Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger has just taken the ultimate plunge as a serious watch lover and launched his own brand of eponymously named watches with the new Arnold Schwarzenegger watch brand. Most of the Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be priced in the $600 - $1,500 range and represent Arnold's character, career, and timepiece preferences. I sat down with Arnold Schwarzenegger at Baselworld 2015 to chat about watches, his collection, and why now was the time to start his own watch collection with his name on the dial. And, yes of course, the watches are massive. Even the ladies' versions are 45mm wide.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an impressively accessible person who very much feels like the sum of his life which combines being an athlete, businessman, actor, and politician. Friendly and charismatic, Schwarzenegger continues to pursue his passions as someone who seems to genuinely enjoy what life has brought him. As a watch and car lover, Arnold agreed that the highlights of his year are going to classic car week & the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance near Monterey, California, as well as Baselworld.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a brand out of the man that he has created over his lifetime of effort. Come to think of it, at least on an external level, Arnold Schwarzenegger epitomizes the definition of a "man's man." Arnold Schwarzenegger is an archetype of masculinity. He has been on a four decade winning streak, is a self-made made man, and whether or not his tastes fit your own, this is a person who commands respect like very few people living today.

Is it a natural step for this watch lover to become a watch designer? Schwarzenegger claims to have wanted to produce his own watches for a while now, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch collection for 2015 is due to a fortunate connection with what is Brazil's largest watch producer. That's right, Arnold Schwarzenegger is working with the Brazilian Magnum Group to produce Swiss Made watches. In turn, the Magnum Group has taken this fortunate relationship extremely seriously, bending over backwards in ways few other groups would have done in order to make Arnold's dream a reality. You might have expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to partner with a more well-known brand among watch lovers (such as Audemars Piguet that he has worked for extensively in the past) but there are some unique benefits to working with the Magnum Group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On
Arnold Schwarzenegger Heritage GT38 Watch Ref. AS30049_3 In Black PVD Steel With Sellita SW200 Automatic Movement For A Price Of US$2,590

First is what I mentioned above about the team of Brazilian designers and engineers working closely under Arnold's direction. Schwarzenegger proudly shared how their team flew to his home in Los Angeles from Brazil on a regular basis for a year and a half to work directly with him on designs and concepts. Second is the fact that with their manufacturing capacity and know how, they can produce accessibly priced timepieces as well as special high-end models with diamonds (Arnold has been known to love diamonds on some of his watches from time to time).

Think about the logic of this decision for a moment. If Arnold Schwarzenegger was to partner with a major group like the Swatch Group, Richemont, or LVMH to produce timepieces he would merely be a name associated with the venture and would be under the whim, schedule, and decisions of the group. Arnold doesn't have the time or desire or set up his own factory, so his best bet is to work with a partner who truly wanted to materialize his vision while making it comfortable for him. As major as Arnold Schwarzenegger is, I can't see a major Swiss company sending people to his home all the time to discuss designs as well as allow him to produce what he really wants unless it perfectly melds with their marketing plans and schedules. So the more you think about it, the more it makes perfect sense why working with a company that is not that well-known outside of Brazil was a great fit for Mr. Schwarzenegger during this watch endeavor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

So what will the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch brand be like, and where will it be sold? As of March 2015, a large series of prototype watches are available for us to play with and get an understanding of the brand but it will not be until closer to Q3 or Q4 2015 before Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be ready to buy. With that said, we have an extremely good idea of what the collections will be like and the various styles and themes. To put that into perspective, there are over 100 different SKUs in the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch collection right now, but the company's representatives are clear on the fact that the final retail collection will be smaller.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

However, by nature, the Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be massive, both in size and scope. They will be Swiss Made with sapphire crystals, and containing both quartz and mechanical movements. We are talking about someone with so many major careers, and the brand will focus on three major eras of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life. First are his athletic bodybuilding days, next are his action hero actor days, and last is his time as a politician. Of course, some of these eras flow together, but these are the concepts behind the major product families which, according to the press materials, are:

