might end up being a new series of articles here on aBlogtoWatch, I’d like to share with our audience the timepieces that we as individual watch lovers and experts would recommend to any new or veteran collector. In fact, I would go so far as to say that no watch collection is truly complete without including most or all of these models. But let’s face it, is any collection of anything ever really complete? Let’s hope not.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

People ask me all the time what watches they should buy at all types of price points. This list of watches is meant to offer something for everyone, but at the same time, there is no watch on here – no matter how inexpensive or luxurious – that one collector cannot enjoy at the same time in the same collection. This list is also subjective and reflects my personal opinions. If you disagree, that’s cool – it only means we have different tastes. All I can offer people is the accumulation of my experience and education in watches to help recommend what I think are some of the most important types of watches around. You might even see some of these same groupings in other watch lists here on aBlogtoWatch. The “Top 10 Living Legend Watches To Own” article is one that comes to mind.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

With that said, while you might have your own list of watches that are “must haves” for anyone, you really can’t disagree with my list of 10 watches because I am presenting my personal opinion (and I’m not lying), and this is what I recommend. I do, however, really want to hear about your own list in the comments below and am curious to see what watches show up on list after list. By the way, there are plenty of amazing watches that I love and would easily recommend that aren’t on this list. Timepieces that don’t make the list are simply ones that I wouldn’t recommend as universally.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

1. Omega Speedmaster

I’ve become really attached to the ubiquitous Omega Speedmaster in so many of its forms. The Omega Speedmaster is a timepiece with so much variety, and yet so many of them are incredibly worth owning because of how well they totally incorporate what is “right” with high-end sports watches. What was originally a racing chronograph completely changed its personality when Omega had some luck with the US Government and NASA, and Speedmaster timepieces were sent into space and worn by astronauts to the moon. Since then, the Omega Speedmaster has seen countless variations and forms – the best of which demonstrate the Speedmaster’s ability to be beautiful, useful, and versatile. There are few watches with so much lasting value for such a variety of owners. I don’t care what Omega Speedmaster you get, or if you have a bunch of them – everyone who loves watches needs some Speedmaster in their life.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

2. Rolex Submariner

The amount of content written about the Rolex Submariner over the years could easily fill up a small library. This is probably the most copied watch design in the world, yet people still flock to the original. Rolex has essentially been making the same design since the 1950s, which is at its core a professional diving watch that was so well designed, it ends up looking good even with a tuxedo. It would be easy to say that the Rolex Submariner is just a good looking watch with a good name on the dial – but it is more than that. Rolex more or less created he casual luxury sport watch craze with the Submariner. Always fantastically produced, the Rolex Submariner is perhaps the first do anything, go anywhere, superhero watch that became a pop culture icon because all it was trying hard at was being the best of breed. Rolex continues to improve the Submariner each few years, and the collection continues to get better and better. Even so, with each new iteration, previous generations don’t go out of style, and the Rolex Submariner will likely never lose its soul. You just really need to own at least one to understand what so many before you have understood.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

I don’t love all Reversos, but I have to hand it to Jaeger-LeCoultre that they cracked the code on making one of the most interesting and beautiful square watches of all time. Seriously, square and rectangular watches are very difficult to design with lasting impact – and pretty soon, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso will be an icon with 100 years of history. Jaeger-LeCoultre continues to not only produce the movements for each mechanical Reverso watch, but also the cases and other components. This makes the watch a very personally JLC product, and for the money, you get a lot of watch. The basic idea of the Reverso is that the case flips around to reveal another side which is either another dial or an area that can be engraved or painted on (services which cost extra that Jaeger-LeCoultre is happy to provide). What makes the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso so universally appealing isn’t just that it happens to be a successful rectangular watch, but that it demonstrates how important an iconic design is today that does indeed look like something out of art deco history. Jaeger-LeCoultre makes a lot of Reverso models, and I encourage people to find one with the size, movement, and colors they prefer. It is one casual to dressy timepiece I’ve never seen anyone regret.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

4. Casio G-Shock

When Casio originally debuted the G-Shock in the 1980s, it was a timepiece that instantly struck a chord with consumers. Here was a super durable, super useful, and super affordable timepiece that not only made wearing a digital quartz watch cool, but also summed up everything that was right with the Japanese electronics industry. In over 30 years of history, the G-Shock collection has spawned countless variations, models, styles, and special editions. The world simply cannot get enough of G-Shock, and even the most well-funded watch collectors can get a kick out of the ultimate fun watch. Even the emerging smartwatch industry today has an uphill battle trying to compete with the utter physical resilience of the G-Shock as well as its global popularity. It isn’t possible to recommend one Casio G-Shock model or another, but you won’t get better value out there for just a few hundreds bucks (or less).

