Few people can pull off a watch quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it feels as though all of the watches in his collection have been made for himself before anyone else. Arnold seems to understand that he chose rather avant-garde timepieces which are not about being timeless or classic, but are rather meant to appeal to a very specific type of person who can relate with Schwarzenegger himself. In a sense, this is a very rare opportunity to own a product that a famous celebrity really designed for himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger timepieces are a uniquely personal look into his mind and tastes. They also represent some of the types of things he has been looking for outside the watch world norm. I got the impression Arnold Schwarzenegger did not want to merely adapt the style of other watches he likes out there, but really create something new.

I will admit that if I just walked by these watches without knowing they had something to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I would, personally, just keep on walking and not take too much of a closer look. These are not classic or fine timepieces in the sense that they are meant to compete in terms of style or price with other watches such as Audemars Piguet and Panerai – which are known favorites of Arnold. I am also happy to hear that Arnold and the Magnum team are aware that various changes need to be made in order for the Arnold Schwarzenegger watches to be ready for prime time, including refining the hands and legibility.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Heritage Governor GMT Watch Ref. AS30021_1A Steel On Leather Strap With Gold PVD Running An ETA 2671 For A Price Of US$1,950

The “Schwarzeneggerian” element of the designs pulls me in a bit like a good story in a watch should. I am captivated by the little stories each watch tells and the idea that each piece is large enough to show it. I would likely opt for one of the models with a more simple dial, but I think at the end of the day, there is going to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger watch in the brand that speaks to each of his fans – even if it is just a fun collectible or novelty to wear once in a while. It feels special knowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name isn’t merely on the dial, but is the product of so much of his own time and intentions.

As I said above, the scope and breadth of the collection is broad, and some of the Arnold Schwarzenegger watches have analog/digital dials, and some are purely mechanical with Swiss Sellita automatic movements. Colorful and bold, there is an honesty to the design which eschews marketing BS and feels as though these designs genuinely act as an extension of Governor Schwarzenegger himself.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Hero Commander Watch 46mm, Steel, Locking Crown, Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement, For A Price Of US$ 675

What most people seem to forget – even after they meet him – is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a self-driven man as well as a trained politician. What makes him different from many other people in the watch industry or Hollywood is that looking at his history you really never get the impression Arnold has done things to impress anyone other than himself or attain acceptance from the “public…” as is common among internally self-conscious narcissistic egotists who often populate the entertainment and luxury worlds.

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Arnold certainly has charisma and has benefited from the training his political career gave him, but he seems genuinely concerned about other people when interacting with them. He does an excellent job of making you feel like the absolute center of his attention when he is meeting with you – and he comes across as being both passionate, honest, and interesting. Thankfully, I do think he is all of those things, and I am happy to report that meeting this childhood hero of mine was a very positive experience. Arnold is The Terminator, the Governator, and now perhaps The Watchinator?

The colorful, bold, and intense designs that compose the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch brand are anything but mainstream in their appeal, but at the same time, Arnold Schwarzenegger him is. Will everyone who has a place for Arnold Schwarzenegger in their heart want to get one of these timepieces even though their designs are clearly not for everyone? Perhaps, just for days when they need a little Arnold-inspired courage and machismo to boost them along? These are all questions which his fans will need to answer for themselves – and if anyone is doing a watch brand for the right reasons, it is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has turned one of his passions into an extension of his lifestyle and personal brand.


Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t likely to give up wearing timepieces in his collection of “drawers and drawers of watches.” That isn’t what having his own brand is all about. This is part of his personal legacy that will last as long as he and his memory survives in our collective culture. His watch brand will likewise exist as an extension of our desire for timepieces and a love of all things Arnold.

As of now, the typical price range of Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be $565 to $2,790, and the first watches should be available for sale around September 2015.

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