- THE LEGEND COLLECTION - Inspired by the metallic, military style tools and weight room equipment, reminiscent of Schwarzenegger’s early career.
- THE HERO COLLECTION - Conjures images of Schwarzenegger in his most iconic roles.
- THE HERITAGE COLLECTION - presents a sleek line of authoritative classic timepieces that convey a man of strength and leadership, with an edge.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On
Arnold Schwarzenegger Hero T1983 Watch Ref. AS30101_2 Running A Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement For A Price Of US$985

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Legend collection includes the Iron models, The Hero collection includes the Commander, Caliber, Hunter, and T1983 model ranges, and the Heritage collection includes the Governor, and GT38 model families. The Arnold Schwarzenegger Legend and Hero collections will use Swiss Ronda quartz movements, and the Heritage collection will have Swiss mechanical automatics mostly from Sellita. Case sizes range between about 45mm and 58mm, with water resistance of 100 meters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent several minutes speaking in depth about the first collection of watches inspired by his time in the gym as a body builder. As a watch lover worth his weight in Everose gold, Arnold is keenly attuned to small details like the quality of a watch strap. Arnold recalled how amazed he was at the quality of the industrial leather used for his original weight lifting belt from the 1960s. According to him, he wanted high-quality watch straps that would look good over 40 years after being used. For Arnold, durability and longevity seem to be part of how he nerds out on timepieces and other gear (the man owns a tank), so appropriate details on his timepieces make a lot of sense.

The bodybuilding watch collection has design elements inspired by things like dumbbells and gym equipment. The rear of the case says "No Pain No Gain." From his action hero days, you'll see things that recall The Terminator, Predator, True Lies, and many more of the military or action movies that helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger the household name that he is today. One of the watches has part of a skull on the dial with a red eye which is clearly a nod to the T-800 android from The Terminator. Another model has a crown with a small pin that is meant to resemble a grenade pin as a testament to all the weapon-wielding characters he has played over the years.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

The variety of Arnold Schwarzenegger watches is sort of staggering. Sure, not all of them will make it to final production or be commercially successful, but that really isn't the point for Mr. Schwarzenegger. You have to remember that he isn't doing any of this for money. In fact, much of what would be his profits will go to support his longstanding and acclaimed After-School All-Stars program designed to get kids more involved in fitness. Arnold isn't doing it for the money, Arnold is doing a watch brand because the watch lover in him really wants to.

Arnold shared with me an interesting story of how he started to really get into watches. According to him he never recalls having not been into watches, but it wasn't until his Hollywood career that he started to become a major collector. It seems to have happened as a result of working with producers in movies to select the right watches for his characters to wear. He said that sometimes 50 or more watches would be laid out in front of him, and they would need to carefully select those watches that fit the persona he was going for in the movie. Often times that persona was a strong, masculine fighter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On
The Arnold Schwarzenegger Legend Iron Watch Ref. AS30003_7A Running On A Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement For A Price Of US$729

Arnold recalls that even back then, he felt disappointed with the timepiece options available to him. "I hate it when watches get lost on my wrist," he says, when explaining his preference for larger watches. Arnold has impressively wide wrists and very large hands, so anything under 45mm wide simply looks petite on him. It isn't that Schwarzenegger likes large watches per se, but rather that he likes timepieces which proportionally look good on him. If he were half the size, he would probably be wearing smaller timepieces.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has rarely been seen wearing timepieces under 50mm wide, and that size should help you understand the relative diameter of what most Arnold Schwarzenegger watches will be. With that said, both the shape and diameter of the Arnold Schwarzenegger watch collection will vary. Plus, with a specially curated selection of straps they prove comfortable on most wrists. The timepieces are also colorful and dynamic - with some feeling almost toy-like. As a watch collector, Arnold Schwarzenegger does have an appreciation for fine watch making and haute horology, but for him, timepieces are about communicating your tastes and lifestyle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Watch Brand Debuts For 2015 Hands-On
Arnold Schwarzenegger Hero Commander Watch Ref. AS30076_8B, 46mm, Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement, For A Price Of US$850
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  • ScubaPro

    This will no doubt be the watch of choice for all those people who purchased vehicles from the now-defunct Hummer brand, which did for personal transportation what these timepieces will do for horology. He it can’t miss: who doesn’t want a hubcap on their wrist autographed by Ahnold? When you get home you can hang it on the wall in your gym to time your workout. Lose a manhole cover? Lend your watch to the community until the replacement arrives, so people don’t fall in. Wearing one of these isn’t just stylish, it’s downright heroic.

