Bape Sinn EZM-1Another great ebay watch. Bape stands for “The Bathing Ape,” and is a popular Japanese designer with a fanatically loyal following. They make what most would consider interesting and quirky fashion items from clothes, to shoes, and now watches. This watch is a Sinn EZM-1 diving watch done with a Bape design overhaul. The Sinn EZM-1 is a tremendously rugged and popular watch known for being able to resist extreme depths and other harsh conditions.

Bape dressed this watch in camouflage colors with a matching leather strap. The watch itself is very light being titanium, but is also a large watch. This Sinn is perfect for the Sinn enthusiast who wants something very showy and out of the ordinary. According the the seller, only a handful of these were made.

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What I love about this watch is that both Bape and Sinn and richly sought after and high collectible. The combination of these elements will make sure this watch ends up in the right hands. Check our the Sinn EZM-1 Bape here on eBay.

We can always trust eBay to provide incredibly rare and interesting watches like this.

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