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

5. Grand Seiko Spring Drive

You really need to be at least somewhat of a seasoned watch enthusiast to appreciate the merits of a Grand Seiko. Near the top of Seiko’s product catalog is the Grand Seiko collection – a sub-brand that has existed for well over 50 years and only recently made its official global debut with sales all over the world. It actually took that long before Seiko decided that its immaculate Grand Seiko collection “might” be appreciated outside of the Japanese domestic market. Those with a good eye will appreciate the intensely refined level of dial and case finishing on each Grand Seiko watch, as well as their obvious “good value” over European luxury watches. Grand Seiko doesn’t live in a vacuum, though, as the many Grand Seiko watches are most all inspired by popular watch designs and concepts. With that said, Seiko almost always brings something new to the table when it comes to materials, functionality, or sheer refinement. The Spring Drive movement is a good example of that innovation as it is a truly remarkable mechanism that combines the best of mechanical movements with the accuracy of quartz regulation – all powered by a traditional mainspring. There are sporty or dress Grand Seiko watches with a Spring Drive movement – and most of them are a solid choice.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

6. MB&F Horological Machine

This is one of the more niche suggestions on this list because MB&F watches are inherently designed for the few, not the many. For that reason, I don’t want to recommend a specific MB&F Horological Machine watch model because that will be up to someone’s specific taste. Also, most of them are limited editions and just not that easy to get. On top of all that, MB&F watches are priced in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why recommend them here? Clearly, this is a choice for a well-to-do watch collection but one that is a perfect exemplar of the powerful and compelling appeal of the modern independent watch maker. These are the small companies who are blending modern art with watchmaking and the result is collectible and cool. To truly appreciate where the watch industry has come from and where it is going, you can’t go wrong with a modern high-end independent watch maker, and their unofficial leader is MB&F.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

7. Kari Voutilainen

First, earn or gather at least $100,000. Next, call Mr. Kari Voutilainen – the Finnish watchmaker who works in Switzerland – and ask him to make you something special and one-of-a-kind. Voutilainen does produce some “series watches,” but at this level, what you really want is something unique made exclusively for you – just prepare to wait a few years for it. If you want a classy looking timepiece with a design other people have then you don’t need to go to a small operation like Voutilainen. However, if you want a hand-made watch produced the “old way,” that will be an heirloom you can treasure and pass down, then this is a good guy to call. There are a few others like him (such as Roger Smith), but the world of independent watch makers who will make unique hand-made watches for individual clients is rare. People like Kari Voutilainen offer timepieces which combine a range of artistic techniques (such as decorative engraving) in addition to pure mechanical watch making. Voutilainen watches are also universal enough in their design that they could work for almost any collector and also be something comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

8. A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down

You don’t necessarily need to go with a Datograph Up/Down, but A. Lange & Sohne is easily one of the world’s best “big company” traditional watch makers when it comes to timeless style, a bit of conservatism, and jaw-droppingly sexy movement decoration that fully realizes what a Germanic sense of movement making OCD can accomplish. The A. Lange & Sohne Datograph Up/Down is a favorite because it has one of the most easy to love designs, daily wear appeal, and a seriously good looking movement. It also helps that the power reserve indicator and other features make it convenient to wear and enjoy on a regular basis. Of course, it isn’t cheap, but a “Lange” can be appreciated by all.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

9. Breguet Type XXI

It is entirely possible that the Breguet Type XX and later Type XXI are among the most beautiful pilot watches in the world, if not the most beautiful. That is actually saying a lot because there is certainly no lack of good-looking pilot-style or aviation-themed watches. The Breguet Type XXI design is directly inspired by an aesthetic code for military pilot watches, only with some really nice “luxury refinement.” There is a universal appeal to the Breguet Type XXI design even though each version has its own look. Breguet doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about its important 20th Century watches, given that it has so much more history to cover, but their pilot watches are not only among the most affordable watches they produce, but some of the most beautiful for daily wear.