  • Taveesap Avepates Mattaraj

    Kugan Poongavanam Chote Mattaraj

  • elmauro1

    RecursoBarato PisteroConurba claudioklr los de mujer son de 45 mm. Los de hombre deben ser de pared directamente.

  • Jorge Rodriguez

    Who manufactures these things?

  • JumpingJalapeno

    Finding it hard to be constructive about these…

    …they look solid…


  • X2Eliah

    On the upside, at least Arnie fans can stop buying Androids and Invictas, and get these instead.

    Pers’nally, I wouldn’t wear any of these, even if they were resized down by about 8-10mm.

  • Ratthawich Chainarongruj

    Jobz Naragorn ????????????

  • Ulysses31

    Arnold was also a childhood hero of mine.  In the latter part of his life he was made several mistakes, but years ago I bought one of his books “Education of a Bodybuilder”, which is as much about his life story up until that point as it is about exercise, and he truly is a self-made man who came from very humble beginnings.  Now, as for his watches, i’ll be frank – some look awful, and some look surprisingly slick and “high-end”.  If the range really is so vast, there’ll be at least a handful out of the bunch that look good enough to compete with other brands, particularly the higher-end fashion brands.  Of all the celebrities out there, his might be the only name I could tolerate on my wrist (assuming the watch looked good of course).

  • Willem Kamerman

    Good design ! I like AS his boots 😉

  • gadgety

    The Schwarzenegger name made me look. Curiosity. So he’s got the first
    step of promotion right. That’s a good start. He’s quite the sales person,
    too. At 58mm, the watch must be targeted at a bodybuilder and weight lifter segment of the market. Not for me, though. BTW. I love the hand shot. Man, those hands have hauled a lot of weights. His fingers even look spoon shaped.

  • Gary Sungulyan

    A bit overkill buy it’s Arnold.. Why not

  • The styling is just so aggressive. Overly so. Classic Arnie flicks are my childhood favourites (total recall, commando, terminator, predator, etc) but that’s not who he is anymore and I honestly would have expected that he put his own spin on more of a classically styled line of watches.
    Also, lol @ ‘genuine leather’.

  • joblow

    Can’t blame him for expanding his empire, however, who is to blame for the designs?
    Not my cup of steroids.

  • JosephW

    Ariel’s not a small person, I don’t believe, and that watch he’s holding in that pic with Arnold absolutely dwarfs his hand. Holy cow.

  • ScubaPro

    BTW, “A four decade winning streak?.”  Did Jake Ehrlich write this piece? You do know who this guy is, right? Some folks just melt when a celebrity looks them in the eye. He’s trying to sell something that makes Roman Jerome’s DNA stuff look Patek-like, and you wrote a total puff piece. Hopefully this won’t hurt your credibility too much, as I think you’re a fine writer. But this is nasty stuff, and you didn’t do yourself any favors by kissing his magnificent solid brass bowling ball glutes. What, did he threaten to crush your girly-man Rolex like a beetle crawling on his Harley? You should have worn the 48mm tall Proplof!

  • iamcalledryan

    Ultimate plunge as a serious watch lover or as a total narcissist? I preferred it when AP kept his designs on a leash

  • Naysayer

    His AP ROO edition was distasteful enough. These are positively nauseating.

  • DangerussArt

    Today, I learned that Mr. Schwarzenegger hat exactly the tastes I imagined him to have. I’m convinced he’ll find commercial success with these. I’m also certain that for most people who buy them, it will be the finest watch they own. pairs well with strategicly ripped Affliction shirts.

  • Shawnnny

    OMG, you have got to be kidding me. This guy all but ruined California. I guess Time isn’t even safe from this circus clown? Boys and girls, this is what you get when you cross Arnold, Diesel, Nixon and Invicta. It’s not good, and I have no respect for this guy.

  • Shawnnny

    The truth is he went with this group, because no one else will have anything to do with him.

  • Eric Westby

    You’re a couple weeks early for April Fools’ Day.

  • Jimxxx

    BIG WATCH, small xxxxx….?

