The October 23, 2023 launch of the latest design collaboration between Zodiac and aBlogtoWatch’s Ariel Adams was held at the Zodiac authorized dealer Feldmar Watch Co. retail store in Los Angeles. While all Zodiac authorized dealers have opted to carry the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream watch (debuted on aBlogtoWatch), Feldmar and eBay collaborated for a special “eBay Live” debut sale and presentation of the watch as part of eBay’s Certified By Brand program (which has new watches sold at retail price directly from brands or their authorized dealers on the platform). As a supporter of eBay and Zodiac authorized dealers, aBlogtoWatch’s Adams joined Zodiac’s Mike Pearson on an eBay Live video to discuss the latest collaboration with eBay users buying the first few of the 500-piece limited-production Pineapple Dream batch — the watches are serialized, and Zodiac has the option of producing another batch of pieces.

During the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream launch event, Adams greeted aBlogtoWatch audience members and guests, explaining the genesis behind the Pineapple Dream watch and how it, along with the Super Sea Wolf Aquamarine Dream previously launched in 2021, was imagined in 2019 when Adams and Zodiac took an aBlogtoWatch audience member to the Bahamas. The goal of both watches was to capture a beautiful part of the natural world in order for wearers to take those memories with them on their wrists. While the Aquamarine Dream focused on beach colors underwater, the Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream features a new look with complex gradient colors and is meant to evoke the look and beauty of tropical foliage. While specific plants vary around the world, this deep green-to-yellow set of colors is frequently found in tropical locations globally.

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The base watch is the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Compression diver that is 40mm wide in steel with 200 meters of water resistance. This proven design is a top seller for Zodiac and is inspired by innovative sports watches Zodiac has been producing since the 1950s. Adams not only inspired a new set of colors for the watches but also a distinctive dial design with unique hands and hour markers, which are unavailable on any other Zodiac timepieces. The watches are paired with both a strap and a detachable steel bracelet (with spring-loaded comfort extension ends on the butterfly-style deployant) and include an STP1-21 automatic movement, which is produced by a Swiss company that is also owned by the Fossil Group (the company that owns Zodiac).

Pearson explained the exciting news that Zodiac chose Ariel Adams’ Super Seawolf Pineapple Dream to help debut its brand-new automatic caliber that features a silicon balance spring — a serious update from the already competent caliber STP1-11, and a rare feature in an enthusiast watch priced this affordably. Zodiac was generous enough to include a third strap option for buyers of the Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream that evening. They received a matching deep green tropical-style rubber strap (normally priced at $95 USD), in addition to the included steel bracelet and fashionable palm leaves green and white nylon sport strap with a hook and loop enclosure system.

Aside from the visual beauty of the dial and green color mixture, the most noteworthy talking point of Adams’ latest collaboration with Zodiac is the Pineapple part of the theme. Adams explained that the addition of the pineapple symbolism was to help tie the watch to a larger culture of celebration. Since Victorian-era England, in many parts of Western culture, the pineapple became a symbol of good taste (in addition to tasting good), success, and privilege. After pineapples themselves no longer held as strong a status as exotic party treats, the image of the iconic fruit continued to show up in art, decoration, interior design, fashion, architecture, and furniture. Two pineapples exist on the Pineapple Dream watch. The first is engraved on the caseback near the statement “A Slice Of the Good Life.” The second pineapple is a discreet playful design element and shows up in all green as the pivot point of the central seconds hand on the dial.

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Adams is not a salesperson and aBlogtoWatch is not a watch store. The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream product was a collaboration done for a flat-fee unrelated to sales performance or commissions. Adams urges the timepiece-loving community to purchase watches from specialist watch stores or directly from watchmaker brands equipped with the appropriate customer service departments.  In an era when much of previously independent watch media has recalibrated into operating as a store, aBlogtoWatch feels it urgent to impart this message about the editorial team’s impartiality and business interest transparency. A guest at the Feldmar event point blank asked Adams, “Aren’t you leaving money on the table that way?” And Adams responded. “Yes, I am,” then proceeded to explain that “money on the table” goes to the network of watch retailers, distributors, and salespeople who make a living selling the objects he loves to fellow enthusiasts.

Adams shared that the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream watch is all about gratitude, especially in times like these. Gratitude for being able to celebrate oneself with a nice watch, and more importantly, gratitude for having the opportunity to surround oneself with beauty — even if just some of the time. And even if at that moment, the only beautiful thing around you is your wristwatch. Adams and the larger aBlogtoWatch team thank everyone in the Los Angeles area for coming out to celebrate the launch of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pineapple Dream (retail price $1,695 USD). Thank you as well to the Zodiac Watches team, the eBay Watches and eBay Live team, and of course the Feldmar Watch Co. store (see Zodiac watches on the Feldmar Watch Company eBay store) and staff for their encouraging hospitality.


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