MoS_Full_Logo This is a guest post written by Aaron Sigmond, a watch and luxury journalist who is also the editor and content curator of Mechanics of Style. MoS is a lifestyle magazine produced by Swiss watch maker Girrard-Perregaux to complement the lifestyle of the average Girard-Perregaux watch owner. Currently on Mechanics of Style there is a contest where you can win a Girard-Perregaux Golden Bridge Pen, we suggest you check it out.

MOST OF LIFE’S big questions boil down to “Who are we, and what are we doing here?” Inevitably, any new publication, in any medium, must offer an answer, and that’s just what Girard-Perregaux’s Mechanics of Style — a digital journal for the modern gentleman, covering everything in life that accompanies a fine wristwatch — attempts to do.

Start with the “we.” Many years ago — long before I could truly appreciate a Girard-Perregaux, or anything that remotely approached its standards of craftsmanship — I coined a phrase: “Because style never goes out of fashion.” Redundant? A little. Cheeky? Of course. But no sentiment better captures the essence of Girard-Perregaux, a brand that has been in style for over 220 years — and has never gone out of fashion.

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“We” includes you as well: like-minded readers with a desire to hone their connoisseurship. If you’ve decided that an exceptional Swiss mechanical timepiece is the right wristwatch for you, then pay Mechanics of Style a visit. I suspect you’ll like what you find.

We’re here for the man with an appreciation for the finer things in life, one unafraid to imbue his classic sartorial sense with a dash of contemporary flair. In short, a man with the means and ability to appreciate the best on, and well beyond, his wrist.

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What we are, too, is simple: Mechanics of Style was designed to be one of the world’s leading online men’s-luxury resources — a digital gateway to the good life, sharpening every arrow in the modern gentleman’s quiver: bespoke suits, bench-made shoes, travel, food, libations and much more.

MoS seamlessly embodies Girard-Perreagaux’s standards and aesthetic, emphasizing the grand and classic alongside the artisanal and innovative. We intend for it to complement your favorite magazine, not replace it. Are you a fan of Esquire, The Rake, Monocle or Monsieur? Wonderful. MoS will suit you nicely.

We’re not, mind you, a news outlet for Girard-Perregaux; for that you can go here. Instead, MoS offers fresh, smart pieces written by specialists in their field (three to four posts a week), augmented by reader-generated content such as the short stories that will be posted in March, the winning entries in Girard-Perregaux’s inaugural Fiction Contest. (Six finalists’ work will be posted; the winner receives a Girard-Perregaux Three Gold Bridges Tourbillon Fountain Pen.) For details, rules and prize information, click here.

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