  • I knew going into this what the response would be. I’m not claiming that these are watches for me and these are not what we would normally write about Arnold is a watch collector personality and the story here is what I find the most interesting. He is someone I admire and he has never claimed to be a saint. Few people are. He is a real person with real success and if you feel a connection to him as I do I would find this entire enterprise fascinating.

  • Yea, the watches are massive for sure. They are literally made for Arnold’s wrist and if you aren’t up to his wrist size they can look silly.

  • OhioAtheist1

    My eyes! My eyes!

  • Shawnnny

    Notice the one that says, “SPECIAL TOOL ADDITION”. Tool, is right! You know, I couldn’t write this shit if I tried.

  • Shawnnny

    They would look silly on Andre The Giant!

  • Timemit

    Eric Westby

    I seriously checked the date when I read the headline on this story.

    The Time-nator. Who knew.

  • CG

    Gotta love the USA! Imagine the elitest resistance A.S. would get in Switzerland or his native Austria. He’s a self made millionaire thanks to his persistence and the USA free-market. More power to him. Hope it is a successful venture. I love to see the old guard get shaken up LMAO!

  • Evitzee

    Ugh… the mighty have fallen.

  • Jaime Flores

    Looking forward to color variations

  • I_G

    Fashion watches on steroid? But I guess they are perfect matches for his retarded “movies”.

  • Eric Westby

    You seem to misunderstand: the issue isn’t your coverage of the event, or even the watches themselves, which are essentially affordable, if garish, fashion watches. It’s the uncomfortably fawning tone. The whole thing reads like a press release.

  • bichondaddy

    aBlogtoWatch Well…I am a bit taller and larger than AS….and prefer larger watches.  I look at pictures of guys with a 7 inch wrist and a 42 mm watch…and a 52 mm watch looks the same on my 23 cm….or 8.75 inch wrist.  

    What looks silly on a guy with a 6-7 inch wrist looks nice on us guys with much larger wrist.  What looks silly Shawnnny is me wearing a 38-42 mm watch!!!  I look like I am wearing a nickle or a quarter strapped to my wrist.  Andre The Giant…whom I met a few years before he passed….probably had nearly a 10 inch wrist… no…the watch would not look silly!!!

  • bichondaddy

    I really like the watches……and I know I am in the minority.  But…the people here that are ridiculing him and those who wear one of his watches are just showing their immaturity…in my opinion!    Hey…you prefer a 38-40 mm watch…that’s your taste and the style you like!  So why make fun of those who like things that don’t fit your style????  You don’t see me ridiculing guys with 6 inch wrists who only wear 38 mm watches????  I just have a little more class than that I guess.  

    Ridicule Android and Invicta all you want guys…but both of them have huge followings and sell a whole lot of watches.  I normally wear a TW Steel or Diesel that is 48-52 mm’s in size……and I really don’t care if you don’t like it!!   Never really had anyone with enough stones to come up to me and tell me to my face that I look stupid wearing my watch…..still waiting for the first fool to try it.

  • Jay Bihari

    Dan Jachera Michael Werner

  • Dan Jachera

    I know!!!

  • claudioklr

    elmauro1 RecursoBarato PisteroConurba Con mi muñeca tendría que usar el mas chico de mujer 😀

  • elmauro1

    claudioklr RecursoBarato PisteroConurba idem!

  • BigMike213

    What no video? I would love to hear watch jargon in his famous voice and accent!! Lol… Btw, the chrono looks pretty cool, but way too big for my wrists though.

  • Kugan Poongavanam

    Mother of God …

  • Eric Westby Fair enough. It isn’t a press release and all I can say is that I wrote an article hours after meeting someone who influenced to much of my childhood and I was feeling the residual excitement from that.

  • Shawnnny “Special Tool Edition”. Indeed.

  • MathieuRobert

    Most models are in my taste range. I was surprised with the low price range & the number of models.

  • Eric Westby

    Your enthusiasm for watches is infectious, and a large reason many come to this site. I for one will continue to come back — though I’ve spent less and less time here lately, as you don’t offer enough reviews of sub-$2K watches for my taste. (Perhaps there’s some irony there, as Mr. Schwarzenegger’s watches are squarely in my budget.)
    This piece may have crossed a line into boosterism, though I understand it was with the best of intentions.

