Today, AVI-8 is announcing the latest addition to their growing catalog of value-driven aviation-themed watches. Inspired by the Hawker Harrier “JumpJet,” the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4056 is also a successor to the AV-4047, which focused its design around the jet’s engine and had dial modeled after a turn coordinator. For this watch, AVI-8 once again borrowed design cues from the Rolls Royce Pegasus series engines and incorporated them in a watch with more aggressive styling and additional functionality. Among those is a retrograde 30 minutes display along with a chronograph and three colorways to choose from.

The 316L stainless steel case of the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4056 measures 43mm wide, 12mm thick, and features a pronounced set of piston-style pushers for the chronograph. Together with the large crown, this makes every available function easily accessible and the case construction also features alternating brushed and polished surfaces. With 50m of water resistance, the watch is also capable of standing up to the elements and feels right at home even in the toughest of situations.

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Like other watches from AVI-8, the dial is also beautifully three-dimensional, with textured surfaces and a careful arrangement of information that doesn’t feel cluttered. Looking at the dial, a large set sword hour and minute hands (much like what you’d find on an altimeter) aid with a quick and clear readout of the time. At 3 o’clock we have the day display, which works with a single color-accented pointer together with small date aperture tucked in around 4:30. At around 10 o’clock, AVI-8 has incorporated a retrograde 30 minutes display for the chronograph. Finally, a rotating disc indicates running seconds at 6 o’clock. The case is topped off with an anti-reflective sapphire coated mineral crystal for protection.

For the movement, AVI-8 chose the Miyota FS80 retrograde quartz chronograph. This makes the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4056 easy to own, easy to service, and accessible to wider range of enthusiasts. Covering the movement is AVI-8’s subtle tribute to the Rolls Royce Pegasus series engine – a turbine blade-patterned caseback inspired by one of the JumpJet’s most distinguishing features.

The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4056 comes in three color options, which are green, blue, and grey. Each colorway has subtle differences, most notably the accent colors used throughout the hands and indicators on the dial. Each also comes with a genuine leather strap featuring a matching stitched nylon layer that matches the dial color.

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The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4056 is available for pre-order until November 14, 2017 starting at £175. Full retail price for the blue and green models is $230 while the grey version is priced at $

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