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MR PORTER is the premier online destination for men’s style, including of course a robust assortment of hand-picked wristwatches from top manufacturers. The timepieces offered by MR PORTER are luxury in both style and construction, with an emphasis on fashionability, relevance, integrity, and aesthetic quality. The MR PORTER team is extremely proud of the detail they apply when choosing all products sold on their class-leading platform. MR PORTER also has a dedicated watches team who not only select for excellence but also offer a white-glove experience to many of their valued clients.

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In late September 2021, at the New York City office of the London-based company, MR PORTER held an annual Watches Style Suite to show off many of the latest offerings from top luxury timepiece brands, including IWC, Roger Dubuis, Piaget, Panerai, Baume & Mercier, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and more. Guests invited to the MR PORTER Style Suite are able to comfortably experience all of the new products, hands-on, in MR PORTER’s beautiful event space. aBlogtoWatch brings you there now.

aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams was invited to New York City to experience the MR PORTER Style Suite firsthand. MR PORTER was further recently selected to be an online retailer partner of Watches & Wonders trade show brands. This means that, in addition to being an authorized dealer of brands participating in the industry-leading product debut event, MR PORTER often has the exclusive ability to sell some of the latest products first — and increasingly, immediately after those products are announced (unlike traditionally when consumers might wait months, if not longer, to purchase watches after they are initially debuted in a trade show setting).

The Style Suite is a unique opportunity for EIP (Extremely Important Person) Program customers and selected guests to see many of the products firsthand, and not merely on a digital screen. It also demonstrates how MR PORTER is growing as an important venue to retail timepieces in the modern digital space, which incorporates physical events and product opportunities for clients and fans. At the Style Suite, MR PORTER did what it does best: dressed Mr. Ariel Adams in an outfit chosen from its latest pieces. Then matters turned to the horological, as Mr. Adams offered his take on a number of watches spanning different styles and budgets, all currently stocked at MR PORTER. Mr. Adams is seen wearing:

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Once MR PORTER styled Mr. Adams, it became time to choose a watch. Watch the above video to hear all about the particular timepiece choices, and below you can click on the watches to visit their product pages on the MR PORTER website:

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MR PORTER is a destination to return to for modern watch lovers of all types who want the latest in horological trends, as well as fashion-forward designs. Best of all, MR PORTER is operated by truly passionate fans of the products they sell who want to make you look good. Learn more at the MR PORTER website here.

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