10 Watches Recommended For Anyone According To Ariel Adams ABTW Editors' Lists

10. Sinn 757 S

Germany-based Sinn is an interesting brand for truly living in the past. While Sinn watches do not neglect modern style or technology, Sinn seems to choose to selectively exist in a parallel reality where the quartz crisis never existed. Sinn offers some of the most dependable and good looking serious professional or sports watches around – and there are few if any brands that can offer the same quality for the money. While tastes vary, there are some easy-to-recommend watches within the Sinn catalog – one such watch being the Sinn 757 S, which takes the brand’s signature cockpit instrument-style pilot watch and adds a symmetrically designed chronograph with a black-colored steel case. Its a professionally-themed classic, and sums up why I love sport watches so much. I really can’t think of any watch lover who wouldn’t really enjoy a Sinn in their life.



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  • iamcalledryan

    I would take every single one except for the casio and I would be wearing an LM from MB&F!

    Nice list Ariel.

  • LapYoda

    Three words: Apple. Watch. Edition.

    Just kidding.

    On a slightly more serious note, was anyone else surprised that none of the “Holy Trinity” of Swiss watchmakers made this list? I imagine a lot of well-heeled watch snobs are dropping their monocles in shock.

    • WINKS

      Not surprising. This is ABTW, not Hodinkee.

      • LapYoda

        That’s why just got a huge order from the Hodinkee headquarters.

    • Ariel Adams

      Those holy trinity of Swiss watchmakers didn’t make the list because I wouldn’t give them a blanket recommendation for anyone looking to get a watch. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend them willingly on many occasions, it is just that I’d need to match the right watch with the right person.

  • Rockymet

    Good List. Happily I own thee of these: Sub, Reverso and G-Shock.
    I have a different Breguet and Lange. A MB&F Legacy is my Grail.

  • Nice list Ariel.
    What I’m listing below is not a better list by any means, just some alternatives.
    Speedmaster ==> Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Chronograph
    Sub ==> Omega Seamaster (pick whatever one you like)
    Reverso ==> Patek Philippe Nautilus (not as crazy as it seems – both started as sports watches and are classics that can “dress up”)
    G-Shock ==> well nothing comes close, go with it
    Grand Seiko Spring Drive ==> Nothing is like a Spring Drive, go with it
    MB&F ==> Ulysse Nardin Freak (a personal grail watch)
    Voutilainen ==> I hesitate to suggest anyone else, but check out the other ACHI (independents like Sarpaneva and Gronefeld, etc.)
    ALS ==> De Bethune (lovely watches with many on my grail list)
    Breguet Type XXI ==> Zenith Montre d’Aeronef Type 20 GMT
    Sinn ==> Muhle Glasshutte Rasmus 2000

    • WINKS

      8====> ~~~

      • I guess the list really excited you, ha ha.

    • Nateb123

      Awesome list mark!

      I definitely think that Ariel got the “categories” for this sort of list right.

      I would argue that instead of Voutilainen/Gronefeld/Sarpaneva, Phillippe Dufour or FP Journe would be the arguably more obvious choices should one want an independent-made watch.

      Good call on ALS De Bethune and MB&F UN Freak

      • Agree that Phillippe Dufour or FP Journe are also good choices. Christophe Claret also. In a more approachable price segment, I also like Armin Strom. Cheers.

        • Sidi Larbi Bensouda

          Agree with both of you gents– nice list Mark
          PD, FP, Christophe Claret… Amazing, but hey can’t be complete without any Galet from Monsieur Laurent Ferrier – its just pure class!
          Debethune is a personal fav! Although let’s be honest, extremely hard to rival ALS (Germany Only Holy Trinity)

          • I agree ALS is tops in traditional watchmaking. And their movements are just pure watch porn. I mentioned De Bethune as an avant garde alternative while still employing beautiful finishing. But yeah, they are very different companies with different products. I’m glad both exist even though they are above my pay grade.

  • Boogur T. Wang

    I think it could be the top 20 recommends and new choices would pop-up almost continuously.
    (I will say that my personal list would not include the MB&F)
    Different watches for different purposes. So many…so many.

  • While I share with you that many of these watches should be in my collection, some of them never will due to pricing. Not only the fabulous creations by Kari, but even timepieces with more terrestrial prices, like the Omega and the JLC.

    I must say though that, to me, tool watches are too alike to woo me. Their major fault is that they sacrifice beauty for practicality. I mean, if you squint, can you tell the Breguet from the Sinn? This may appeal to Anglo Saxons, a culture which never experienced the Baroque period, but not to this Latin man. So, as good as such watches on this list are, I just don’t have a spot for them.

    As for the exotics, I’m a simple man. I cant afford them and I’m not bored with a large collection to seek such surreal renditions.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’d have no problem with that list in my watch box.