  • ShannonMurphy1

    bichondaddy LOL – You’re such a hero…

  • Michael Werner

    Very nice! Good price range also

  • Hawkeye77

    I like the man and respect his history, and I really wanted to like the product. I can also appreciate all types of styles, but those are just flat out ugly watches.

  • nickyb66

    Not my style of watch Arnie, sorry mate.

  • Are skeletonized dials using the T38 “face” be called terminated dials?

  • trj66

    No…just no!

  • Michael Ticehurst

    Andrew Argirou the big man has his own watches

  • LapYoda

    First of all, I have a nit to pick.  The T-1000 Terminator was the liquid metal (as opposed to Omega’s LiquidMetal [TM]) Terminator in T2: Judgment Day.  Arnold played the T-800 (Model 101).

    Second, these are fashion watches which really don’t play to the audience of ABTW.  Of course we all think they are garish and hideous, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one.  We’re not the target buyers.  I’m reading this more out of curiosity’s sake, but also find the watches to be overwrought, over-sized, and overpriced.

    Finally, Arnold is wearing a 52mm watch like I would wear a 38mm watch.  Dude is BIIIIIIIG.

  • racer-esq.

    No offense to Arnold, but these are horrible. Even the least offensive looking watch, the PVD/brown leather strap watch, is a ridiculous 58 mm and quartz. Hopefully the big “Swiss Made” print gets people over the notion that Swiss watches are inherently superior. Like somebody selling Trabants with big “German Engineered” print on them.

    For the cost of the entry level Schwarzenegger quartz watches one can get a good looking, impeccably made automatic mechanical Citizen Grand Touring. Or a hacking, sapphire crystal Orient diver. Or any number of great Seikos. Or if one must have Swiss a nice Tissot, Hamilton or, with a bit more ordering difficultly, Steinhart.

    Hell, one can get an entry level automatic mechanical Orient or Seiko PLUS the stainless/sapphire Apple watch for the money Arnold wants for an oversized quartz watch.

    Don’t get me started on the Arnolds automatic watches, which have the nerve to overlap with Tudors and nice Swiss automatic mechanical chronographs (e.g. Longines column wheel and Omega Speedmaster mechanical).

    Just because watches are arguably Veblen goods does not mean that people covering the watch industry shouldn’t call out obviously overpriced, sub-par watches. Even if that threatens “access”.

    It’s good to see Tag wising up on price, although unfortunately its first entry level watches are overdone.

    As this site pointed out, in 2014 dollars a 1957 Submariner was only $1,265 ( ). Sure, it had a plexiglass crystal, folded links and an aluminum bezel back in 1957. But it was also built with much less efficient manufacturing technology. Somehow Steinhart can do sapphire, a ceramic bezel and solid (including ends), screw adjustable links for ~$500.

    With regard to Arnold’s role in making people concerned with the danger of technology and artificial intelligence, I look forward to these watches showing up on Watch_Amish.

  • DG Cayse

    bichondaddy I was looking forward to your comment re:this piece. 
    You did not disappoint my expectations.

  • bdekok

    Hmm, well I guess taste is subjective and ego is indomitable.

  • DG Cayse

    Very nice piece Mr. Adams. One of the best on ABTW I’ve read.

    AS is indeed a real-life self-made man. And there are quite a few who are not able to grasp that. He has created his path and has walked it in a powerful way.
    The image he presents is easy for him – it IS him. IMO, this truth scares a lot of modern day “girly men” (to use a term from SNL). His is not, and probably will never be, ‘politically correct.’ (His time as Gov of Cali was rocked by his fighting with the established powers that be (Dems) and even his press abilities were of little help – thus his less than ideal Gov legacy)
    Among his talents has been his talent as a businessman. He chose well and IMO this line will do well for his foundation.
    And I think this is what a large part of this is about. 
    He admits that these watches will appeal to a certain demo of the market. (It’s called “niche marketing” and it’s the smartest form of marketing a product) This demo will buy and wear these pieces. Maybe not as everyday wear;but those in the know will show them in the right context – time and place-wise.
    Again, Great interview. Thanks.

