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Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon Watch

Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases The English watch brand Backes & Strauss is likely a new name for most readers. It is a London based, jewelry focused, watch brand that seems to focus more on the aesthetic aspect of luxury watches than the horological. We’ve looked at a couple of other Backes & Strauss models here on aBlogtoWatch — the most recent of which was the Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance 43 watch featured by Ariel.

Backes & Strauss recently released their newest addition to the Royal Collection with the Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon watch, featuring a double peripheral tourbillion (a first for the brand).

The Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon watch is available in two variations. The first features diamonds only on the tourbillon bridge and crown. The second called the Berkeley Renaissance Duke D2R features a total of 475 Ideal Cut diamonds totaling 6.48cts. These watches both will be housed in 43mm 18kt gold cases. The delicate white dials feature hand-polished roman numeral and indices. The movement is Backes and Strauss’ new double peripheral tourbillion that boasts a 46-hour power reserve and 208 white ideal cut diamonds on the bridges. Both versions of the Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon watch will be mounted on an alligator strap.

Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases


To my eyes, these watches from Backes & Strauss have a very classic feeling to them. They remind me of a few different versions of the Cartier Tanks, but with some flares that are special to themselves. While they may lack some restraint when it comes to styling and materials, we need to keep in mind that the brand is primarily focused on these pieces functioning as jewelry.

One thing I would love to see is a steel option. I think that y retaining the diamonds and tourbillion, the brand would not have to sacrifice its focus on finery while opening up a more extensive color palette (and presumably accessible price point) for their audience.

Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon Watch Watch Releases


The Backes & Strauss Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon will be available in two versions. The plain gold Berkeley Renaissance Duke, and the diamond-decorated Berkeley Renaissance Duke D2R. Backes & Strauss states that it is the world’s oldest diamond company dating back to 1789. Taking that into account, these new releases are right in line with what the brand represents. The Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon will be priced at CHF 115,000, while the Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon D2R will retail for CHF 150,000. For more information, please refer to

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  • SuperStrapper

    This brand is officially partnered with Franck Muller, Soni assume that is where the movement comes from? It’s the world’s oldest diamond company with basically no watch credibility so we know it’s not them doing it.
    There are 2 versions mentioned but a version shown that is not described? I don’t see the tourbillion bridge or crown diamonds in the one reference, it actually just looks like it’s absent of diamonds? Gauche for a diamond company I’m sure but it looks like the better one to me.
    Regardless, the double peripheral is interesting, although maybe a little plain in execution? Other than that I might have suggested the name Backes & Strauss Bedazzled Stubby Hander.

    • Gokart Mozart

      I do not know about now but 10-15 years ago, they did have FM movements.

      Theo Fennel watches back then also had FM movements

  • Raymond Wilkie

    You know what?…I would strap that Berkeley Renaissance Duke Tourbillon D2R on my wrist and I would own it.

  • When the watch loses its function of measuring time to become just a jewel, or a pretext for applying precious materials, well, ‘it’s not my cup of tea’.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      I know just what you mean.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    One for Elton John…

    • Henry McCord

      Elton John owns a Backes & Strauss watch already!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I have to say I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of input in this comments section. Y’all come out the woodwork when a free watch is dangled in front of you. My suggestion is that you limit the people who can enter a give a way to folks with 100 comments or more. Not popular but at least it shows a modicum of interest in the site.

  • dr3

    This needs a stainless steel version without tourbillon, those weird chunky hands replaced with something better, and ideally the diamonds removed. I like the case/lug shape – quite distinctive!

  • Marius

    I’m always happy to see a British company in the watch industry and nice to see genuine unbroken company history.

    The watches are not at all my cup of tea but good luck to ’em.

    I do think they might have over-egged it with the names though; I fully expect to see the Imperial Earl Grosvenor Hanover Square Cholmondeley castle model in the near future…

  • SuperStrapper

    Lol wut

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