    It’s not only prices that affect potential buyers, but infinite tastes, priorities, preferences, styles, etc. Like the old potato chip cliche, you cannot have just one watch, simply because like shoes, you should not wear the same pair daily to extend longevity while satisfying spontaneous whims & needs.

  • Shinytoys

    Great universal list Ariel. But which to choose? One of each, problem solved.

  • wallydog2

    Curses on Rolex! You keep turning up on lists. Where’s the snob value in that? Every “salesman of the month” has a Rolex. Why do I continually covet a Submariner? Think I’ll go with Grand Seiko – except every father-in-law/retired small branch bank manager has a Grand Seiko. Dammit! Wrist snobbery is such a bitch.

    • Ariel Adams

      However you look at Rolex you can’t deny that today they make a wonderful product. You don’t have to love their designs or who wears them, but you should acknowledge that for the money you are getting a good watch when you get a Rolex.

      • Chris

        I would agree on value (the only thing i disagree with) even 10 or even 15 years ago, but now the resale value is pretty much baked in the price point which diminishes the actual value that Rolex has historically retained. I mean, who wouldn’t have wanted to spend $200 on the 60’s for a submariner that now would be worthany multiples of that price even adjusted for inflation, no matter how hard worn (so long as original).

  • Larry Holmack

    Nice list…yet…most of my friends aren’t taking home a couple hundred grand a year….and the ones that are…well…they have mortgages to pay, families to feed, kids to take care of, bills…etc…and dropping a few grand on a nice watch just isn’t in the family budget. Since I am disabled and homebound…only the G-shock is within my budget….which is why I have a couple of them.
    Very nice article….would love to see a list of watches under a couple of grand though.

    • Ariel Adams

      That’s fair. We’ve done budget watch lists and they are something we like to do more of when the opportunity arises.

    • Sevenmack

      In response to the piece, I’ve launched a thread on WUS with top five affordables Enjoy.

      • Larry Holmack

        Thanks for the link to the thread in WUS. I am a member there, but don’t post very often. I saw you had a couple of Stuhrling Original’s….and I really like the ones I own.


    What?! No HUBLOT?!

    • wallydog2

      It’s dem screws!

      • Chris

        Yeah, but now that Claude has had to step in to rescue Tag (what no Monaco, one could say as well), they don’t feel the same anymore. But he only gave himself ten spots and for most said any from this brand or sub-brand would do.

  • ZBT71

    Thank you Ariel it’s nice to know that my modest collection includes three of your top ten with numbers four and five on their way.

  • David C Elliott

    Nice list, Ariel!

    My list would include the AP Royal Oak and the IWC Portuguese Automatic. Two classics in my opinion. I like the DeBethune Titan Hawk a lot, but the price point is a bit high (and it’s their entry level model).

  • giovanni

    bad list.just mb&f and omega.where is

    • Ariel Adams

      You can’t claim that it is a bad list because it is my list. All you can claim is that it is not the list you would make. The idea of this list was a recommendation of watches that I would suggest to any person. The brands you mention all make good watches, but they aren’t brands I would recommend to anyone interested in a watch.

      • Sevenmack

        Honestly, Ariel, you could have done better by adding some watches below $1000 — and not just a G-Shock. Seiko’s SARB, SARX, SARG, and Brightz lineups alone offer a wide array of great watches. This includes the SGM003 (the Grand Cocktail) as well as the SARX015, both of which would look fine on any wrist. My top choice would be the Cocktail Time (SARB065), which is the most-gorgeous watch out there. Here are a few pictures…

        • Ariel Adams

          I do love me a good Seiko watch and I recommend them all the time. The point of this list was to offer “universal advice.” There are still a lot of watch buyers who are stuck on having “high profile” names. Seiko has an amazing product offering at a range of price levels but you need to be confident in your watch choices to get one because globally Seiko doesn’t have the name prestige as Rolex (its just a fact). So it is hard to make these Seiko watches a universal recommendation when a lot of people (for better or worse) still want a degree of prestigious brand name recognition when buying a luxury watch.

          • Sevenmack

            As a watch enthusiast and expert, the job then becomes explain why Seiko’s watches are great for their wrists. I do so whenever someone asks me about my watch. In fact, my pastor, whose watch collection includes a couple of Omegas, bought a Cocktail Time after he noticed the watch during a ministry meeting; I’ve gotten at least four other folks who prefer higher-end watches to do so.