  • LapYoda You are right and I’ll tell you a funny story right after I edit the piece. Baselworld articles are grueling to write because you do so at 4am after a long day and maybe 4 hours of sleep. That leads to little mistakes like this 🙂 Oh look, it is 3:49am and I just wrote two articles and did some work (like the rest of the ABTW team) after 13 hours of seeing watches and meetings. Its a work of love so thank for people’s help in correcting this stuff. 

    Anyway, so I was sitting in a meeting today with… Breguet I think it was and I was listening to the nice lady there talking about one of their new pieces and out of no where the thought popped into my mind “Arnold wasn’t the T-1000. That was the liquid metal terminator robot!” I just wasn’t able to do anything about it then.

  • BigMike213 Working on following up with a video interview – they didn’t want us to do video when I spoke to him then, but with enough pushing and reader demand we can likely get together with Arnold again for an in-depth time together chatting about watches.

  • aBlogtoWatch

    LeoKelion Arnold is rather amazing. He’d be happy to speak at any time. His watch story is utterly unique and totally odd to most people.

  • Sean wai

    All I want to say to all the people who have posted negative comments is this….. When you try to design a watch, let alone an entire watch line, after you have won mr. universe and stared in a couple of block buster, generation shaping movies, then let me know so I can hate on you too.
    Personally I’m not a fan, I think the uboat Unicum from expandables 3 personifies the man best although I don’t know him from the next guy on the bus. I also feel that the watches could have been more refined, and the story tighter. First glance I thought they would fail badly, but after further contemplation I think these would do really really well with the invicta, welder, android crowd. And they are priced well with his naming rights.
    I felt the article to be exceptionally well written, I wouldn’t want to go on a site to read hate articles, not many people do because real life is hard as it is.

  • hl0001

    Didn’t Donald Trump have a watch brand using his own name  sometime back ?  Oh well, here we go again, although I don’t actually dislike Arnold, but do aboslutely think that Donald is a JERK.

  • fer557

    aBlogtoWatch LapYoda haha, great article. I felt how his charisma captured you.

  • HarryReginald

    scally_wagon aBlogtoWatch please tell me it’s Arnold Swatchenegger?

  • iamcalledryan

    Couldn’t disagree more with your sentiment. You imply that because of totally unrelated success, we as watch afficiandos should be reverent to his offering? He was good at body building, he made lots of money in movies, you even forgot to mention that he ran a State, but his line of watches will be judged as any other new entrant – on the merit of the design/ethos/movements. He could have just as easily backed a brand but he has volunteered his name as the brand itself, and his face as the ambassador, so he is inherantly tied to the offering and will therfore bear the brunt of it’s shortcomings.

  • Sean wai

    iamcalledryan Calling yourself a watch afficiandos (aficionados) and feeling that it is your right to ‘judge’ someone is a very bold statement to make.  The fact is that these watches are not targeting you. It is not trying to be a ‘serious’ watch brand, hence you shouldn’t be taking yourself or the brand too seriously as well… Is there a market for these watches? I would say yes considering brands like Invicta, U-boat etc. are still around. Is there market big? I don’t know, I don’t have the market survey numbers in front of me.

    I do know what you are saying but I just don’t agree that anyone can have the moral or intellectual high ground to actually judge someone on any subject, especially one so subjective as watches. 

    You may not like the size, or style or colour combination of his watches, neither do I, but heck he does and I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to say that I knew more than him. More than 1 person on these comments agrees with him, and more importantly a group of guys decided to put money on the line and he put his name on those products. All I can say is they are not for me, but there is definitely a market for it. 

    it’s great to see alternate offerings, otherwise the watch world will be filled with goddamn stainless steel diving watches with black dials and a 3 hand movement….

  • Lurch

    Does he sell a two-timing model?

  • dahcd

    racer-esq. It’s nice to have another informed person in the Steinhart camp, i only hope Ariel
    will review Steinhart watches, to own one is to know one.

  • We must recognize Arnold’s ability to create an entire collection of hideous timepieces… He should have worked with Invicta…

  • DG Cayse And a vote of confidence nod to the USA…one of the few places left on Earth that one can start with nothing and/or re-invent oneself regularly!

