The Eterna KonTiki Diver was to be one of the first new Eterna watches to be officially sold in the US again. The wait was long. Years overdue, literally. We all sat and drooled over the pictures of the unique looking diver watch from Eterna that somehow appeared perfectly designed. I recall thinking to myself, “that watch has everything I think I would want in a diver watch.” The legible face, subtle futuristic and confident looks, power reserve, rotating bezel, and sturdy case and construction!

The initial price for the Eterna Kontiki that I read about really discouraged me. 10 grand?! Really?! That is expensive, and up there in Rolex Seadweller and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms territory, which are great watches, but I mostly like something that I know is rock solid and only enthusiasts can really appreciate. For Rolex you pay a lot for the name. That should not be an issue with Eterna at this time. I am pleased to say that is looks like street prices for the Eterna KonTiki Diver watch are closer to $5,000. Which is by no means cheap, but a “fair” price for this type of quality and engineering.

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There is one of these examples on eBay right now, and this heralds a new level of accessability for Eterna watches, which are really top-notch. Remember that Eterna produces all the Porsche Design watches and was the company that started the ETA, the watch movement maker.

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