            Certainly you can’t change minds if they don’t want to change. But your role isn’t to just cater to whatever preferences others have. Otherwise why bother reading anything you write? Or bother calling yourself a watch enthusiast?

          • Ariel Adams

            Look, I mean there is a Grand Seiko in the list – so clearly I have a huge fondness for the brand and it isn’t at all that Seiko was neglected from this article. This list was also an experiment and it is interesting to see the reaction. As a team we convey the extremely value of Seiko and other Japanese brands quite regularly so your feelings are more than shared by myself and others on this team. Thanks for your great input.

          • Sevenmack

            And look, Ariel, I’m arguing that you could at least offer something more than just a Grand Seiko. Again, there’s the Cocktail Time, the Grand Cocktail, the Alpinist, and the Astron. That’s just Seiko. At the end of the day, if you consider yourself a true watch enthusiast, part of your role is to expand horizons of other enthusiasts and casual watch buyers.

            But I guess we can at least give you credit for just picking a Grand Seiko. Hodinkee wouldn’t have bothered at all.

          • iamcalledryan

            Yes I would say it was good to mention GS, but there is no legitimate place for a SECOND Seiko to be in a top ten of ALL watches for goodness sake.

          • Chris

            I think even though a spring drive is not a sub 1000 dollar watch and would have chosen a spring drive chronological (the Anant is my favorite, but it’s style is not for everyone), you still included a seiko and their most innovative mass-produced movement (when compared with the Cresida decimal repeater anyhow).

            I love my new model Monster plenty and think everyone should own one at least once, but the Spring Drive movement matched with a GS is a tough value proposition to beat. Especially since they are the only manufacture this side of Rolex who truly do EVERYTHING in house, including balance springs and metallurgy.

            That said, I probably would have highlighted the chronograph just because no one else makes one that runs longer when engaged than when not. Though I do understand that a lot if sports watches were already highlighted in your list and GS has plenty to offer with all if their models, whether spring drive, hi-beat or a more traditional movement. It is your list as you stated.

          • Itai

            Exactly! A watch is not only a movement and a case it has a lot to do with BRANDING and prestige!

          • Sevenmack

            Not really so. If prestige is your reason for buying a watch, perhaps you should buy a Mercedes S-Class or a BMW 7-Series. Because no one but you cares about what’s on your wrist.

      • Brian A Lucas

        Ha. Agree with you, Ariel, (or anyone else for that matter who makes “their” own list of something). I mean if you were to ask me I’d probably put the classic Seiko Diver on that list as a tried and true beauty, workhorse piece. Plus its so affordable for what you get. But I definitely can’t knock the 10 that you listed. Speaking of which. I can not for the life of me locate that Breguet anywhere online. What reference number is it and what year is it? All the type XX and Type XXI that I found are different from the one in your photo in subtle ways. They either all have a different brand logo mark, different dial ring, or they have hour marks. Anyway, thanks for sharing that list. Great read.

      • Brian A Lucas

        Ha. Agree with you, Ariel, (or anyone else for that matter who makes “their” own list of something). I mean if you were to ask me I’d probably put the classic Seiko Diver on that list as a tried and true beauty, workhorse piece. Plus its so affordable for what you get. But I definitely can’t knock the 10 that you listed. Speaking of which. I can not for the life of me locate that Breguet anywhere online. What reference number is it and what year is it? All the type XX and Type XXI that I found are different from the one in your photo in subtle ways. They either all have a different brand logo mark, different dial ring, or they have hour marks. Anyway, thanks for sharing that list. Great read.

    • iamcalledryan

      So first of all he did mention Jaeger. Secondly how much do you really know to have neglected to acknowledge Breguet, ALS, Voutliainen, Rolex?

    • Gary Cai

      A watch list is personal, and does not just mean that only the most expensive watches should be on it.

  • DanW94

    Ariel, great list, love some of the choices and not so fond of others.
    The Speedmaster is a great choice, so many iterations, so little money! I like the Datograph but virtually any Lange could be on my list. As for the Breguet pilot watch, it’s stunning but I’d prefer just a simple well made B-uhr model from like Laco (affordability’s sake) The MB&F type watches, while technically interesting don’t really appeal to me. Nice to see you included the Grand Seiko. A few watches on my grail list are the Glashutte Original PanoReserve and the GP 1966 with the blue dial for my dress watch. It stinks to have caviar tastes on a tuna fish budget….