  • iamcalledryan

    Not sure what is so contraversial about saying that these watches are highly unattractive and that AS is a narcissist. These are perhaps bold statements and subjective truths but it’s not shocking. There may be a market for them, but AS does not have a mystical higher knowledge of watches than I do. Reverence for fame is not something that I subscribe to. I may misspell it, but I assure you I am an aficionado, and I assure you that whatever market these will satisfy will not be one of serious watch enthusiasts. Whatever kudos his past life has accrued him, it counts for nothing when you present your wears at Basel – he, and you, just need to deal with it.
    I am not judging AS as a person, he wears his narcissism on his sleeve, and can likely attribute it to much of his success. I am judging the watches as they are profoundly lower end in terms of quality of design and execution than anything I have seen on ABTW in recent years, which I can only assume is down to Ariel being excited to have had the chance to meet such a big star.

  • iamcalledryan

    I should add that I admire AS as a person, especially in terms of his early years. But even if Ghandi or the great great grandson of AL Breguet released them, I would not humbly ignore their shocking features.

  • PhilMaurer

    These are too big for my personal style, but lets be honest here, they are actually, at least for extremely large blingy watches not too bad looking.  I was assuming something way worse.  The price point and apparent quality in the pictures makes them seem to look like a decent deal if you are into extremely large “blingy” watches like Arnold and Sly seem to prefer.

  • MohamadFirdaus

    not so detail work, but still nice to look at.. nice steampunk style..

  • I_G
  • BasilofBakerStreet

    I like the guy but not the watches. They all look like they came out of Total Recall or any of his other movies. I think the real talking point should be the Magnum Group for making this happen for him. I would think that other famous watch enthusiasts will get into making their own line after hearing about this. Kudos to them for making this happen.

  • egznyc

    aBlogtoWatch LapYoda Wow — look at all the comments this article spawned!  I suppose the combination of Arnold’s larger-than-life persona (including his wide-ranging and highly public endeavors over the years), larger-than-anything-I-could-ever-wear watches, and the idiosyncracies of his tastes all combined to bring out a lot of feedback.  I, for one, got a kick out of this — though I have no desire to buy one of these — and to be fair, these are not bad prices for imaginative (though not necessarily lovable) watches.  It’s also nice to see that any profits will support a good cause.

    By the way, you and your team work your a$$es off.  Hats off!

  • Wow Ariel, he could probably wear YOU on his wrist 😀

  • DeltronZero

    ” It’s not a tumor, it’s a timepiece”

  • LapYoda

    aBlogtoWatch LapYoda Not a problem, Ariel, and I won’t ask to revoke your sci-fi nerd card.  🙂  I have enjoyed your Baselworld coverage and recognize how much you guys have to crank out articles for all the new releases in a very compressed time frame.  I’m always envious of your incredible experiences at these awesome shows, and even more so now that you’ve gotten to meet “Ahnuld” himself.

  • flatoutbroken

    Arnold is the man!

    But these watches are just plain hideous.  Looks like NYC street vendor fare. and the pics really don’t do them justice.  Just look at the finish and milling.  It looks like beat up brass.

  • Whirl Wind

    Hi, there is already what I would like to buy. Please PM me personally.

  • iamcalledryan

    What if he was sent here from the future to finally kill the big-diameter watch for good?

  • SpankyFew

    bleseigneur c’est bon, je peux me coucher dans la joie !

  • notech47

    Too much emphasis on his careers and his movies in these watch designs. The enormous diameters on most of them is very disappointing. Someone should have guided him in another direction.

  • bigsam2035

    A bunch of guys (gals?) on this blog take themselves too seriously. Relax, smile and be nice. Have fun and chide others, and in particular our host, Ariel, in a gentle manner for their choice, taste or lack thereof – after all we are not talking about fine wine, art or cheese. Or maybe we are (spoken through the nose, with head slightly tilted backwards)?
    In any case, I want to know what is out there and an occasional watch or personality interest story in horology is okay. I am only here for the fun, I dare say ; – )

  • Gary Sungulyan

    Quartz movements more like welder designs by u boat. Bit over kill.. I wanted to like it since it’s Arnold but I simply can’t

  • kglover911

    These giant “look at me” watches are perfect for a heavy set guy like Ariel haha.

  • I_G

    Ahnold will PM you personally.

