AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser

Inspired by the instrument panel of the Hawker Hunter military jet, the new AVI-8 AV-4052 aviation watch continues the brand’s mission of creatively designed pilot’s watches that are accessible to a broad range of enthusiasts. Our previous watch was the AVI-8 AV-4047 that was inspired by another jet, the Hawker Harrier II, specifically its engine. With an angular case and aggressive but uncluttered dial, our new AV-4052 is worth a look as a fun, everyday wear that’s bound to grab attention.

The angular square case measures in at 45mm wide and 12mm thick with a round dial that features a stopwatch minute hands dial, a 24-hour hand, a stopwatch second hand, and a date window between 4 and 5 o’clock. By all measures, the dial should look a lot busier and cluttered than it does, but the generous dial size and legibility of the hands and subdials makes for a cohesive watch.

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

Inspired by the instrument panel and cockpit of the Hawker Hunter fighter jet used by the RAF, the AVI-8 AV-4052 case has piston inspired pushers and a multi-layered dial that is a tasteful and bold homage to this jet. The stainless steel case will have a water resistance of 50M, so the watch can handle everyday exposure to the elements and can do well in casual situations like a trip to the beach.

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

We decided to use a quartz chronograph movement for this watch, which not only helps keep initial cost of purchase down but prevents the buyer from being faced with the maintenance costs of a mechanical movement that has all the complications featured in the AVI-8 AV-4052.

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

Done in stainless steel with aluminum pushers, the AV-4052 will come in six options that are variations on a white, grey, or black dial. Each watch comes on a leather strap, which helps to balance the unabashed sportiness of the dial allowing for a casual wear. This, along with the relatively slim 12mm thickness of the case actually makes for a watch that is pretty versatile and can be worn in a variety of situations.

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter Watch Watch Releases

The AVI-8 AV-4052 is currently available for pre-order with an expected shipping date of April 27, 2017. The white dial and stainless steel case model are priced at £195 and the other models (all of which have black ionic plating on the cases are priced at £220. avi-8.co.uk

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  • Marius

    AVI-8 AV-4052 Hawker Hunter + Traser P67 Officer Pro Gun = Watch Porn Of The Highest Order

    • gw01

      It’s 420… these have surely been meticulously timed releases!

    • I’m ready to deliver pizza or fix some broken plumbing or something.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Not for me… (I try not to do negative posts, so I’m not saying anything else).

    • IG

      “Not” is already negative.

      • Lincolnshire Poacher

        Yes, “not” is a negative. You are correct.

  • Word Merchant

    I await their top of the range model, the Master-B8.

    • Robby

      Ha thanks for the laugh.

  • Bill Grist

    I actually find the design interesting and different with a reasonable price for a fashion watch. I just wish watchmaking could be inspired by watchmaking and not some plane, car, guitar etc. The bogus back story kinda ruins it.

  • Beefalope

    Not for me, but if you’re into this style of watch, I think you could do much worse (Bell and Ross) at a much worse price (Bell and Ross).

    • Mr. Snrub

      I really dig the sleek industrial aesthetic of B&R but this does nothing for me *shrug*

  • Raymond Wilkie

    What Beefalope said.

  • SuperStrapper
  • IG

    Could be better without the bloody humongous AVI-8 logo. Aviation instruments don’t use to carry the giant logo of the manufacturer, neither the cockpit dashboards.

  • Gokart Mozart

    I would rather look at pictures of an actual Hunter.

    I had a model of one when I was a kid. The plane not the watch


    Well a simple NO will do

  • Nova Setyo

    I love sporty watch like this..the black one is my favorite

  • Shaun Lee

    design is interesting. but quality is questionable. had 2 watches from avi-8. both failed.

  • A_watches

    when’s the “r” model being released, AVI8-r………….*tumbleweed*

  • Jerry Davis

    I actually like it. And finally a review of a watch that doesn’t cost as much as
    a house payment… or two… or ten.



  • Yan Fin

    Drop in Seagull’s mechanical chronograph movement, and make it 40-42 mm, I would be interested.

    • IG

      A seagull dropping would better than that.

  • Andrew Hughes

    This is a cool watch. There is a watch precedent that celebrated the Hawker Hunter watches and they were made by Swiss Army. I am not trying to hijack this post, but you should check them out if you like really interesting slightly rare barrel tonneau watches. http://www.watchhunter.org/2016/08/watch-dna-series-swiss-army-hunter-watches.html

  • mtnsicl

    I think these are nice looking watches. They remind me of Torgoen watches. They would be great as a gift to someone, if they were just getting into collecting watches. Or, if you wanted to introduce someone to the watch world. If they were auto, mechanical or solar, I’d be all over one. But, I just can’t have anymore battery powered watches. It’s a pain and it gets expensive to change the battery every couple years. I don’t know why more companies don’t go solar. It’s free power and no maintenance.

  • mtnsicl

    Mr Adams, I think a Sponsored Post should have to include a watch from the company as ablogtowatch giveaway. It’s a very small price to pay for the marketing it provides.

  • daveyah2002

    Is it me or are watches getting too big for the average wrist?

  • Larry Holmack

    If you like it, wait a couple of months and pick one up one eBay for around $100 USD.

  • E Ezel

    This looks like the perfect watch for someone else… i’ll pass.

  • BILL


  • Ulysses31

    It’s chunky, funky, and dangerous to know. Buy one now for your least favourite child; he won’t know any better.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    Really a nice to handout as a gift to my little brother, who is a fan of jet planes and even he even wants to study for a jet plane engineer, and for this price is good too, but glad his birthday is in November, so i can buy the watch from Amazon at around 100-150$.