  • somethingnottaken

    I like most of the watches on the list, though there a few I’d never wear and thus suspect are less than universally appealling, and there are only a few I’ll likely ever be able to afford.

  • Mustapha Sabli

    Out of all the 10 you’ve gathered, i personally like the Breguet Typpe XXI. Design wise abit modern as compared to the original , but i have no doubt now that the Breguet is the most beautiful Pilot Chrono offered in the Swiss Market. There is just something about that watch that would trigger me into joyness. When i first saw it, it somehow remarkably speak to me. U know what it said? ‘Pick me up, enjoy me as you wish. Do not buy me to impress others. Buy me to impress solely yourself. And if you do just that, my beauty will shine endlessly’ That is the kind of impression i got when looking at the watch.. and i know another one put out the same kind of vibe which also is on the list… the GS.
    Thanks for the list!
    ps: i am a diver-type watch person for already 20 years.

  • James Smith

    Great list! Always interested in what someone who knows watches would recommend. I truly enjoy the Submariner and I may look into a Seiko in the near future. Don’t know if you do your on photography or this is manufacture supplied photos, but the shot of the Breguet is stunning, as it should be I suppose. Thanks.

  • johngage1

    A very good list in my humble opinion. I would have added the Patek Calatrava, Heuer Carrera, the AP Royal Oak, the IWC Portuguese Chronograph, and Lange Saxonia. If you wanted just one watch then the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a classic, Nomos Glashutte also makes a very good watch for the money. There are also some fantastic vintage watches available, Omega Seamaster and Railmasters, Longines Calatrava, and IWC Cal. 89 are great quality watches with fantastic value.

  • Borys Bozzor Pawliw

    Any Top 10 / Most Recommended etc list is bound to create debate, whether it be for the greatest basketballers of all time, the most important cars, the best actors or the like: the shorter the list you have to work with, the more likely more people will get indignant and yell “How could you leave out [XXX]!” Anyway, this is as good a list as any. Very pleased to see the Breguet mentioned: in a world where something like this could easily go north of $25,000 as a baseline, given the brand and the complication, it’s almost insane value for money that you can have this watch for less than $10,000.

  • benjameshodges

    I enjoyed reading this list (love a good Top 10 on abtw) and the reasons for the choices seem mostly legitimate.
    Although, my list would be shortened to 7.
    1. Omega Speedmaster
    2. Rolex Submariner
    3. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
    4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
    5. Patek Philippe Nautilus
    6. IWC Portuguese Chronograph
    7. Breitling Navitimer
    But I wouldn’t think of owning all of these watches neither would I recommend anyone just wanting this selection. Misses the point of collecting and enjoying watches. This would be more of a list I would give someone who’s looking for a nice watch, doesn’t know much but recognises the top brands and likes steel.

  • Ulysses31

    I can get behind the Omegas, AL&S and Voutillainen. I’d back the Seiko too if not for the fact that this particular model is the plainest of the group. Swap it for an Izul, even if you can’t actually buy it *sniff*.

  • Zhengyi Zhu

    MB&F and Kari Voutilainen are not watches for just anyone I feel. Datograph is beautiful but again the price is not for anyone.

  • Greg Lee

    Love the list! And yes, it’s entirely subjective but that’s the point! What makes these lists so great is getting into someone else’s mind and logic and tastes. For mine, every collector should own one SKX007 to remind us just how silly the whole watch collecting gig is: mine sits alongside its more illustrious peers, costing a fraction of their price yet ticking away with its own honest, unfussy, frugal dignity.

  • Tonepeli

    The Breguet Pilot Type XXI would top my list. Subtle beauty.

  • james

    Great list for beginner douche bags. I’m really glad to see Ariel passing down his speciality skills.

    • Chris S.

      Sorry the Hublot Big Bang isn’t on there, nor is Panerai.

      • The watch wearer

        Agreed 100%

    • Pat Jones

      oh james .

  • KrzysiekJ

    Grand Seiko – simply beauty

  • I_G

    I’d recommend a single-handed watch like a MeisterSinger.

  • MD

    My simple collection would be great if I could add a Junghans Meister Chrono, Submariner, Glashutte Original and a reasonably priced triple date chrono.

    My current lineup:
    – Breitling Superocean day/date
    – Laco B-Uhr
    – Bulova Snorkel
    – vintage Tissot PR516 GL electronic
    – G Shock

  • eurochampsagain
  • eurochampsagain

    Love the look of a grand seiko and in the hand it’s simply stunning. But too small for me.

  • G-Shock I think…