  • bichondaddy No lie here. When we saw these watches, I thought of you. Not because of the styles but only because of the sizes. And that is in keeping with what Arnold said to us. These are watcges for guys his size.

  • bichondaddy At first I was horrified by the watches and confused by the price point and specs given that AS is a real lover of fine watches. But as he explained more about the process it became clear these are for fans at accesible price points. 
    Over dinner one of his peeps on this project said he was very much involved in the designs and the other people on the team did not always like his choices as much as he did. You could say this means he is a narrasistic but I have come to think that he did not sell out and allow a marketing committee to design the watches. Rather, good or bad, these are watches that speak to him. If you like them, then you will know that they are authentic. If you dont like them, buy something else.. 
    The somewhat insane sizes are a reflection that he had to produce watches that he could wear himself. Its not that his wrists are so large but his hands are massive and overall he is a big guy so he needs a massive watch on
    his wrist.

  • Galvan

    Nice designs!!  when are they coming out for sale?

  • bichondaddy

    MarkCarson  Mark…I understand why AS is making the watches…and I applaud him for following his passion for watches, and making them for guys that do like the larger watches.   I possess not only large wrists…but my hands are also very large.  I used to play in a slow pitch softball league….and a couple of my friends on our team were nearly my size…both were O-lineman like myself…and even they used to tell me I didn’t need a glove to play.

  • Dsmcastro Oddly (or not) the Invita booth was just opposite his at the BaselWorld show hall. I found that funny at the time.

  • Martee76

    If he actually designed these watches, then I think good on ya uncle Arnie. Something different to every watch out there following someone elses. You see rolex and omega, tag and zenith all look similar.
    B&R looks a bit like Panerai with those big numbers etc.
    It is a bit Diesel meets Welder but it is original. When I first saw some watches out there I wasn’t exactly in love, but then you see someone wearing it and you like hey it looks good and it grows on you. If we all had a chance to design our own watch or watches guaranteed it would look like some of your favourite pieces but does world need another Invicta? So he tried something different and people are talking about it which is probably good for his brand

  • SantiagoT

    Back in 2012 I read an interview with AS in which he spoke about how he always liked watches. Then you could see a picture of his bedside table. And you wonder how he could come out with these designs?

  • SantiagoT Yeah, it does seem out of place. Until you hear him say that he wanted to price his watches within reach of his fans (as opposed to other wealthy watch geeks). The designs were meant to reflect 3 career phases in his life (bodybuilder, actor/action hero, politician). And the huge size of the pieces was so that he could wear them himself.
    But the designs themselves still have me shaking my head. Maybe I’m not his target customer (even though I am a fan).
    Nice meeting you at BW 2015 my friend.

  • SantiagoT

    MarkCarson SantiagoT Well we’ve said it before: Yvan Arpa is still out there, so anyone should be free to follow his nightmar– er I mean their dreams, and so does Mr. I’ll be Back. 

    And yes, it was GREAT  meeting you Mark. One of the highlights of the fair for sure.

  • Mootaineer

    “The Watchinator”?
    Surely you must mean “The Timeinator”? 🙂

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  • glennsmooth

    So far the designs look a little forced and cartoony.. like what American Chopper did with bikes by welding on various goofy prop-like parts to the frames to make hollywood themes. The 1st and 2nd photos are not bad!

  • S.R. Steele, Cdr., USSARSOG

    Arnold, being in search and rescue and having 10,000 hours logged underwater in training and operations, I would like to suggest that you design a rugged UW timepiece that has a count down timer with chime, a depth meter similar to the CITIZEN® Promaster Aqualand 200 Depth Meter watch with 70M depth display, ISO compliant, 8h pusher maximum depth and 10h pusher reset, power reserve indicator and auto start dive mode. You’ll want it in a Stainless steel case with an Australian designed Waterborne ™ strap and black dial. I can personally guarantee that if you come up with that for a reasonable price (under $1,000), I will sell at least a million of them and the rest will be up to you.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cdr. SR Steele USSARSOG

  • S.R. Steele, Cdr., USSARSOG

    you can reach me though the USSARSOG office at 941-896-5401

  • Nigel Penny

    Where can you buy an AS watch from in the U.K.?